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Equities First Holdings – Offering A Simple Way To Get A Loan

Having access to a simple loan program enables loan seekers to meet their needs. Equities First Holdings and its team of financial experts take the time to understand their clients’ needs and provide the guidance they need to reach their goals. The stock-based loans available from this reputable lending firm is a great option for many people, particularly those who do not want to deal with traditional lenders.

Jeunesse Global Lands Three Awards For Reserve

Reserve from Jeunesse Global took three awards home from the Communicator recognition program. The Communicator views thousands of production pieces, brochures, and videos looking for quality marketing. The advertising team at Jeunesse Global should feel proud of their work on all of the wellness company’s material, but Reserve shined and showed off this year. 

The first honor was for Reserve’s packaging. The package is a slim 1-ounce holder that looks like a miniature bottle, but it is made of lightweight, thin but durable material. The top of the container looks like a little-flat bottle cap, and it tears away so that you can squeeze Reserve right into your mouth. The well-thought-out container makes it convenient to carry the supplement in your glove box, purse, or backpack. The colors also express the ingredients, which are antioxidant-packed fruits, like blueberries, cherries, and concord grapes. The packet is a purplish-blue with a silver streak across the middle. Fruits high in antioxidants are usually blue or deep purple, so it is a keen reminder of what is in the juice solution.

Next up, Reserve won for its video. Jeunesse Global made a professional piece of entertainment that also gave a lesson about the ingredients that are in the solution. The clip covered the components and displayed colorful pictures, and it included the health benefits of the fruits in the product. Resveratrol is in Reserve, and it comes from nature. It is naturally found in the darker fruits, and the video goes on to explain what it is and how it pertains to wellness.

And last but not least, Reserve took another honor for its brochure. Brochures help the seller’s market Jeunesse Global’s items, and it is one of the benefits the entrepreneurs that work for Jeunesse Global get.

Jeunesse Global has stretched its business model around the globe, and they now have sellers in over 140 countries. The company focuses on more things than just nutrition. They have also created a complete lineup of skincare called the YES system. Plus, there is the RVL hair care line, and a weight management program designed and operated by a nutrition and fitness coach.


LumeNXT: Marc Beer’s New Home

Surgical illumination is a game changer in the world of medicine and more importantly, in solving complexities in medical procedures. LumeNXT has been one of the entities that have hugely invested in this market, and in order to ensure that they continue being effective, they appointed a new chairperson. Bringing Marc Beer — one of the best executives in the world medical investments — was a timely decision for the company. According to Paul Rhyne, the new chairperson will be responsible for the company’s growth and more importantly, in ensuring that the company continues to be competitive in this niche. Marc Beer also expressed his gratitude for the chance to work with one of the best companies in this market.

In his acceptance speech, he outlined his plan for the company. First, Marc Beer pointed out that he intends to work closely with the management and the employees. In the last two decades, he has been in this industry; he understands the importance of working as a team. Second, Marc Beer believes that the future of this niche is technology-based products. Beer also pointed out that since the company has a history of investing in technology in all their projects, his work will be policy-based tasks — especially in ensuring that the company remains competitive in the medical world.

In addition to investing in technology and better ways of production, Beer is one of the professionals that have a huge passion for productivity. In all the companies he has worked within the world of medicine, he is keen on creating a good environment for more results without overworking employees. Apart from looking for the best and qualified employees, Beer is keen on growth. As an executive, he has been one of the most vocal professionals in training and making employees well prepared for industry changes. Apart from ensuring that the employees understand their obligations, he is also keen on working with effective management teams.

He points out that bio-pharmaceutical business space requires management teams that are passionate and understand the dynamics of the industry. In the past four years, Marc Beer has been on a journey to make his company one of the best-managed entities in this market. He has recruited some of the best administrators — who according to him, have a background in medical space. In his company, he also has some of the best researchers, which, according to him, are assisting his company is identifying better solutions to medical solutions.

Finally, he has some of the best policymakers in his team. Beer believes that the policymakers are critical in drafting and designing the company’s growth. Beer also believes that the future of bio-pharmaceutical business depends on how investors and researchers invest in rare medical conditions. Learn more: https://renoviainc.com/leadership/

How the deal between Fortress Investment Group and iPass will benefit both camps

Fortress Investment Group is now in business with iPass, a mobile connectivity provider. This is after the two companies struck a financing deal that will see Fortress invest a substantial amount of money to the tune of $20 million in the mobile networking company. iPass, a tech-titan in its own right, serves more than 64 million Wi-Fi hotspots all over the globe with its secure Wi-Fi available on all SaaS-enabled devices.

Give -and -take

The partnership between iPass and Fortress Investment Group is mutually beneficial to the duo in many ways. Firstly, iPass enjoys the financial muscles and vital business connections that Fortress draws from its high -net- value clientele base of about 1,750 companies and individuals. With Fortress managing more than $40.9 billion in assets, it is in a prime position to provide a deep pool of finances to iPass. This is a much-needed break for the tech company, as it has experienced a massive decline in profits due to the attrition of Wi-Fi prices all over the globe. On the other hand, Fortress is banking on the innovative strengths of iPass that places the mobile connectivity company on a catbird seat in the coming future.

iPass potential

You could say that Fortress Investment Group is banking on the potential future of iPass. Fortress could not have speculated better, because it is apparent that only innovative companies stand a better chance of harvesting profits in the coming years. iPass has in the past proved that innovation is the cutting edge for all tech-related companies if they are to thrive in the tightly competitive industry. Three years ago, the mobile connectivity company had to make a quantum leap to bounce back to life after it nearly collapsed. It is this ability to create innovative changes while under massive pressure, that makes iPass a safe bet; and Fortress is all in.

Why Fortress & iPass are a fit

What makes Fortress Investment Group so profitable, is the ability of the company to diversify and invest in a wide range of portfolios. The managers at the helm of power at Fortress are progressive leaders who are big on innovation and alternative investments. With ingenious solutions such as the SmartConnect program, iPass is at the steering wheel of innovation, making their deal with Fortress a catalyst for their progress. Both camps are excited about the partnership, and this is assured by Mr. Griffiths, the chief executive officer and president of iPass who lauded Fortress for facilitating the deal.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/fortress-investment-group