The Dog Has a Seat at the Table

We have all heard the expression ‘my dog is my fur baby’. For many families, this statement is the truth. The family pet is truly family. Rover goes along on family road trips. He sleeps at the foot of the bed. He rides in the car in his own doggie seat belt. The dog food industry accrding to wikipedia has tapped into the deep feelings people have for their pets. They want to find foods that match the love families feel for their dogs and cats. There are hundreds of foods on the market today to help owners give their dogs good nutrition, mental acuity, and activity long into the golden years. Foods like lasagna and grilled burger allow the dog the same enjoyment at mealtime that we experience. Beneful understands what owners and dogs want in their food. It must be tasty. It must be nutritious. It absolutely must be made of the highest quality ingredients. Beneful delivers all of that and more in their dog food lines. Ingredients like real beef, eggs and chicken provide dogs with energy and vitality. Wet foods like Medleys and Chopped Blends are wonderful alone or mixed with dry food. Beef stew, chicken stew and simmered beef entree’s please the palette’s of even the pickiest of dogs. These wet foods are also perfect for older dogs with dental problems. They are easy to chew and digest. Dry dog foods from Beneful are developed for a range of ages and needs. Healthy Weight is designed to help dogs take off extra pounds that may cause joint pain and damage along with other diseases. Healthy Puppy adds the extra calories and nutrition that growing puppies need for their high energy levels. Playful Life will keep adult dogs healthy and happy. Beneful dog foods are tasty and healthy. Feed your dog the best. Feed them Beneful.

Choosing a Great Food for Your Dog

It’s unfortunate to think that dog owners may not consider what their dogs are eating. But you can’t help but wonder why they would. There are so many options and what’s the difference, as long as they eat it, right? And how do you decide in the first place?

What’s a dog lover to do?

We need to pay attention. Just because the dog is eating what you feed them doesn’t mean they like it. They’re just hungry. Let’s start feeding our dogs the way we feed ourselves, sorting foods so that we’re selecting not just for satisfaction, but for quality of life and longevity.

We love foods that we think the dog’s going to like because it looks good to us, don’t we? Hmmmm, chunks of meat and vegetables. Gotta be good, right? Not necessarily. Talk with a vet or nutritionist that works with animals, or someone at the local animal shelter. As they tend to care for animals on an individual basis, they’re excellent resources.

Let’s talk about BARFing, shall we?

Some people live by BARF. That’s biologically available raw food. The idea is to provide pets with foods from Beneful they would encounter in the wild, such as raw meat with bones, and uncooked fruit and vegetables. Unfortunately, dogs are, in general, domesticated animals. They will eat what they have to to survive. But since they have a roof over their head and a family to care for them, what’s the point?

If you choose to give BARF a shot, find organic foods that meet your pet’s micro-nutritional needs found in Beneful. And be careful if changing your dog’s diet in this manner. Adult dogs who aren’t given sufficient time to adjust to BARF are known to develop pancreatitis.

Why can’t I just go with the best commercial dog food, for corn’s sake?

Most of us try to. But which is the best? According to advertisements, they all are.

Seek out foods that use natural ingredients and preservatives. Give foods formulated by nutritionists that aid in pet health a shot. This may be a little more expensive, but it does mean eliminating chemicals and meat byproducts. Stick with brands supplemented with fish oils and fatty acids. There are also prescription foods that aren’t noticeably more expensive than foods at the supermarket.

If your dog has health problems, keep that in mind. Also, take note if your dog is constantly itching. It isn’t necessarily fleas or tics. Allergies connected with food is a common problem. That includes raw and cooked foods, commercial brands and common ingredients. Again, it’s time to see the vet.

Enough with the suggestions. What should I do?

Talk with a professional. Pay attention to the foods your dog seems to enjoy most. Take as close a look at what you put into them as you put into your family. And, personally, we lean against BARF. The risk of raw food is as dangerous to your pet as it is to you.

How Dog Food Can Impact a Dog’s Health

Being a dog owner is one of the most wonderful things in the world. However, it also brings with it a tremendous responsibility. Dogs will care about you more than almost any living thing in your life. To a dog, the sun rises and sets with their owner. Being with them is joy, and they long for their owners every second they’r away. It can be hard to live up to that kind of unconditional love. But at the same time, every owner wants to do everything they can to do so. One of the best ways is by looking after a dog’s health. Dogs can’t really understand what they need to do to stay healthy, but owners can. And owners have increasingly come to understand just how important diet is to a dog’s overall health.

One of the first things to keep in mind is just how similar humans and dogs really are. Our two species have worked together for a very long time. And in fact the whole difference between dog and wolf is due to dogs being bred to work well with human beings. More than any animal, dogs share a lot of social traits with people. Now, with that in mind one should consider the idea of a great meal. People usually like some variety and a good mix of fresh foods. Not all meat, not all vegetables, but as much of it fresh as possible. Now consider just how interested most dogs are in their master’s meals. One of the big reasons is that dogs have surprisingly similar tastes to humans.

People often think that a dog is a total carnivore. And it’s true that it’s best for meat to be a big bulk of their diet. But dogs do like some plants in their diet as well. And they share the other tastes with humans as well. They like some variety, and they like their food to be fresh. This is in dramatic contrast to how most people actually feed their dogs.

Most dog owners simply give their dogs a basic food from Beneful which is more about artificial flavors than it is nutrition or even variety. Imagine how well the average person would take to a diet based on not only potato chips, but a single type of potato chip. It’s not quite that bad when it comes to the average dog food. But it’s close enough that it’s worth really considering when looking at different brands of dog food. The most significant thing to consider is whether the food will make the dog happy and healthy.

With that in mind, what food is a good choice? At the moment one of the best and healthiest dog foods is Beneful. As the name suggests, it was devised to be of benefit to a dog’s life. The people who made it began by asking the same questions which every dog owner should. They devised a special recipe based on nutrition, natural taste, variety and overall freshness. And the result is a dog food which more than almost anything will help to protect and enhance a dog’s health. Not only will Beneful help their physical health, but it can provide the variety and taste to help their psychological health as well.

Beneful is Completely Beneficial

It is an exciting time to be eating healthy. Everywhere we turn and everywhere we go there are new options presented to us for healthier eating along with implementing healthier habits into our lives. With that in mind and realizing how important healthy eating is to our human-selves, it is important that we remember our better halves: our dogs! Dog food is ever changing and ever evolving into healthier forms and manufacturers are deciding to use only the best ingredients.
The creators of Beneful are no exception. The problem many pet-parents face when trying to serve their dogs a better meal is the incredibly high prices of the better dog foods. The majority of dog foods, both wet and dry, that offer the best ingredients are priced remarkably high and available in only specialty stores. This isn’t only hard on the pet-parent’s wallet, but it is also time consuming, because they have to find a store that sells the product. With Beneful this is not an issue, the dog food offers its canine-clients excellent taste, health, vitamins, and minerals – Beneful is completely and totally beneficial! (Check them out on Twitter!) Coupled with this, it is commonly sold at the most popular retail stores. There is no reason to spend absurd amounts on “specialty” brands or drive miles out of the way to purchase well-made dog foods, Beneful has it all and in the stores closest to home. So, not only is Beneful accommodating to pet-parent’s time and wallets, but it is also offered in both wet and dry forms. This is important because even the pickiest of dogs will be happy with their meal. So, there is no reason to stress out over what your dog is eating, where you are going to buy it, or how much you are going to spend because Beneful provides an easy answer!