Jeunesse Global sharpens the thoughts of millions with M1nd

In today’s cutthroat global economy, market participants at every level must strive to give themselves every possible advantage. This is true from the lowliest janitor or office drone to the CEOs of the largest companies. But getting the competitive edge in the workplace is often far easier said than done. Ultimately, one needs to take a survey of all available options and be willing to evaluate new things.

One thing that should be on every competitive worker’s short list of performance-enhancing products is a new energy drink called M1nd, offered by Jeunesse Global. M1nd is the first energy drink explicitly aimed at increasing the ability of people to complete mental work throughout the day. It’s made with a patented molecule that was developed specially for use in Jeunesse products. Known as Cera-Q, the substance is one of the first semi-natural supplements that has been clinically proven to improve short-term memory, mental calculation speed and a number of other metrics of productivity.

Studies have shown that most workers are able to stay productive throughout the first few hours of the workday. But after lunchtime, productivity tends to drop off radically. This leaves a huge opening for those workers willing to go the extra mile to stay productive throughout the second half of the workday.

With M1nd, maintaining optimal mental performance after the lunchtime productivity trough is now a real possibility. Being able to continue producing high output straight through to the end of the day is a hugely valuable means for today’s advanced-economy mind workers to give themselves a gigantic leg up in the ruthless competition for money and status.

About Jeunesse Global

Founded in 2009 by industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Global has grown from a garage-based startup to one of the most prominent health and beauty companies in the world. With the introduction of its Youth Enhancement System, the firm has established itself as a global leader in a variety of different niche markets.

The company continues producing some of the most globally popular health and beauty products today. From its Luminesce skin moisturizer to its Nevo energy drink, Jeunesse Global is leading the way towards a healthier future.

Brown Modeling Agency and Austin Talents

The Brown Agency is situated in Texas’ friendly and chic capital city. It’s an Austin-based agency that helps people who want to get their starts in the modeling world. The business concentrates on a lot more than modeling, too. It’s also a firm that has a strong dedication to commercial talent in general. People who want to land jobs modeling for brands of all types regularly make the decision to work with The Brown Agency. People who want to secure jobs on television commercials and in print advertisements routinely turn to the painstaking employees who make up The Brown Agency’s staff. The company arrived in the Bat City back in 2010. It expanded rapidly as well. The Brown Agency has given people the opportunity to represent some of the globe’s most renowned names. Examples are Toyota, Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal and Dell. That list is only a small sampling, too. The Agency has been a significant help to models, actors and actresses who are looking to gain traction and momentum in their fields.

The Brown Agency is a company that prioritizes high fashion. Models who are represented by The Brown Agency regularly turn up on runways in some of the biggest haute couture metropolises around. They’ve been seen on runways that were part of big events including Dallas Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week and New York Fashion Week.

Justin Brown works as The Brown Agency’s committed President. He’s a professional who has an unrivaled dedication to discovering superb and rare talents in Austin and beyond. People who want to get their feet wet in the modeling community regularly rely on The Brown Agency. The company puts together frequent open calls. These open calls take place on Thursdays on Congress Avenue in the heart of the city. People who dream about pursuing vocations as models and commercial actors and actresses can get a lot out of these open calls. These events give emerging stars the ability to showcase their skills for the world to see. The Brown Agency is a firm that has plenty of ambition to spare.

People can get in touch with Brown Modeling Agency in numerous convenient ways. They can contact the staff members by filling out and sending messages through forms accessible on the firm website. They can also reach out to the team members through various social media platforms. The Brown Agency is a company that puts a lot of attention on social networking sites including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. People who feel the desire to learn more about The Brown Agency’s activities can follow the company on both Facebook and Instagram. The Brown Agency is a company that’s perpetually moving forward.


Doe Deere’s Fashion Rules To Break

Doe Deere, a pioneer in makeup and cosmetics makes a very bold statement that she can and will change the perspectives of her fans about her favorite subjects – beauty and fashion. There is a proven set of videos published by her that have been successful for many makeup artists. Doe Deere also has many beauty tips that are meant to educate her clients and fans alike. She provides many solutions to the most of the makeup challenges some women face today. Furthermore, there are rules that she would like others to break when it comes to makeup and below is a list of them.

1. Wearing Bold Eye With A Bold Lip

For reasons that you will not discover, you will most likely won’t hear from anyone breaking this rule. But Doe Deere recommends to do so. She says bold colors are necessary to highlight the features of a face. She reveals the reasons why the vast majority of bold colors go well with any face shape through her videos. And she will show some surprisingly simple way to turn a dull looking face to a bright and shining one with bold colors.

2. Mixing Too Many Colors

Doe Deere’s videos and tutorials also reveal a little-known but time-tested way to look attractive and stand out in the crowd. She recommends mixing different colors when it comes to makeup, outfits and accessories. You don’t need advanced skills or specialized knowledge in doing this, just use the things that are readily available in your closet. Almost anyone can break this rule and look good instantly, says Doe Deere.

3. Mixing Too Many Patters

It is not magic, although the benefits of breaking this rule is magical. It does take some time, patience and choice to select the right combination of patterns. However, if you have those traits and don’t go overboard, the end results can be remarkable. Again, anyone can do this to reach his or her fashion and makeup goals.

4. Wearing Socks With Heels Or Open-toed Shoes

Why not? says Doe Deere. Her favorite rule to break is wearing socks with heels. She calls this rule that allows you to become all of this possible- a fashion icon, unique and someone with personality. It also frees you from relying on closed-toe shoes all the time and lets you showcase your socks collection to the world. It is hard for many people to imagine what it is like to be able to wear socks with sandals. But the comfort you feel, be is summer or winter, is indescribable.

Once Doe Deere knew from her experience that these rules were easy to break, she felt very strongly that her knowledge needed to be published to make a difference in the fashion and makeup world. It became her mission to educate her clients about these tips as well. Her tips blast apart myths and misinformation all the way. The new trend has already set in and whenever people feel bored of conventional ways, they can listen to Doe Deere’s suggestions.

Doe Deere |More Than Just a Makeup Pioneer

Doe Deere is a makeup pioneer, but more than that she is an icon to young woman everywhere. From the time she was a child she had color on her mind and wasn’t afraid to show it. Since then, she has been the mastermind behind Lime Crime a to-die-for passion inspired makeup line. She not only wears it on her face–her sparkle comes from wearing it from head to toe. That’s right, from her aptly colored hair that changes on a whim to her perfectly matched–or not–shoes and tights. Doe Deere dominates.

Doe Deere Busts the Rules
In an interview article in Bustle Magazine we discover the spirit and how the brain of the operation work and what makes her tick. From the very beginning, her motto is “Beauty Rules she Loves to Break”. This type of confidence is what has drawn thousands to her. It keeps you on your toes just to see what she’s going to come up with next.

Some of her Favorite Rules to Break
When you see the pictures of the beauty that goes against the rule in question it almost mocks the rule by default.
Rule One Don’t wear a bold eye with a bold lip.
This, says Doe–is the farthest thing from the truth. These attributes can be the best part of a girl’s features. They certainly are on Doe and she sports them in bold regularly.
Rule Two Don’t mix to many colors. Well, according to Doe, it’s perfectly permissible and her secret is–color coordinate the shades.
Rule Three Don’t mix patterns –at all! Oh no. Doe says sure ya can with the same rule of thumb for the color coordination process.

Doe’s smashed the beauty bubble with no intent to stop