Jeunesse Global Lands Three Awards For Reserve

Reserve from Jeunesse Global took three awards home from the Communicator recognition program. The Communicator views thousands of production pieces, brochures, and videos looking for quality marketing. The advertising team at Jeunesse Global should feel proud of their work on all of the wellness company’s material, but Reserve shined and showed off this year. 

The first honor was for Reserve’s packaging. The package is a slim 1-ounce holder that looks like a miniature bottle, but it is made of lightweight, thin but durable material. The top of the container looks like a little-flat bottle cap, and it tears away so that you can squeeze Reserve right into your mouth. The well-thought-out container makes it convenient to carry the supplement in your glove box, purse, or backpack. The colors also express the ingredients, which are antioxidant-packed fruits, like blueberries, cherries, and concord grapes. The packet is a purplish-blue with a silver streak across the middle. Fruits high in antioxidants are usually blue or deep purple, so it is a keen reminder of what is in the juice solution.

Next up, Reserve won for its video. Jeunesse Global made a professional piece of entertainment that also gave a lesson about the ingredients that are in the solution. The clip covered the components and displayed colorful pictures, and it included the health benefits of the fruits in the product. Resveratrol is in Reserve, and it comes from nature. It is naturally found in the darker fruits, and the video goes on to explain what it is and how it pertains to wellness.

And last but not least, Reserve took another honor for its brochure. Brochures help the seller’s market Jeunesse Global’s items, and it is one of the benefits the entrepreneurs that work for Jeunesse Global get.

Jeunesse Global has stretched its business model around the globe, and they now have sellers in over 140 countries. The company focuses on more things than just nutrition. They have also created a complete lineup of skincare called the YES system. Plus, there is the RVL hair care line, and a weight management program designed and operated by a nutrition and fitness coach.

EOS Top 10 Lip Balms: Strawberry Sorbet & Pomegranate Raspberry are Top Contenders

EOS offers more than a dozen awesome lip balm flavors, but some stand out more than others. For example, Strawberry Sorbet is a flavor that retailers cannot keep on the shelves. It’s oftentimes included in ‘Top 10’ and ‘Best Of’ lists because of its immense popularity.

Really, what’s not to love about the EOS Strawberry Sorbet lip balm? It protects and hydrates the lips using a non-greasy formula that really hydrates the lips and leaves them protected against harm and chapping. Only all-natural ingredients make it inside the lip balm, so users know that harmful toxins aren’t a part of their future. It’s nice to know the products you use are good for you! And, the Strawberry Sorbet lip balm has an amazing flavor and scent that you will adore.

If you want something apart from strawberry, the Pomegranate Raspberry is a second popular flavor that users love. Blended raspberry and pomegranate are delightful for your lips. And, just like the strawberry sorbet has an abundance of qualities that you’ll love, so does this flavor.

Try Another EOS Lip Balm – Shop for Summer Fruit Flavor

EOS lip balm is sold at drugstores and online for just a few bucks. Once you’ve used this lip balm, you’ll never again want to use anything else. EOS is just that great. The lip balms are safe, easy-to-use, and come in cute containers that you’ll love to carry around wherever you go. Whether you prefer strawberry sorbet, raspberry pomegranate, or one of the other awesome flavors, make sure you have a sphere or two of EOS ready-to-use.

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