What Makes Gareth Henry Different

Gareth Henry chose a path in life that many do not. A career path in actuarial mathematics was what he chose to study in Edinburgh, Scotland. Albeit interesting, it certainly isn’t a subject that many get too excited about. Upon his graduation in 2000, he accepted a job with Watson Wyatt. Working there for a few years would give him some time to determine what he would choose to do next. Eventually, he went on to work for Schroders, a firm known for money management in the U.K.

Due to his skill of assessing risk, Gareth Henry would soon become a product manager in a group known as multi-asset class. This meant that he would spend his days assessing the risk of various assets including bonds, cash, and equity bonds. Although he spent time mastering this area, he left for the United States in 2007 in order to work for Fortress Investment Group. His role for this firm wasn’t quite what his training was for, but overall, his training could help him to become better with the marketing for the firm as he reviewed all areas of their work.

Gareth Henry was being groomed for what would later become a London based position for Fortress as they continued to expand into various markets outside of the United States. His position with Fortress is now much different, and most likely what he was hoping to do with his time. His days are now spent as a managing director for the firm, in charge of raising capital for the markets in Europe, Africa, as well as the Middle East.

Gareth Henry is no doubt mastering his relationship building skills, and has truly found his calling for the investment group. As a math student, he certainly never thought that he would find himself here working in this role, and working towards developing strong ties to wealth funds, as well as pension programs.

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Goettl Air has some tips on how to stay cool during the summer without breaking the bank


Summer is on the horizon and that means your energy bill is going to rise. This does not mean you need to pay an arm and a leg to keep your family cool during the summer. The HVAC experts at Goettl know a few tricks that will keep you comfortable all summer long without breaking the bank.

Keep it in the shade and out of direct sunlight. When your HVAC unit and thermostat are properly shaded, they will take less energy to get to that perfectly cool temp. You can also apply window film to your windows to deflect out the hot sunlight.

Get rid of that out-of-date heating and air conditioning unit. Is your unit from the stone age? If you are constantly having to throw money into your HVAC unit and it costs a load of money to cool your home each month? It may be time to upgrade to a new unit. It will definitely be a wise investment in the long run. While you’re at it, get yourself a smart thermostat. It knows to keep the internal temperature of your home at a certain number, and keeps it there so it doesn’t take much energy to maintain it. It even sense when no one is home and adjust the thermostat accordingly.

Goettl Air is an dynamic and award winning heating and air conditioning company that started out as a humble business during the Great Depression. Three brothers set out on a life changing journey from Mansfield, Ohio to Phoenix, Arizona. There John, Adam, and Bill worked to make Goettl what it is today.

Awarded Arizona’s best heating and air conditioning company, they continue making strides and expand the family business all over the Southwestern part of the United States including, Arizona, Nevada, and Southern California.


Highland Capital Management’s Seeks To Focus On Healthcare Stocks

Highland Small Cap Equity Fund has generated a 32 percent return for its investors, almost tripping the return from the S&P 500. The fund was under the management of Highland Alternative Investors’ chief investment officer, Michael Gregory. Investors and market analysts went on to find the Fund’s reports seeking to understand its secrets to success.

The mutual fund’s return was 31.6 percent while the large-cap S&P 500’s yield was 12 percent. In the same year, the return generated the small-cap Russell 2000 was 21.3 percent, making it the best performing fund in 2016.

The Highland Alternative Investors, a division of Highland Capital Management, is based in Dallas. It has over $15.4 billion under its management. Gregory played an instrumental role in enhancing the success of the fund. Together with James Dondero, Highland Capital’s president and co-founder, they were able to enhance the fund’s returns, which has $55 million in assets. This information was originally mentioned Market Watch as provided in this link


According to Gregory, Highland’s credit competency was the secret behind the company’s lucrative investment. In early 2016, when the oil prices were plummeting, the fund invested more resources in this industry. As the pipeline industry’s business improved throughout the year, the Fund’s investment in the pipeline industry blossomed, contributing more than half of its return in 2016. Despite the gains, the fund is liquidating a fraction of its investments in the pipeline industry this year. Gregory believes that this move is ideal despite the prediction that the oil prices would continue to rise with the passage of time.

Recently, Gregory said that the health care sector would bounce back. This industry was the only one in the S&P 1500 Composite Index to report a decline. The Highland Small Cap Equity Fund seeks to increase its investment in the sector. It is highly likely that this move will positively influence other investors to invest in the health care industry.

About Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is a renowned investment adviser registered with the SEC. The company specializes in providing innovative services such as hedge funds, long-only funds, separate accounts, and collateralized loan obligations. The Dallas-based firm has offices in Sao Paulo, Singapore, Seoul, and New York.