Article About Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is not new in the banking industry as he has worked in several banks throughout his career and given several people great ideas in business. Igor Cornelsen comes from a humble background in Brazil where he was born and also brought up. He also attended school in Brazil, and for his degree, he went to Federal University. At Federal University, Igor Cornelsen pursued a bachelor’s degree in engineering and graduated from the institution in 1970. However, as Cornelsen was studying at the school, he found his course extremely tasking, and it required a lot of time. Cornelsen studied the course for two years before finally branching to do a major in economics.

Igor Cornelsen acquired a job quickly after graduating in 1971 at Multibanco. It was pretty normal to hire people that had done engineering in banks at the time because no technology could carry out the computing skills. Igor Cornelsen was very skilled, and this was recognized at Multibanco and soon after he was put as one of the members on the Board of Directors. A few years later in 1976, Igor Cornelsen was appointed the chief executive officer at the bank. Despite his successful career at Multibanco, Cornelsen was forced to leave in 1978 because Multibanco was purchased.

Igor Cornelsen decided to join Unibanco which was known at the time for investment banking. Cornelsen’s career at Unibanco did not last long, however, because the bank had high inflation rates and in 1985 Cornelsen left. Igor Cornelsen found a new opportunity at Libra Bank PLC which paid in dollars. Igor Cornelsen started working there but later on left with some few associates to work at Standard Merchant Bank. Igor Cornelsen also made his own company after leaving Standard Merchant Bank were he also worked for a few years.