Sanjay Shah Contribution Towards the Rise of Autism Rock

For so long Sanjay Shah has been on the platform of the most successful entrepreneurs the world over. The question of how he escalated from his humble homage to that silver standing would linger in the minds of many considering the success his very many organizations have achieved. According to a report that was released by PR Newswire not so long ago, Autism Rock being is a form of a concert that aids in raising funds to further the research that has been begun on autism.
Sanjay Shah is its mastermind, and he hitherto is the CEO of the organization. This is a combination of his love for music and his love for the family catapulted his urge to kick-start his charity organization. The main role of this organization is to raise funds to drive the mentioned organization but as well to create awareness and instill the knowledge of the facts behind autism like its symptoms and how to detect it at an earlier stage. It as well gives them the idea of how their contribution is of much help to those who have been culprits. This concert is already capturing a lot of fans around the world.
Important factors about Sanjay Shah
We would seek to get to know the factors about Sanjay that could have given him the urge to come up with such an organization. He is known to be quite an active individual even during his time in the university and, however, much this could be a continuation of his norm. The fact that his youngest son got autism in 2014 could have been an immense pushing force behind the successful project.
Someone could confuse and believe that this is the only organization that Sanjay has ever come up with. It is thus important to point out that he as well came up with an organization called solo capital. This was an international boutique that deals with international professional sports and financial consultation. Its success justifies the kind of person Sanjay Shah is as far as entrepreneurship is concerned. Sanjay is thus an icon of success the world over.

How one man is making Autism research his top priority

In today’s world, autism is often over-looked and misunderstood. The word autism is at times also called, Autism spectrum disorder. What is autism? Autism is a mental condition usually first diagnosed in children. Children with autism often find it difficult to communicate and also form relationships, either with parents, other relatives, and in making friends. The founder, Mr. Sanjay Shah, at an outstanding and focus driven charity called, “Autism Rocks”, collects charitable donations towards autism research from around the world and from the likes of, Snoop Dog, Prince, and Lenny Kravits, just to name a few.
The charity was started by the British Millionaire, Mr. Sanjay Shah after his son was diagnosed with autism. He donated money to many autism causes and hence, the charity was born. Mr. Sanjay Shah named his charity, Autism Rocks Solo Capitol with the help of investment management. All donations go to autism Research Center (ARC) which is located at Cambridge University. The ARC is lead by Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, a top in his field of autism research.
Mr. Sanjay Shah started donating money monthly to autism research charities, but always felt like he needed to do more, but how? He decided to start his own business, rented a small office space and a few employees, and that is how Solo Capital became what it is today, a highly respected charity organization. Mr. Shah prefers to take a back seat to the running of the company, and considers himself retired. Mr. Shah spends about 1 to 2 hours on the phone each day and most of his time is spent with his family, and caring for his son. Mr. Shah continues to book famous artists to raise money for the cause. One person he’d like to see play for the charity, is Eric Clapton, which he is a big fan of. In recent days, Mr. Shah has begun work on a compilation album of all the stars who do concerts to donate to the charity, which is always his first priority.
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Millionaire Hedge Fund Manager Raises Money for Autism Research

British born millionaire hedge fund manager Sanjay Shah has started a unique project to raise money for autism research around the globe. Autism Rocks was founded in 2014 by Shah, with the idea of incorporating Sanjay’s passion for music with an aim to better understand his four year old son Nikhil’s autism. To achieve this, live concerts are held in conjunction with the charity in order to raise money for research, and have featured many famous artists, including Lenny Kravitz, Drake, and Michael Bublè among others.

Shah’s main objective in raising money for research is not ultimately to find a cure he says, but instead to, “better understand the ‘condition’ so I can better understand Nikhil and how he may be thinking: the only way I can do that is via research”. So far Autism Rocks has fifteen ongoing long term research projects that are focusing all their resources on finding methods to identify as early as possible who will develop autism, and then in turn to evaluate specific interventions and support that will be effective in aiding them throughout the rest of their lives. All funds raised from the concerts go to the Autism Research Trust (ART), which in turn supports the Autism Research Centre (ARC) that is based at Cambridge University, which has been working tirelessly to better understand the cause and effects of autism.

Sanjay Shah is the founder of a company called Vistex, and currently serves as the CEO and Chief Architect of the company. Before founding Vistex, Mr. Shah worked for six years as a Platinum Consultant and Logistics Developer with SAP America and SAP AG, Germany. During his time as a consultant, he contributed to over 80 SAP projects, gaining him invaluable experience. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and an MBA in Finance.