The Different Shades of Isabel dos Santos: A Prominent African Business Leader

Forbes list recently ranked Isabel dos Santos as the eight wealthiest people in Africa. Isabel is a revered and respected business leader in Africa. She owns 25% shares of the Unitel Corporation, which is the largest telecommunications firm in Angola.

With experience spanning over two decades, Dos Santos has managed to carve a name for herself as a frontline in the development and management of top firms across a wide range of industries. This has been used to develop some of the prominent firms in Africa and the rest of the world.

As a natural born leader, Isabel dos Santos has had various stints in top-level management positions in different fields such as media production, entertainment, telecommunications, energy, finance, education, and many more. Dos Santos has garnered experience in economic development, infrastructure development, and implementation of current technologies. She has managed to create over 50,000 employment opportunities in Angola and neighboring countries.

It is through these stints that Isabel dos Santos has gained unique experiences to guide her leadership and entrepreneurial skills. It is through this solid foundation and background in technological development, logistical planning, financial awareness, and international experience that has made her a worldwide phenomenon. Apart from the level of success, she has achieved, Isabel dos Santos has placed extensive efforts in the area of development. She has dedicated her personal time and funds towards various projects in her home country (Chronicleweek).

The core part of Isabel dos Santos’ efforts have revolved around the promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit. She has fostered the grassroots economic development through the production of media and video indicating the efforts of young and budding African entrepreneurs who are contributing to the economy. In addition to her substantial efforts towards development, she also participated in economic forums and other speaking engagements. Isabel dos Santos spoke at the European Parliament which was part of the ECR Africa Summit.

It was here that the businesswoman necessitated the importance of the development of digital infrastructure in Africa. This underpins her belief as a means of improving the well-being of Africans through opportunities in internet usage to compete on the international scene.

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