2015 Hedge Fund Assessment From Madison Street Capital

A leading international investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital, recently released its hedge fund overview for the year 2015. The company reports that globally 42 hedge fund deals were executed in 2015, up from the 32 transactions in 2014. Transaction volume measure by AUM was up 27 percent over 2014. After a flurry of fourth quarter transactions, key drivers indicate that there will be a record year of transactions in 2016.
Despite only mediocre performance levels, hedge fund assets are at an all time high. Institutional investors are putting capital into alternative assets with the hope of achieving higher returns. However, smaller hedge fund managers are having a hard time attracting new capital, causing them to operate below desired capacity levels. In an overview, the company learned a good number of managers are facing higher operational costs, and a down turn in gaining adequate fee generation.
Madison Street Capital says the deal environment for hedge funds was healthy in 2015 and should be greater in 2016. Deal mechanisms have been put in place that will accommodate both sellers and buyers. Aside from traditional M&A deals, seed and incubator deals are being made. Predictions are that the fragmented hedge fund industry will consolidate more in the coming months.
Madison Street Capital is a firm that offers a full service approach to financial advisory and strategic investment on a global basis, They employ specialists to advise hedge fund and other asset managers on M&A deals.
Madison Street Capital has a particular interest in working with middle-market companies as they navigate their way through very complex transactions. The company’s expert team of professionals will be there to guide clients to a successful outcome.
Madison Street Capital has aided clients in hundreds of industry verticals achieve success in a short period of time. Being highly qualified in assessing corporate governance has put the company at the top of the heap in their industry. They have offices in North America, Asia, and Africa.
Source: PR.com

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Invest in Nobilis Health to get better health care services

Do you love to take care of your heath? Off course, every person wishes to remain out of a hospital for a lifetime. However, there are instances when visiting a hospital cannot be avoided. Having a professional looking after your health means a lot. The Nobilis Health Corp remains my most trusted Heath partner so far. This friendly health corporation operates healthcare managements and development.

Nothing to hide

Nobilis is a public traded company where anyone can join by buying shares. Every patient and investor gets superior care, satisfaction and affordability. It has better revenue and facility management. Workers and other staffs remain in better management, top class marketing and conforms to legality in healthcare.

Reason for joining

Knowing where to get health services gives peace of mind. For this reason, having the partnership with a company that remains synonymous providing acute care and managing ambulatory facilities remains key to emergency and affordable care. The partnership provides improved access to patients and their health. If I require an invasive procedure at a reasonable cost and in an outpatient setting, am covered.

Strategies that work

Sometimes, a patient becomes sicker with the pace or responses they get. Today you can look at a different service provider that use innovative direct to patient marketing and technologies to give a patient education.

Ideally, having healthcare facilities spread across different areas makes healthcare services effective and affordable. Today, Nobilis corp manages and operates surgical centers in Houston, Dallas and Scottsdale. To make a patient access healthcare when in need, the corporation has partnered with other health care centers across Jersey, Tennessee, Minnesota, Michigan, Oregon and Arizona. Today, I can walk in at any partnership facility and get the much-needed services at an affordable cost.

Great partnerships in health

Health care is mandatory to every patient suffering. But what I get amazing about the Nobilis is its partnership to bring heath services closer home. The corporation has partnered with qualified physicians to manage and own ambulatory and acute care facilities.

Hospital investment

The company continues to invest and acquire hospitals that provide the best services. Its track record shows high organic growth such as the acquisition of its first line of hospitals. The corporation has also invested in managing and control in partnership with existing centers.


The company has continued and invested heavily is one specialty, and that is the provision of healthcare firms with a flexible capital program. The programs help clients to expand their businesses. This strategy supports other company’s growth in coming years.

Marketing campaigns

When it comes to healthcare provision, service providers must use the most attractive and serious marketing campaigns. Nobilis Corporation has invested in television, print, point of care and radio marketing channels to determine the patient needs and brings awareness. The company uses a variety of combination campaigns for professional and consumer marketing tactics to recruit and identify candidates for their programs. These campaigns include local marketing, websites, in-house call centers and paid searches. Other campaigns include patient referee cards, fax referral forms and referrals coordinators in health care offices.

If you are looking for competency in managing successful and specialized surgical centers, join me in Nobilis.

TThe Center Stage For The Sale Of The Best Precious Metal In The World: US Money Reserve Company

In the money world, a reserve currency means a currency that is possessed by the federal institution in large amounts for the purpose of foreign exchange reserves. International transactions usually utilize this reserve currency .The advantage of citizens who live in a nation that issues a reserve currency is that they can buy imports and borrow from other nations at a cheaper price than non- citizens. This is because the need to exchange their currency for transactions with other nations is eliminated.

The modern concept of a reserve currency developed in the mid-nineteenth century. It came with the formation of treasuries and national central banks. The world also had started to become a closely integrated economy. The pound sterling was in previous times the dominant currency since it was put on the gold standards. Thus, most of the world’s trade was done using the sterling. However, the Bretton Woods System, after World War II, put in place the United States Dollar as the currency to hold the financial system by guaranteeing other central banks that the United States could offer their Dollar reserves in exchange for gold at a fixed rate. This has attributed greatly to the modern money reserves.

The US Money Reserve was formed by the then gold market experts .It was upon developing the need to integrate high skilled customer service, trustworthy guidance in purchase of precious metal and the expert knowledge of the precious metals. Currently, it is AAA rated by the Business Consumer Alliance. This has propelled it to one of the world’s most trusted and largest distributors of the United States government precious metal coins such as gold and silver.

Under the leadership and guidance of former US Mint Director, Philip Diehl, it has done its best to offer and issue the best United States Issued gold, silver and platinum coins available on the market today. Its excellent expertise in in precious metal coins and guidance in precious metal purchases has elevated clients’ trustworthiness in the reserve. This is because they are certain of receiving exceptional coins of high value. Consequently, this has led to the profit levels that most of the clients nowadays enjoy thanks to the fine services of the US Money Reserve.

A team more than a hundred highly trained and qualified professionals is always ready to serve clients of the company. They range from professionals in various departments and include Senior Gold Specialists, Industry Leading Numismatic Expert, Customer Relations Department, Business Support Development, Inventory Department, Vault and shipping Department, Coin Research Professionals, Sales Verification Personnel and the Compliance and Standards Department.
The US Money Reserve Company is located in Austin, Texas. It boasts of $100 to 500 million in annual revenue estimates. This comes from sales ranging from the gold coins, silver coins, platinum coins, gold bullion and silver bullion.

Creating A Barrier For Failure

Stocks, bonds, real-estate and businesses-anything you can think of-are several channels of investments. As a newcomer, it would be wise to consider the following ideas before deciding to invest in anything.

Short Term and Long Term Goals

Having a clear purpose established when deciding to make investments is very important. To demonstrate this idea, picture yourself saving up money earned from your paychecks. It can be used for anything such as clothes, vacation trips out of the country or for food. However, there are several priorities that you may have and they require a large amount of cash to afford. Therefore you have to save money for that purpose (creating a fund for college, saving to pay medical bills in case of a medical emergency, etc.) in order to prevent excessive spending on items that aren’t necessary.

Collect as Much Information as You Can

Regardless of your age, information is accessible for everyone to ensure that they’re up to date with business terms, and instructions on how to secure your investments.

There are several companies that aid investors, particularly those who own small business, such as Madison Street Capital. Altogether, the company provides several clients with sufficient skills to survive in the Marketplace. This includes financial advisory, valuation and corporate financial advisory services. The primary goal of the company is to merge with major corporations to “navigate complex transactions and achieve the best outcome.”

Madison Street Capital is located worldwide; North America, Asia and Africa are the main corporate centers. For individuals who show exceptional skills in the quantitative, analytical and communication skills can possibly be eligible for careers, provided that they contact the company via email.


Realistically speaking, do you actually have a reasonable amount of time to dedicate towards developing your investment? As Albert Brenner, director of asset allocation at People’s United Bank, stated, “being honest about yourself will prevent any disappointment from coming in terms with what’s actually true.”

Avoiding Unnecessary Fees

Extra charges occur everywhere; from service fees (for the use of a service) or transactions, it can incur more costs on your balance sheet. By the same token, you can remain broke for a long period of time if you aren’t getting fast returns from your investments. It is within your best interests to evaluate the risks of choosing a particular option, and ensure that you’re able to have a back-up plan. It’s highly likely for an investment for move in a wrong path, especially if you’re beginning to make them.

Tips On Buying Real Estate

Buying a real estate is a significant decision, which requires extensive investigation. Following are some practical tips that owners should consider before taking this important step.

Take notice of the neighborhood because the quality of neighborhood will likely influence the type of tenants and vacancy rates. In addition, it is a good idea to check the property tax. In some neighborhoods, the property tax is very high compared to adjacent localities, which ultimately reduces the net profit of real estate investment. Regarding tax, potential owners should also understand the relationship between tax and long-term appreciation of property. Sometimes, it is practical to buy house in an area of higher tax because prices in these areas tend to increase quickly compared to other localities. Perhaps, real estate adviser can provide you a better idea of historical tax rates and rate of returns.

Remember, real estate price depends on multiple factors. Therefore, don’t automatically assume that a house in a high-income yield area will also have a low crime rate. Sometimes, crimes and locality of houses near commercial hotpots go hand-in-hand. Also, look for the police presence in the area. Neighborhood watch and related community initiative is a good sign that locals are proactive. As such, look for crime statistics in a particular area, and take notice of growth in crime rates.

It is also not uncommon for potential real estate investors to buy a house in an area of new commercial activity. In the process, they often forget that the house price may also react negatively to commercial activity in the area. If you ever wanted to buy a house or invest in a property, talk to reputable real estate advisers who can provide practical advice. For instance, Boraie Development Inc. is an expert in real estate development offering services in almost anything that has to do with real estate. From real estate development to property management and sales, companies such as Boraie Development Inc. can provide real estate advice on all matter related to property investment. In addition, they can also guide investors on new projects in the area, which may offer even better investment yield in the long-run.

Dogs In My Shelter Only Eat Beneful

I help to run a shelter that my parents founded in our small town. It’s a no-kill shelter, and we can be filled to capacity at times. The shelter can hold 100 dogs, and that’s a lot of dogs take care of. I do everything for the dogs, and we even go as far as giving the dogs a bath, which can be very trying. We’ve had to hire some people in order to keep the dogs clean and fed properly, so we have a total of 20 employees that work in the center. I work five days a week, and it’s very tiring.

I like to work with the dog because I know that if it wasn’t for our shelter, many of them would die on the streets. A lot of them are strays, and we’ve even started advertising online to see if we can get people from other areas to adopt them. We’ve had a high adoption rate lately, and we’ve dwindled down to 50 dogs, so we had to lay off some workers. The whole point of us taking in dogs is to give them a good home, so nobody feels sad that they are working fewer hours because the dogs are finding great homes.

One of the things that I do throughout the day is feed the dogs. It can take a lot of time and effort to feed up to 100 different dogs in a day, so there are several of us doing it. I take a set of up to 20 dogs, and then the other workers will feed the other dogs. Each dog has to have their bowl filled to the top in order to accommodate their hunger throughout the day. We’ll then fill their oversized bowls again before we leave for the evening, so they have food overnight.

The only food that our shelter feeds the animals is Beneful on multivu, and the biggest reason for feeding them Beneful is because it’s a healthy food. My parents did research on their own about dog food before they decided to choose Beneful brand food, and they like the fact that many of the creators of Beneful were also feeding their dogs the same food. My parents decided that our shelter would only feed Beneful to the dogs, and that’s what we have to order every week. We order Beneful online at wholesale prices, and we have a lot of Beneful shipped out to us weekly.

We’ve never had a dog not eat their food, get sick from their food, or neglect their food at all. Every dog that gets Beneful to eat will eat the entire thing, and the dogs may even get treats once in a while. Beneful is the dog food of choice in our shelter because it also helps to keep the dogs healthy, and it gives a lot of energy, so when they get adopted, they’ll be ready to go. I love my job as well as my dogs, and I’ll only feed my shelter dogs Beneful.

How To Write A Wikipedia Article


Many people consider to make a Wikipedia page to be the largest collection of human knowledge in history. There are many people that use Wikipedia every day, and many people estimate that the total number of unique daily users is well over ten million. At the end of the day, there are many people that want to learn how to write a Wikipedia that gets a lot of views. However, it is important to understand exactly how to write an article that is accurate and will stand out to clients. Always use the following tips when writing a Wikipedia that is going to get a lot of views.

Pick a Unique Topic

It can be difficult to find a subject that does not have a Wikipedia entry. For almost any topic you can think of there is probably something in Wikipedia on it. However, in order to write a new Wikipedia post you should have something that does not already have a page. Perhaps the most difficult part of the Wikipedia writing process is picking a unique topic that is going to garner interest. However, if you can take the time on the front end to pick a great topic, your job will be much easier in the long run writing the article.

Check for Mistakes

Even though Wikipedia pages can be created by anyone, it is important that they are checked for accuracy. There are many people that rely on the work of Wikipedia to solve problems in their every day life. If Wikipedia is going to continue to garner huge amounts of page views and interest over time, it is important that the facts are accurate and well stated. In addition to checking facts, always do a quick grammar check on any Wikipedia article that is submitted. In order to keep the reputation of Wikipedia high, it is important that the writers take pride in their submitted work.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Wikipedia is one of the largest and most important sources of information on the web today. Anyone can submit an article for Wikipedia, but it is important that it is factually correct and has proper grammar. With the number of unique page views that Wikipedia gets every day, there are countless people relying on the information being correct. Anyone that wants to write a Wikipedia article should spend the time on the front end picking a good topic.

Macy’s Backstage

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Fersen Lambranho certainly does. Especially when it comes to shopping! We all know first hand how tough shopping in stores can be. You hunt for the perfect item, only to find it and realize it costs so much money! So the next stop is to head to clearance racks and see what can be found there. Unfortunately, there aren’t many options sometimes. Everything’s either picked over, too small, or not what you’re looking for.

Stores have come up with solutions for this. They’re offering the discounts and the deals on everything! I’m talking about stores like TJ Maxx and Nordstrom’s Rack. They offer shoppers the clothes that they love, at cheaper prices! They’ve been huge hits, and have drawn in tons of delighted shoppers.

Macy’s is now using that same idea! According to Buzzfeed, they are set to open Macy’s Backstage. It’ll be a clothing store that offers their clearance and out of season styles for 20 to 80 percent off! The initial stores will be around New York City, but hopefully they will grow and expand. Macy’s can get pricey for the average person so it’ll be nice to bargain hunt at shops designed just for that.

These stores will carry all the typical Macy’s goodies from shoes and dresses to purses and other fashion accessories! Almost every mall you see across the country has a Macy’s right in it. It’ll be nice if soon a Macy’s Backstage will be accompanying it!

Haidar Barbouti, a Realtor with a Love for Animals

In 1990, Haidar Barbouti, a realtor in Houston, Texas, acquired a historic shopping center called Highland Village. Fifty years before, it was home to a cafeteria, a supermarket, a pharmacy, and a gas station. Today, Highland Village’s fifteen acres are among the most coveted high-end retail space in Houston. Its success is due to its owner, Haidar Barbouti.

As Chief Executive Officer, Haidar is particular in who he leases space to in his 150 million dollar shopping center. With commercial property stretching close to 500,000 square feet, he seeks only state-of-the-art retailers.


Surprisingly, in the middle of this deluxe venue is a center for abandoned, abused, or unwanted animals. Highland Village Adoption Center occupies almost 7,000 square feet of prime real estate property at the value of $40,000 per month. They rent it for free.

Barbouti saw the need of unwanted pets and animals in the Houston area. He donated this prime retail space at Highland Village on a "no contract, no lease" basis – indefinitely. Barbouti has helped many in need with his generous donations of time and resources. His charitable acts are well-known within the Houston area. His heart for animals is only one of many.


Location is critical for the success factor in finding permanent homes for these innocent animals. Showcased in a storefront front window, weekend window shoppers often cannot resist taking one of the cute faces home with them. Barbouti claims other shop owners are supportive and give positive feedback. Shoppers come to see the animals and bring business too.

Haidar has helped get abandoned animals off the streets into loving adoptive homes. Ninety-nine percent of the animals come from the Houston Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care (BARC). Some have been abused, others neglected. Some pets are found wandering the streets and are pulled from the brink of death. Other pets are simply surrendered to the center by owners who can no longer care for them. They know someone will adopt them from the Highland Village Adoption Center.

The center operates on cash donations and contributions of food and supplies, and is staffed by volunteers. Buster’s Friends, (bustersfriends.org) a non-profit agency in Houston, manages adoptions and animal care for Highland Village Adoption Center.

Find What You’re Looking For with Fast & Simple Product Recognition Search

Finding a product after you see it out in the streets or with someone can be next to impossible. You might see a pair of shoes that is simply to die for or an outfit that you wish you could find out where it is, but you just have no idea where to start looking. No matter where it is or what product it might be, if you have a smart phone, you have the power to search the Internet and pinpoint the object, the brand, how much it costs and where you can buy it. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to start typing away a product description into your search engine and hope the description is close enough to the product in order to receive a hit on the item. Instead, what you need to take advantage of is product recognition. Product recognition is a great way to locate the perfect items for your searching needs, and best of all, all you need to do is snap a picture of it and you are good to go.

With a product recognition search, the search field is able to scan over the image and directly compare it with the tens of thousands of other items it has stored in its databanks. Naturally, this databank is growing by the day, so there are more and more items coming to this earth field all the time. The product recognition search offering is able to instantly compare the elements of the object and identify a wide range of features in order to identify exactly what the item is. Once all the different variables are cross-referenced and the item is properly identified, it shows you everything you might want to know about the product. This includes the manufacturer, the cost, where you can buy it, and also potential alternatives. This way, if you see something you like but do not like the price tag or it is not available in your area, you have the chance to check out other, similar items that you may actually like better. It really just comes down to what you are looking for and what kind of product you would like to pick up.

Now, there are a few different tech services that have been experimenting with product recognition, but possibly one of the top services is Slyce. Slyce is one of the largest service providers of this kind product recognition services. In fact, it works with many of the top brand providers out there and large outlets, which gives it access to more products inside of its databanks than just about anyone else. With its connection with these companies, it is also drawing in smaller designers and shops as well, so if someone picks up a product from a boutique or smaller designer, it is more likely to be found through the productive recognition service provided by Slyce than just about any other search service out there. So, the next time you want to find the right product, turn to Slyce.