Jose Borghi Grows Mullen Lowe

Mullen Lowe is one of the finest advertising firms in the world, and they have grown through leaps and bounds since Jose Henrique Borghi took over. He has done quite a lot of work to ensure that his company will improve, and he knows that he may help his clients advertise themselves in a better way. This article explains how Mullen Lowe has grown under Jose Borghi, and there is a look at how their influence in South America is spreading.

#1: What Was The Merger Like?

Jose Borghi was chosen to help the company grow after its merger, and he has helped open offices around the world because he believes the company must take as many steps as possible to reach new clients, opening international offices helps the company improve its. Reach, and they will have many customers come through the door when they are located in their local area.

#2: Jose’s Business Sense

Jose’s business sense has helped the company grow quite a lot, and the company has been growing because he is connected to the business world. He knows how to remain appealing to his clients, and he will help his company grow more than any other has in the past. It is important for his company to grow because of his leadership, and he knows that there are a number of people who will be pleased with the way that the company advertises for them.

Advertising is important for someone to find when they wish to run a successful business, and Jose Borghi has made a successful company in Mullen Lowe that helps all his clients. The clients are pleased with the work that he does, and they see better advertising that his company releases around the world from the many offices they have opened in several cities. for more .


Jose Borghi’s Journey to Becoming President of Mullen Lowe

Jose Borghi’s advertising career covers the course of over two decades. During this time, Borghi has instrumentally crafted a body of work that includes collaborating with top-notch brands, creating award-winning campaigns, and receiving professional recognition as one of the top creative entrepreneurs in the world today. Jose Borghi currently stands as the President of Mullen Lowe Brasil. Mullen Lowe is at the pinnacle of creativity for Brazilian advertising, and under Borghi’s direction the ad agency will only become more innovative and out of the box as the world continues to evolve. Borghi laid the foundation of his professional career by working for Standard Ogilvy, DM9, FCB, and other well-known advertising agencies. During those early years Jose Borghi got to work on campaigns for global brands such as Honda, Microsoft, Philips, and Volvo. Borghi only became more focused and driven to spark change through his work and in the advertising industry overall. In 2001, Borghi became the President of Leo Burnett just two years after joining the company as the creative director. His work as the President of Leo Burnett led to Fiat becoming a leader in the market for the very first time. It should be noted that Borghi has been extensively awarded nationally and internationally for all that he has accomplished. He even holds 13 Golden Lion Awards from the Cannes Film Festival. In 2006, Borghi merged an advertising company that he founded just four years prior with another agency named Lowe. Borghi assumed the role of President, and that company is now known to the world as Mullen Lowe.

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