MAREK And Data Systems International: A Story Of A Successful Partnership

MAREK is an interior construction service provider based in Texas that has been operating across the South Eastern origin of the United States for more than eight decades. Been in the industry for such a long time, the MAREK hierarchy recognized the need to upgrade and integrate modern technology into their operations.

They shared a common consensus that pain inventory optimization needed improvement and that is why they partnered with Data Systems International to integrate their cloud inventory program. As you would expect of any company based in this industry, MAREK equipment and staff working in the project sites daily. This made it a challenge for the company to manage its inventory with their manual tracking systems be depended on which significantly slowed down processes.

With inventory management depending entirely on manual processes and inputs, the company was forced to dispatch foremen to warehouses and project sites to collect the needed information. The process involved in tool tracking is also outdated since it required a member of the team to come to our Warehouse to check out any equipment using paper tickets. See This Article for more information.

Since the location of any tool could only be verified through paper tickets, it was challenging for the company true to determine the location of the inventory in real-time. The company was also in such form an advanced solution that was going to integrate smoothly with their ERP systems for easy management. Go Here to learn more.

Data Systems International had the solution MAREK was out in the market for. The cloud inventory from Data Systems international with a fully integrated with inventory tracking service was the best solution since it came with standard features, capabilities to develop mobile applications, it could be easily integrated with the ERP system that had already been implemented.

This was exactly what the company needed to streamline all their means by improving the visibility of the supply chain and enhancing tool and asset management oversight.

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