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Sadie Keller is 10 years old. She is also a fifth grader and a cancer survivor. Diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of 7 Sadie decided she would not be a victim. Now that little bit of information brings us around to Gulf Coast Western and its CEO Matthew Fleeger. It is no secret that Gulf Coast Western cares about its customers. And again, it is no secret that Matthew Fleeger is known to have very deep pockets when it comes to causes for children. Well let’s combine all those factors and see where that takes us.

The Sadie Keller Foundation started as a dream in a little girl’s heart and because of gifts and grants from Matthew Fleeger CEO of Gulf Coast Western and other major players in the world of Pediatric Cancer Research it became reality.

Fleeger’s Family Kitchen is another one of Matthew Fleeger’s benevolent projects. This kitchen is not actually on where you or I could go to eat but more on like you might see in a research kitchen.  One where learning takes place for children.


As anyone can see Gulf Coast Western is a most benevolent of major players as it applies to children and children’s issues. Gulf Coast Western was founded in 1970 by Matthew Fleeger’s father and run by him until 1993 when Matthew Fleeger took over the helm. This was a well needed shot in the arm for the company because of the market conditions all across the board. Matthew Fleeger implemented some changes that were initially scary to some but turned out this young man knew what he was doing. He would later prove himself to be a mover and a shaker. A young man who not only followed in his dad’s footsteps but made even a larger footprint for someone to fill.

James River Capital Takes Investing to New Heights

People who are considering starting a new business venture face a variety of hurdles along the way. Perhaps the toughest is finding adequate startup capital. There are a few different ways to obtain the funding necessary to start a business venture, but each individual’s circumstances are different, so not all the available solutions will work for everyone.

James River Capital

Raising Startup Capital

People who are considering starting a small business may be able to obtain a funding on their own, however, a larger venture may require the assistance of investors. The best place to start is with friends and family. In many cases, you can get a large majority of the startup capital necessary by taking this approach. 

Another option is a local loan. Some suggestions would be your local Chamber of Commerce or seek assistance from the local business development center. They may have information that can prove useful, such as names of potential businesses and investors who may be interested in your idea.

Angel investors are another popular option and are plentiful because smart investors and related companies want to become involved before a company is listed for public trade. There are plenty of available resources on the internet and in the local community to help discover many different angel investors. Crowdfunding is also incredibly popular today. Platforms such as Kickstarter are responsible for helping countless entrepreneurs raise the money they need to get started with their business. 

Venture Capital

This option is best suited for larger projects that require more than $1 million or more in startup capital. Although this route may require a significant amount of research and negotiation, it can more than pay off in the long run. Generally, this type of investor is interested in making many times more the initial investment within five to seven years.

One of the best methods for obtaining funds for new entrepreneurs is venture capital funding from reputable companies like James River Capital. James River Capital was founded in 1986 under a different name, KP Futures Management Corp. It was later renamed James River Capital Corp. in 1995 when it was purchased by two of the senior officers of the company; Kevin Brandt and Paul Saunders. Since then, the company has grown significantly and has developed into one of the most respected names in investment. 

There are many ways to obtain funding for entrepreneurs who have great ideas for new and exciting business. Decide what size business you want to create and then proactively seek out funding from all available sources to get started on the project. 

HCR Wealth Advisors


The stock market is a system that is designed around risk and reward. That being said, no one wants to put their hard-earned money forward unless they know there is some chance, they may get a good return. It is important to take the time truly find out how to invest and how to make the most of the money that you have. HCR Wealth Advisors has the right strategy to help you to get the most out of your money and to truly get a great return.

The best way to invest so that you are going to get your money to grow is to take the time to find a great wealth management firm like HCR Wealth Advisors.  For those that are looking to buy stocks or to trade stocks, you should first understand some of the basic language. The first are puts and calls. A put is when someone buys a put option and they have the right to sell a stock at any time before the expiration date of the put. With a call, the client buys the call option and they can buy a stock at the strike price at any time before the offer expires.

Stocks give you a piece of the company to own while options are contracts that give clients the right to buy or sell stocks. Stocks and options are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to investing in the stock market. When it comes to those that are looking to sell or to get stocks, it is always going to be best to have a professional company on your side so that you can get the best outcome and you can get the knowledge that you might not have on your own.  For those looking to invest, HCR Wealth Advisors is a great option and that can truly help you to get the best options possible for you.

This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as investment advice.