Smita Shah Talks About Entrepreneurship

Becoming an entrepreneur and the owner of your own business is never easy especially when you’re 24 and just a few years out of grad school but that never stopped Smita Shah from going for the gold. So how has she managed to have this type of success without losing sight of who she is and while dealing with the responsibility of being the head honcho? Well, she recently sat down to discuss these issues with David Cochrane. When she was growing up, she couldn’t help but notice she was one of the few girls in her math class and the only one who was not caucasian. Ever since then, she has been driven to promote diversity throughout the workplace and advocate for minorities to be given equal treatment in both their personal and professional lives. 

One of the ways she attempts to fight back against this trend is by trying to hire as diverse a staff as she can. Even though she is the owner of her own company, she has still experienced instances of bias occasionally but she is quick to brush it off as she understands that it’s usually just a big misunderstanding. When she was matriculating at Northwestern University, she quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the best students in her class. Upon graduating, she then enrolled in MIT to pursue a master’s in civil engineering. She not only had to work on her thesis paper but also complete an internship with the white house chief of staff. 

After she had concluded her academic studies, she was offered the opportunity to work at SOM and she accepted the role of a structural engineer. However, after just a year of serving in that position, she realized she was ready to strike out on her own and established Spaan Tech towards the end of 1998. Due to the discrimination, she has experienced over the years, she is constantly encouraging females in the workplace to help and support each other whenever possible to help them advance in their respective fields. When she was first putting this new company together, she had no idea if it would take off which is why she wasn’t that invested in how the company fared in the long run but she was aware of the following. Learn more: 

If the business ended up tanking, she could always find refuge under the roof of a different company but, if it ended up becoming a big success, she would have a terrific story she could use to inspire the next generation of aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs, especially those who are female. So you’re probably wondering what exactly the company does. Well, they specialize in connecting the world by building new bridges, superhighways and parking decks to help people get where they need to go. They also provide the lighting for various fixtures such as streetlights, lighthouses and the red light you see on an emergency call box. So we wish them the best of luck.

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Ending Slavery with Sharon Prince

 Under the direction of Sharon Prince who is the President and the Founder of the Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation.

This foundation is looking for a way to end modern-day slavery once and for all. This group has developed the Grace Farms Foundation Architecture + Construction Working Group.

 Sharon Prince Grace Farms and the group is taking steps to end forced labor in construction and other industries around the globe.  This group and Sharon Prince are looking to make the general public and businesses aware that slavery is still in existence and there are still people all over the world being forced to work. The group is looking for ways to share data on the topic and other ways to raise awareness. They are also looking to expose the industries and companies that are still keeping humans enslaved.

 This group is launching pilot projects and tools that will help bring data together so that these organizations can be stopped. They also looking for additional ways that building materials and constructions can become free from slavery and still make a profit in developing countries. See Related Link to learn more.

 According to Sharon Prince, this organization is looking for ways to disrupt modern slavery. They save all of the information they get and they are looking to have an impact on the criminal industry and the industries that use this slave labor. They will bring negative attention to this industry so that forced labor can stop and men, women, and children will be allowed to be free and not forced into work.

In an article with entitled “Grace Farms Foundation Signs Deal To Fight Contemporary Slavery”, talks about the Memorandum of Understanding with the country of Georgia and Unchain which discusses creation of set of standards and practices that promote supply chain transparency to help bring an end to the world’s largest, yet under recognized problem: contemporary slavery.

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Richard Liu Discusses the Difficult but Rewarding Path of Entrepreneurship


The prestigious Fortune Magazine included Richard Liu Quiangdong as number 48 in their list of the world’s greatest leaders.

This is no mean feat and this Chinese billionaire certainly belongs to the list as Richard revolutionized and continues to revolutionize the retail industry in China by leveraging on technological breakthroughs and supply chain innovations.

Because of his hard work, the JD brand is now public at NASDAQ, and to this day, the company still serves as the number one retailer, for both offline and online, in China.

Richard Liu’s inspiring tale to reach the top has made him a favorite speaker in different conventions around the globe. Recently, he was a keynote speaker in the World Economic forum in Davos, where he shared about his journey, including his struggles, to inspire others to pursue the difficult but rewarding path of entrepreneurship. His JD brand is now a billion dollar corporation that he built from the ground up, with his bare hands.

This huge conglomerate started as a humble retail store in Beijing called JingDong. Richard Liu Quiangdong expanded this business to twelve other sites in various key cities. However, the company’s growth was stalled because of the SARS virus. Back then, no one ventured out for fear of catching the fatal illness.

As a result, Richard Liu had to make the heartbreaking decision to close all his shops. His sadness, however, did not last when he saw that the internet, which was then at its infancy stage, could be used as platform to sell his goods. This gave birth to, which to this day continues to capture the biggest market share of clients in China; and soon, the rest of the world. Get Additional Information Here.

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James Dondero and Tough Zoos

James Dondero doesn’t cower for anyone. That’s because he’s an All-American businessman who has carved out quite a niche career-wise. He’s carved out quite a niche for himself in the charity and philanthropy divisions as well. Jim Dondero’s college education took place at the University of Virginia in tranquil Charlottesville. It was a rewarding one, too. The youngster enrolled in many financing courses back then. He enrolled in just as many accounting ones. He had his sights set on a career as a capable investment banker. Once he graduated from the famed Central Virginia school, he was ready to begin work with JP Morgan. His work with JP Morgan proved to be highly rewarding. It set the stage for yet another job offer for him. This offer came from American Express. Jim Dondero managed to impress all of his American Express coworkers.

Dondero decided that he wanted a slight career change not long after the start of the nineties. He collaborated with investment banker Mark Okada and decided that they needed to take action. They took action and set up a company they called Highland Capital Management. Although this firm initially was headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Dondero and Okada swiftly changed that. It’s been running in Dallas, Texas since the middle of the nineties. It’s been thriving in the Big D since then as well. People who live and work in Dallas are often extremely well-versed in it.

Jim Dondero doesn’t dismiss the rewards of charity. He doesn’t dismiss the rewards of philanthropy, either. He regularly devotes himself to all sorts of local charity and philanthropy happenings. He has friendships with all sorts of widely known charity and philanthropy figures in the area, too. James Dondero is a person who regularly tries to make the Dallas Zoo a lot tougher.


Your brain is a marvelous part of your body. It enables you to do math, read, write, and express yourself.

It signals other parts of your body!

It is a control center.

For humans, it is much more! It is a memory bank of your life.

As we age, we often suffer the diminishing effects of the brain’s power. It is often disturbing and frightening, but it happens.

Some call it cognitive decline, and others might call it the aging process.

People do not realize that there is help. Yes, in the form of a gentle tablet, and it can work wonders. It is called Prevagen. It can hold back the memories and data in the brain. However, one must supplement Prevagen, with good supportive habits.


The manufacturers of Prevagen remind us that the tablet does help, but one should work on exercise to make sure a healthy blood supply is circulating.

Did you know adequate exercise can build new nerve cells, and promote good oxygenation of the blood vessels?


Eating good meals fuels the brain. The brain needs vitamins and minerals to keep it functioning at top capacity. Try to keep a lid on processed meals, too much salt, and of course watch your sugar intake!

Remember that a diet which is rich in vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and fish is a diet, your brain will thank you for!

Keep your brain well hydrated and drink plenty of water. If you are not a big water drinker consume some green tea, coffee, or coconut milk. There are ways to substitute nutrition, and keep healthy.


One must remember that the consumption of too much alcohol is dangerous. Sadly to say, a diet of even moderate alcohol can sometimes shrink the hippocampus, which is part of the brain that controls memory and reasoning.

Try not to drink more than one alcoholic beverage per day if you are a woman. If you are a man, no more than 2 drinks per day.


If you are a smoker, please quit! Smoking is a destructive and addictive habit. It can diminish the gray matter of the brain, and help to promote dementia. It is not only an addictive habit, but a costly one, as well.


Your brain should be stimulated. Don’t forget to play games and do puzzles. Get that brain working. The brain games can be fun and stimulating.

This is a great thing if you are bored, as well. Don’t forget to relax, get adequate rest, and socialize. One needs to be happy in order to be healthy.

Lastly, remember that Prevagen is a remarkable substance. It improves brain function and memory.

Give it a try and you will be ever so glad you did. A brain is certainly a terrible thing to waste!

Supplement with Prevagen!

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Isabel dos Santos Still Striving For Successful Growth In Africa

With her vision towards helping Africa prosper in economic growth, Isabel dos Santos is doing all she can to get it done. As one of the richest African women in the world with a net worth around $2.1 billion, Isabel dos Santos is an exceptional businesswoman who has changed and uplifted many people around the world with an entrepreneurial spirit that has no bounds. She is the co-founder of Unitel, Angola’s largest telecommunications company and has been involved in numerous different important business, finance and infrastructure enterprises throughout the years.

Her company Unitel has created plenty of employment opportunities for the people in Angola and has assisted businesses on every level with reaching other parts of the world to help expand their companies. Unitel also helps the people in Angola get in touch with other people and businesses that are in hard to reach areas inside of Angola for personal and business reasons like shopping online which also helps the economic growth of the country. Isabel dos Santos does what she can to stay on top of the matters that the country is going through so that she can address the issues and do all she can to help with rectifying it.

Isabel dos Santos believes in the economic growth of Africa. She has shared her beliefs in front of people across the globe on many platforms including the World Economic Forum just recently. She has made presentations encouraging the empowerment of women and their business endeavors especially the ones that involve education. Being a woman who has furthered her education and received a degree in electrical engineering from King’s College in London, Isabel dos Santos believes in the power of quality education as being key for not only the women in but, but for everyone and she has shared these beliefs whenever the opportunity has been given.

About Isabel dos Santos:       

Sergey Petrossov is Changing the Aviation Industry for the Better

Founder Sergey Petrossov has helped his company reach a $1.5 billion amount in valuation with investors including a Saudi royal family and celebrity Jay-Z.  These investors have helped the company plan for other offerings and the hotel industry is appreciative of better utilization also.  The services make it easier to arrange travel and this helps the industry with utilization efficiencies.  Sergey Petrossov has helped provide more digital innovations to make scheduling simpler and shared flights available to more people.  The lower entry-level prices are helping to build this social network as a community, which is part of the mission for JetSmarter.

Sergey Petrossov

Serving business travelers and vacationers is proving to be a smart way of building a social networking services for all of these people to enjoy.  This additional networking has encouraged Sergey Petrossov to call it all a community they are serving.  It seems the marketing efforts are catering more to the affluent but the marketplace is enjoying the value deals with better utilization and efficiency planning.  Bookings and shared travel are allowing luxury travel to extend out to others needing to go places for meetings or just leisure travel.  The services are also rather affordable and provide additional opportunities for hotel and shuttle services.  JetSmarter has reached a valuation amount that gets it to a term sometimes used in finance.  It seems this startup has risen to a unicorn and this makes it much better for providing additional ways to serve their customers.  The capital is also nicer for investments with technology and hiring.  Their engineers are hired from all over the place and this gives them more advantages for providing services.  The algorithms used to determine bookings also make it better for deals.  The pricing is part of offering a membership service at different price points.  The introductions are smart now for people that haven’t used first-class flights as much.  This new market is very large and JetSmarter knows this.

“Why Maarten De Jeu Is Qualified To Teach Corporate Development”

Maarten de Jeu is a business advisor to Fortune 100 companies in the insurance and finance sectors. The year was 2012 when he started SVM Business Advisory. The objective is to teach individuals good decision-making skills that fit into the strategy for corporate development. Maarten de Jeu use uses his business consulting skills to teach individuals about mergers and acquisitions. An acquisition may occur when the larger company finds appealing qualities of a smaller business. The appealing qualities of the business may include business knowledge and cash flow of the business. People interested in corporate development are taught to create a list of targeted businesses. Businesses who are on the list will be evaluated for risk and value. Maarten de Jeu will teach negotiation, a skill that would be useful for anyone who works with mergers and acquisitions. The negotiation will be used to negotiate terms for acquiring a business. Corporate developers should ensure the integration between business entities goes well.

The role of a corporate developer will vary based on the size of the corporation according to Maarten De Jeu. The corporate developer would need to understand how to conduct research and analyze data. The company is able to the corporate developers able to provide projections to help determine the value of a company. The information gathered by a corporate developer will be used to create offers that are competitive. A corporate developer will create a strategy and identify potential partners for business. 

A corporate developer must have the skill to evaluate the performance of a business. Forecasting and creating presentations are skills required to become a good corporate developer. Maarten de Jeu has expertise in international business that makes him a good teacher of corporate development. Maarten de Jeu understand the skills required to become a good corporate developer. A corporate developer needs to understand technical modeling have good communication skills to explain finance to people who may or may not understand financial terminology. A corporate developer needs to set priorities and have good time management. Corporate development also should see a person who is creative and show focus on the tasks at hand. Learn more:

Maarten de Jeu please to excel in corporate development person must be creative and have a willingness to think differently than in other people. A person must be innovative to excel in corporate development. Maarten de Jeu still believes expertise is important for a corporate developer to succeed. A good corporate developer will be able to build business relationships. The order persuasion in his spine an individual are qualities necessary for a corporate developer to perform well. A person was able to build a relationship that allows a person to come to the corporate developer directly when considering a merger or acquisition. Maarten de Jeu feels it is important to form a relationship with businesses that support the corporate developer.

Maarten de Jeu believes more corporate developers should coach other corporate developers. A person must have the desire to learn as strategies for corporate development changes. Maarten de Jeu has used many of the skills he has taught upcoming developers to form business networks in North America, Europe, and other locations globally.

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Career Accomplishments Of Bhanu Choudhrie

With 18 years of experience in international investing management, Bhanu Choudhrie built an extensive portfolio comprising acquisitions and partnerships. It wasn’t a straight path on his journey to success as an investor, entrepreneur, leader, and philanthropist. He started at the bottom and worked his way up to becoming a profitable businessman in the investment industry. His first couple of steps climbing the career ladder began while working for JP Morgan in the US.

Although, Bhanu Choudhrie lived in New Delhi, India he wanted to come to America and study international business and marketing. After he earned a BA from the University of Boston, he accepted an intern position at JP Morgan. In 2001, Choudhrie established a private equity company, C&C Alpha Group, Ltd in London, in the United Kingdom. He manages and controls multiple businesses in the UK, India, and Asian-Pacific. As Chief Executive Officer of C&C Alpha Group, his responsibilities are:
Identifying and sourcing investment transactions for new markets.
Providing advisory and consultation services to capitalists and investors.
Solutions development.
Promoting businesses for clients in a variety of sectors.
Monitoring and managing the investment portfolio at C&C Alpha Group.
Leading the C&C Alpha Group’s team and all its subsidiaries.


While serving as Chief Executive, Bhanu Choudhrie received honors from Asian Voice Political and Public Life in the United Kingdom. The organizations honored him with the 2008 Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Two years later, Public Life recognized him for his accomplishments as a business leader and businessman.

In 2013, Bhanu Choudhrie wanted to learn a different approach to running C&C Alpha Group and its subsidiary companies. He returned to the US and enrolled in the Owner & President Management program at Harvard Business School. For three years, he studied the program, and each year applied what he learned to his business in London.

Bhanu Choudhrie recognizes completing the Owner & President Management program as an accomplishment in his life. The program showed him a different way of running his companies in the 21st Century. He believes continuous learning is advantageous for entrepreneurs in managing, directing and overseeing their companies. 

Angela Koch Has Big Plans For The U.S. Money Reserve, And It Starts With Her Employees

What keeps investors going is the search for investments that can withstand much of the instability that one typically finds in the stock market. For many over the years, this has meant looking into gold as an option, in addition to other precious metals.

Of the many companies in the business of distributing these investment goods, few are as large as the U.S. Money Reserve. And their CEO, Angela Koch, has a plan to make them even bigger with an investment plan aimed at her employees.

Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Inc. |  Better Business Bureau; Profile

The U.S. Money Reserve has a lot in common with its competitors, like in the size and growth of their selling and marketing departments. But according to Koch, this is where the similarities end.

While, as a selling organization, the company needs these departments to be robust, she wants the workforce capable of much more. And they’ll need to be as the company works on its growth plans.

Sitting at the top of the company’s executive structure, Koch is looking to invest into the company in ways that will turn every employee into a problem solver able to run the business without much intervention from management. Part of her growth plan involves personal and professional investment in every employee.

Having the responsibility to make these decisions isn’t something Koch expected of her professional life. Koch began her career without a college degree to back her up, and she had a child on the way. This meant any job that would have her, Koch accepted. The prospects weren’t great, but she was determined to find a way to make the best of it.

Koch quickly acclimated to a working reality where she held down multiple jobs, no matter the industry, to make ends meet. But she quickly discovered a method to advance to new positions.

No matter the job she held, Koch made it her sole focus to learn all she could about the job and the company she worked for, all to advance to better positions. She invested time and effort to bolster her professional education, and as a result is in a position to help people do the same.

Now that she is a CEO, able to affect the working lives of others, Koch is looking to provide the same advantage she created for herself to others. Employee training will include a system of information gathered from all over the company, assessing the incoming data and making it comprehensive for everyone.

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With all that data coming from all corners of the U.S. Money Reserve, every employee will have the resources necessary to develop themselves professionally and personally. And in building them up, Koch is assured that they’ll return that value back into the company.

While this is an investment in the company, as executives plow ahead with expansion efforts, Koch isn’t just confident that they’ll develop as people but will be capable of pursuing any professional ambition they choose.

About the U.S. Money Reserve:

The U.S. Reserve is one of the largest precious metals distributors operating in the US today. From their headquarters in Texas, they’ve spent nearly two decades providing gold, platinum, and silver to investors, all back by inspection by the federal government.

With President Philip N. Diehl, formerly with the US Treasury and the United State Mint, this company has helped over half a million investors take steps to secure their financial future.

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