The Legacy Of Telehealth and Jack Plotkin

Jack Plotkin

Jack Plotkin has seen many different medical fads come and go but this time he thinks he’s finally found one that is here to stay. It is commonly known as telehealth and it is specifically designed for people who are unable to make it to the doctor’s office. However, it can also be used for people who are merely too lazy to get in their cars and drive to their annual physical. The practice involves using your wearable health device to track your biometrics and wirelessly send them to your physician without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. When it was first invented, it was rather difficult to employ as they had to use the phone to answer a bunch of yes or no questions regarding the type of condition that they were suffering from.

Jack Plotkin

The doctor’s challenge was then to try and determine what kind of illness the patient may have but, needless to say, it did not always have the best of outcomes. Of course, thanks to the advent of wearable health gadgets, the telehealth system is now much easier but physicians still face the obstacle of not always being able to look at the electronic medical records necessary to diagnose the conditions of their patients. This is also a common problem at call centers throughout the nation but virtual health is set to fix this issue forever. Set to initiate within a year, this new platform will combine all the medical records into one database making it easier to access. Even if it is successfully implemented, Jack Plotkin is well aware that these kinds of procedures are not particularly cheap and none of the major insurance companies have agreed to pay for it. So it seems only the affluent can afford this new system.

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Sheldon Lavin Has Helped Restaurants Through OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin has been owning OSI Group and packaging food for restaurants, companies, and schools. OSI Group has a total of 20,000 employees. Sheldon Lavin has had a history of earning business contracts because of the need for food. Lavin has a sterile way to package beef, pork, and other food items. Lavin will work and travel with his own employees to find more small business owners. The food has to be graded for quality and safety. They can order their food by calling OSI Group. After their payment has been processed, OSI Group will ship the items to their business.

Learn about Sheldon Lavin at

Sheldon Lavin gives his clients a chance to learn about the following:

  • their business needs
  • scheduling shipments
  • menu and orders
  • finding other business owners
  • consultations about goals

The consultations will help any potential client. They can set up the appointment by speaking to Sheldon Lavin through his office. For a better chance at getting great rates, Lavin can schedule a consultation on the phone. Some people want to know more about food processing. OSI Group can help them obtain knowledge about the cost and where OSI Group will meet with business clients.

Lavin has received awards through philanthropy and business ownership. Lavin has worked at a trustee for Ronald McDonald. OSI Group has received many different awards. They have a list of achievements on their business website. The company will be happy to answer questions about food processing. Lavin has always maintained a leadership position in any company that employees him. The company hasn’t had any struggles with finding owners or clients. Sheldon Lavin is proud to be a part of something that can always help to keep his clients knowing when to order shipping supplies. Restaurants have been successful because of the continued success of OSI Group.

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Watford FC Change The Way Young Players Are Trained In The English Premier League

For young players who sign with Premier League soccer clubs, the path to the top of the game can be notoriously difficult as most teams look to purchase new players regularly. In the past, teams such as Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur have become adept at combining new signings with talent moving up through the academy. Watford FC is now one of the teams of choice for young players who know they will be given a chance to stake their claim as a valued part of the first-team squad by owner Gino Pozzo.

The owner of the club has been working to develop the Hornets as a leading part of the Premier League for the long-term. Over the course of the last seven seasons, the team and strategy at Watford have borne fruit with the English club with a history dating back to the 19th-century. Gino Pozzo arrived at Watford knowing the financial constraints he was working under would not allow him to simply purchase players who were guaranteed to make an instant impact on the first team.

Instead, Pozzo is hoping to change the way the future of the club is moving with a shift towards younger players who are making a difference to the team for years to come. Pozzo is looking to create a future for his team that will see young players ready to step up to the future when the existing player is sold to a larger club. Combining the success of youth players with that of more experienced members of the squad can be a major boost for Gino Pozzo as he believes the Premier League is difficult to sustain in its current form of bloated spending each transfer window.

The Revolutionary Charging Method behind MAGFAST

There is a classic saying that goes having too much of one thing is bad, and this certainly holds true for modern day electronics. Between charging cords being poorly designed, uniquely usable, and hard to find, many consumers feel overwhelmed with all the electronics they own. Seymour Segnit is someone who hails from a well experienced background between his time at Oxford University and Silicon University. He also experienced many of the common problems with owning too many electronics, and thus choose to do something about it. An article with Influencer expands on the upcoming MAGFAST product.

When it comes to designing a new charger, Seymour Segnit had to first consider the most important qualities of what a modern-day charger should look like. He came up with four features that should differentiate it form the competition. It first had to be portable and charge in a quick manner. An individual should be able to get a quick charge on the fly from any location. The product would be named the MAGFAST charger and it would be usable with any device currently on the market, and with anything that comes out in the future. Lastly, the cord would have a magnetic strip to prevent any disruptions to the charging process.

Seymour Segnit conceptualized the product as a way to overhaul the charging cord and push technology to the next level. The MAGFAST Charger will come in various shapes and sizes allowing the consumers to get something that works just right for them. MAGFAST has seen overwhelming from its backers, and Seymour Segnit plans to give an extra item to everyone who helped. MAGFAST has the potential to be the next big brand, while the MAGFAST charger shows to promise to be a common product in a current 21st century household.

Use Genucel as Part of a Healthy Skin Care Regimen

Everyone loves the sun, as the warmth feels both energizing and mentally stimulating. However, human skin isn’t a fan of excessive sun exposure, especially if a person is young at heart. The good news is it may not be too late to prevent fine lines and damage from the sun’s rays that can become noticeable with age. Sometimes, these changes come on suddenly but when a person regularly hydrates, they can lessen the appearance of skin imperfections. One way is to use Genucel by Chamonix.

Another tip is changing to a diet that incorporates more natural food and fewer processed, or sugar-laden, foods. Natural or plant food diets aren’t just ideal for having a nice figure but the skin benefits as well. Inside many plants are properties like antioxidants and pure moisturizers, like aloe vera, that prevent skin damage. However, the best way to benefit is to care for body and skin routinely.

Some beauty products on the market require multiple steps that must be done throughout the day to be effective. This doesn’t work for a lot of busy adults, as no one wants to spend all day in the mirror. Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy and Eyelid Treatment contain antioxidant and moisturizing properties that alleviate the look of wrinkles and aging around the eyes.

One beauty regimen that reduces the look of most facial imperfections is washing the face more than once a day. Nightime or early evening cleanings are good way for removing airborne pollutants and free radicals that land on the skin’s surface. Applying Genucel products after daily washings ensure maximum effectiveness. Also, getting regular rest is essential to looking vibrant.

While it takes time to make beauty routines a habit, the results are often noticeable within a week or so. Along with a healthy diet, incorporating unsweetened water brings a greater change. Drinking eight or more glasses daily helps flush the system of toxins, which often results in smoother skin. Using quality skincare products and eating a sensible diet every day often lead to a more youthful look without expensive surgery.

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Equities First Holdings- Geeks News

Equities First Holdings – Offering A Simple Way To Get A Loan

Having access to a simple loan program enables loan seekers to meet their needs. Equities First Holdings and its team of financial experts take the time to understand their clients’ needs and provide the guidance they need to reach their goals. The stock-based loans available from this reputable lending firm is a great option for many people, particularly those who do not want to deal with traditional lenders.

HCR Wealth Advisors Help Clients Plan Finaances

HCR Wealth Advisors was started in the year of 1988. HCR Wealth Advisors is a firm that is a wealth management company. They create strategies for clients who are seeking financial and investment advice. They mainly try to be supportive of the various transitions people go through throughout life. Major life events like births, deaths, marriages, divorce, buying a business, starting a business and retirement can drastically affect a person’s finances. The firm tries to enable clients to have a financially secured future.

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The mission at HCR Wealth Advisors is to form healthy relationships with clients that last a long time. Some clients have done business with the wealth manager for over ten years. Long lasting relationships like these last because of communication, customer service, being trustworthy and educating clients about wealth management. The advisors here want to analyze a client’s finances, look for financial risk and try to help the client dodge any financial pitfalls or mistakes.

When clients get a service from HCR Wealth Advisors they are paying for strategy. This firm has thought provoking strategists who are skilled and smart. These strategies serve the client with an array of investment options that are tailor-made with the client in mind.  This firm is one of kind and this has allowed them to remain in business for thirty years. They use an advisory model when working with clients. They do not own of the assets of the client. Instead, accounts remain at a SIPC-insured institution.

The concern of most wealth management clients is that they will outlive any assets they have acquired. This sadly happens too often when people do not plan responsibly for affording retirement, major life changes, emergency expenses or a decrease in income. Not planning for a change in income or how to protect one’s assets can leave a person living a lifestyle that either cannot afford or do not like. HCR Wealth Advisors hopes that their strategies, advisors and perspectives allow people to rest assured that their assets will be able to support them for their entire lives.,30.htm

This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice. HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

Smita Shaw: A Prominent Advocate For Women In The Workplace

About Smita Shah

Smita Shah saw herself as a Math Geek. However, you see her or I see her; she is a dedicated advocate for helping women achieve success in male-oriented careers. Smita is renowned engineers and entrepreneurs and is a known advocate for women in business. She has achieved her ambition through education, career and her commitment to public service and women causes. Learn more:

Smita grew up in Chicago. She excelled student and was active in her local community. With hard work and perseverance, she received an undergraduate degree from Northwestern University, a graduate degree from Massachusettes Institute Technology, and finished an Advanced Management Program at Oxford.

In 2007, Smita Shah founded SPAAN Technolgy, an engineering firm that provides alternative engineering solutions to complex technical projects. The company started with three employees. Today, it has expanded to 55 employees in nine years.

Smita was presented the Ellis Island Medal Honor Award for her work, dedication and commitment to women causes and her efforts in strengthening international relations. She is a notable businesswoman, philanthropist and activist. 


Smita Shah goals are to promote and guide female entrepreneurs. Her life’s ambition is to be an instrument in women success. 

Below are her tips and guide to getting ahead in the male-dominated business industry. Some of the tips include:

1) Self Belief 

Having a positive image is essential to female entrepreneurs. Your skills got you where you are today. Whether its bad or good experience, it can grant wisdom. Your experiences make you confident. You should give yourself the same credit and recognition as you do your employees. 

2) Closely review your abilities

-You should believe in your abilities and your worth because they are the same. 

-Passive traits are no longer a positive trait in the business world. 

-It is necessary sometimes to be assertive. 

-Shaw believes insight to nature can make celebrating accomplishments and rebounding from disappointments easier.

3) Exert strong presence

-The first impression are hard to overcome, so make the most of it. 

-You should adopt a business appearance. 

-Your posture and attire are just as crucial to making a first impression. 

4) Credit where it is due

-Women are normally passive. But you should not let others take your credit. 

-Build your story because it can inspire others. 

-Do not shy away from sharing opportunities and accomplishments. 

5) Short-Term Goals

-Do not focus on the mistakes of the past. 

-Do not worry about the future because it will strip you of energy needed to succeed now.

-Everyday experiences will provide you with opportunities to explore your abilities and help you succeed.

6) Feminine Stereotypes

-Do not comply with stereotypes.

-Special treatment must not be accepted for any reason. 

7) Cultural Factors 

-Do not take secondary roles. 

-Remember, to get recognized women must work harder. 

-Women must be able to grow inside and outside society’s comfort zone.

8) Respect from others 

-Women feel obligated to corporate and collaborate whenever possible. 

-Do not accept disrespect to your authority because it will make others think less of you.

-Exert your influence and authority if needed to be respected.

9) Private and personal lives should be separate

-Learn to delegate work. 

-Divide responsibilities to keep business life and personal life separate.

10) Time Management 

-Learn to prioritize your time and energy.

-Make time for family, personal goals, fitness and business demands.

-Use time management effectively and do not burn out.

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Rivas Uses His Passion To Guide The Way

As an extremely effective and enthusiastic entrepreneur, Raffaele Riva has gained a name for himself with a concentration on international business, trust funds, property and wealth managing, asset management, real estate and associated enterprises. Raffaele Riva is the founder and chairman of AUREA Multi Family Office, a parent corporation for a multitude of international business organizations mainly providing financial services to the international business society, such as investment management, property and property governance, accounting, auditing, and comparable services.

Riva reflects an unrestrained enthusiasm for his business line and has previously established a number of businesses. He established and introduced a range of start-ups between 1997 and 2008, staying engaged in their leadership and implementation operations. Previous to that, he acquired precious global company knowledge while operating a multinational company through which he was directly engaged in managing and operating several associated businesses in Canada, Western Europe, South Africa, and Central and South America. He also created important international finance abilities while operating for a “Big 4” company in Italy and the UK as an accounting and auditing expert.

Rivas lets his enthusiasm guide the way in developing new company enterprises and investing in extremely satisfactory initiatives, not only because of their good economic results, but also because they fulfill his private enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and bring real importance and advantages to the life of his customers. He approaches life and company with an approach of “pursuing what you enjoy and allowing life knowledge to guide you” and is dedicated to keeping a favorable, hopeful approach, respecting his ideas, but also carrying out strict due diligence and follow-up.

A keen reader who likes to stay up-to-date with the recent financial developments, evolving disruptive technologies, and global news and activities, Riva requires pride in remaining a curious and enthusiastic lifelong learner. He is also enthusiastic about offering facilities and products that contribute real value to the life of his customers, a point he points out to be essential to any company ‘ long-term achievement.

With Global Operations, Privinvest is a Leading Player in the Shipbuilding Industry

Founded in 1990, Privinvest is now known as a respected entity in the shipbuilding sector. Almost three decades of operations later, the Lebanon-based company has established a certain reputation for itself in its respective segment, which is hard to come by in this highly competitive industry.

Privinvest owns multiple shipyards around some of the busiest ports in the world, including France, Germany, as well as the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. This has not only given the company a status of a well-recognized brand, but it has also allowed it to grow its operations on a consistent basis.

This growth is connected directly to the types of clients that the company has served over its decades of operations. Over the past 29 years, the shipbuilding firm has completed immensely large contracts for said clientele in a very proficient manner. The magnitude of these contracts can be judged by the fact that the company has delivered over 2,000 vessels since the day it started its operations.

Since operations of such a scale require a workforce that is just as extensive, Privinvest has went on to employ a staggering number of 2,500 employees all around the world. With their skill set and expertise, the company has been able to move forward with fulfilling even the most demanding contracts effortlessly. With that being said, the company ensures that it is able to strike the perfect balance between efficiency and quality, where even its largest operations have been completed without any compromise in quality.

It is due to this commitment to growth and consistent quality that Privinvest products are available in no less than 40 countries around the globe. These products are not just limited to vessels. Since the company also pays attention to research and development, it has been able to provide its services to many countries who want to build their own fleets. With it, the company is also focused on the aspect of marine renewable energy, which has led it to be a part of initiatives that work in this sector.

Now about to complete its momentous 30 years, Privinvest is still going strong and plans to expand its operations as it moves forward into the future.