Barbara Stokes: Helping Rebuild Homes, One House At A Time

Barbara Stokes has always wanted to live a life where she would help people, and has the CEO of Green Structure Homes, has been able to do that through the construction of homes for those who have been affected by disasters. Visit Gazetteday to know more about Barbara.

Stokes has always been involved with philanthropy since the beginning of her career and always wanted to help those in need. While her organization does just that, she believes that she can do a lot more on a personal level to help people in need.


To this effect, Barbara Stokes decided to donate thousands of dollars worth of building materials for Habitat for Humanity. In a public statement, Stokes mentioned her intentions behind the donation. She stated that Habitat for Humanity is an organization that genuinely does good for people, and is an organization that helps give people a good place to call home. Because of the rising cost of good construction materials, Stokes felt that this was a good way in which she could contribute and give the organization something that they could use while constructing their homes. Over the years, there have been several instances in which Stokes has offered her support to organizations in some way or another. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

How OSI Group Became One Of The World’s Biggest Processed Food Suppliers

OSI Group is a privately held company and one of the largest suppliers of processed food in the world. There are over 20,000 people working for this global firm between it’s Chicago headquarters and 65 food production facilities. It offers the restaurants and supermarkets it partners with access to a global food production chain, responsiveness, value, and unparalleled experience.

It hasn’t always been such a giant firm. It was established in a suburb of Chicago in 1909. Otto Kolchowsky had only recently moved to the United States from Europe. He was a butcher so he opened a small family meat market. He offered high-quality meat and so his business developed a strong base of customers.

Otto expanded his company across the state of Illinois. In 1955, he signed an agreement that proved fateful for his company. OSI Group, then named Otto & Sons, became the first supplier of beef for a new local franchise restaurant. That restaurant was McDonald’s. As McDonald’s grew into a chain of restaurants, OSI Group grew by leaps and bounds.

Otto & Sons opened their first high volume meat plant in 1973, entirely dedicated to delivering beef to McDonald’s restaurants. This plant could grind beef and then shape it into patties, speeding up operations at the restaurants. The patties were then frozen using liquid nitrogen and could be shipped anywhere in the country.

Since that time, OSI Group has partnered with many other restaurant chains as well as food retailers. They also partner with other companies around the world to form joint ventures. One of these is GenOSI which is located in the Philippines. OSI China was established in 2002. In 1995, Vista Processed Foods was founded in India.

OSI Group increased its capacity in June 2016 when they bought a plant from Tyson Foods in Chicago in a deal worth $7.4 million. Tyson Foods was shutting this factory down and reducing the employee count when they sold this plant. 250 people were still working at this factory when it was purchased and almost all of them were able to keep their jobs.The Sustainability Vision of Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group

Jana Lightspeed and Work

Jana Lightspeed May Ask Will Uber Replace Car Ownership

Jana Lightspeed and the discussion surrounding ride-hailing services has been quite a hot topic in the past few years, and it has never been so relevant than it is at the moment. With studies finding that younger generations all set to take charge of the world actually prefer renting than buying, several sectors including the automobile industry are setting out their future moves accordingly.

For the larger mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) segment, these findings denote to a very fruitful future where its services are in demand more than ever. Those without cars would always call for services to get from point A to point B, while those with their own vehicles would look for employment opportunities in the growing sector.

Companies such as Uber are at the forefront at thinking that these developments would translate to a win-win situation for them. After all, who wouldn’t want more business and more opportunities to expand it? That too in an economy where presumably rental and service companies would rule the markets instead of retail and selling companies.

While the aforementioned scenarios paint a very pretty picture that is full of rainbows and roses for the MaaS industry, those who want even more from the future are thinking one step ahead.

That is where the discussions for autonomous vehicles and going beyond simple ride-hailing services come in.

See, Jana Lightspeed would have to think about these things because it is part of her job as a venture capitalist. She would have to make certain that she is looking in the right places. The reason why she has to make certain that she is looking in the right areas is because her job certainly depends on it.


She must look at business opportunities that will happen and invest wisely.

Steve Ritchie’s Journey In The Pizza Industry – From Pizza Man To Papa John’s

Steve Ritchie became Papa John’s Chief Executive Officer at the beginning of 2018 and has since worked to rebuild the reputation of the brand and put it back at the top of the mountain. His career in the industry started way back when he was still a teenager, and he managed to climb through the ranks over the years, being appointed at the helm of the company in 2018.

His first venture in the pizza industry started after he left his job at Burger King and started working Pizza Man, a small shop that he ended up acquiring. The store got robbed a few times, and the owner, Richard Paulmannsaid and he sold it to Ritchie for the price of $16,000 – with the capital being provided by Ritchie’s late grandfather.

The transaction took place when Ritchie was 18 years old and still a high school student. Instead of going to college, Ritchie dedicated himself to the business, and spent the following 2 years working every day for 14 hours in order to keep the business afloat. While the business didn’t take off, Ritchie talked about the venture as teaching him the values of work, pointing out that his refusal to fail is what kept the business going for that long.

He started working for Papa John’s in 1996, taking phone orders at a store located in St. Matthews, and making $6 per hour. Despite those humble beginning, Ritchie rose through the ranks, having various roles within the company through the years – from manager all the way to Chief Executive Officer. At the age of 36 he was entrusted with running all the 650 stores owned by Papa John’s in the United States, and only 2 years later he became the Senior Vice President for Global Operations, which meant that he was in charge of a total of 4,200 stores spread across 35 countries.

Alastair Borthwick as a Multi-Talented Person

Alastair Borthwick was a well-known Scottish journalist, author and television producer. Indeed, Borthwick was a journalist who wrote literature on the subject of climbing and hillwalking. 

Borthwick was born in Rutherglen, Scotland. And he also resided in Glasgow, Troon and elsewhere. As for his educational background, Borthwick attended Glasgow High School. And when he was 16, he commenced working at the Glasgow Herald. 

For Borthwick, covering the more adventurous sides in Scotland was a novel area to write about in the 40s and 50s. For writing two books about Scottish adventures in the country, Borthwick became a top subject matter expert in his niche. Some of the tasks that Borthwick did for the paper was taking down a lot of the copy he got from newspaper correspondents who relayed their info to Borthwick. 

Alastair also wrote and edited the film pages, the children’s pages and even the women’s pages. Compiling the crosswords and collaborating on “Letters to the Editors,” as well as readers’ queries was also worked on by Borthwick. Indeed, Borthwick got a first-hand view of how the Glasgow Herald works. 

Mr. Northwick also has an impressive service record in WWII. He had the role of an intelligence officer during the war. And he traveled and resided in different areas of Scotland with Jura, his spouse in the 1940s. Borthwick also moved around Scotland in the 1950s as well. 

Concerning his journalism career, Borthwick took an interest in hill climbing, fishing, as well as crofting. He covered these topics of interest producing programs for the BBC. Alastair and Jura ended up relocating to Glasgow to work with the BBC to cover events like the Festival of Britain, which occurred in 1951. 

Alastair worked in the television milieus in the ’60s. And he produced approximately 100, 30-minute TV programs on a diverse range of subjects. Some of which were award-winning programs. Alastair is a multi-talented individual who published his first book, Always A Little Further. It was an instant classic concerning the outdoor literature genre. Borthwick’s also published a second book, Sans Peur

The Jeunesse Global 2019 NEXT Expo Is Sure To Be An Exciting And Empowering Experience

There will be plenty to celebrate at the world tour of the Jeunesse Expo NEXT 2019. The company is the exclusive distributor of a full line of skincare, beauty products, and health-related products. They create the concepts and manufacture all of the scientifically based products themselves. 

The Jeunesse Global organization is a direct selling company. The much anticipated NEXT Expo is held to bring together the multi-national group that makes up the company’s sales team. It is an opportunity for all to share ideas, learn more information about Jeunesse Global products, meet with top management, meet each other, and more. The sales distributors will hear the insightful and inspiring words of the owners of one of the leading direct selling companies in the US as well as a leader in their industry. The world tour will help to encourage team members to move up to the next level of sales and ultimately step up to a higher income level. This will enable them to grow and build their own businesss as well as to introduce new items and increase the company’s sales volume. The organization was launched on September 9th, and that date will aptly mark the start ot the momentous corporate event. They will travel across the globe to numerous destinations in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and others.

Randy Ray, Wendy Lewis, Scott Lewis, and other members of the company were in attendance. Randy and Wendy founded the company in 2009 in the state of Florida, and the corporate headquarters are there. Scott serves as the Chief Visionary Officer of Jeunesse Global. They are pleased and proud of the success that the firm is experiencing. Much of the success can be attributed to the hard work of the distributors. The management team is proactively planning the course of Jeunesse Global for 2020. The entire team is committed to helping Jeunesse customers look younger and also feel more youthful. They want to empower people to live life to the utmost and feel great about themselves. That is the Jeunesse difference and what makes them stand out from the competition.

Remembering Our American Veterans In Hard Times

It can be a scary place for veterans that find themselves facing situations concerning mental health, drug abuse, or alcohol abuse. Over the years programs have been developed to help our veterans recover and show them we care. Read more: American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase

Mental health is a subject often misunderstood and condemned. And for these reasons we want our veterans to experience the best recovery around those who will understand them the most. Veterans!

Who Is Desert Hope Treatment Center?

Desert Hope Treatment Center is an established American Addiction Center that provides treatment for veterans suffering from drug, alcohol abuse and mental conditions. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is also known as PTSD. This is a condition that facilities claim to understand but often don’t have the experience to treat.

When caring for veterans that are living under these conditions our number one goal is to provide a safe environment that veterans can trust and relate to. Desert Hope Treatment Center allows group therapy sessions among veterans.

We find our sessions to be very helpful considering they get to hear from veterans in need of assistance as well. Considering Desert Hope Treatment Center is operated by staff that are veterans themselves, your conditions will be considered well understood.

Don’t Let Fear Be The Reason!

Fear can be paralyzing! Fear is your bodies response to change. While fear is an emotion we use too often, fear can rob you of your sanity and will to live. You fought for our freedom now allow us to fight for yours!

Freedom comes from connecting with the right people and receiving proper care. The longer you put off receiving the help you need the more fearful or shameful you may become.

Getting Educated

Understanding addiction is one of the key components of recovery. The Salute to Recovery course allows our heroes to be well intuned with what triggers addition and why addiction is a disease? Past experiences our vets face tend to trigger addictive behaviors. Knowing this allows us to respond appropriately to our vets by reminding them of what their true strengths are.

Depression is typical in vets because many find it hard to blend in with normal society due to past memories. While this may be common among vets this does not have to become your lifestyle.

Desert Hope Treatment Center is here to help you believe in yourself again and become productive as you once were. For more information contact a local facility near you or don’t hesitate to give us a call at………….. There is power in seeking help!

Learn more about American Addiction Center:

The Successful Development of Betterworks


One of the most leading applications in our industry today is popularly known as Betterworks. Its entire platform works in many ways since the application is focused on performance management. The application was founded six years ago and was created with the primary objective of giving enterprises and people across the world the most substantial data and correct organizational tools that will help you make your organization or company a lot more productive, increase your profits, and keeps everything running smoothly.

The Betterworks App has the power to analyze and let your objectives flow and at the same time keep track of a variety of remarkable data points that will help you and your enterprise to improve as the years go by. 

Additionally, Betterworks has a number of features that will surely meet and exceed your expectations. It has unique features that will keep your entire organization on track which makes more room for growth and new opportunities that await you and your company. Betterworks App knows exactly how to help you reach success since they have the ability to make the entire process for you as simple and as easy as possible.

Set your goals concisely and clearly with Betterworks without any complications and discover a wide range of opportunities and solutions that are beneficial in the long run. Even if it is just new to the industry, the application is already being used by thousands of people and enterprises worldwide because of its reliability, integrity, accuracy, and safety. 

How Barbara Stokes and GSH of Alabama Are Building a Culture of Generosity in Madison County

For communities hit by natural disaster, the challenge extends beyond just weathering the storm. Many towns and counties struggle more with getting back up and recovering from the aftermath of the disaster rather than dealing with it as it happens. Visit Gazetteday to know more about Barbara.

Madison County, Texas may not have been the place hit hardest by Hurricane Harvey a while back, but it still felt the effects of the powerful tropical cyclone all the same.

Progress is being made in Madison County thanks in large part to the work being done by entities in the neighboring areas. Habitat for Humanity of Madison County has been hard at work trying to rebuild the community, and recently, the non-profit organization received a huge assist from Barbara Stokes and Green Structure Homes (GSH) of Alabama.

As reported by Gazette Day, GSH of Alabama donated over 80,000 square feet of linoleum flooring, in excess of 1,000 sheets of drywall, and a truck full of Hardie Fascia.

Habitat for Humanity of Madison County was excited to receive the donation of materials from GSH of Alabama, Chronicle of the Week reported.

GSH of Alabama CEO Barbara Stokes was similarly excited to hear that the materials had reached the non-profit organization. She and GSH of Alabama were “thrilled” when they find out that the materials were now in the hands of Habitat of Humanity.

Barbara Stokes acknowledged the huge role Habitat for Humanity has played in rebuilding Madison County and the Mercer University alum added that she and the rest of the people at GSH of Alabama are “proud” to be of assistance.

She is also hoping that her company’s donation and the work being carried out by Habitat of Humanity will help establish a new kind of culture that the people of Madison County will be able to adopt. Barbara Stokes hopes that the new culture that will spring forth will be firmly rooted in the values of generosity and helping each other out.

Barbara Stokes and GSH of Alabama are not just about talking up that kind of culture. They are also doing their part to make it a reality with their donations. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Matthew Fleeger-Financial Manager, Business Administrator, and CEO Of Gulf Coast Western Company

Matthew Fleeger is the current chief executive officer of Gulf Coast Western. This is a company that deals with gas reserves and domestic oil in the Gulf Coast region. Gulf Coast western is also known as joint ventures since it holds general partnerships and managing a venture of gas and oil. The organization through its leaders have managed to combine resources, industry expertise, experience, and talent in order to explore, acquire and develop domestic gas and oil. Matthew Fleeger went to Southern Methodist University, Cox school of business and he acquired a bachelor’s degree in business administration. After he was done with his education, he immediately began getting attached to oil and gas companies where he improved his proficiency in marketing and finance. He has thereby worked effectively and efficiently and he gained himself a good level of experience that he is now very competitive in the industry.

An international business professional listed in the international who’s who, Matthew Fleeger has pushed the company forward greatly. He is recognized as the highest experienced and expertise in waste management, oil and gas and also in tanning industries. He is also well known for his competence in contract negotiation, team building, entrepreneurial abilities and also strategic planning.

 On before he began working in the oil and gas company, he was the founder of Med solutions. This is a company that specializes in disposal, treatment, and transportation of waste products from healthcare companies. He worked there as the chief executive officer and also as the president for atleast13 years. It’s after Med Solutions developed well and was successfully stable enough that Matthew Fleeger sold the company to Stericycle. This is a company known as the leader in the industry of waste management.

Similarly, Matthew Fleeger was a very successful entrepreneur in the tanning industry. He helped two companies Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan in raising their revenues incredibly. The combined revenue for the two companies was approximately 100 million dollars. Palm beach tan was developed from a small six-store operation and grew into one of the largest tanning organization in the country. Mystic, on the other hand, was helped to grow into one of the largest sprays on tanning in the world.