Serge Belamant: Blockchain Patent Holder


Serge Belamant, a software developer, is among the first people to found blockchain technology. His innovative mind and skills with computers have brought a great change to the world of IT. Most of the cryptocurrencies known today were created from his technology.

Serge used smart cards that contained microcontroller chips in his technology. The blockchain technology he created became very useful to the financial sector as it ensured the protection of banks and its customers, transparency at workplaces, and also ensured that the data used was accurate. Tulle in France is Serge Bellamant’s birthplace but he was raised in South Africa from age 14.

In South Africa, Serge had to familiarise himself with the English language before being taken to school. He was enrolled in Highlands North High School which was an all-boys school. He was a brilliant student from the go and was also athletic. He enjoyed playing rugby. Serge Belamant had a charming personality that quickly won him the respect of his teachers and schoolmates. He held different positions in high school including Head Prefect and house captain. He was very good at chess and participated in the South African Chess School Championships.

Serge Belamant completed high school in 1972 and proceeded to Witwatersrand University to study engineering. He later decided to switch to computer science and applied mathematics in the same university. Belamant transferred to the University of South Africa during his third year to study information systems.

Unfortunately, these frequent transfers made him not to attain a degree, and he ended up dropping out. He began working when he turned 22 years. His first job was at Matrix where he created a system that would assist in monitoring dams across South Africa to prevent future droughts and floods. Serge Belamant worked with many other different companies such as Control Data, DATABANK, Bancorp, and SASWITCH.

He worked for SASWITCH until 1989 the left to start his company Net1 Technologies. The company was slow in finding its footing, but after being hired by Visa, it rose. Serge Belamant used his Universal Electronic Payment System technology to create COPAC for Visa. COPAC would help detect cases of fraud and in the identification of personal numbers. Serge has continued to use his knowledge to improve IT sector.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong Interview on

Although Richard Qiangdong Liu came from a humble background, he went to Beijing to further his studies. He stated a restaurant while in the third year, but the business did not succeed as he had less time to run the business. Richard Qiangdong Liu started selling computers in 12 different stores as he needed money. He hired a four square meters’ area to set up his business. The business did very well up to 2003 when SARs outbreak struck. Richard Liu launched the largest retailer business in China. He is the CEO and chairperson of the company. The company started with little capital in 2004. He could sell electronics including IT, digital and mobile phones. After six years the company had expanded establishing new products. company has developed and now sells various products including fashion designs, electronics, and consumer goods. The principle that guides the company is considering the products costs, efficiency, and quality. Richard Liu works closely with his employees to ensure that they give all customers standard services. Richard Liu chairs different internal and external meetings from as early as 8.30 a.m. He encourages inventions and innovations. serves a wide range of customers and delivers the products through a conveniently organized process to various parts of the world including the US, Asia, and Paris. For people in Beijing the products are delivered within three hours, and for long distances, the customer is advised in advance when to expect the product to ensure there is no inconvenience. The company has a net market worth of about 60 billion US dollars, more than 1000 logistic centers, and approximately 160,000 employees. Richard Liu has set aside funds purchase the best goods from all over the world and bring them to China to help his company become number one.

According to Richard Liu being wealthy is a responsibility that one should take seriously as wealth is a resource to the community. He also encourages people to relate with those that will motivate and inspire you to be whatever you desire. Richard Liu is dedicated to supporting his family including his parents, wife and two children. He uses his wealth to help charitable organizations.

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The Career Life of Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is a highly successful personality in the American society. Many parents advise their young children to follow the footsteps of Seacrest. At the moment, the businessman has over six prominent positions, and he manages to attend to all of them perfectly. Everyone in the community wonders how just one professional can be so successful in the complicated and very competitive market that has millions of professionals. His career in both radio and television is the envy of many people. Ryan Seacrest has always enjoyed working to get to the top of his career, but things changed significantly when he got a chance to host the prestigious Fashion Idol show. Many people in the nation realized that Ryan was a talented host who could keep them glued to the television until the show ended. The producer has received numerous award in the recent years because of involvement in many shows and the kind of impact he is making in the society.

When Ryan Seacrest realized that his career in radio and television was already doing well, he ventured into the entrepreneurial world. The executive partnered with several entertainments and media companies, and he has made a significant impact in this area too. His philanthropy started at this stage too. The businessman noted that the youth in the United States needed his help, and it was his duty to give the assistance needed. Ryan Seacrest has been funding numerous youth initiatives in the past, and he is already proud of the impact he has made in the short time he has been doing it.

In the year 26, Ryan Seacrest announced the launch of a company called Ryan Seacrest Production. The company has done amazingly well in the tough market, and it has even managed to earn an Emmy award for being a production company that offers nothing but the best digital programming services. The company has served big names in the United States market, hosting programs such as Keeping up with the Kardashians, E! and many others. Ryan has also been making a great impact in the fashion department in the recent years.

Unroll Me Helps Save You Time

Unroll Me is a way for people to get a handle in all the emails that come streaming in every day. It is a service that reduces inbox clutter, so you don’t have to. They even have the ability to unsubscribe from various senders in order to make your inbox something that you no longer dread. Having too many emails in your inbox is known as “inbox overload” and Unroll Me is basically a buffer between email senders and your inbox. Unroll Me does this by accessing your inbox and syncing the messages to their servers in order to archive any unwanted messages from your inbox. Unroll Me is basically a proxy for your inbox. On average it can take as much as five minutes every day to delete all of those unwanted emails. Over time that really begins to add up.

Unroll Me has a few really good resolutions for you to try out in the upcoming new year such as updating your software. If you update your software, you can avoid potential cyber attacks. You should also read all of your privacy policies since most of them will likely contain something that you really don’t want to agree to. If everyone read these privacy policies, they would probably not agree to the terms laid out in them.

According to Unroll Me, you should also delete any apps that you’re not using on your phone. Many of us will download an app here and there and for some reason or another not end up using it anymore but it still sits on our phone somewhere, and these third-party apps still have access to all of your personal information to do what they want with. You should also use a VPN to protect your browsing history and to protect your online privacy. Also, don’t forget to protect your actual phone with a screen protector and a good quality phone case. Your phone’s no good to you if it’s broken and it is never fun to use a phone with a cracked screen. It’s worth investing a little in protecting it.

Co-founder of Jojo Hedaya Pursuit to organize our Inboxes

The introduction of E-mail was supposed to make our lives easier and although one cannot doubt the convenience, it has also led to our increase in stress levels at work and or school. With the average person signing up for up to 60 newsletters a year, you can see how easy it is to lose control of your inbox and potentially burying emails that are of vital importance. However, who can pass up a great newsletter deal, obviously we don’t want to eliminate all these messages and two twenty-four-year-olds said the same thing.

Their solution to this stressful problem? Create which simply organizes your inbox rather than clear it out completely like most other services in the market. cofounder and COO Jojo Hedaya stated that the idea for came from a personal frustration when his business partner Josh Rosenwald kept missing or losing his emails.

Jojo and his business partner Josh first met while on a study abroad semester. During this time their rabbi noticed that the two not only shared the same blackberry phone but also the same birthday, it was through this that they became lifelong friends and business partners. Together they would eventually create, an idea that had been thought of before, however, the two young entrepreneurs were not worried about competition, instead, they focused on the execution of the service and if it was easy to use. Unlike their competitors, the interface of their tool was simple, you have a front page that lays out all your subscriptions, from newsletters to people’s emails it is all there for you to choose which you want to keep, be notified and or store away for future use.

The two end our conversation with them by giving young entrepreneurs a piece of advice which is, plan it out, deliver it quickly and with the least possible resources and of course do what you love.

$54 Million Private Placement by Sanders O’Neil & Partners, LP

On September 19, 2017, Sanders O’Neil & Partners, LP worked with NexBank Capital, Inc. (“NexBank”) in completing a private placement of fixed-to-floating rate subordinated notes valued at $54 million. The notes have a maturity date of September 23, 2027. The yield is a fixed rate of 6.375% for five years and subsequently a floating rate is applied which is based on the three month LIBOR of 458.5 basis points.


The notes are qualified as Tier 2 capital under the effective capital regulations. Kroll Bonding Agency gives the notes a stable outlook with a grade rating of BBB. As of the closing of this offering, NexBank has raised approximately $283M of equity and debt.


NexBank offers mortgage banking, commercial banking and institutional services to large corporations, institutional clients as well as middle-market companies. As of September 2018, NexBank boasts $8.1 billion in assets. NextBank is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and is the tenth largest bank in the state of Texas. In commercial banking, NexBank assists clients in finding financing solutions that help manage liquidity and optimize cash flow. NexBank Capita serves the mortgage banking sector by offering competitive pricing on wholesale and warehouse lines of credit. The firm provides customized institutional services to help clients with capital raising strategies and to tailor both short and long term lending options.


According to the Biz Journals website, as a regional bank, NexBank is dedicated to serving the community in Texas. The firm has worked to provide consumer loans and accommodative housing for more than 2,200 Texas veterans. NexBank is a backer of Impact Dallas Capital, the GrowSouth Fund and the Real Estate Council Community Fund. The bank has provided housing loans to over 900 low to moderate income families in Texas. Furthermore, NexBank is a sponsor of financial literacy courses which are given at eight public schools in low to moderate income areas within Dallas County.


Talos Energy : Creating itself a different path to success

According to Workplace Dynamics, oil company Talos Energy has been awarded the distinction of being one of the best places to work in Houston. Talos Energy is a private oil company which has recently exploded on the oil industry scene by taking from what some say risky ventures last year. The company moved many of their safe investment projects into very lucrative areas of the world, one of them includes the Gulf of Mexico and its risky political waters. Today Talos Energy manages to produce thousands of barrels per day and staffs over 120 employees, many of them located in the Houston, Texas area.

CEO Tim Duncan commented on the incredible achievement of being named the best small business place to work. Tim Duncan says that the motivation, hard work, and results from his staff do not come from the common practices of offering happy hour Fridays at the office and or motivational pep talks, the results and their overall happiness working at Talos stems from the “we’re all in this together” mentality that surrounds the company. Tim Duncan is quoted as saying that the Talos environment is one that has everyone rowing the boat together. In addition, Duncan says that he reminds his employees that the company is currently private, therefore, there is no one person or group to say how much its worth, only the hard work produced every day, and results can determine that final outcome.

The incredible drive within Talos Energy also comes from its entrepreneurial ways of doing business, and in the end, that is the exact environment that attracts the best talents. Duncan comments on the fact that when his office receives emails about potential investments and or other opportunities, they are shown to his employees as well. This is because, at the end of the day, Tim Duncan wants to let employees know that their boss is always active in trying to make money for them and the company as a whole.

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