How the deal between Fortress Investment Group and iPass will benefit both camps

Fortress Investment Group is now in business with iPass, a mobile connectivity provider. This is after the two companies struck a financing deal that will see Fortress invest a substantial amount of money to the tune of $20 million in the mobile networking company. iPass, a tech-titan in its own right, serves more than 64 million Wi-Fi hotspots all over the globe with its secure Wi-Fi available on all SaaS-enabled devices.

Give -and -take

The partnership between iPass and Fortress Investment Group is mutually beneficial to the duo in many ways. Firstly, iPass enjoys the financial muscles and vital business connections that Fortress draws from its high -net- value clientele base of about 1,750 companies and individuals. With Fortress managing more than $40.9 billion in assets, it is in a prime position to provide a deep pool of finances to iPass. This is a much-needed break for the tech company, as it has experienced a massive decline in profits due to the attrition of Wi-Fi prices all over the globe. On the other hand, Fortress is banking on the innovative strengths of iPass that places the mobile connectivity company on a catbird seat in the coming future.

iPass potential

You could say that Fortress Investment Group is banking on the potential future of iPass. Fortress could not have speculated better, because it is apparent that only innovative companies stand a better chance of harvesting profits in the coming years. iPass has in the past proved that innovation is the cutting edge for all tech-related companies if they are to thrive in the tightly competitive industry. Three years ago, the mobile connectivity company had to make a quantum leap to bounce back to life after it nearly collapsed. It is this ability to create innovative changes while under massive pressure, that makes iPass a safe bet; and Fortress is all in.

Why Fortress & iPass are a fit

What makes Fortress Investment Group so profitable, is the ability of the company to diversify and invest in a wide range of portfolios. The managers at the helm of power at Fortress are progressive leaders who are big on innovation and alternative investments. With ingenious solutions such as the SmartConnect program, iPass is at the steering wheel of innovation, making their deal with Fortress a catalyst for their progress. Both camps are excited about the partnership, and this is assured by Mr. Griffiths, the chief executive officer and president of iPass who lauded Fortress for facilitating the deal.


Rick Shinto Was Awarded With The Entrepreneur Of The Year Award Due To His Excellent Contributions To The Healthcare Industry

In the United States, the environment in the healthcare industry is getting complex with every passing day. Insurance plans for customers are most often expensive for the patients which add additional stress to the existing set of health problems. There are a few companies who strive to bring forward a series of healthcare plans which are affordable, long-lasting and makes use of cutting-edge technology. In order to develop a patient-oriented culture in the healthcare industry, the implementation in every medical institution starts from its roots. InnovaCare prioritizes patients over their profits from the selling of healthcare plans.

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides the CEO and the COO of InnovaCare respectively have been able to create unique medical schemes for the citizens that focus more on patient care and minimizes the financial burden on the patients. Their goal is to build a strong patient-provider relationship and make sure that the treatment is carried out by experienced and certified physicians for increased efficiency and patient comfort.

The CEO Rick Shinto has completed his MD and has two decades of experience in the healthcare industry. During these years he worked at different medical institutions and played different roles which helped him develop an in-depth understanding of the issues faced by patients and their immediate family due to the high cost of medical insurance plans available in the market. Rick was awarded the Entrepreneur of The Year by the tech company Ernst & Young. The award reflected his countless hours of efforts in devising low-cost medicals plans with comprehensive coverage and making them available to the market. Rick Shinto has been a source of inspiration for many in the healthcare industry.

With more than 7,500 providers, InnovaCare has been growing at a fast pace and there seems no stopping to it due to the popularity it has gained and the positive feedback it has received from everyone who opted for their services. You can visit


With more than 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Penelope joined InnovaCare with the same goal and vision of Rick Shinto. With her experience with devising medical plans for Medicaid and Medicare, she observed how people are charged more money for medical coverage and understood that they can be considerably reduced without hurting the business side of the institution. Before joining InnovaCare as the COO she worked at Ceantrelight Healthcare as the vice president.

Together, they have devised high-quality, cost-effective and sustainable medical insurance plans which is benefiting the society as a whole. You can visit their Facebook page.


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Southridge Capital Great Leadership

Southridge Capital is recognized in the international market. The company serves customers based in the United States, and it has been leaving its customers satisfied since it was introduced into the market several years ago. Southridge Capital might not be a giant in the provision of services in the finance department, but it has been received by American investors well because of the high-quality products and high levels of standards that it has set since the first day it started its operations. The organization is very proud of its achievements. The person responsible for starting this company is an expert in the world of finance, and he has walked with the company from scratch so that he can impress his clients. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Stephen Hicks is the founder of the prestigious and successful company. Since the company started operating several years ago, Hicks has been in the position of chairman and chief executive officer, and he has shown excellence in all of the projects accomplished. The finance executive has shown the employees in the company the path they should choose so that they can end up with good profits. Many businesses in the country are being managed by the finance executive due to his expertise in finance. The customers who trust the services from the finance firm say that they were attracted to the organization because of the experienced leaders.

Stephen Hicks has achieved so much in his life because of various reasons. Although he has been getting so much experience after working in the industry for a long time, Stephen has been fortunate to have the academic qualifications that have been received from prestigious schools in the world. The fact that he got his MBA from the popular Fordham University shows that he is an excellent candidate for the position of a leader. Stephen Hicks has been working with the finance department for decades, and he has spent the last three decades dealing with financial activities, investments and risk management. Southridge Capital believes that it could not get to its current position if it was not being held by a responsible leader.



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Ryan Seacrest: Struggles to Stardom

Ryan Seacrest, 43 year old television superstar, known for his charismatic personality which has captured the hearts of his fans for decades was not always the confident, strong person we’ve all come to know and love.

Ryan Seacrest got his start in the world as the overweight kid in Dunwoody, Georgia. Wearing a t-shirt when he swam in public pools, Seacrest dug into the depths of his confidence to join the local swim club in his community. Eventually, Seacrest shed the weight, but he never forgets the small overweight child inside. The self discipline, determination, and confidence he gained through his childhood challenges directly influences his career ethics and allowed him to become the superstar he is today.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Ryan Seacrest began hosting for television shows as early as 1993, but he was not widely recognized until 2002 when he signed on to co-host for American Idol. By the following year Seacrest was offered a position as the sole host of the show. He continued to work hosting American Idol until it’s end in 2016. In July of 2017, Seacrest announced that he would be the host of an Idol reboot.

Ryan Seacrest has also co-hosted with Kelly Ripa in Live With Kelly and Ryan since May of 2017. He is also known for hosting On Air with Ryan, a morning radio show that he has participated in since 2004.

Among his entertainment accomplishments Ryan Seacrest is also the creator and CEO of an exclusive clothing line called Ryan Seacrest Distinction which he launched in 2014. He holds an exclusive partnership with Macy’s selling his line of suits and accessories.

Ryan Seacrest is also the founder of The Ryan Seacrest Foundation, a charity he created to inspire youth with entertainment and educational incentives.

From his overweight childhood days Ryan Seacrest has persevered into a worldwide famous entertainment phenomenon!

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The contribution of Graeme Holm towards Improving the Lives of the Australians.

One of the people who has contributed to the transformation of the financial sector on Australia is Graeme Holm. All through his career life, Graeme had been working in the largest banking institutions in Australia in various positions. This made it possible for him to understand the plights of the customers in the banking sector, something that challenged him to invent solutions to the problems. He had been feeling that the customers were getting way low-quality services than they deserved and hence he felt that it was unfair to them. The main category of customers who suffered was from the credit sector. They were often faced with the challenges of interpreting the terms of the contracts, and in some instances, they could even find it difficult to repay the loans that they borrowed. Not because they didn’t have enough money, but because they lacked the correct guidance regarding the balancing of their financial obligations.


This idea challenged Graeme Holm to find a solution for the customers so that they could regain their financial freedom and improve their living standards. This was when he decided to form Infinity Group Australia as a substitute to the traditional banking system that extorted the common Australian citizens. With Graeme was also his wife, Rebecca, who contributed greatly to the establishment and success of Infinity Group. One objective that remained firm in their hearts was to provide financial guidance to the borrowers so that they could get a full comprehension of the financial terms and the repayment procedures.


After the commencement of service, Graeme Holm recruited a team of financial professionals who could guide the customers on the techniques of managing their finances. The team trains the clients on the best ways to budget their income so that they can manage to meet their debt obligations as well as the service their loans. Since the training service was introduced in Infinity Group Australia, the clients can enjoy the aspect of financial freedom since they can manage to repay their debts without pressure from the banking institutions. They are also in a position to manage their income in such a way that they can afford to meet their debt obligations together with the family obligations. This way, they are happy with their families and also in their workplaces.


The customer reviews at on the Infinity Group Australia’s website indicate that the customers are more contented with the level of service they are offered by the company compared to the other banking institutions. Reports also show that the customers of the company pay their debts five times faster than the borrowers from other Australian banking institutions. A recent report indicated that 100% of the borrowers of Infinity Group Australia manage to repay their loans within the stipulated time. However, those from the traditional banking systems are on record having difficulties in repaying the mortgages within the stipulated periods. This shows how effective the initiative of Graeme Holm has been towards improving the lives of the Australians. In the same report, the customer satisfaction for the customers of Infinity Group Australia ranked higher than those of any other financial institution.

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