Daniel Arriaga– Academy of Art University Alum and Animation Director For Oscar-Winning Film, Coco

Academy Award winning Pixar original, Coco, was nominated and awarded an Oscar for Best Animated feature. The creation of this movie was a result of many different talented and well-versed artists in their fields. One Academy of Art University alum in particular is responsible for, in part or in whole, the artistic direction and animation of the award-winning movie. Daniel Arriaga credits his time, and culminating experience at Academy of Art University for allowing him to practice his passions and develop an astounding portfolio that helped him land his job at Pixar studios.


Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco, California where it was built and created in 1929. Its website states, “Academy of Art University prepares aspiring professionals in the fields of design, communication and the arts by delivering excellent undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificate and portfolio development programs.” Over 12,000 students are enrolled at the privately-owned AAU in San Francisco. Many alumni have found great success in their degrees and passions that they credit the growth and practice of, to AAU and their programming. The school is one of the largest property owners in the bay, with the main campus located in the South of Market district.


AAU takes the talents and passions of aspiring artists of all types and turns them into professional artists, designers, musicians, and more. The LinkedIn page also states that Stephens believed artists “with proper instruction, hard work & dedication, could learn the skills needed to become professionals.” Stephens also believed artists and students should be accepted into schools of their choice without the need of an extensive art portfolio.


AAU also provides their students state-of-the-art curriculum and learning facilities in several areas of study. For more information on AAU and their offerings you can visit their website for contact information, and more at this link: Academy of Art University Website


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