Jim Toner is a Fundamentalist Who Doesn’t Follow Trends

Jim Toner dabbles in a lot of things, but he has built his name as a real estate investor. Jim’s investment methods are especially popular among the general public because his services are “user friendly.” People with limited knowledge in investment can be successful if they follow his methods step by step. People have been known to spend more than $10,000 in travel expenses to attend one of his real estate investment programs.

Being a successful investor for more than 20 years he’s forgotten more about the industry than many investors know. Not to mention, he is an excellent teacher who has guided numerous people towards financial freedom with his 12 Little Houses Plan. He works with both Private Client Group and coaching groups. He is strongly passionate about helping others build wealth and retire stress free.

Jim Toner is an accomplished author and gifted speaker who has spoken across the nation on real estate investing. He has two books published Send In The Wolves: The Million Dollar, Real-World Education On How to Run a Successful, Profitable Small Business in this New Economy and The Consumer’s Guide to Investment Real Estate: How to Profit in Today’s Market Using History’s Greatest Wealth Builder. He is currently working on his next book.

Jim Toner believes in giving back. He is a renowned philanthropist who has received praise for his contributions towards helping veterans and the homeless. He even serves on Pennsylvania’s Salvation Army branch’s Advisory Board Chair.

According to Jim, working hard means he doesn’t overwork himself. He doesn’t think working until you are burned out is necessary to achieve success. He thinks it is impossible to do a great job if you are tired all the time. Being well rested is one of his keys to being productive.

Unlike many other investors out there Jim Toner doesn’t get excited about trends. In his opinion, trends are unreliable and not sustainable enough to invest his money into. He prefers to stay focused on fundamentals because they are constant. No matter what your passion is you will need to know the fundamentals to be truly successful.

Toner’s Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/public/Jim-Toner

Jed McCaleb Strongly Believes A Single Blockchain Powered Payment System Is The Way Of The Future

Many individuals hearing the name Jed McCaleb immediately think of Stellar. This is a decentralized system created to improve the human condition by leveraging technology. Stellar was founded because Jeb McCaleb had no doubt the financial infrastructure of the world was broken. This left far too many people with no resources. He additionally founded Mt. Gox. He believes the entire world will eventually see a single payment system powered by Blockchain. Stellar is an international payment system powered by Blockchain and similar to Ripple.

Jed McCaleb believes an operable universal payments network will be available in the future. He feels it is possible for a hybrid system to use the Blockchain to facilitate flat currencies. Woon Bank in South Korea has already lined up Ripple for a commercial basis implementation in 2018. Financial institutions are considering both Ripple and Stellar as a way to shake up their current remittance models. A universal payment network may be achieved by 2028 using the blockchain technology of Stellar. This would be capable of processing traditional assets including shares and stocks as well as payments.

Jed McCaleb stated he believes all equity will be tokenized though blockchain. He says this potential change will happen before 2028. The XLM or Stellar Lumens token has been moving upwards for quite some time. Yesterday it dropped to $0.2512. Future drawbacks have been somewhat neutralized due to adopting the lightning network. This caught the attention of the press. Jed McCaleb has been involved with developing crypto for a long time. He predicted the international financial system including fundraising, payments and the stock market will be changed by technology by 2028.

Jed McCaleb’s resume includes serving as the Chief Executive Officer for Stellar and creating the Mt. Gox exchange. His input should not be ignored. He does not believe the market is currently being tapped due to the phenomenon of ICO’s or initial coin offerings. In four years, these ICO’s have assisted in raising almost $9 billion. Unfortunately, this has led to fraudsters using the new technology to take advantage. The have raised funds with this technology and investors have been left without their cash.

Extra source: http://analystoffinance.com/2018/02/jed-mccaleb-newest-venture-stellar/


Any company or organization in need of trading help, Netpicks is the company to rely on. It assists various companies to achieve both their short-term and long-term goals (hitechchronicle.com).  The company has grown to gain a great reputation over the years due to its benefits it has especially in the economy. It is specialised in many aspects which include Forex, Futures and Stocks among others.

Netpicks has grown to be a reliable company due to many factors such as having a good team of workers and the emphasis on virtues such as commitment. The workers are knowledgeable and experienced especially because of the fact that all were and some are still traders hence have undergone the same journey as the clients. Another factor influencing its growth is the principles that govern the operations at Netpicks. It works with the principle of accommodation and flexibility; therefore, the clients are easy to deal with as their attendance is open any time.

Through Netpicks, many traders are able to boost their trading skills and in the long run their investment ventures. The improvement is as a result of the simple trading skills outlined by the company. For instance, it gives their clients the current trading charts which enable the traders to decide on the move to make in trade. Contrary to other companies, its team walks with the clients until they reach their goals.

Additional reading on http://www.financeswire.com/netpicks-leader-in-small-business-forex-trading/

Moreover, the company gives an outline on the breakouts and momentum present in the trading sector. The clients working with Netpicks get to acquire knowledge of trade in details. Their trading moves are motivated by the information displayed by the company. Through the breakouts and momentum display, they get to know the new approaches to trade and the changes experienced in the trade market. In case of low momentum, the clients advised on the things to do for possible changes.

Working with the company also provides a channel to the traders to know the channel to take. That is made possible by the mean reversion it does on regular basis. The reversions help the clients to know the market that is readily available to be part of it. Therefore, working with Netpicks makes the traders sure of their moves that boost growth.


Heather Russell Brings Her Unique Skills And Talents To TransUnion

Heather Russell has become the Chief Legal Officer for TransUnion effective on June 4th. Heather Russell has over twenty years of experience as a legal executive with experience in global financial services including security, data privacy, consumer financial services, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory compliance and FinTech. She has taken responsibility for corporate compliance and governance, consumer privacy and government relations. She will additionally be responsible for the privacy functions of TransUnion while making reports to the CEO and President Jim Peck. She will take her place on the Executive Committee.


Jim Peck stated Heather Russell’s skills and expertise are extremely relevant for the company. He believes she will make a strong addition to the leadership team. TransUnion provides important solutions to help businesses make decisions that are relevant and informed. Heather Russell has expressed excitement about providing her experience to the company and joining the team. She previously worked for the Buckley Sandler law firm in supervising fintech practices and financial institutions regulation. She has additionally served Fifth Third Bank, Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of America. Heather Russell earned her JD when she graduated with honors from the American University’s Washington College of Law. She also attended the College of William & Mary where she earned her BA.


Last year John Blenke announced he would be retiring. Heather Russell will be taking his place. TransUnion understands there is power in information. This is the reason for the company’s dedication to using information and innovation to help ensure people make better decisions. This is accomplished by uncovering unique stories, insights and trends behind every data point and using alternative data sources and historical information. This enables numerous businesses and markets to manage their risks, personal information, credit and identity. TransUnion works hard to achieve safer communities and stronger families and economies all over the world.

Recommended you read: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/19351665-heather-russell

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund and The Need for Social Change in America

We may have all the conveniences and modern tech we have today, but that doesn’t mean that we are now all set and all the basics in our life and society are now covered. We’re still so far from the ideal world that we want, and we still have a lot to do along the lines of changing the way we deal with our human beings in our society today.

This is the reason why so many groups are popping these days to offer the kind of solutions that the world needs to arrive at the change and transformation it wants for a better society.

Immigrants Groups

One area in the society today that have a lot to do with the changes that the people need is in the sector of immigration rights. With all the atrocities, abuses and various issues that the world experiences, it just seems that the rise of non-profit groups that advocate for change is what’s fuelling the traction and movement towards a better society that we’re still not in. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook and Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare

One of the big social groups today that offer the kind of protection of the civil liberties of the immigrants is the Black Alliance for Just Immigration.

This non-profit is a passionate activist and social change group that offers the right education, awareness programs and enlightenment for the African American citizens and black immigrant communities in the country. What the group advocates is the prevention of the various racial, social and economic deprivations that the black communities experience.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations

The muslim communities in America are experiencing a sudden change and shift in the way that they treat the muslim communities today.

CUNY Clear

One powerful organization right now, too, that offers the kind of educational activities for people to understand the rights of Muslims in various communities is CUNY Clear. This community is targeting towards the law-enforcement programs that help enlighten people on how to treat the Muslims in the United States today.

Immigrant Defense Project

What this non-profit program offers to the world is the advocacy and litigation programs that help educate the society on why there is a need to act on the changes on how to treat the immigrants today.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is the project of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, which are the co-founders of Phoenix New Times, as well as Village Voice Media.

The money that the two journalists received from the settlement case that they filed against Sheriff Joe Arpaio, which is about $3 million, has now been used to support the advocacies that relate to migrant rights groups in the Arizona area.

The Frontera Fund is now active in making sure that the human, civil and migrant rights of the immigrants living in the United States will not be deprived of their rights, including their right to freedom of speech and the complete participation of these people in the business affairs in Arizona, which would go so far towards the Mexican border.

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Ryan Seacrest: A Mogul in Media and Entertainment

Ryan Seacrest is the host of the television series American Idol. He has hosted the show for 15 seasons on the Fox network. During 2018 the show will air on ABC for the first time. Recognized for his work ethic, Seacrest has managed to hold ten jobs at one time in various arenas. Seacrest has been featured on local radio and worked in radio production. Moreover, Seacrest has worked in cable television.

Fans can enjoy being entertained by Ryan Seacrest outside of the American Idol television show. Seacrest has a live radio show, which is featured on iHeart Radio where he addresses news and other topics. The show is a drive time radio broadcast which is ranked #1 for national syndication LA drive time morning radio. Moreover, Seacrest is now Kelly Ripa’s co-host on the television show “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. Followers can also bring in a new year with Seacrest. He is the producer and host of the New Year’s Eve broadcast which was formerly hosted by Dick Clark.

As a television producer, Seacrest has achieved success. During 2006 he established Ryan Seacrest Productions. His company produces television series for multiple television networks. The company produces shows such as Shades of Blue” starring Jennifer Lopez , “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and all spin-offs from the series.

During 2014, Seacrest launched a male clothing line. Ryan Seacrest Distinction is a male clothing line which is sold only at Macys. Men can use a system developed specifically for the clothing line which allows them to coordinate their outfits in a stylish manner. Shoppers can purchase items such as pants, sweaters, and accessories either in the store or online.

Widely recognized for his business endeavors, Seacreast has combined his passion for media and assisting children through philanthropic endeavors. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation gives back to youth with the desire to perform and participate in media. Children are provided opportunities to learn about television and radio through a collaboration between the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and Seacrest Studios, which are in ten pediatric hospitals in the United States.

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Jed Mccaleb As The Investor With A Purpose

Jed McCaleb is a well-known business man who has ventured into technological investments. He has grown his interest and specialized in the software sector as a software developer. The ventures he has been involved into are to help change the society and bring developments in areas where there seem to have gaps. His skills and knowledge have made it possible for him to venture into software developing and thrive.

Through experience and urge to serve the community, he started Stellar Company which has grown to benefit many people globally. The company was initiated to allow cross-border transactions where anyone from anyplace can do money transaction easily. It has been possible as the company has been developed in a way that it accommodated several currencies and works from many countries.

The ability to ensure transactions are done easily and are secure and safe has made people trust and rely on the company even more. Therefore, this is one aspect that has ensured the growth of the company. In addition to that, Jed McCaleb works with a group of team workers who are determined and share the same vision and goals in the company. For this reason, they work using lots of effort to serve the customers to ensure everything runs as required.

The Stellar Company provides many services to the public as it has specialized in many sectors. One of the services it provides is giving an outline of the Forex. It works to give guidance to investors and traders as a way to improve them. The provisions in the company have made the company grow broadly over the years. This is because the transactions made are safe, secure and can be reliable. Moreover, the company works on the principle of trust and credibility.

Jed McCaleb started the company with the purpose of creating a banking option to people especially those who did not go to seek for banking services. To be termed better, it uses various currencies and works as an online venture making the people rely on it. It is an online business which makes it possible for people to access it regardless of the location they are in. Therefore, Stellar Company was started to help the community and society to thrive and not to lag behind in poverty or any other stumbling blocks.

Stellar Lumens will lead to new financial payment system as per McCaleb: https://globalcoinreport.com/stellar-lumens-technology-will-lead-to-new-global-payment-systems-jed-mccaleb/

Professor Kamil Idris Knows About Globalization

The more things change the more they stay the same, in a world where the pace and race of life becomes increasingly complicated and competitive. Of course, this is the way that things have always progressed. However, the modern-day twist of globalization, for example JASTA, presents a particular set of rewards and challenges to mankind’s reaching and maintaining of a certain status quo.


One challenge in particular that, without a doubt, has many different layers and shades throughout the international arena is where to draw the lines regarding intellectual property. Globalization is born from the age of technology and information. And interestingly enough, it has a noticeable sway over the economy.


The bottom line remains that a person is better off accepting, adapting and commanding choices in these phenomenon, sooner rather than later. It basically comes down to owning the right idea and letting the whole world about it the right way. There are governmental institutions and public servants who work with another and leaders in industries to make sure that business ventures operate on the level.


One of these individuals is Professor Kamil Idris. The credentials that go along with the name are former Director General for World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The good news is this public servant has some solid numbers across the board from patents to GDP that say globalization, like agriculture and industrialization before it, has no signs of going away. But, there also is a little bit of not-so-good news on the side. The riddle of it all comes down to precedence.


Technology and globalization move faster than previous revolutions and advancements. Professor Kamil Idris also knows about the particular challenges developing regions have. The simple fact is that the technical boom seen over decades has created a deficit in some countries. This makes Intellectual Property Rights slow coming, to say the least.


But in the case of Professor Kamil Idris, there is actually something being done about the situation through WIPO, which provides services to bolster development and services to different places in the continent of Africa. There are all kinds of studies and data collected to that support the idea of funding and assistance towards reform in these regions. Professor Kamil Idris is just doing right to see a level playing field created in the international arena, when it comes to globalization.




Sean Penn Keeps the Storytelling Go on in ‘Bob Honey Who Just Did Stuff’

Senn Penn is well known for all the movies he has played. Lately; though he has taken up a new task. With his debutant novel ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.’ Partly because he had reached a point in his acting career where he felt burdened by the expectations brought about by finances pumped to the screenplays. Also, the working together with other people with all their personalities had become a challenge. So in search of more freedom, he sought to fly solo.

In his humor novel, Bob Honey who just did stuff tries to explain what is fundamentally wrong with the American society. In his book, he plays A modern day American entrepreneur with a double life. He sells septic tanks by the day and by night he plays an assassin who kills his targets using a wooden mallet.

To get where the inspiration of the book ‘Bob Honey Who Just did Stuff’ came from one has to go back to the most recent electioneering period in the US. The book is mostly tales of what transpired during the political period as in the book the American voters chose to endorse the ‘Landlord’ to power ignoring the ‘unnamed woman’ in the book. Bob Honey goes around then killing the old not for a grudge but for his belief that it is the right thing to do.

Bob Honey Who Just did Stuff is a fictional piece of work. According to the author Sean Penn, it was his avenue to vent about the state of America. He also gave his readers a chance to talk about it. The book was started conversations in the media spaces even before the production was complete. The controversy is not unusual as the nature of the issues handled by the book is highly controversial.

‘Bob Honey Who Just did Stuff’ also handles a social media conversation carried around by the movement #MeToo. Its all about people’s perceptions but ultimately there is need to be more in-depth with the fight against social injustice. The battle for social justice must be anything than superficial. Penn.

On his future, Sean Penn keeps his options open as he does not rule out the possibility of working in the film industry directing a movie. He is however very quick to admit that the writing experience he has gained from ‘Bob Honey Who Just did Stuff’ has been freeing, to say the least. That he will keep on authoring books and tell stories and books will be the main medium for delivery of his stories. So reader keeps your eyes open for more great things from the author of ‘Bob Honey Who Just Did Stuff,’ Sean.




The Ultimate Beginners Guide to E-Cigs and Vaping

The decision to switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic ones is no easy task. Beginners often give up before they try them owing to lots of terms, the availability of a broad range of the products, as well as the existence of so much information. Amidst the confusion, O2Pur might just make everything easier. Here is a guide to get you started.


  1. The Desirable Experience

Ask yourself the kind of experience you are looking for. You want something enjoyable, and weighing in all the factors, you need to consider the satisfaction you want, the kind of sensory aspect that appeals to you and the hit. Whether you smoke menthol cigars or the flavored types or is looking for massive clouds as opposed to discreet smoking, should all come first.


  1. Choose the Ideal Device

They are available in a wide array and if, for instance, are looking for a nicotine hit, a device with a heating element and a high level of resistance is appropriate. On the other hand, you can go with devices with low resistance, a coil or a wick if you want cloud vaping.

If you need to try some before picking the right one, O2Pur has some of the tastiest flavors that are smooth and tasty. The vape pens come in various types and sizes with several liquid types to choose from. O2Pur also offers different bottle sizes as well as amazing discounts making them the ideal beginners choice.


  1. Consider the Vape Juice

The humectant, that is what creates the vapor as you smoke is contained in the vape juice, otherwise known as e-juice. Also contained in this juice is the flavor and nicotine you desire. Here what you need to put into consideration is the volume or the content of nicotine. Why this matters is because, with each draw, you are inhaling a specific amount of nicotine. With a low-powered device, you won’t get enough nicotine volume in one inhalation. But again, it all depends on you.


  1. Choose the Right Accessories

Coils are by far the most important parts in e-cigs. They are not perpetual; hence they need replacement once in a while. This largely depends on the instructions on your kit. It is highly recommended that you have spare coils just in case they wear out quickly.

Batteries also play an important part. Get a device with replaceable batteries and have the spare always ready. Also, if your e-cigarette has a built-in battery, a backup is mandatory. You don’t want to be interrupted while you are vaping, do you?

  1.  Always Read the Instructions

Different e-cigarettes have specific instructions to be followed while vaping. You might be tempted to brush aside this idea unaware that the right flavor, the functionality and the clouds you want all depend on using the product as per the laid down instructions. As it might seem obvious, also consider the fact that you are now to the world of vaping and you need to exercise safety.

Once you have all these factors in place, you are good to go. To avoid the hassles of going through countless products available on the market, begin with O2Pur and vape your way like a pro!