NetPicks Investing in Education

NetPicks was founded in 1996 as an online trading and day trading began to take off. The company, founded by Mark Soberman, is based out of Irving, Texas. NetPicks has continuously set the standard for trading. NetPicks is comprised of professionals from the trading industry. “We believe that active trading is a limitless opportunity” says the company’s LinkedIn website.

The specific goals of the company are: full-time career, part-time income, and done in minutes. Traders can select their specific objective and NetPicks will do the rest. The team provides feedback to upcoming traders, explains rules, uses virtual login to assist, and listens as a resource for ideas.

NetPicks suggest that the business of stock investors and types of trading is a volatile business. The volatility that offer occurs in this industry can create emotional distress among traders. To be successful as a trader, according to the article written by Finance Daily News, you must have a grasp on your own psychological tendencies. Investors new to the industry must understand the effect media may have in the market. One article can alter the way the market is going. Investors and traders should have an understanding of the trade-offs that come with this industry.

NetPicks promotes traders to learn market conditions and study their fluctuation through certain times. NetPicks has a firm understanding that education is what makes trader successful. Rather than relying on the opinions of stockbrokers, a better method for traders is to understand the market themselves. NetPicks’ team hopes to educate traders on the market and how it changes. This education will help traders in all market obtain their goal of becoming successful (

NetPicks wants to educate beginners on the market and how to be a success. The company offers constant help to its members. There are professional available to help traders at all times. They are there to help explain trading rules, logging into accounts, etc. NetPicks can help traders develop a concrete trading system that will act as a guidebook. This can help traders avoid losing money

OSI Group, Custon Foods & 21st Century Foodservices

These types of companies provide vital services to supermarkets, to retailors, to schools and to restaurants on a daily basis. Despite there being a plethora of foodservice companies in society today, there is one that seems to set itself apart from the rest. This company is known as OSI Group, and it has helped to set new trends in this dynamic industry. OSI Group is actually everything that you would want in a food service company. Why? This company completely handles every aspect of the business. This most definitely can’t be said for most of OSI’s competition.

At this early time, the company only specialized in meat-locker services. As the company began to grow, the profits began to rolled in. This company has grown into a top 100 country thanks to its great products and thanks to its ethical way of conducting business. OSI Group has a huge selection of food products to choose, which includes:

• Fritters

• Pot Roast

• Turkey Products

• Poultry Products

• Pizza

• Chicken Fried Steak

• Panini

• Flatbread

• Soups

• Cucumber

• Chili

• Onion

• And more

In 2011, Forbes had OSI Group ranked at the 136th position of the nation’s largest privately held companies. There are well-over 20,000 employees that call this place home and the company is always seeking ambitious people to fill the empty positions. Yes, this is only a smudge of information, but you should have a stronger understanding of why OSI Group is so great.

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Jeff Herman is On The Case!

Jeff Herman is a trial lawyer who works on child sex abuse cases. Jeff stands up for survivors of rape, sexual abuse, as well as sexual exploitation because he is aggressive as he is passionate, having skill behind him. Jeff Herman is the right lawyer for child sex abuse cases. This attorney was a trailblazer in the Archdiocese of Miami’s child sex abuse scandal. In 2011, he had won an important $100 million dollars for a client who was sexually abused by a priest. The high profile attorney has appeared in publications such as The New York Times, USA Today, Forbes, and New York Magazine because he uses a forensic interviewing technique.
He refers to “pedophile speak” as a way they have of justifying childhood sexual abuse. Herman is the founder of Herman Law, as the leading attorney on child sex abuse cases. Herman went to Case Western Reserve University School of Law, in 1985, practicing in Florida at first. The Catholic Church was able to have sexual abuse cases dismissed based on the statute of limitations but he successfully defeated this strategy by proving in 2011, that Father Neil Doherty, a priest accused of drugging and raping youths as the Archdiocese of Miami.

Herman has represented over 1,000 men and women who have endured sexual abuse. Herman has a national practice in which he is aggressive as well as tireless, with a unique understanding of all the issues surrounding survivors of sex abuse. He feels that empowering adult victims is an important part of representing them in civil lawsuits. Herman is a speaker at programs working toward preventing sexual abuse, as well as training police officers. Herman practices in Florida and New York as a pro hac vice (for this occasion only) in California, Colorado, Indiana, Massachusetts, and Tennessee. He is referred to as the “Dark Knight,” the “legal eagle,” and the “Go-To-Guy” for sexual abuse lawsuits. Abuse victims have to report the abuse to the authorities, as well as look for a therapist. Survivors of sexual abuse need a lawyer in addition to therapy. Herman Law is just the place to find one.


An oral systemic enzyme supplement, Heal N Soothe is a product that contains proteolytic enzymes and herbal extracts that work with Vitamin E and peptide L-glutathione to help reduce chronic pain and inflammation that stem from various conditions like arthritis, colitis, sciatica, joint pain and sport injuries among others. It’s natural ingredients are perfectly balanced to enhance effectiveness and prolong term use.

Containing 12 of the most powerful natural pain relievers, Heal N Soothe is manufactured by National Enzyme Company and sold by Living Well Nutraceuticals. Its list of ingredients includes turmeric, papain, ginger and bromelain among others. Turmeric, for example, contains curcumin which contains anticancer, antiviral as well as antibacterial properties. Other properties include the ability to reduce inflammation, hence reducing exercise and arthritis related pain. These properties are also present in ginger which is another ingredient used in Heal N Soothe.

Vitamin E contained in Heal N Soothe is effective in protecting against tissue damage and muscle ache. The peptide L-glutathione is an antioxidant with the ability to promote tissue repair and also maintaining vitamins like C and E in reduced states to mop up free radicals. Other ingredients contained in Heal N Soothe that contain anti inflammatory properties are, Bromelain, papain, citrus bioflavonoid complex that contains hesperidin, quercitrin and rutin, serrazimes, harpagophytum procumbers or Devil’s Claw, and Boswellia serrata.

Among these, some are extracts of plants, trees and fruits. Boswellia serrata is obtained from Boswellia serrata tree, rich in Boswellic acids that help with inflammation. The Devil’s Claw belongs to the sesame family, Bromelain is obtained from the stem of the pineapple, papain from the latex of the papaya fruit and the citrus bioflavonoid complex from the pulp and peel of lemons, oranges and grape fruits. These are extracts that enable the body flush away pro-inflammatory factors, reduce chronic pain and fight bacteria therefore improving the immune system generally. Heal N Soothe is therefore a combination of natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving ingredients, that could help eliminate pain and inflammation.

Obsidian Energy Has A Bright Looking Future On The Horizon

Obsidian Energy is a Canadian based energy company. It produces natural gas and oil. This is a mid-sized organization that even produces fuel products for the United States. In March of 2018, Obsidian has recorded exception growth and performance in terms of their stocks. Shareholders are expected to have an excellent gain during the first quarter of this year.


Obsidian’s growth is fueled by the reduction of excess oil that has been weighing down the fuel market for a few years now. With the dwindling surplus, energy sellers can now slightly increase their prices to meet the never-ending demand for petroleum-based products.


Obsidian was founded in 1979 and it was originally called Penn West Exploration Ltd. The company has operations throughout Canada and is headquartered in Calgary. The company is headed in the right direction in terms of its immediate growth in 2018 and in the following few years. Investors can not only expect to get a good return on their portfolio; many of the company’s customers can expect to acquire more fuel at competitive prices. See This Article for more information.


The latest cost per barrel is $65 dollars. This price is slightly up for energy purchasing clients. However, it is necessary because of the dwindling oil reserves. A lot of excess oil was lying dormant within the energy market and had to be slowly siphoned off before Obsidian Energy could increase its prices. Obsidian had extra reserves and a few other energy company had surplus supplies as well.


The company is looking to steadily increase value for its investors. One thing they plan on doing is to sell the company’s non-core natural gas business. They also plan sell their Alberta Viking and Peace Rivers Operations. In other words, Obsidian Energy will streamline its organization to maximize stakeholder profits. This action will immediately begin to increase the profit margins of the operation and allow it grow in a positive direction.



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Three Financial Mistakes That You Want To Avoid If Possible, According to Southridge Capital

Finance is one subject that gives most people headaches. It is a giant pain in the butt, whether you have money in the bank or you do not. You need to concentrate on the small successes to get somewhere, according to Southridge Capital. Paying attention to the little details is part of your success. Today we will discuss three mistakes some clients make early on, that keeps them from achieving their dreams.

1) Do you have a retirement account? A retirement account is a nest egg that will keep you secure for years to come. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who do not have a retirement account. Sometimes the economic factors play a role in that. Clients who can afford to set something aside should. You need to do it in your 20’s. That will give your money time to compound. The longer you wait, the less money you will have when it is time to retire.

2) How many are looking for a new house right now? You may have even come to Southridge to talk financing. You need to stay away from houses that are too “expensive” for your wallet. You may live in a big home, but you will be “house poor.” That means you pay more than you should for your mortgage. That means less money for your retirement. Buy something you can “comfortably afford” and call it a day.

3) Buying a car you cannot afford is another way to get yourself in debt. I did this once, a few years back. I did not have a lot of options. I ended up paying more for a car than I should have. Remember that your car will start depreciating the second you drive it off the lot. A car can depreciate at least 11% after you drive it off the lot.

An average loan is at least $68,0000 for 5 years or so. Do you plan on putting the car on your credit card and pay it off on time? That purchase is going to depreciate in value too. You can visit their website

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Jorge Moll and Other Neuroscientists Reveal There May actually Be a Science to Giving

Jorge Moll, a neuroscientist working at the National Institutes of Health, was fascinated when he saw the results of a study he’d been conducted with fellow scientist Jordan Bratman. The Dr. Moll and his colleague scientists found that people actually feel good biologically when they do good for other people. In the study, the subjects were asked to give a sum of money to someone else, and their brain waves were evaluated. Even the people who thought they’d be happier if they kept the money experienced an activation of the pleasure center of the brain. This is the same section of the brain that begins to work during eating or sex.


While we’ve been taught to be charitable to others, and that it is better to give than to receive, we may not need to keep reinforcing this lesson in our psyches and in the minds of our children. It turns out that helping others is something we’re biologically wired to do, which is why many people experience a “helper’s high” or a rush of peaceful or content feelings when doing something that makes a positive difference in the life of someone else like what Dr. Moll discovered.


A prime example of this is the story of model Petra Nemcova studied by Dr. Moll. She was vacationing with her fiancé Dennis Atlee in 2004 when a tsunami ravaged the country, killing Atlee and leaving her with severe injuries. Doctors were shocked that she wasn’t paralyzed from the damage to her pelvis, and she experienced severe internal bleeding as well (Impressaocerta). After spending some time recovering in the hospital, she returned to her parent’s home in the Czech Republic to continue regaining her strength. Less than a year after the terrible tragedy she experience, Nemcova went back to Thailand to help the children of the area. She felt compelled to return to the place where she’d had the most traumatic experience of her life, because she knew the aid she could offer would help children who would otherwise be overlooked. This shows that there are even times when we will overlook tragedy for the greater good of meeting someone else’s needs.


Why Investing In Your Twenties Might Be The Best Decision You Make Says Chris Linkas

Most people seem to think that investing is only for those who have a fair share of money to spend, and who can give a part of their income towards a saving for the future. People who are in their twenties don’t always think that investing is important, especially if they are just starting out in their careers. Most people fresh out of graduation start in the lower ranks at corporates, which is why they tend to have a long way to go in terms of career advancement. They are living in a time where they can learn and grow, professionally and personally (

With the current economic situation that we live in, it can be hard for millennials to begin investing. They have bills to pay and living expenses to encounter, which sometimes can cut a big chunk out of their pockets. However, taking out just a small fraction of one’s salary and putting it towards an investment of sorts can be one of the best decisions that someone in their twenties can make.

There are several reasons why someone in this age bracket should start investing early says Chris. One of the biggest advantages that people this age have is the time factor. Investments reap better benefits over time. The longer they stay an investment and aren’t being cashed out, the better the returns that one can receive. This means that someone who invests a tiny amount in their twenties would reap a bigger return when they decide to get their returns when they are forty. It also helps the individual be better situated for the future thereby lifting the burden of whether or not the individual will be stable in the future.


About Chris Linkas

Chris Linkas is a well-known name who has served a wide variety of clients, helping them with their investment needs and helping them secure their financial position for the future. Currently, Chris stands as the head of Fortress Investment Group, which is a company that operates out of London. The company offers top-tier investment solutions corporates and clients from all over the world.

Nick Vertucci: Going From Broke To Rich Using Real Estate

Multimillionaire real estate investor Nick Vertucci knows exactly what it feels like to be broke and desperate with little hope for change. That’s the situation he was in when at the urging of a friend he attended a real estate seminar. Now he has created the NV Real Estate Academy to provide a ray of hope. Through the academy, he teaches people how easy it is to make a good living in the real estate industry. Vertucci personally guides students of all ages and from all over the country through the simple steps it takes to find, acquire and sell real estate even if they have little or no money.

Nick Vertucci loves teaching people how to make money through real estate. It’s his way of doing for others what someone did for him. When a friend convinced him to attend a 3 day seminar teaching people about making money through real estate, Vertucci was skeptical. But he was also desperate for a change in his fortunes. The used computer company he had built had folded when the industry crashed and Nick Vertucci was out of money and ideas. Things looked bleak. So he decided to at least hear what these people had to say about the opportunities available through real estate.

The seminar changed Nick Vertucci’s life. He learned a number of simple ways he could make money through real estate. By the time he got home, his confidence was soaring. For the first time in a long time he saw a way he could earn a consistent income. Learning to buy and sell properties offered him a path out of the dark place he was in to the shining light of prosperity. Nick Vertucci threw himself into the real estate industry. He did research on as many ways as possible to make money in the industry. And he swore that once he was financially stable, he would help others. Nick Vertucci is true to his word. Now a multimillionaire, he is focused on helping others make their fortune in real estate through the NV Real Estate Academy.

Graham Edwards Taking Telereal Trillium and UK Housing Market to Greater Heights

Telereal Trillium is a leading firm in the property industry in the UK. At its helm is the CEO, Graham Edwards. During Graham Edwards’ tenure, the company has been able to house 1% of the workforce in the country and expanded its portfolio that is currently worth £6 billion. In 2001, Graham Edwards helped enter Teleereal into a 30-year strategic partnership with BT Plc. The partnership brought most of the estates owned by BT in the UK under Telereal, including 6,700 properties.

Later in 2009, Graham Edwards guided Telereal into an acquisition of Trillium to form the current company. This acquisition made Telereal Trillium a major leader property outsourcing company in the UK. The CEO has been instrumental in guiding the company to cement its prowess in development, investment, and property partnership.

Graham Edwards has vast knowledge in investment and has served in investment companies such as Talisman Global Asset Management, BT Group Plc., and Merrill Lynch Investment Management. Graham Edwards has offered exemplary leadership at Telereal Trillium by offering solutions and removing complexities in real estate. Under his tenure, Telereal has created a philosophy of providing a conducive environment where talent and potential get nurtured for people to prosper. In the process, these talents help to offer commercial and intellectual insights that are used to plan and address the challenges that investment and property development faces.

Telereal Trillium has grown and gained stability, a fact that shows the CEO Graham Edwards has delivered the best of his mandate. The company has gained the trust and faith of other clients where Telereal Trillium offers services to noteworthy clients such as Royal Mail, Virgin Media, The Birmingham City Council, Barclays, and The Department of Work and Pensions. The company has won numerous awards such as the Investors in People award, and the Sunday Times TopRack List of Biggest Privately-Owned Companies.

Graham Edwards is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England, and at Cambridge University he studied Economics (Weeklyopinion). He is taking a Masters in International Relations at King’s College, a member of UK Society of Investment Professionals, and is a philanthropist.