How Southridge LLC Works for You

If you would like to be able to make use of an amazing financial institution, Southridge is there for you. The most important thing about using a financial company like this is that they are there for you when you need it the most and can help you with just about any financial situation you’re dealing with right now. Southridge Capigtal has the experience behind them to help with your unique situations, which might not be solved any other way than if you were to see a financial advisor. The advisors working for Southridge have years of experience and are trained to help those with financial problems.

If you feel it is time for you to make use of a company like this, it is time for you to contact Southridge Capital and see what they can do for you. Southridge is a great company to make use of, and they are going to help in any way that they can. The first thing that they will help you to do is create a budget that you are going to be able to work with each day. They can also help with any and all credit problems that you’re facing right now, so make sure that this is something that you’re going to be able to get done when utilizing the services provided by Southridge. For more details visit Crunchbase.

There are lots of reasons for you to use Southridge, and one of the main reasons is because of the experience they have behind them to help with your financial woes. There is never a bad time to get professional help when you need it, and this is when you’re going to want to consider contacting Southridge or visiting one of their two main offices in New York and Connecticut. Once you hire their services, you will be well on your way to getting help and knowing that you are doing something that is sure to be beneficial for each and every one of your financial issues without having to try to deal with the issues on your own without knowing how or why you should do it.

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Jason Hope’s limitless love for technology

The internet of things technology is one of the promising technologies in the world. This is a technology that is expected to change the world in so many aspects. It is a technology that is to be implemented in the near future. We have already seen the technology being used in small scale in some parts of the world.

We have already seen the driverless cars, smart traffic lights that control traffic on busy roads and such innovations. It is becoming a reality that the future of technology is almost here with us. This is a technology that will change a lot in the manner we see things today. This internet of things technology will make the technological sector, one of the best things that we could use. It is a technology that will give us a chance to make changes that will have an impact in the way we live.

The internet of things technology is pegged on a technology that will make it easy for devices to connect and communicate amongst themselves. This is a technology that will allow technological devices operate on themselves without any human control. Human users will just give a command, and the machines will complete the tasks.

The internet of things technology will be so good that it will even be possible to have a machines copy human behaviours. They will be able to read that maybe you have wakened up and will then prepare coffee for you. This is a technology that will take human and machine interactions to another level that we have not yet experienced. Tech analysts are optimistic about internet technology and are hoping that it will come with so many benefits that we have not yet thought about. It is clear that human life will be better with this technology. It is a revolution that is about to happen, and it is unstoppable. Every human and business enterprise will have to be updated with the technology, or they will perish.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a tech analyst. He deals with learning about technological advancements and them advising businesses on how they should prepare to handle them. He has written an eBook called the “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era,” It details all the information we need to know about the internet of things. It is good for beginners as well as the advanced tech enthusiast.

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Glen Wakeman Gives Guidance to Newly Launched Startups

Some of the best-laid plans will not amount to a hill of beans. If you asked Glen Wakeman, the able guru of startups, why this is he would tell you that it is because such enterprises exist in companies lacking workable structures (Ideamensch). In other words, had the management team known where to go for help the business might have survived. That is not an oversimplification.

It applies to just about anything. Think about it this way. Imagine your favorite dessert. Without the recipe, you could guess at the ingredients and the measurements. How long to keep it in the oven, and so on. That is an inefficient process – call it trial and error. Would it not be easier if you called your grandma for the recipe? Then you might nail it on the first attempt.

Glen Wakeman wants to be like the grandmother in that analogy. His company LaunchPad Holdings, LLC has a software solution which is designed to work with entrepreneurs so that they can get the recipe just right. The name of the product is LaunchPad Toolkit©. Mr. Wakeman created it to help startups follow the sequence and method expected of them so that they will have a solid business plan going forward.

The process of using Glen Wakeman’s Toolkit© product encourages entrepreneurs to finetune their vision as well as to create a smart sales and marketing plan. Being armed with a crisp and concise business plan makes it that much easier to qualify for a business loan, or to get accepted into a business incubator.

Glen Wakeman is an experienced business executive with over 20 years in the corporate world. He holds a BS in Economics from the University of Scranton, and an MBA from the University of Chicago. Before starting LaunchPad Holdings, he served as the CEO of General Electric’s Latin American operation. Today Glen Wakeman is a well-respected management consultant. He is also a published author of business management books and regularly shares his acumen through his blog.


EOS Introduced a Vegan-Powered Lip Balm the World Loved

EOS or Evolution of Smooth has been making a name for itself the last few years. It is revolutionizing the lip balm industry and has taken the world by storm by introducing something for the vegans out there looking for a lip balm solution. The lip balm is made with ingredients that vegans around the country would be happy to use while still maintaining the quality customers have come to expect

The clear vegan crystal flavored solution comes in little round dispensers. This is something the company has been doing for years, except now the container is see-through. The reason the company decided to do this is to promote the product’s transparency. The product is animal byproduct-free, organic, and totally vegan. Check  The lip balm company wanted that concept to shine in the product’s design, and it worked like a charm since fans seem to love it. The company had been doing its best to satisfy the all-natural customer base they have enjoyed for years. This is part of the reason it offered beeswax-based lip balm, but this product also turned away some vegans. Thankfully, the company was able to remove that ingredient from this new line, which sold out the moment it was introduced to the world.

Part of what makes EOS popular is because it introduced a lip balm with personality (  Before EOS, the only popular lip balm was the Chapstick. This was nothing more than a boring-looking cylindiral. Something about it felt impersonal and not worth paying attention to, but EOS changed all that by introducing its interesting orbs. These little orbs began popping up in stores like Walgreens amongst many others (, which was quite exciting. The company gave people flavors like Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid just to name a few, which people fell in love with. The ingredients still include jojoba oil and vitamin E just to name a few. More reviews here.

New EOS Vegan Crystal Lip Balm Review

The company Evolution of Smooth, more commonly known as EOS, is notorious for their orb-shaped lip balms, available in a variety of colors and designs. The orb-shaped packaging derived from the idea that EOS wanted a product to engage all five senses. This included the soft packaging that felt good to touch, the colors, smells, taste, and the satisfying click sound that the orb makes when closed properly.

The design has been a success nonetheless. According to Kline Research, EOS sells more than one million units a week. They have surpassed both Chapstick and Blistex in sales, both influential pioneers in the lip balm industry.

Now, EOS has introduced a new product called Crystal Lip Balm. Still available in the well-known orb, the crystal lip balm is see-through and vegan (  Other products that the brand sells were close to being vegan but still contained beeswax. The beeswax has been eliminated from the Crystal Lip Balm line, and the product claims to be simultaneously moisturizing and weightless.

The weightless clear lip balm is packed with good-for-you ingredients including aloe vera, coconut oil, avocado oil, shea butter, sunflower seed oil, and castor seed oil. EOS sold out of the new Crystal Lip Balms the same day of the release, so there had to be a lot of eager customers waiting to get their hands on the new product. Check

It is no wonder the demand is so high for these products considering the price. Prices vary by retailer and the specific product, but at an average of only $5.49 per package, this lip balm is a total steal.

EOS changed the lip balm game when they launched their orb-shaped products, and have successfully done so again by launching a product that is clear, organic, and completely animal byproduct-free ( The quality ingredients, combined with the irresistibly adorable packaging, make EOS a leader in the lip healing industry.

The Purpose Behind The Foundation of NetPicks

When NetPicks was started, there was a purpose behind all of this. One of the purposes is to teach people to trade smarter, not longer. Many people think that holding onto trades for a long time is going to work out in their favor. The only issue with this is that it is not predictable as to whether or not the trade is going to work or not. In order to succeed with trading, people are going to need a strategy that goes beyond the length of the trade. Fortunately, this is where NetPicks comes in. One thing that helps people with this site is that it gives them the education they need to move forward.

There are plenty of goals that NetPicks is willing to help people reach. One of the goals is to have them make a career out of trading. The good news about NetPicks is that people who want to trade in any market are going to find that NetPicks deals with multiple markets including Forex and binary options (  This helps people learn the rules of their chosen market. This site is always updated with new insights that can bring a little more light to the strategies. Check for their tutorials.

NetPicks has insights that are helpful to the trader because it addresses the trader’s thinking. One thing that it reminds people is to have their minds on losing the least in the trades as opposed to trying to make huge gains. However, the new trader is going to have a harder time doing this because he does not understand how to look at the market. Fortunately, he can learn from the many different voices that give Forex trading a try ( With stock trading, he can learn about how to invest so that he can gain money other than just waiting for the stock price to reach a higher level.

For updates on their recent timeline activities, hit LinkedIn.

Doe Deere Proves Business Can Be Beautiful

In the nineteen forties, the typical female executive was portrayed as a single, plain woman with little sex appeal. By the nineteen-eighties, she fared a little better, but still wore severe hairdos and boxy shoulder pad jackets that were all the rage for business attire.

The millennial generation turned the concept of the female entrepreneur on its lovely head. No longer relegated to roles as the drudge of the office, young women armed with little start-up money and savvy tech skills were able to follow their dreams all the way to the bank.

One such business maven is Doe Deere, founder, and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. One look at photos of this lady sporting blue, pink or purple hair depending on her mood, and it’s obvious she’s a leader of the pack, a pack of “unicorns in fact as her followers are called.

In an exclusive interview given to, Doe Deere discusses the risks of starting your own company and the once taboo subject of how exactly small business can grow and make money.

It’s not surprising that the unicorn is her company’s logo mascot, emblazoned on her lipstick tubes and all over her company website. Her vision is unique. Doe Deere was always enamored of fairy tales and loved experimenting with color. It does take some courage to invest in your dreams; however, Ms. Deere didn’t take time to doubt her abilities. She started selling clothing she designed after studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Her first marketing venue was eBay where she sold her original clothing designs. Her clothing line did okay, but she still wanted more, and since her philosophy has always been to be true to herself, she decided to expand her product line.

Her greatest passion; however, was still makeup and she knew she needed to find a way to incorporate her first love, makeup, into her business plan. By 2008 she was selling glitter eyeshadows online for $12. Doe Deere and the internet were a perfect match, as she loved doing online fashion shows and makeup tutorials that appalled to the young, hip consumer. She ran contests where fans could compete for prizes and took advantage of other opportunities like blogging to build her customer base.

In 2008, she launched her website, Lime Crime Cosmetics, and Ms. Deere quickly became the new face of indie cosmetics as well as a role model for young entrepreneurs.

To run a company, you need to be savvy about money and Doe Deere is always mindful of the bottom line. Whether it is choosing a different laboratory or listening to her customers to decide on the next great makeup creation to put out, she knows how to run a business. She also loves the opportunity to use her money to support charities she believes in, including Girls Inc. and Bidawee Animal Shelter.

The image of a woman who means business has changed, and like Doe Deere, it’s simply beautiful. Learn more:


Company Formerly Known As Stream Energy Appoints New Chief Sales Officer

Stream, which was formerly known as Stream Energy, is a direct selling company and they provide a number of connected life services. A few weeks ago, the Stream announced it had appointed Steve Fisher as its Chief Sales Officer. The news broke out during a celebration of Stream’s new energy market in Illinois. The company’s associates were enjoying a day out when the announcement was made.

Fisher is one of Stream’s most successful independent associates and he played a crucial role in founding the direct selling arm of Stream. He worked hard to become one of the top earners in the company. Not only that, but Fisher has helped other independent associates become successful and he advises Stream’s executive team. Before he launched his Stream business, he worked as an analyst at American Airlines.

Fisher will over various activities associated with the company’s field operations. This includes training compensation. Fisher was joined by Ryan Morris, who became the new senior vice president of sales. Morris’ appointment was also announced at the event. Like Fisher, Morris also worked hard and became a leader in the company, as well as one of the top earners.

Larry Mondry, the president and CEO of Stream, said that he was pleased to welcome the pair to the corporate team. He added that they will bring invaluable perspectives in shaping up field activities, as well as help bring a brighter future to the company’s associates, as well as for Stream.


About Stream

Stream was formerly Stream Energy, the company was founded in 2005 and is based in Dallas, Texas. The company has revolutionized the energy industry via its use of direct selling. As a result, they have generated over $7 billion in revenues in the last 12 years. This has led to the company becoming one of the top and biggest direct selling companies in the energy market.

The company offers its energy services in a number of states. These states and places include Texas, Delaware, Washington DC and Maryland. Others include Pennsylvania, Georgia, New York, New Jersey and Illinois. Stream Energy’s other services are offered nationwide.

Stream also has an active presence on social media. They maintain an Instagram page and a (YouTube) channel. They can be found on Twitter and Facebook, too.

Stream Energy Breaks Into the Delaware Market

Stream Energy, which recently changed its name just to Stream, is a nationally renowned provider of wireless services, raw energy, home security systems, and other assorted services. The company has a presence in a total of eight US states, including the newly acquired Delaware, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, and Washington DC.

In early 2018 the company made the move to expand its offered energy services to the entire state of Delaware (Gcreports). The company has seen a recent and substantial uptick in growth, with this newest move guaranteeing an even greater financial performance in the years ahead.

One of the key factors for the recent Delaware expansion is that the state is quite small with just under one million residents. With the state’s small stature and Stream Energy’s high-quality services, it is expected that they’ll quickly become a dominant force in Delaware’s energy market.

As most US citizens are aware, the East Coast has suffered catastrophic effects of global warming in the recent decades. Whether it’s blizzards, ice storms, tornados, hurricanes, or flooding, this portion of the United States doesn’t seem to be able to catch a break. Refreshingly, Stream Energy offers clean energy, a service that will be readily accepted by the general public in a state like Delaware which has seen its fair share of weather-related problems. According to most research, Delaware and most of the East Coast’s consumers are reluctant to financially support any energy company perceived as a polluter. Stream Energy’s eco-friendly and green energy protocols are likely to be extremely appealing to this market, which is why the company is expected to do so well with its latest market expansion move.

What is great about Stream Energy offering its clean energy services in newly acquired markets, is that it gives the company a chance to offer its other high-quality non-energy based services to these same consumers. Once firmly rooted in Delaware, the company plans to expand its wireless telecommunications services and home security offerings to the state. Investors and competitors alike will be keeping a close eye on Stream’s blossoming presence in Delaware as a sign of greater things to come for the Dallas, Texas-based private company.


Energy Is Transforming, And So Is Stream Energy

We completely understand if the world of technology is advancing in a way that leaves you behind. We also understand if you don’t fully see an option that helps you to properly adjust. The news we have for you is that you can adjust to what society is doing by making a better connection to modern energy. The energy you’re now consuming needs a change.

Your change comes at a better cost per month, with more energy sources and with a cleaner footprint in your consumption. All of these can only be accomplished with the innovation found in the energy industry. Stream Energy is leading these developments and by building one infrastructure that can supply every energy product you’ll need at home or on the go.



What A Modern Society Brings Into Focus

Stream Energy shocks the entire energy market as it brings to focus the excess we’ve developed. It’s clear that energy is needed and will be required to move the future of society forward. The advancements of our energy require separate business innovations and with separate energy outlets. Gas is only one energy outlet as an example, refer also to

Water is another that we consume in our houses and at public places. There’s a clear need for electricity during the day and during the nighttime hours. The problem presented through these sources is infrastructure. The excess we’ve created is clogging our cities and communities. There are modules and machines in places where they don’t have to be.



Who Can Provide You With This Service?

Cleaning up the energy industry is a task that has to consider one provider. We finally have the technology and innovation to condense the large energy systems we have into one place. This is the work being forwarded by Stream Energy. The agency’s principle and guiding values are simple. The Stream Energy works to bring you all the power sources you consume daily.

You don’t have to worry about different bills at different times of the month. Your work is instead in focusing on what really matters most to you.