The Success of ClassDojo: Why Listening to Teachers Matters

The Success of ClassDojo: Why Listening to Teachers Matters

ClassDojo is a communication platform that has risen to success in the edtech sector because they did something different; they listened to teachers. Edtech is a unique division of education based technology that has begun to try and fill the technology needs of classrooms throughout the United States. There are many successful startups in the edtech division and overall, 2017 was a strong year for education-based technology. However, with the success, there are companies that have failed. So, what’s the difference between success and failure in the edtech world? Well, there actually seems to be three core things that set the best companies apart. At the core of these three things though, is that the companies that do the best, listen to the teachers and truly build applications that are useful and relevant in the classroom.

One of the most successful brands at listening has been ClassDojo. ClassDojo which is classroom communication platform that empowers educators and creates communities. It has expanded so much since its inception that it’s now being used in 2 out of every 3 schools in the United States. This alone is a huge feat! In addition to this, they have raised over 31 million in funding because so many people believe in them!

ClassDojo was successful in its field because they first and foremost listened to the teachers, parents and students that they were planning on serving. The second thing they did was spend a lot of time testing their product. They also planned out the implementation of their product in real classrooms and with real people.

Instead of making the mistake of thinking they knew what teacher’s wanted ClassDojo worked with teachers to solve the problem of teacher, student and parent communication from the ground up. They initially created a platform to allow parents to have insight into the classroom on a daily basis so they could help support their child’s educational development from home. On the other end of the spectrum, they wanted to give teachers a positive way to interact with parents besides in parent-teacher meetings. Ultimately, in everything they did, ClassDojo worked with the teachers and by doing so, not only created a positive culture within classrooms and throughout schools, but also because a highly successful edtech business.

How Susan McGalla Climbed The Ranks

Gender discrimination has been around for centuries. Although gender discrimination is prevalent, women began fighting gender discrimination to create equal opportunity. Companies that practice gender diversity outperform companies that practice gender discrimination. Companies that are diverse in gender and race outperform companies that are only gender diverse.

It seems almost impossible for a woman to get a job in a company that is dominated by men. There are sponsors in companies that advocate for women that work hard and can get the job done. By having someone in a high position that advocates for women, the chances of a woman being offered senior positions is a lot more likely to happen.

Before executive sponsorships were available for women, Susan McGalla broke the barrier at American Eagle Outfitters. American Eagle Outfitters executive board was dominated by men. She pushed through the gender discrimination and became the president of American Eagle Outfitters. She didn’t reach the top by complaining about the disadvantages she had. She worked hard to climb the companies ranks.

Susan McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio. She was always surrounded by males, so she learned early that being a girl didn’t give her advantages. She had to prove that she was able to do the same things that her male counterparts were able to do. Once she entered the corporate office, she already knew from her childhood that she couldn’t just automatically get what she wanted. She knew that she had to work hard for what she wanted.

After leaving American Eagles Outfitters, McGalla founded P3 Executive consulting. Susan McGalla climbed the corporate ladder filled with men again when she became the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. McGalla has provided that with hard work anything is possible in corporate.

Michel Terpins has Established his Name in Car Rally Driving

The Terpins name is very popular in the international community, especially in Brazil. The family has remained very popular because of its involvement in various types of sports activities. Most of the members in this family have participated in various types of sports, and they have turned out to be very successful. A study has shown that the members of this popular family are the most successful in sports. There are two brothers, Michel and Rodrigo Terpin who have done well in car rallying while the father has been doing well in basketball.

When Terpin was growing up many years ago, he never knew that he was going to raise a family that would impress many people in Brazil. His passion for sports was evident, even at a tender age. After completing his education, Terpin ventured into professional basketball, and he represented the country in various international games. By the time he was getting a wife, the businessman had established his name in the nation as a leader in the sports world. Thanks to his contributions, Brazil won several awards. Jack and his wife got children who have also grown to love the sports world. After retiring from sports several years ago, Jack Terpin was appointed by the president to work as the head of sport in Brazil. His contributions to the department have seen the country lead in many international platforms.

Michel Terpin was brought up in a family that enjoyed various sporting activities. This upbringing has laid a foundation for his career. Terpin has done so well in car rally driving, and he is a role model to many people who want to become successful in the profession. There are few individuals who want to venture into this sport because of the great risks that are involved. The businessman has, however, followed the steps of his brother and father, and he has enjoyed a great career. Michel Terpin has been fortunate to attend several competitions in the past, and he has proven to the world that he has all the qualities of a car rally driver. People who have been close to him in the past say he is very passionate about his job, and he wants to win more trophies in the future.

People Review EOS New Vegan Crystal Flavors

Everyone seems to be getting really excited over the new products being released by a company called Evolution of Smooth. You may remember the EOS name from when it first took the lip balm market by a storm with it’s lip smacking, gret tasting flavors that had even top starts licking their lips. EOS hit the store shelves and flew off the shelves just as fast, however, their newest vegan flavored lip balm has everyone taking notice once again.

This newest EOS lip balm will be a great asset to the company’s current customer base and also to people who are following a vegan lifestyle and were unable to enjoy their balms due to ingredients and non vegan friendly ways. This lip balm is currently being sold faster than the company can make it and that is a great indication that people want this product, purchase here. What’s not to love? It’s free from animal byproducts, clear in color and organic and it’s packaged in the famous lip balm shape people love.

Who knows, if we watch we might see Kardashian, Cyrus and Aguilera back in the news for applying vegan friendly EOS. Even without the top names using the Evolution of Smooth it is clear to see that people are fed up with the tube shaped lip balms that Grandma carried. The new colorful orb of lip delight is in style now and continues to climb the sales charts with ease as seen here on Perhaps the product looks better and tastes better. For whatever reason, EOS is a well loved name that’s for sure.

One thing that is helping the EOS brand according to EOS reviews is that it is cost effective. People love the price on these lip balms and the wide selection of flavors. Oh, did we mention the package design? The package is highly rated by customers too.

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Why Ian King Thinks Investors Should Be Interested In E-Currencies

Ian King has been in the financial industry for 20 years. He is an investor and entrepreneur who also founded Intellicoins. He both develops and publishes content that teaches other investors about how cryptocurrency markets work. He spent a decade on Wall Street at Peahi Capital where he was their chief trader. He got his start in the industry at Salomon Brothers where he worked on the Mortgage Bond trading desk. He graduated from Lafayette College with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

In 2017, Ian King joined Banyan Hill Publishing. He now contributes on a weekly basis to their financial newsletter Sovereign Investor Daily. His role it to reveal the latest developments in the cryptocurrency industry. He’s also developing a trading course that will help Banyan Hill Publishing readers navigate this somewhat confusing industry.


There are now many cryptocurrencies. The most known and popular one is bitcoin. Other well-known ones are ripple, monero, and lightcoin as well as over a hundred other ones. The top executive of Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff Yastine says that there are unfortunately a lot of frauds in the industry according to There is a lot of online advertising where some motivational speaker is suddenly pitching themselves as a genius when it comes to cryptocurrency. That’s why they brought Ian King on board because he is actually an expert in these currencies.

Ian King started to become interested in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies when the big financial crisis of 2007-2008 ended. The Fed had dropped interest rates all the way to zero and he couldn’t decide if cryptocurrencies were a better alternative to the U.S. dollar or not. Then, in 2012 he met the team at a startup who were trying to create an e-currency that would give central banks around the world a way to both print and distribute a digital version of their money. While this wasn’t a cryptocurrency (because it actually had the backing of national governments) but it did get him interested in how these forms of currency could facilitate transactions between people who knew nothing about each other and with no middleman handling them.

He says that there are reasons that investors should be interested in cryptocurrencies. Among them is that, as mentioned, there are no middlemen in the way. He says this will inspire cooperation between the owners of these e-currencies. He also says they are very volatile which gives savvy investors a way to make large returns.

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Ronald Fowlkes is a Maverick when it comes to Protecting Citizens

Ronald Fowlkes is the Business Development Manager for Eagle Industries Unlimited, based in St. Louis, Missouri. The company specializes in law enforcement support and provides law enforcement and commercial products, as well as education. His background includes serving in the United States Marine Corps. He attended Marine Combat Training and the Basic Engineer course. He also attended the United States Army Parachute School and earned the Navy-Marine Corps Parachute insignia. Fowlkes also worked as a contractor for the Department of Defense (DOD). His background also includes serving in a law enforcement capacity in his community for more than 12 years. Further bolstering his law enforcement background, Fowlkes is also a certified instructor in SWAT and URBAN Tactics, tactical rifle, and defensive tactics.


Fowlkes started his company Eagle Industries Unlimited to be able to provide the necessary tools and education to help law enforcement officials with the assistance they need to do the best job possible. His years of experience have given him the necessary background to know what works for a variety of situations. Everything he does encompasses his desire to help others. In addition, Mr. Fowlkes has also prepared teams to deal with hostage situations and other city warfare tactics necessary for high risk situations.


He also helps with preventative training measures for dealing with dangerous drugs and illegal weapons trafficking. His military training is particularly useful with these ventures, as he prepares teams to protect and defend communities that are trying to turn themselves around and rid the neighborhoods of such negative elements. This is all part of Ronald Fowlkes desire to protect not only the community he lives in, but all communities and neighborhoods.


Ronald Fowlkes, through his company, has provided valuable tools he has found or created himself. He is giving opportunities to others to help protect citizens and their rights. His background has more than prepared him for the role he has taken on with Eagle Products United, as he continues to help others protect society’s most valuable assets – its neighborhoods and its residents. He provides leadership by example and inspires others to do the same. He is more than committed to public safety as he provides the necessary support for law enforcement to protect the citizens.


Mr. Fowlkes is also invested in his community. He coaches youth sports, particularly his son’s ice hockey team. It is important for Fowlkes to be invested in his community to help create strong neighborhood ties. He leads by example and encourages and inspires others to do the same. Working within the community on a personal level translates well with working with law enforcement to keep communities and neighborhoods safe for all. Safe neighborhoods are strong neighborhoods and tend to attract positive elements that are beneficial to society.


White Shark Media: Becoming a Leading Advertising Agency

White Shark Media is an advertising company established in 2011. Their primary focus is to help the small sized and medium sized businesses around the world, and they are doing their best to promote the brands which are directing to them for help. Since their establishment in 2011, White Shark Media has already assisted thousands of businesses around the world, and they are doing their best to promote the brands of their customers and clients. The two are trying to become the leading advertising agency in the world, and they think that through their expertise in the field of advertising, the can gain more customers and clients. The successful businesses which have experienced the assistance from White Shark Media are a proof of their competence. The people behind White Shark Media are serious in reaching the top areas of the industry, and they will do their best to become the best company in the industry.

White Shark Media began their dream as one of the leading companies in the field of advertising back in the 2000s decade. They started promoting small businesses and after showing the world how they can transform businesses, the reputation of White Shark Media slowly became positive. White Shark Media is one of the most competitive companies in the market, and they are slowly becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the field of advertising in the United States. The company is also serious is conquering the North America market, and they also expressed their dream of being the leading advertising industry across all the continents of the world. White Shark Media’s performance proves that even small time advertising industry can make it big time, and all they have to do is to persevere and to keep their determination in reaching it to the top.

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EOS Introduces New Line to Appeal to Vegans and the Reviews are in!

No two people are the same. Everyone has different likes and dislikes when it comes to hobbies, preferences, and products. This includes products like lip balm. For the longest time, there was only one option. If you needed something to hydrate your lips, chances are you were getting a tube-shaped chapstick container with a very basic flavor. There have been a lot of evolvements when it comes to lip balm over the year. These include new flavors, better moisturizing properties, and a better taste. A lot of these advancements are thanks to the company EOS who continues to be a leader when it comes to lip balm.

Most recently, EOS has upped their game. They’ve introduced a new line of vegan crystal flavors, refer also here on The new line of products comes in the same beloved egg shape but with a new twist. The product is clear, organic, and completely animal byproduct-free. There’s a growing number of vegans in today’s society. To keep up with these changes, more and more vegan restaurants are opening up. Many businesses and people didn’t think of how vegans rely on many other products. EOS realized this, however, and they created a new line just for them. Of course, these flavors which include Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid can be used by anyone! They’re just as moisturizing and hydrating as all other EOS balms, shop here at!

Overall, EOS Lip Balms are the popular choice. Many people were drawn to them because of their egg shape. EOS is keeping customers happy by constantly coming out with new flavors and new twists on old flavors. Every holiday, EOS likes to introduce seasonal flavors such as peppermint and pumpkin spice. EOS also has a line of lip balms that are always available for purchase. These lip balms contain ingredients that leave your lips smooth and healthy.

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For EOS Innovation is Crystal Clear

Crystal Lip Balm is the new EOS product that everyone is getting excited about. In an article on Pop Sugar, the product is highlighted because of its many, amazing features. Go to this related site and check out more details, The first things that customers will notice are that Crystal Lip Balm will look completely different from previous products. In addition to being clear, the lip balm will ditch the original sphere for a modern pyramid shape. Customers will also experience a different product that is wax-free, vegan, hypoallergenic, and weightless on their lips. This is certainly a step forward in the beautify industry. Customers can say goodbye to products from other companies that leave their lips a sticky mess, and hello to this new globally conscious product.

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Since the release of their first product EOS has been dedicated to creating lip balm their customers could get excited about. The letters in EOS stand for Evolution of Smooth and this is a concept that is certainly clear in all their products. Not only did they look at the market and see a sore need for innovation and change, but they knew that they would be the ones to bring it about. They have consistently created products that consumers need, in the unique packaging that they want.

Currently, EOS is one of the top-selling lip balm manufacturers in the country. They got that way because of their commitment to quality. Their iconic egg-shaped packaging helped bring a sense of class to the oral care market and set the direction for the company, click here. The woman-focused company says that it wanted to create products that made women happy when they were out living their daily lives. Crystal Lip Balm is just a continuation of that desire. Women everywhere will continue to be excited and delighted by the wonderful products EOS has to offer.

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An Open Conversation: David Giertz and Social Security

David Giertz is a financial advisor for Nationwide Investment Services. He has more than thirty years of experience in this particular field. His office is located in Columbus, Ohio. He helped grow Nationwide’s revenues from eleven billion to over seventeen billion dollars per year.

Before David joined Nationwide he was a member of Citigroup. It was here that he began to hone his skills as a financial advisor. He quickly rose through the ranks and exceeded many goals that were set for him. He has an MBA from the University of Miami. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, David explains why some financial advisors do not talk to their clients about Social Security.

The main reason that advisors don’t talk to their clients about Social Security is that there are over two-thousand-seven hundred rules when it comes to Social Security. It is a very complex and daunting task for them to talk about with their clients. Advisors need to take an interest in the rules of Social Security because many of their clients may have to depend on it for most of their income. If they do not the advisor will take a big risk in losing the client for their lack of knowledge on Social Security matters. Advisors need to do the best they can for their clients in order to have enough money in Social Security when they need it. If a client takes Social Security out too early then the client could risk losing as much as three hundred thousand dollars in twenty-five years. That is a big chunk of change.

This is one of the reasons that David Giertz is here to help clients manage their money for the future. He knows what he is doing when it comes to retirement. that makes his clients happy.