Financial Journalist and Editor- Jeff Yastine

     Jeff Yastine is famously known to his friends as JL. He is a successful investor who does not keep his skills as well as knowledge for himself but he is out to assist others to make it in life. Ever since he began his career Yastine has had a successful career. Due to his vast knowledge, he was appointed the Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015 where he has been serving to date. Yastine’s experience as an editor has also given him an opportunity to serve in other organizations as an editor among them Total Wealth Insider where he is a weekly contributor, and Winning Investor Daily. His contributions are also felt in Banyan Hill Sovereign Investor Daily where he highlights the profit-making chances that are presented by the editors of the journal.

Mr. Jeff is an expert in the financial industry, and he takes his vast experience and skills of over two decades in the sector to Banyan Hill Publishing. However, Jeff is not only an Editorial Director at the company, but he has also been assisting other investors to understand the financial, business as well as economic inclinations. Jeff Yastine has served as a financial journalist and he is a former financial correspondent and anchor serving at PBS Nightly Business Report where he worked from 1994-2010. Through his reports, Yastine is known to assisting other investors. A perfect example is in 2000 when he his report warned real estate investors about the disaster in the industry, and also the rise of the bubble 2000. Jeff can be described as an international financial reporter who has been featured in several international reports among them; the financial effects of the 2005 Hurricane, the historic handover of Panama in 1999, the development of the new manufacturing plant in Southeastern by the foreigners as well as their influence, and the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in 2010.

Jeff Yastine has been recognized on several occasions among them being nominated on Emmy Awards in 2007 for his reports on the infrastructures including roads and bridges which are not well funded by the government. The New York State Society of Certified Public Excellence in Finance Journalism Award nominated Jeff in 2002. The award which only took thirty minutes was for the special report on the nation’s bond market. Mr. Yastine has also been learning from the world’s success investors among them Warren Buffet, Sir Richard Branson, and Michael Dell among others.


Talkspace Helps People Change Their Minds About Therapy

Talkspace is getting a lot of attention because it is an app that can truly change the culture of app technology. This cannot be said for many of the apps that are surfacing today. It is only every blue moon that an app comes along that totally revolutionizes what is happening with apps. Facebook was one of these types of apps. Everything else under the social media cloud is just another variation of what Facebook originally created.

For dating apps some people may say that Tinder was the app that revolutionize dating apps for the millennial generation.

Now that app therapy is the next new thing in app technology it appears that Talkspace is the pioneer that is going to get the credit for making people aware of the possibilities that come with text based therapy. When people consider what traditional therapy offers it may be difficult to even conceptualize how something like therapy through text messaging can even exist.

People that are extremely shy and unable to connect with counselors on a regular basis in person may see this as a great opportunity. All of those that may have never considered how they could talk to someone in person maybe a lot less apprehensive to do so with texting.

This is definitely what the founders of the Talkspace app are assuming. They believe that more people are going to be in tune with texting for therapy because text messages have become so much more common than actually talking to friends and family by phone.

People that are texting will usually find it is easy to send messages back and forth while doing other things. This concept of multitasking makes people much more inclined to consider this as a viable option for therapy that they may have bypassed otherwise.

Rick Smith and His Contribution to the Growth of Securus Technologies

Rick Smith Securus works at Securus Technology as the company’s CEO. The company is a product of a 2004 merger between T-Netix and Evercom. The Dallas based American prison technology company was started in 1986. The other local offices are found in Carrollton and Allen in Texas and also in Atlanta, Georgia.

Who is Rick Smith?

Educational Background

Smith has an Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology. Furthermore, he acquired a degree in engineering from the State University of New York. He then joined the State University of N.Y at Brockport for a Master’s degree in mathematics. Furthermore, he has a Master’s degree in business administration from the University of Rochester.


Smith became CEO and President of Securus Technologies Inc. on June 23, 2008. Before this appointment, he had worked in different companies in various ranks. Between 1972 and 1998, Smith worked at Global Crossing, (then Frontier Corp.) in multiple positions such as the controller, the chief information officer, and also as the president of the company. Between 1998 and 2000, he worked at the Eschelon Telecom Inc. as the company’s chief financial officer. He then became the company’s COO and then CEO between 2003 and 2007. Besides, he has served as the company’s CEO and President for three years from the year 2000 to 2003.

Rick Smith and Securus Technologies

In June 2008, the then Securus Chairman and CEO Richard Falcone officially announced the appointment of Rick Smith as the new CEO starting from June 23, 2008. Smith was chosen because of his excellent background, expertise, and experience. The company was optimistic that by appointing this highly experienced person, they would achieve their dream to serve their customers with excellence.

Smith’s appointed at Securus has not been a disappointment. So far, the company has spent over $600 million in patents, takeovers, and technologies. This has enabled the company to outdo most of its competitors. The company’s local call center is about 600% more efficient than its competitors. The number of products and services provided by the company are far much more and better than those offered by other companies competing in the market.

Why Has He Been so Successful at Securus?

Due to his rich academic background, Smith has had an opportunity to work in different companies. The skills and experienced he has acquired in that period have enabled him to bring a lot of change at Securus. He has had an opportunity hold powerful positions in different sectors such as finance and business just to name a few. In the nine years he served at the helm ofEschelon Telecom, the company’s revenue grew from $30 million to $350 million. These skills and experience have played a major role in influencing his leadership at Securus Technologies Inc.

A Brief Look at the Career Profile of Jason Hope

Jason Hope has built himself an impressive profile as a skilled futurist. Driven by his passion for technology, Jason Hope uses his tech acumen to navigate market trends. He even makes predictions about the direction of the tech industry. As the tech industry evolves, Jason Hope believes that the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) will be an essential component in the future of the modern society. The number of connected devices will continue to increase.

Jason Hopes insights and advice about tech trends will help individuals and businesses who are looking to harness the power of technology in the future. A native of Arizona, Jason Hope was born and raised in Tempe, and went to the Arizona State University and subsequently ASU’s W.P. Carey Business School to pursue a degree in Finance and an MBA respectively. Jason Hope understands the difficulties experienced by the aspiring entrepreneurs as they strive to get their business ideas off the ground. Young students have fantastic ideas but the state of the economy could not allow them to bring their ideas to the market. As a result, Jason Hope has embarked on a program of giving a $500 grant to young tech entrepreneurs, and more information click here.


Jason Hope believes the future of tech industry depends on the great ideas developed by the young aspiring entrepreneurs. His day starts with a healthy breakfast followed by body workouts. Jason Hope has a daily routine of checking his inboxes immediately he login to his computer. Nonetheless, Mr. Hope always takes periodic breaks from the computer to allow the body to compose. Jason Hope’s cornerstone of success is keeping things basic. He avoids over-complicated ideas as they only encourage failure and waste time. Jason Hope also shares his views with his closest friends to receive feedback. Every project that he undertakes is one step at a time.



The trend that excites Jason Hope is the fact that the IoT has become viable. Soon, every home in the developed world will start to use IoT connected devices. There are plenty of IoT connected devices lined up for launch in 2017. Homeowners in the developed world will begin using IoT connected devices to adjust lighting and room temperature using sensors. IoT connected devices will also be used to monitor fitness and biometric. Jason Hope encourages aspiring entrepreneurs not to get obsessed with small details. Instead, they should focus on the big picture even as they tackle other issues, and

Changing Cancer Lives With Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is a by profession a doctor. He co-founded Seattle Genetics in the year 1998. Clay heads the company as the current president, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company with a primary goal of building a diverse pipeline of antibody-based cancer therapies, including brentuximab vedotin. In 2011, the cancer-based treatment was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Dr Clay is recognized globally in medicine industry for his broad expertise and diverse experience.

Seattle Genetics, region’s dominant biotech firm is currently diverting its focus on a drug as an antibody-drug conjugate. The drugs target protein molecules that cause an immune system to produce antibodies. In a simplistic form, the drug generates cells that kill cancer cells while not harming healthy human body tissue. The intelligent approach has practically reduced the damage caused cancer traditional chemotherapy and radiation methods.

In addition to Seattle genetics series of drug production, the second drug is known as the number 33A. 33A targets acute myeloid leukemia condition, which has been a dire diagnosis for uncountable years. Additionally, the company has also a third edition drug known as the 22ME. The third drug primary goal is to generate cells that kill bladder cancer and other urothelial cancers cells. Lastly, the fourth drug is LIV1. It targets breast cancer.

Under his leadership, Dr. Siegall has also guided Seattle Genetics to capital-raising activities through public and private events. The biotech company has secured more than six hundred million dollars including the corporation’s first public offering recorded in the year 2001.

In addition to clay expertise, he is also a prolific author. The man has published more than seventy publications, and he also holds around fifteen patents. In addition to Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall serves as a director of Alder Biopharmaceuticals, together with the Mirna Therapeutics Corporation. The companies as mentioned earlier are both privately-held biotechnology companies.

Dr. Siegall attended the University of Maryland where he acquired a bachelor’s degree in zoology. He later upgraded his education by attaining a master’s degree in and Genetics from the George Washington University. He began his profession at the National Cancer Institute from the year 1988 to 1991. He later resigned from his position and moved to the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute where he worked for an approximate of six years. Then in 1998, clay Siegall co-founded Seattle genetics.

Sussex Healthcare: Providing Quality Care for Everyone

Sussex Healthcare is a health care facility based in the United Kingdom. The company is operating for more than 25 years, and they are renowned for their world class treatment and health care facilities. The company offers a variety of health care services, including the care for the elderly, neurological care, care for patients with dementia, and care for people with disability.

Care for the Elderly

Sussex Healthcare has a facility dedicated to serve elderly people. The nursing home has trained nurses who would check the condition of the older people who lives inside the facility 24/7. The facility also has a number of activities which the elderly can enjoy, and they also offer a number of therapies, including physiotherapy and reflexology. The meals served inside the nursing home is also prepared by top chefs, using high quality ingredients to create delicious and sumptuous meals for the occupants.

Neurological Care

For patients who are suffering from brain injuries, Sussex Healthcare has a facility dedicated to help them recover. The professionals at the facility will take care of the patient by giving them their medications and offering a lot of therapy that would help them get back on track. There are also languages therapists working at the facility to help those who are suffering from brain injuries talk and speak once again. Patients can also enjoy the spa and pools which are essential for the recovery of people with brain injuries.

Dementia Care

Many people in the United Kingdom are suffering from dementia, and the number increases annually. Sussex Healthcare developed a facility that can accommodate patients who are suffering from dementia. The method that is being used inside the facility would be open communication for people suffering from the disease, and the staffs are working hard 24/7 to deliver the care that each patient needs. Sussex Healthcare believes that open communication and personal talks are some of the things that can be used to help their patients suffering from dementia, and by employing trained professionals who can converse with the patients, they facility is hoping that their patients can be treated or their conditions become better.

Care for People with Disability

Sussex Healthcare is offering care options for people who are suffering from disabilities. They wanted to help them become better persons, and through the sessions that they offer, Sussex Healthcare is hoping that they can treat the patient’s condition, and make them feel a lot better.

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Jeff Yastine’s Expertise as a Financial Journalist and a Stock Market Investor

     Investing is the key to living a better life. Consequently, good knowledge in investments, finances, and the markets is essential to most people. Whereas someone can search for such knowledge on the internet, it is important to get information from a reliable source or person, with years of experience. Jeff Yastine is one such a person.


Jeff Yastine’s Experience


Jeff Yastine has over two decades of experience as a financial journalist and a stock market investor. He became the editorial director of Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015. Under the Banyan Hill Publishing, Yastine has done a lot of contributions in the financial world. He is the editor of the Total Wealth Insider. Yastine also contributes weekly to the Winning Investor Daily and Sovereign Investor Daily, both of which belong to Banyan Hill.


Jeff’s contributions focus on helping investors understand monetary trends, business, and the economy. His contributions also highlight significant profit making opportunities that have been identified by Banyan Hill’s financial editors. Yastine’s reporting has helped individuals and companies from various sectors such as biopharmaceutical, real estate, and agriculture identify great opportunities and make successful investments.


Jeff’s reporting helped in warning investors about the mid-2000s real estate crisis. In addition, Jeff has reported about national events in regards to their financial and economic effects. These events include the 2005 Hurricane Katrina and the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Jeff gave an important report on the influence and impacts of foreign automakers during the building of the automakers manufacturing points in the southeastern US.


Prior to joining the Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff Yastine was a correspondent and an anchor at the PBS Nightly Business Report from 1994 up to 2010. During this time, Jeff received an Emmy nomination for his great contributions. More importantly, Jeff got numerous opportunities to interview and learn investing knowledge from international renowned entrepreneurs and financiers such as Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, and Michael Dell among others.


Awards and Nominations

Jeff Yastine was nominated for the Business Emmy Award in 2007 due to his coverage on America’s underfunded public infrastructure such as bridges and roads. In 2002, he was among the team of NRB journalists who were awarded the ‘New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants’ Excellence in Financial Journalism Award’. This award was due to their incredible half-hour report on America’s bond market.

EOS Holiday Spirit Strikes With Customers Once Again

With the holidays coming up it is very common for companies to release new products that are aimed towards the holidays. Whether it be by releasing products that taste like things that may remind you of the holidays or with new holiday packaging. Evolution of smooth has released a few new holiday themed lip balm value sets, click here. The first holiday collection set includes three different holiday flavored lip balm’s vanilla bean, peppermint mocha, and sparkling ginger lip balm. The other holiday set that is available has a pumpkin spice lip balm and a vanilla bean lip balm. Holiday value sets are great for those who are looking for more than one lip balm at a time for a reasonable price.

EOS along with their holiday value sets also sell lip balms that are of other flavors. The most popular of EOS lip balms is sweet mint because it provides customers with super soft lips well giving them a sweet mint scent on their lips throughout the day, available here on EOS also sells shave cream and hand & body lotion aside from selling many different lip balm flavors. EOS is set apart from any other company because they provide customers with easy to find packaging that is very different from all the other lip balm companies out there.

Another great thing about is that they have very good prices on all of their products so that customers don’t have to dish out and arm and a leg to get a good high-quality product that is better than all the other ones on the market. Along with good prices EOS is also a great company because they do not test any of their products on animals like many other companies do. This provides customer with piece of mind that the products they have been using have never harmed an animal.

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Securus Technologies Fighting to Protect Corrections Officers

Each time that I have to get suited up to head to work as a corrections officer in our local prison, I remind myself that these inmates are looking for any opportunity to hurt officers to gain favor within a gang or with their cellmates. This is a huge problem for me and my team of officers because we are already outnumbered severely, and now we have to be watching our backs in addition to all the other responsibilities that we have while we are working our shifts each day.


In an effort to try and gain an edge in a place where inmates have all the time in the world to try and game the system, we decided to turn to Securus Technologies for help. The company developed call monitoring systems that are being used in thousands of different jails around this country that scan inmate telephone calls and report instantly to officers. The big gain for my team is that we are no longer required to sit in the call center to try and decipher those inmate calls, we can get back to working the front lines while the LBS software is doing a better job scanning for any verbiage that we feel could lead to violent outburst.


Securus Technologies had been the key to my team locking down our facility, and this Dallas-based company and thousand employees are getting our backs every time we come to work now. If an inmate thinks that he can talk to his family about sneaking prescription drugs to the jail, we get an instant alert and make sure we are there that day to intercept the delivery. If an inmate has plans too make a weapon, start a fight, or give orders or get orders from gang members, we take action to stop any types of incidents that can result in someone getting hurt.


What EOS Lip Balm Flavor Are You

EOS or Evolution Of Smooth is a company that produces a high quality line of lip balms that are designed to nourish and moisturize your lips. Their lip balms have gained great popularity over the years with women of all ages. The lip balms are available in a wide range of flavors and colors. Some women select their lip balm according to their favorite color, while others prefer to select the lip balm according to the flavor that matches their mood or personality. Of course, it’s always a good idea to take a look at the top flavors before making your choice.


What EOS Lip Balm Flavor Matches Your Personality?

  • Strawberry Sorbet – Is for the ultra feminine girl. The lip balm is packaged in a pink orb shaped container
  • Sweet Mint – You are the essence of sweet and mellow. This lip balm is packaged in a light green container
  • Passion Fruit – You are in a very creative mood. This flavor is packaged in a soft lavender color
  • Vanilla Bean – You are in a fun and a very happy mood. This flavor is packaged in a soft white container, buy here at



Evolution Of Smooth or EOS is a New York based company that has changed the way that people regard lip balms. At one time, lip balms were mostly a generic product without any unique qualities. EOS produces natural lip balms with nourishing ingredients, refer to In fact, the company’s top priority is to produce lip balms with nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil, vitamin E, and Vitamin C. Certainly, those are ingredients with very strong anti-aging qualities too. In addition, the lip balms are available in a wide range of flavors and colors. It is also interesting to note that EOS produces a fine line of hand and body lotions, along with shaving cream.