Reviews of new EOS Lip Balms favorable

I’ve been using EOS Lip Balm since I was a senior in college, and now I’m a busy mom who still loves Sweet Mint with a young daughter who loves Strawberry Sorbet, refer also here on Aside from the flavors of the lip balms we also like the way they give an excellent, colorless base for your lipstick or a shimmery lip gloss. EOS has been a constant part of taking care of my lips. In fact, having my EOS Lip Balm is almost as important to me as brushing my teeth twice a day!

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Now, EOS has upped their game again and introduced two new flavors, Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. Both flavors are part of the company’s new vegan line, Crystal lip balms. I’ve tried bo

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Walgreens was the first national drug store to buy what EOS Lip Balm was selling. The lip balms were different than anything else available on the market. Oral care industry leaders Blistex and Chapstick hadn’t changed their packaging, formulas or flavors in decades and they tasted medicinal. They definitely weren’t fun or cool, and they still listed their active ingredients! EOS Lip Balms came on the scene in 2010 and their lip balms were nothing like their competitors products. EOS developed unique flavor combinations that tasted good on your lips. EOS packaged their lip balms in brightly colored orbs that didn’t look anything like the plain cylindrical tubes the competitors were selling. When it came to flavors, no one could compete with EOS. While other brands still had only three flavors: original, peppermint and cherry; EOS had introduced Wildberry, Passionfruit and Blueberry Acai. In the process, EOS Lip Balms began to leave behind their competition, and win loyal costumers.

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The Superlative Contributions of Greg Secker to the Business Industry

Greg Secker is a renowned businessman who’s both locally and internationally known for his uniqueness in being able to speak several foreign languages. He is a writer of several articles and books. Mr. Greg is also a motivational speaker. For instance, he has written several books such as trading your way to success, financial freedom through forex, everything you ever wanted to know about progress and much more. He delivers speeches to various platforms with top people in the corporate sector. Mr. Greg has also worked with several organizations and has served senior positions. For example, he served as the vice president of an institution known as Mellon Financial Corporation, member of the board of ambassadors of city philanthropy and much more.

He has also received numerous awards for himself. Mr. Greg won an award for innovation in e-commerce. His international recognition has enabled him to offer advice to the young entrepreneurs who venture into business industry. He has however delivered the motivational talk to various countries and in different platforms. For example, he has been to countries such as Ghana, Philippines, New Zealand Australia and many others. Mr. Greg Secker over the years and following his experience, he has become a force for young entrepreneurs to reckon.

Mr. Greg Secker has worked on several projects which have received success records. This also contributed to him being the founder of many other organizations. He has several companies to his name such as Europe top trader coaching company, learn to trade capital index and smart charts software’s Company and much more. These organizations help the young entrepreneurs and other business enterprises to venture into the corporate world and also be able to learn the various business channels. These channels may include CNBC, Bloomberg and much more.

Recently his company lean to trade has received several awards. They include an award for best-trading education product, best group for forex trading and best forex educator in global banking. This is because of his outstanding managerial skills in the business. Mr. Greg Secker also works hand in hand with the community to promote quality life, education, and youth empowerment. He supports nonprofit organizations such as the tusk and child bereavement and much more.

Drew Madden’s Career as a Healthcare IT Consultant

Drew Madden is an extremely successful IT entrepreneur who is changing the healthcare industry. The businessman is known to many as the president of a company known as Nordic Consulting Partners. As the leader of the institution, Madden has done his best to win hearts of the modern consumer. People who work close to him say that he is an extraordinary leader who understands the customer and employees.

Drew Madden was appointed to join Nordic Consulting Partners in the year 2010. After working in the institution for a year, the management felt that he was doing a great job, and this is why they appointed him to take the top position. At this position, his greatest role is building trust with the customers, maintaining a great company culture and developing high caliber teams. For more than five years, the businessman has been at the helm of the firm, and he has done his best to produce the great results. When serving as the president, the consulting firm was fortunate to get several awards because of offering clients the best consulting experience. The company has registered a huge increase in the number of clients, partners, employees and revenue under his great leadership.

According to close sources of the consulting firm, the number of employees working in the private company increased from ten to more than seven hundred. The client partners working with the firm were only three when Madden was joining the firm. At the moment, they are more than one hundred and fifty. Initially, the private company was making revenues of only one million, but it has increased significantly due to the presence of the expert. Currently, the firm is making one hundred and thirty million dollars annually.

Before joining the consulting firm, the businessman had worked in several other organizations, and this is why he did so well. The corporate world is very complicated, and it is not easy for an individual to become successful without the right skills. The businessman served in a company called Ingenix as the epic consultant. His educational skills have assisted him in his career life.

Marketing of EOS Lip Balm via Instagram

Evolution of Smooth, EOS has invented the new EOS Lip Balm that is now found in almost any lady’s makeup bag. This product has gained popularity and is now available in local boutiques and retail shops. It can now be found in Walgreens and even in Walmart.

EOS Lip Balm comes in a container that is designed to catch the eyes of everyone who loves it says The pastel shape and different colors that the containers come in are very attractive. The flavors include Hibiscus Peach, honeydew, Vanilla Orchid, Grapefruit and much more. It also made with vitamin E, a hydrating compound and jojoba oil which is purely organic.

EOS has had this product tested and approved by dermatologists. The trials have proved that the EOS Lip Balm is good for users because it is free of chemicals that would cause skin cancer and other skin-related illnesses, head over to this site.

The organic EOS lip balm is made in a way that it leaves the lips of its users smooth and shining. This has helped in preventing cracking and drying of lips. The lip balm has a crystal and shiny appearance. It comes in a triangular shape. This makes it easy to apply the lip balm directly to the lips without using the fingers for smearing.

EOS has uploaded various pictures of the lip balm on their Instagram page. The photos have received so many likes and comments from their buyers. The photos on Instagram have explained that the lip balms are not waxed. This makes the EOS lip balms non-sticky while applying to the lips. The Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid are the major flavors currently. You may buy these amazing products here on

The ingredients make the lip balms weightless and very moisturizing as explained in the captions for the photos. This strategy has helped EOS market these lip balms to their customers.

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Serial Entrepreneur Marc Sparks on Wins and Losses

Mr. Marc A. Sparks is known for his work in the field of serial entrepreneurship, his most prominent feature is his unique way f doing business which is commonly referred to as ”spark speed”.


The spark speed is a term that was coined by the employees working under Mr. Marc Sparks figured out as a way to refer to his endless fast-paced enthusiasm at work. Over the years of entrepreneurship, Mr. Marc Sparks has developed a sense of urgency in his work. He likes to take care of problems and work towards a solution as soon of possible, including at the very moment. He prefers to avoid booking consultations, and he has an open-door policy for his office at all times. The times that he schedules meetings are with clients and so on.


Mr. Marc Sparks graduated from high school back in 1975 in his home town of Austin, Texas. Over the course of his school years, the academic performance of Mr. Marc Sparks had not been the best, He was an average student, and he did not even pursue a degree from a university of a college. Instead, Mr. Marc Sparks plunged right into the business sector.


At the start of his business career, Mr. Marc Sparks worked from his bedroom. He started up an insurance company, and so he eventually started achieving a rather large revenue. Later on in his career, Mr. Marc Sparks created a vast number of startups. He would grow the businesses and then sell them off and move on to his next project. That is a passion for Mr. Marc Sparks. He loves the process of creation; the new company is a playground for trying out new things and starting anew.


Of course, as anyone else in this world, Mr. Marc Sparks has also suffered a sufficient amount of failures. He is not averse to talking about his unfortunate endings as he believes that it is necessary to talk about such things in order to help educate starting entrepreneurs and help them adjust their believes and expectations of the business sector. One of his most significant failures was with the already mentioned insurance company. Mr. Marc Sparks grew it nearly to a billion dollars in yearly revenue before he had to watch his entire company come crashing down and in ninety days the business was all gone.


This and many other unfortunate endings are described in his book called They Can’t Eat You. Mr. Marc Sparks wrote the book in his efforts to help other entrepreneurs by sharing about his wins and his losses alike. Mr. Marc Sparks is not afraid to lose, however. Business is a passion, and to him the balance between losing is winning is simply life. Learn more:



EOS Steps It Up A Notch With Crystal Clear Lip Balm Flavors

Evolution of Smooth, better known to consumers as EOS has done it once again. They have stepping up the world of chapsticks and lip balms once more. The business has developed new ways to bring lip balm up in the world. What once started out as plain chapstick in a tube has turned into lip balm in spheres and in a variety of flavors and scents.

Based on, EOS has created a new sensation by bringing life into lip balm. The lip balm is found in nearly all checkout lines in nearly every store. They are perfect for Christmas stockings, get well soon baskets and even Easter baskets. There is never a wrong time to give someone you love some love for their lips.

EOS’s next big deal is their Crystal Lip Balms. This collection is unlike any other collection from EOS in the sense that it is crystal clear. The company first began teasing its release through Instagram and soon after their release, the lip balm was selling out everywhere. Fans were quick to rush to local stores to find the new EOS before it sold out. Not only did EOS take it one notch, they also made the subtle change to the shape of the sphere. The new sphere has more of a triangle shape which has caused the lip balm to appear more like a jewel.

The new lip balm is also made vegan free by offering a formula that is free from bee’s wax, click now. The formula is non-sticky and has been formulated to have ingredients such as coconut, avocado and shea butter. The new formula will no longer leave a greasy residue on your lips.

The flavors that have been released under EOS for the crystal clear version are Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid, available here at It will be tough however to choose between the two because they both smell delicious.


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Richard Mishaan Design Creates an Illusion of Time Continuity by Merging Vintage and Modern Designs in Architecture and Design

Richard Mishaan Design has curved a household name in the ever-evolving world of design. The success of the firm can be attributed to the gifted eye of its founder, Richard Mishaan. He has the ability to see the underlying beauty in items that an ordinary person would never spot, creating top décor accessories from them. He is best known for combining vintage and modern décor to create breathtaking designs.


The Beginning

Richard Mishaan demonstrated his love for architecture and design from an early age. He always desired to make a career out of it, which made him pursue the course at Columbia University School of Architecture. He desired to be great in business, which is why he proceeded to New York University for a business administration course. He started his career from the bottom, working as an apprentice in the offices of Philip Johnson. He strengthened his skills while building the required experience in design and architecture. He left the employment to start the Mishaan Design and grew it to the industry titan that it is today and more information click here.


Projects Completed

Over the years, the firm has tackled numerous projects that have proved its excellent skills. The firm has dealt with both commercial and resident properties. Another area that Mishaan Design is making a kill is in luxurious hotels design. The project that drove it to the top was designing the presidential suite in the New York’s St. Regis Hotel. It gave the firm a launching pad to hotel designing. Some of his works include designing the Marriot AC on South Beach and the Shelborne Hotel in South Beach among others and Richard’s lacrosse camp.


Richard the Author

Mishaan Design is known to use affordable accessories in its designs. Richard sought to advise people on the ordinary items that can be used in décor to save money through his book, Artfully Modern. His other book, Modern Luxury also shares insights on design and contact him.


Agora Financial Helps Investors Navigate the Market

In the days where it is not common to find financial news that is untainted, it’s refreshing to find a source of information that isn’t biased. After all, how can you trust the source if you know that they received money for mentioning investments?


That’s where Agora Financial comes in. Agora never accepts any money for mentions of companies or people in their publications. And with over 20 publications in various sectors of the market, that’s saying a lot. Agora only has unbiased information based on decades of research. Their decade of serving over 1 million readers lets you know that they’re serious about finding the right investments at the right times and more information click here.


After all, if you invest when the mainstream already knows about it, it’s usually not the best investment. Once most people know about it, it means that the stock or opportunity is overpriced, and your chances for growth are far gone. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t play the index long term, but relying on that for massive explosions in personal wealth is not the fight play and Agora Financial’s lacrosse camp.


And Agora realizes this. That’s why they don’t have their analysts sitting is some old office somewhere. They send them around the globe to find hidden gems before they get big. That way you can invest in a company that’s poised for massive growth, fund an oil well before others know about it, and even invest in real estate in Asia before the bubble pops and Agora on Facebook.


Agora has earned a reputation for helping investors. It is regularly recognized by The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, CNBC, and other major news organizations. It’s an name you can trust in the world of finance and what Agora Financial knows.


Whether you want a better life in retirement, want to buy your wife a fancy vacation, put up funds for your son’s education, or foot the bill for your daughter’s big day, you’ll need some more cash. And you’ll need to manage what you have effectively. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be hard or risky. By following Agora’s advice, you can land the big opportunities early on and avoid the usual mistakes that others make and

The Accomplishments of Highland Capital

In the year 1993, James Dondero alongside Mark Okada founded Highland Capital Management. Within the over two decades of its existence, Highland Capital Management has grown to be one of most trusted and experienced alternative credit managers on the globe. The organization together with its subsidiaries manages about $13.4 billion worth of assets. Highland Capital specializes in various credit strategies for instance collateralized loan obligation, credit hedge fund as well as distress and individual situation private equity.

In the year 2000, Highland Capital Management under the guidance of James Dondero, the chief executive officer came up with its first ever mixed bank loan fund. Four years later, the firm became part of the mutual fund business when it acquired funds from the Columbia Asset Management. Highland Capital Management continued to expand globally by opening up offices in Singapore and Seoul in 2008 and 2011 consecutively. All the achievements of the institution are attributed to the fact that the company has had a good leadership team.

Besides the company’s vast investment in the financial market, Highland Capital Management has continued to offer its support to nonprofit organizations and to the community in which its customers and workers reside. The company is committed to bettering educational opportunities for the residents of Dallas. For this reason, it is working together with various partners and offering donations for this noble course. It for instance donated over $1 million which aided in the construction of a Highland Hippo Hut that will be used for unique educational displays and special events at Dallas Zoo.

The Career Life of Rick Smith Securus

A lot of technological advancements happen over time. It is, therefore, important to be part of the transformation so that no one is left behind. Securus Technologies is a firm that is broadly known alongside the idea of prison technology. Good leadership is in place and thus the reason behind its success in its operations. It is named after Rick Smith Securus who is the company’s president as well as the CEO. To ascertain success in the operations of the firm, Rick Smith is an active leader and is capable of setting relevant strategies to ensure so. The company objective is to make sure that they offer technical assistance that can improve the security state of the society. What the firm presently has its focus on is the attainment of both the Civil as well as the criminal justice. Notably, he facilitates the managerial role regarding remedial solutions concerning crime as well as ways of preventing it. It applies to all regardless of their state of freedom.

The entry of Rick Smith to Securus Technologies was in 2008. He has given service in different capacities in the company. Following his exemplary performance, he gradually received promotions and finally got to the highest executive position in the enterprise. His earlier service in other institutions makes him rich in experience. He worked in many positions at Eschelon including CEO, Chief Operating Officer, the president and the Chief Financial Officer.Before getting to serve in the company, he rose to the Vice President’s position at the Frontier Corp dealing with the managerial role of finance. The length of service in the company by Smith took twenty years. To get an impressive resume, he had to work at different levels over time.

Per education, Rick Smith holds an associate Electrical Engineering’s degree. He achieved this from Rochester Institute of Technology. This complements his other MBA from the University. His Master’s degree in Mathematics is from The Brookport’s State University of New York. Additionally, he owns another degree from Buffalo’s State University.Securus Technologies has given a lot of facilitation to Rick Smith’s dedication to present technology and using it to improve the lives and performance of those under restraint. Worth noting is that the inmates get it thus become informed about the ongoing progress outside their restrictions.Technology is good when used correctly. It is, therefore, necessary that there exist certain regulations by the Securus Limited to ensure that it is used the right way.The fact that Securus Technologies has qualified plans and a excellent leadership is an implication that it is destined for greatness. It is because everything is running well and there are no complications in its course of operation.