NuoDB has incredible benefits over legacy SQL database systems

Although SQL databases provided companies that were able to implement them with incredibly powerful analytics and the ability to store almost any type of data about any customer, the limitations of these systems ultimately proved to be an extreme constraint on how many businesses could successfully use them. Because of the huge infrastructure costs, intense manpower and extreme complexity of the systems, any company not able to afford a full-time information technology team likely would not have been able to avail themselves of the power of a relational database.

Then, a new company came along with the vision to change all of this, NuoDB, the first company to devise a fully functional cloud-based SQL database has largely removed all of the major problems from traditional SQL databases. Through the use of highly optimized cloud computing, NuoDB is able to significantly reduce costs. But what’s even more important is the database’s ability to scale on an almost infinite basis, allowing companies from the smallest mom-and-pop shop to the largest international corporation to easily implement a database appropriate to their needs.

NuoDB also enables companies the almost bullet proof storage of their crucial data. These are just a few of the reasons that NuoDB is revolutionizing the SQL database industry.

Top Executive Takes Part In Financial Industry Conference

John Holt is both the chief executive officer as well as the president of NexBank Capital, Inc. He was recently a panelist on a financial industry conference which was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. The conference was the Texas Bankers Association 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference.

The panel that John Holt served as a panelist for was the Banker Panel. The topic covered at this event was about community banking and how to use innovation to compete against your competitors. Overall the conference served as a forum to discuss a number of issues that affect community bank leaders. They face similar opportunities and challenges and by participating in this conference they gain new perspectives on these issues from their peers.

NexBank Capital is based in Dallas, Texas. They offer their clients three main financial services. These services are mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional services. Their clients are mainly other financial institutions as well as other types of corporations and institutional clients. Their services are also used by individuals, particularly those involved in the real estate industry. They also offer personal banking services such as checking and savings accounts as well as mortgages.

NexBank Capital has about $6.4 billion in assets under management. Their success is due to a strong management team, including John Holt. Other senior executives include the COO Matt Siekielski, and CFO Craig Korbuly. They also have a strong board which led by its chairman James Dondero who is the top executive at Highland Capital Management, L.P. Some of the other board members include John Holt, Mark Okada (also with Highland Capital Management), and Kenneth Hanks who used to be the chief financial officer of NexBank Capital.

Paul Mampilly Is Dedicated To Helping The Common Investor

     Paul Mampilly is a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He joined the company in 2016. Paul specializes in helping Americans find their path to business and financial success. He is a former Wall Street portfolio manager. This is where Paul began his career. Mampilly moved to Deutsche Bank and ING where he played significant roles and managed multi-million-dollar accounts. He was recruited by Kinetics Asset Management to manage their hedge fund. The firm’s asset grew to 25 billion dollars under Paul’s leadership. It was named one of the world’s best hedge funds by Barron’s because of averaging 26% annual returns.

Paul Mampilly was asked to participate in an investment competition that is orchestrated by the Templeton Foundation. The initial investment was 50 million dollars. Paul produced a return in one year and grew that investment to 88 million. These successes are significant because they were accomplished during the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis.

Paul was ready to move on from Wall Street. He grew bored hustling to make money for the top 1%. Mampilly retired from his investment duties in order to spend more time with his family. He still invests however. Paul does not live the sedentary life of a retired person.

Mampilly has found a new passion for making the common person more money instead of fattening the pockets of the super rich. His newsletter “Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes” is very popular. Paul is launching a new research service called True Momentum in 2017.

The Profits Unlimited newsletter allows the average investor to have access to information that was only available to the wealthy elite. Paul figured out a way to bring this information to a demographic that was not focused on. He had to remove himself from the Wall Street world and return to his publishing roots in order to make this vision a reality.

Paul Mampilly conducts hours of research in order to pick the right stock and give proper information. He relies on his team to assist him in the decision-making process. The research evolution is thorough, consisting of 30 to 40 hours combing through the details. Then there is another 30 to 40 hours committed to writing proper recommendations within the newsletter. Therefore Paul is always confident when he publishes information about a stock that he believes will be a successful portfolio pic. There are also scenarios given in order for readers to get a mental image of how a stock may perform under certain circumstances.

Fundamental Basics Regarding Securus Technology’ CEO, Rick Smith

Richard Smith is an eminent entrepreneur serving as the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies. Securus is an innovator of technologies known to be leading in societal protection. As such, organizations meant to enhance public safety approach the company for quality services. The most frequent customers to Securus are correctional facilities especially because they also get involved in investigative activities. Currently, Securus has grown to the level of engaging in tech security solutions touching on civil and criminal justice. These solutions play a critical role in countering crimes by incarcerated as well as solving those that have happened already and learn more about Rick Smith.


Richard Smith Airs Remarks Concerning Assenting Emails

There are all the reasons to believe in Securus as a lucrative investment. As it is, the company releases product and service development proposals every once a week. The main reason for the frequent releases is to help corrections and law enforcement organizations to deal with crimes and also mitigate the rate at which such offenses are committed. Following the business’s unbridled commitment, Mr. Smith has been receiving thousands of emails and letters confirming that Securus is a relevant company whose growth is expected to grow even higher. The customers highlight Securus Technologies as a firm that heightens the security of the inmates and that of those in the outside society and read full article.


Securus Technologies, Inc Set to Acquire JPay

Over the years, Securus Technologies has been doing its best to raise the bar in their sector mostly by attaining better business each dawn. Recently, the company brought it into the public eye that they are finalizing an agreement to purchase JPay Inc. As such, JPay company will begin running their operations under the authority and guidance of Securus. Basically, JPay is equally a high-ranking company focusing on provision of unmatched digital services. Their primary focus is on the incarcerated environments, where they facilitate digitized payments. As well, their effort to improve the inmate families has been very successful particularly in the issuance of prisoners’ mobile apps that entertain and educate them. More so, JPay connects the incarcerated with their beloved ones and his Linkedin.


Expect Even More

Undoubtedly, Securus has been a master of their craft. It is time to expect even more particularly with the acquirement of JPay. After the transaction, Securus will be regarded the fastest growing inmate firm. The company’s management is ready to implement more models to accommodate the enormous growth that awaits them. Precisely, they are set to offer anything within their capability to handle their competence. With Rick at the helm and committed staffs around him, no doubt Securus Technologies is the company to watch out for in matters relating to inmate service provision and Rick Smith’s lacrosse camp.

The Quintessential EOS Lip Balm Review

If you’ve grown bored with the standard selection of lip balms in the marketplace, you’re encouraged to try EOS (Evolution of Smooth); it’s a lip balm company that is quickly revolutionizing how lip balm is perceived, by utilizing exciting flavors. According to EOS, the unique flavors being offered are intended to differentiate their brand from others already in the marketplace. What makes EOS different from Chapstick and Blistex? First of all, EOS did away with the traditional cylindrical tube, which has for so long been synonymous with lip balm and replaced it with colorful orbs. Additionally, the EOS brand of lip balm is available in an array of flavors that are not commonly associated with lip balm.

Although the lip balm flavors offered by EOS may sound like a smoothie description, you can be assured that they all provide long-lasting moisture. EOS lip balm is available in Summer Fruit, Blueberry Acai, Passion Fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, and a host other flavors. Read also to see the products. Additionally, EOS does not contain any harmful chemicals. Unlike its contemporaries, EOS is marketed specifically to women, which explains the colorful packaging and their fun-shaped orbs. In an effort to further broaden their appeal amongst female consumers, EOS has partnered with social media influencers, and Hollywood celebrities, for its marketing campaign, which has turned out to be quite successful. In fact, the influx of new customers has turned EOS from a small startup into a $250 million dollar company.

Who are EOS customers? According to the company’s website, their average customers are women between the ages of 25 and 35. EOS believes that this demographic is inclined to be much more adventurous and willing to embrace new concepts, refer also to So why not indulge in your feminity and unshackle yourself from the traditional line of lip balm marketed as unisex, and try something designed specifically for women. Feel free to visit the company’s website, for more information.

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How to Prepare for Lifeline Screening Tests

Lifeline Screening is a modern healthcare company that is changing the lives of millions of people who want to live a good and healthy life. The institution has been operating for some time now, and it has already made an impact in industry. The primary objective of the private company is to help people to understand their health problems early before they grow and become dangerous. The clients who visit the medical facility are encouraged to seek treatment for their ailments from qualified professionals so that they can get assistance.

In the modern times, there are thousands of diseases that affect people, regardless of their income, race, and religion. When some of these conditions are left in the body untreated, they end up bringing bigger problems. The company has put in place preventive health equipment for its clients. The equipment’s in this institution are modern and perfect, and they will detect any problems in the patients in just a short time.The organization follows all the standards laid in healthcare industry, and this explains why the firm has done so well over the years.The healthcare providers in the facility are also believed to be highly trained and well qualified. These professionals are available at the facility, and their main mission is to make sure that the customer gets the right diagnosis.

When visiting the hospital for any medical facility to undertake any medical procedure, it is important for a patient to make some preparations. Without this, they will not be ready for the procedure when the time comes. There are several screenings in the medical world, and all of these require different preparations. Lifeline Screening has several tests, but most of them are painless and do not require invasive procedures. When a patient is visiting the medical center to get any treatment, they should never get worried because the tests that are done are not painful. The blood screening tests from the pharmaceutical company do not need too much blood. This means that the doctor will use just a simple figure stick to get a few drops of blood from the patient. The tests are also very affordable.

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Boraie Development: Helping Through the Crisis

The recession during the early 2010s resulted in the rise of the property prices in New Jersey. The real estate market in the United States keeps on surging, and more people are being affected by the high price of homes and rent. Experts are warning about the shortage of homes for the local population because of the unstoppable rise in the prices of properties around the state, and they are appealing to the local government to do what they can to stop the housing crisis. Many families are now facing the danger of being evicted outside their homes because of the uncontrollable rise in mortgages, and these families are appealing to the authorities to help them out with their issues.

The real estate market in the state of New Jersey is slowly becoming a nightmare for most of its citizens. However, it should be noted that some private companies are also extending their hand to help the residents regarding their problems with the real estate. Sam Boraie of Boraie Development has expressed several developments that will take place inside the boundaries of the state. On, they explained that by putting up more development throughout the city, the local estate market could normalize and bring the prices of properties state-wide down.

Boraie Development has been working with the real estate and property development industry for more than 20 years. According to Yahoo, they are the most sought-after real estate and Development Company in New Jersey, and they have worked with thousands of satisfied customers for years. Boraie Development is known for their strategy of working with other financial institutions for their fund requests to be granted. The company is also working with several engineers and architects to design a stylish skyscraper that will also serve as an office, a residential complex, or any other uses. Boraie development has been trusted for years, and they have sold more than $150 million worth of property.

People who are looking for a real estate and property development company should contact the Boraie Development office. Through working with the Boraie Development office, one could choose the house that he or she wanted to buy for so long. will guide potential home buyers the kind of home that they wanted, and by relying on these pseudo real estate brokers, the citizens of New Jersey are hoping that it will be a great help for them, and that the crisis in the housing solutions can be addressed with fair solutions.


Rebuilds The Trust In The Financial Market

NexBank doubles as a widely trusted online bank based in Dallas, Texas and overseen nationwide by CEO and president, John Holt. His strong leadership skills has helped their financial institution raise over $2.4 million dollars in strong common equity. Their services continue to exceed that of their competitors. Their stockholders were proud to tell PRN Newswire their clients are backed with over $40 billion dollars in assets and reliable government FDIC insurance. Their financial growth will also contribute to their internal and leadership team growth, as well as, the expansion of their general counsel. Their investors intend to back them 100% in their efforts to grow.

NexBank Financial Services

– Anytime access to your account

– Multiple device capabilities

– Direct deposit

– Online bill pay

– Free checks

There is always a friendly online support technican standing by to take your call and answer your concerns. You’ll never have to navigate a new account on your own and can get details on an existing account. Take back your financial freedom with a first-time home owners program or an installment loan for your dream car. Visit the exclusive NexBank website for more details on their services and promotional offers today.


Discover The Benefits Of EOS Lip Balm Products For Skin Restoration

Take pride in knowing your giving your lips the finest ingredients the lip balm industry has to offer with EOS lip balm products. They are infused with a quality blend of shea butter and jojoba oil extracts based on Their customers love the organic ingredients that have been used or century to improve the condition of the skin. Shea butter reaches out to the delicate skin tissue on the lips while the jojoba oil gives you a deep penetration of all-natural protection against UV rays and harsh environmental conditions, read more. Pamper your skin with one of several brands that are guaranteed to give you a super-moist look when and where you need it. They also blend well with your current lipstick. See more details here on

You won’t want to divulge your lip balm secret, for great lips. You friends will envy your look while your lips will crave the new an exciting EOS brand flavors including the new Crystal brand. As if, the packaging cold get any cuter, their customers are raving about the cute container that is easy to find in the bottom of a cluttered purse. You can learn more about their aromatherapy flavors by visiting the beauty care aisle of your favorite retailer today.

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Students Now Have A Fun Way to Learn Using ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a new fun way for students to not only enjoy their teacher and classroom, but also excites them about attending school. With ClassDojo, students don’t won’t to be left out of what’s going on in their class with this new fun application. The students get to set up their own personal account. Younger students may need their parents to do this. But they get their own user name and password. Best of all, student information is protected and never ever shared.

ClassDojo helps to improve student performance. With ClassDojo, students can have their very own portfolio. This was something students never had in olden days. In their portfolios, students can showcase their classwork on Student Stories. Now they can have their own digital portfolio! All the posts are approved by the teacher. This is fun, because most schools don’t allow cellphones in the classroom anymore. The messages must go through the teacher however. They cannot message each other. So ClassDojo helps the students to communicate among each other without getting in trouble.

Students can create and upload videos. They can also draw, and make annotation on photos. They can compose journal entries. On Class Dojo, they can even add voice notes to those entries. There’s much more that they can do using the ClassDojo Application. They can even choose the emoji that they want their teacher to use for their name. And, they can select ClassDojo decorations for the classroom, their backpacks, or their books and tablets.

The ClassDojo App gives the student more involvement in the classroom, a sense of connection, and this helps to empower them.