Don Ressler’s Pivotal Role in Driving Online Fashion Brands

Don Ressler is the name behind successful technology and fashion companies such as Intelligent Beauty, JustFab, and Fabletics. He is the co-founder and CEO of Fabletics, an innovative online sportswear store that is part of the TechStyle Fashion Group. The group is driving fashion through technology and data analytics. Fabletics is an online retailer of high-quality sportswear and lifestyle accessories established in 2013 with an extensive presence in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are the co-founders and co-CEOs of JustFab which has recently rebranded to The TechStyle Fashion Group. Their business partnership started when they both worked for media and technology company, Intermix Media, which owned the popular online platform Myspace. Don Ressler sold his online business then, Fitness Heaven, to Intermix in 1997. Similarly, in the same year, Adam sold his online business, Gamers Alliance, to Intermix. Both went on to work for Intermix.

Don Ressler and Adam then left Intermix and leveraged their previous success to create the first company together, Intelligent Beauty in 2006. The online store carried beauty, cosmetics and weight loss products reported on Intelligent Beauty restructured to become JustFab. JustFab achieved phenomenal success in the online fashion space and recently restructured to the current TechStyle Fashion Group to enable them to maximize the leverage of the growing brands and their offerings.

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Besides Fabletics and JustFab, TechStyle Fashion Group also includes ShoeDazzle and FabKids, an online shoe retailer and an online children’s fashion brand respectively. Fabletics is an innovative fashion brand that is leveraging technology, online platforms, and data analytics to achieve rapid growth. It is a joint effort between Don Ressler, Adam Goldberg and Kate Hudson, the famous American actress, and fashion enthusiast. She is a co-founder of the Fabletics brand and is heavily involved in marketing its products at

Through Fabletics, Don Ressler is providing online subscription platforms which capture consumer profiles and preferences and encourage extensive user feedback. This enables the brand to offer customized shopping experiences, premium membership discounts such as a percent of retail pricing, free shipping, and redeemable loyalty reward points. The brand is one of the few to offer a complete size range catering to both small and plus size clients.

Don Ressler, in conjunction with his co-CEO, is redefining retail fashion uptake and consumer engagement. He is creating high-quality products customers are happy to buy and offering superior service and customer feedback platforms. At Fabletics, Don Ressler oversees customer engagement, talent, and training, and is responsible for driving the group’s vision.

Sam Boraie has seen the potential of New Brunswick for Four Decades

As Sam Boraie nears the New Brunswick project completion, he is perhaps happy with two things in his life. The Aspire high-rise deluxe is noted as one of the most expensive dealings submitted to the company in the past four decades of professional experience. He is also happy about his vision for Brunswick. This is because he has continued to keep the shape of his company for four decades. He is also happy because people no longer think that he wants to have this project. The 73-year-old warm-hearted patriarch and president of the Boraie Development Company based in New Jersey laughed at all those who doubted his abilities to develop the New Brunswick. When he was dreaming about that idea, he faced numerous challenges in his way. For this reason, people worked so hard to have his vision diminished in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry.

When he started his company in 1972, the real estate development business could be described as awful at best. During that time, people left the city at four o’clock. For this reason, looking for business was the hardest thing on the planet. However, he struggled to commit his company to trials and submissions. When the time was ripe, he got his first deal to develop a residential property. Sam Boraie worked hard to ensure it kept up with the highest standards of engineering and development. For this reason, the doors of his past life were closed, new business doors opened to give him a chance in this industry. His thoughts about the city were filled with favor and thrill.

During that time, New Jersey was nothing compared to what it looks like these days. When he looks through his eighth-floor office these days, he marvels at what he sees. This was his idea. Having people work all-day-log is one of the best things in the world. As a matter of fact, no one has better business capability than those with the highest development minds. This is the first project he ever owned since he was working at the real estate company. During that time, many of the erected buildings were nothing other than wastelands. When he began purchasing one building after another, he went to the city square and proposed a new plan in that area. For this reason, he looked for investors after approval by the local state government. Click here to know more.

The city was introduced to a better class after the anticipated coupon. For this reason, he worked hard to make more money through his plan. While people laughed at his idea, they are now poorer than they would have become if they worked with him. He also realized that the town needed some of the top-flight residential units to have the town continue to grow. Therefore, he started developing buildings in a manner that depicts the New York Style. When he developed the New York-style tower at the edge of the town, people thought he was going nuts. However, he was just working to deserve the best part of the town.

Tammy Mazzocco Charted Her Own Course

When Tammy Mazzocco started working as a secretary for a local commercial real estate group in Central Ohio, she didn’t think that it would lead to her becoming a broker herself. However, fate had a different idea, and as Tammy Mazzocco gained more experience in the administrative side of the business, she began to see the opportunities on the sales side.

In 1999 she went to work full time in sales with Judy Gang, of the Judy Gang Team with RE/MAX and Tammy has had no regrets at all since. She works in Pickerington, Ohio, in the central part of the state, and in the four counties in and around Pickerington.

Tammy loves her quest involving the selling of residential properties to families, and she gets a great deal of satisfaction from helping the families purchase the homes of their dreams. Her methods are very basic, according to her, but the fact that she has perfected them is the real story.

Tammy spends a lot of time showing homes to people who are ready to buy. The secret to real estate sales lies in the process of finding the people who are seriously looking, and not so much time with people who are just curious, but not ready yet to buy. A good real estate broker accomplishes this level of understanding by asking the right questions.

Early in her career, Mazzocco likes to tell the story about how shy she was. She was afraid to ask a client any questions about their finances. This is a key line of questioning because people with no money don’t buy houses, at least, not right away. A fellow associate told her just to dive in and ask the questions, no matter what happens or what people think of you and your manners. With the right information and a caring approach towards her clients, Mazzocco has created a sensational career for herself. for more .

Online Reputation Management in 2017

Online reputation management has had an impact on commerce for over a decade now. Despite its long lifespan, online reputation management is more important now than ever before. Sites like OnlineReputationReviews, Yelp, Facebook, and Twitter allow for customers to provide quick feedback to a large audience. Increasingly, as the legitimacy of a given source is called into question it has become the job of businesses to take a proactive approach in their online presence by making sure that they are being viewed through reliable sources and associated with factual information.

The changes to managing your reputation online are outlined in a great article on This post, by author Alan Rabinowitz, provides advice for brands managing online presence in a world where the trust of Internet is increasingly called into question. Rabinowitz sums this issue up with this one no-nonsense statement: “But hey, that can all change with a positive online reputation. If you own a new business, you’re going to have to prove to the world that you’re professional. You’re going to have to prove to online shoppers that you are a legitimate business and not a shady con artist.”

There is increasingly a need to present one’s self as authentic and both new and established businesses have tools to help them in that struggle. Rabinowitz suggests signing up for Google Alerts and the SocialMention service, which allow you to monitor your brand’s presence on both pages indexed by Google as well as specific social media posts. The article also points out the benefit that positive reviews and a positive reputation increase online traffic by driving more people to your site when those reviews are indexed by search engines. The ultimate effect of this is that when you are perceived positively online your bottom line will benefit. It’s 2017. If you are not taking charge of your online presence now, it is time to start.

Equities First Holdings Secure Working Capitals by Using Stock as Loan Collateral

Equities First holdings is a global leader in providing financial solutions and offering loans. In fact, it is tightening its groups and exploring alternative option of financing loans such as stock when most other lenders are tightening their rules due to the difficult economic times today. Equities lending is fast becoming an alternative to traditional credit based loaning. More customers are willing to consider companies such as Equities First holdings to finance their needs.

Most banks and lenders have cut their lending options for borrowers not to mention the tight loan requirements that have been put up. In fact, the problem does not stop there as interest rates have also been heightened. According to the CEO of Equity first holdings, Christy, stock based loans are an innovative way of borrowing especially for people seeking alternative working capital funding. In addition, the loan value for such kinds of loans is higher with fixed interest rates thus offering a level of certainty throughout the transaction.

Christy revealed that in a three-year loan period it is impossible to avoid inflation. However, when the investor takes a stock based loan he or she lowers the risk when the market downsizes. In fact, a good number of stock based loans have a non-recourse trait that gives borrowers an opportunity to withdraw from the stock loan at any time that they want. Margin loan and stock based loans may have the similarities of using securities as collateral they have a marked difference.

For a margin loan there must be a prequalification that seeks to outline the specific purpose for which the loan should be used. Interest rates are also variable and can be anything between 10 to 50 percent. The lender is also allowed to liquidate the margin in case of margin call even without warning the client. On the other hand, stock based lending comes with a fixed interest rate and the loan’s purpose is entirely up to the borrower.

Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings specializes in stock based financing solutions for both personal and professional goals. Capital are offered against shares. It is a globally renowned company with the major subsidiaries such as Equities First Holding London office. for more .


Rona Borre is the Ultimate Innovator

Rona Borre is the founder and CEO of Instant Alliance, a Chicago-based staffing and recruiting company that has taken the business world by storm. Borre had graduated from the University of Arizona and took a job at a large global staffing company where she proceeded to lead the company in sales while setting all-time production records.

In 2001 she started Instant Alliance in the spare bedroom of her condo in the windy city, and today it is one of the fastest growing staffing companies in the country, visit here. Borre has one caveat that she sticks by and it works. She discovered that most staffing firms fail to implement one key factor, and it stunts their approach to success.

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That factor is the relationship that is formed between the staffing agency and the leadership of the staffing company. Borre wants to know everything about the client company and who and what they need in a candidate. Then she goes out into the marketplace to find that one valuable employee.

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Borre’s firm mainly hires financial and technological candidates because they are the necessary talented people who are needed when a company needs to get to the next level. Once Borre knows exactly what the hiring company wants and needs, she will move heaven and earth to find that person.

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Stephen Rotella Engages Active Philanthropy through StoneCastle to Save the World


Investment is the center of a state’s economy. That is why Stephen Rotella is cheered for his efforts in providing strong investment skills for individuals and organizations. Stephen has been the president of StoneCastle Partners for years. His core responsibilities in the organization involve overseeing the daily management of the company and developing strategies and syntax for the partners. During his leadership in the firm, his input has been instrumental in generating the firm’s cash monitoring sources. He saw StoneCastle evolve into a leader for cash flow management solutions. These services were extended to private and public lending institutions.

Career Experience

Stephen Rotella has over thirty years experience in strategic management, leadership, and banking. The experience has seen him extend internet banking and marketing services to organizations. His experience further borders organizational development, product generation in addition to the management of large-scale operations and projects. For eighteen years, he was the chief executive officer of JP Morgan Chase. In this organization, he was the chief executive officer. Before joining Chase, Rotella worked as a broker in a retail brokerage firm. He also worked at a system consulting firm.


Rotella has been an active participant in community organizations since the inception of his career. His interest has been capitalizing in serving the less fortunate by promoting home ownership and arts. He is the current chair of Lift the Communities Foundation. This is a foundation that is committed to breaking the circle of poverty among young parents. Initially, Rotella served as a board member in the following organizations:


Established in 2001, StoneCastle believes in the systematic, revolutionary direct approach to investment. Their objective is delivering exceptional investment fund operations while offering protection to the capital invested in business. The company also majors in building asset through meticulously managing risks. StoneCastle is a great supporter of regional causes in the society. The management believes in supporting active philanthropy and learn more about Stephen.


Rotella attended the States University of New York. He pursued a bachelor’s degree in Economics in addition to an MBA with a major in information systems. His work experience roots from the impeccable academic credentials and contact him.

Andrea McWilliams: A Lobbyist, A Political Fundraiser, And A Philanthropist

Andrea McWilliams, a political fundraiser, and a famous lobbyist is a skilled strategist, combining patience with persuasion and grace with grit. She is renowned because of her thorough attention to the details; Andrea brings her exclusive expertise to each and every issue she gets engage. The national media, including Newsweek, FOX News, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, BBC, and NPR have all reported on the role of Andrea as a leading political strategist and fundraiser.

Andrea McWilliams is a national civil commentator and renowned by the Texas Chamber of Commerce for Women as “consigliere to the political and powerful.” McWilliams, in 2017 was the only member of lobby who is profiled together with the Speaker of the House, Lieutenant Governor, and Governor of Texas. Andrea is a gratified recipient of both the Profiles in Power and Businesswoman of the Year Awards. Andrea also honored with “Austin under 40” Award back in the past including many others.

Andrea McWilliams is a well-known community volunteer and philanthropist, named on numerous occasions to an “All-Stars” of Austin Fortunate 500 list. Andrea McWilliams served as a board member for numerous other non-profit organizations, comprising Mexico–Arte Museum, Texas Lyceum, Rise Across Texas Challenge, Arthouse, the Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital, HeartGift, Austin Children in Crisis, and much more.

Andrea McWilliams is also a pioneering member of the Notable Women of Long Center and a long-time member in Toast of the Town Committee at St. David’s Hospital. A native Austinite (member of an adelite-descloizite group), Andrea McWilliams is a proud President of Inherit Austin in the past. Inherit Austin is an organization that was founded to preserve cultural and architectural past of Austin by not just protecting the important historical and landmarks fabric of the city but safeguarding its unique, exclusive character as well. McWilliams now lives in Old Enfield, where she and Dean, her husband, are enjoying life with their three children.


Jose Borghi Grows Mullen Lowe

Mullen Lowe is one of the finest advertising firms in the world, and they have grown through leaps and bounds since Jose Henrique Borghi took over. He has done quite a lot of work to ensure that his company will improve, and he knows that he may help his clients advertise themselves in a better way. This article explains how Mullen Lowe has grown under Jose Borghi, and there is a look at how their influence in South America is spreading.

#1: What Was The Merger Like?

Jose Borghi was chosen to help the company grow after its merger, and he has helped open offices around the world because he believes the company must take as many steps as possible to reach new clients, opening international offices helps the company improve its. Reach, and they will have many customers come through the door when they are located in their local area.

#2: Jose’s Business Sense

Jose’s business sense has helped the company grow quite a lot, and the company has been growing because he is connected to the business world. He knows how to remain appealing to his clients, and he will help his company grow more than any other has in the past. It is important for his company to grow because of his leadership, and he knows that there are a number of people who will be pleased with the way that the company advertises for them.

Advertising is important for someone to find when they wish to run a successful business, and Jose Borghi has made a successful company in Mullen Lowe that helps all his clients. The clients are pleased with the work that he does, and they see better advertising that his company releases around the world from the many offices they have opened in several cities. for more .


Beneful: The Healthy Option for Your Dogs

Getting the right food variety for your dogs can prove daunting, especially, now that there are so many companies dealing with the production of dog foods. It is for this reason, that most people will opt to choose food for their dogs based on other’s reviews. Beneful has been rated as one of the most popular dog food brands. Their food products are liked for their ingredients. Beneful maintains its reputation by using healthy and nutritious ingredients in all their food products. Below is a list of the most favored food varieties under Benuful’s portfolio;

Beeneful Originals with Real Beef

This is one of the healthiest meal for adult dogs. The meal contains a blend or real beef chops added to whole grains and vegetables. This variety contains about 347 calories per every cup. It is full of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fiber. This makes it a very healthy meal for all dogs.

Beneful Incredibites with Real Beef

Incredibites with Real Beef in the wet foods category is one of the best varieties among Beneful food products. A pack of this food contains wild rice, tomatoes and carrots. The beef is chopped into tiny pieces and decorated with these nutritious veggies and whole grains, making it as nutritious as it is appealing to the eye. You can find here a list for Beneful foods coupon list.

Beneful Chopped Blends

This is one of the most favored varieties of Beneful. There are two types, both of which the market seems to like so much. There is one pack with beef, peas, barley and carrots. You can take this or go for the pack of salmon, turkey spinach, brown rice, and sweet potatoes. This is a treat that no one can resist.

Healthy Smile Dental Twists

This is the perfect treat for any dog size. They have healthy smile dental twists for adults and even puppies. The treats are made with the health of your dog in mind. They do not use any ingredients that would lead to dental issues in your dog.

Watch the video to know about Beneful Dog Foods: