Sam Tabar Has Done Extraordinary Work As An Attorney And Businessman

Sam Tabar has made a long and successful career in the field of law, finances, and general business. Even though Sam Tabar is an expert on law and a great lawyer himself that operates out of New York City, he has spent the majority of his career in the industry of finances as a leading capital strategist. Due to his work in the global markets and having to work in different regions, Sam has also learned several languages, including both Japanese and French. Becoming fluent has helped Sam a great deal and has stated their are advantages to communicating in the same language.

Sam has a strong academic background as well, having attended Oxford University after completing his high school education. Once he received his Bachelor’s degree, he also studied at the Columbia School of Law to earn a Master’s degree. Sam decided to run with his law degree in 2001 and started working in the field of law, signing with one of the biggest firms in the country, Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher, and Flom, LLP. During Sam’s time here he was able to gain many useful skills over a period of 3 years, which he later took to Sparx Group. It was at Sparx that Sam started to see he had a passion and talent for business and he became the Business Manager for the company. Following this, Sam went on to an even bigger position working as a capital strategist for Merrill Lunch, where he was in charge of the Asia-Pacific region.

Most recently Sam has taken up position at Full Cycle Energy and Awearable Apparel, where he holds executive positions in charges of finances. His role at Full Cycle Energy is not only a position he is happy to be in, but it is one that is helping improve conditions for people worldwide, since the company is working on methods for sustainable fuel sources for the future. According to Sam, he would have been happy to work with Full Cycle under any position just to be apart of their movement. For more information on Sam and his activities, he is active on his social media, including Instagram.

Four Tips That Will Help You Manage Your Brand’s Online Reputation Effectively.

Brand identity is vital in today’s business world. The brand projects the type of value you’re adding to the market to entice the customers. The name, logo, tone, tagline, typeface all play a huge role in the type of image you want to project to your clients. It is in that spirit that today we feature tips from on how to manage your brand’s online reputation:

  1. Publicity

People often claim that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Wrong. As a brand and business, you should always strive to maintain a great reputation. Sure, many people might argue that bad reputation will get you publicity, which is true but then ask yourself: how many businesses or customers will want to conduct business dealings with a company in the news for all the wrong reasons? Therefore, focus on making the news for being an expert and a leader in your field of expertise.

  1. Build Connections With Your Customers

Personalize every business transaction with your customers both online or offline to give them a positive experience. Building relationships make people feel good about your brand. When the customers are appreciated, they are likely to come back to offer you more business and will likely recommend your brand to their colleagues and acquaintances.

  1. Accept Criticism Well

We live in a world where you cannot satisfy everybody all the time. It is likely that your business will receive negative feedback from a customer along the way. If this happens, always be prepared, take in the critic and have a system that will address the complaints. Being defensive about critic will create a bad reputation which will keep customers away from your brand. However, projecting openness redeems the brand and retains the customer.

  1. Update Content On Your Online Platforms

Manage content in both your website and social media platforms. Regularly post events and news on new products, services or promotions. Dormant online platforms rarely get any new visitors. Regularly updating content will not only help your brand remain relevant online but will help maintain and generate new users.

We believe that the tips above when put into practice will help boost your brand’s reputation and achieve the kind of perception you want for your brand.


DFW George Street Photo and Video

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8 Tips for finding a rental in Panama

Adrian Velasquez Jose Figueroa, a prominent entrepreneur in Panama, asserts that any prospective investor should first acquaint themselves with the real estate industry in Panama and market rents in order to steer clear of several mistakes during the acquisition of rental property. By adhering to the following tips, you can be sure of maximizing your real estate investment.

1. Buy under market value
It goes without saying that acquiring a rental property under market value should guarantee a hefty profit on for you especially if you’re using mortgage for financing. You can supplement your market research about property values by using the services of a broker who is familiar with rental property values in Panama.

2. Property Location is key
Where do you want your rental property located? Because of the high demand for rental properties, real estate is expensive in Panama City compared to the rest of the country. Popular neighborhoods for short-term, high-end condos to rent on Twitter that target foreign tourists, migrants, managers and business persons include Punta Patilla, Casco Viejo, Punta Pacifica, El Cangrejo and Avenida Balboa. For long-term rentals, the best locations include Crab, El Dorado, Bella Vista, and sections of San Francisco.

3. Acquaint yourself with the regulations of Panama rental
It is prudent that you acquaint yourself with the pertinent regulations governing rental property in Panama. For additional information, search the article “Laws Rentals in Panama.”

4. Provision of important services
In order to attract and retain quality tenants, you must provide a number of facilities and services akin to or even better compared to other rental properties across Panama City. These include a swimming pool, gymnasium, private or street parking option, round the clock security and social areas.

5. Observe high-quality construction practices
When remodeling a rental property in Panama, work with a developer who has a good reputation and excellent work portfolio on Additionally, employ the services of a registered house inspector to ascertain that your property investment is fit for renting.

6. Rental property management
If you are not planning to live in Panama, it’s better to hire a reputable property management company to manage the rental property investment on your behalf.

7. Bigger doesn’t always equate to better
Consider the market trends in order to determine current property market demands and act accordingly. Rather than focusing on the square footage of the property, focus on the number of rooms, stories, whether it’s furnished or not, and what sort of services are provided that match with the current market demands at

8. Cost of utilities
The cost of monthly utilities like electricity and water will vary based on the usage of each tenant and service provider charges. Therefore, make sure each tenant pays for his or her own utility bills.

About Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a renowned businessman and resident of Panama since 2011. He holds an executive position in 5 different companies in Panama. His success in the business sector has seen him give something back to the Panama community, by mentoring the young people of Panama in realizing their potential.

About ForeFront’s Creative CEO Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler, also known as Brad, is best and widely known as the founder and Chief Executive Officer at Forefront Capital and has been since 2009. Before then he served as both the chairman and chief executive officer of his own company, Palin Capital, a global financial services firm, from 1995 until 2008. While serving as the CEO at Palin Capital Brad Reifler would guide the company to profits that consistently exceeded $200 million dollars. But Brad Reifler got his real start in 1982, the year he founded the Reifler Trading Corporation.

The firm’s high level of success ended up in a sale to Refco in 2000. His current position as Chief Executive Officer at Forefront Capital Management enables him to help provide established asset managers to institutional investors. Then, these asset managers can help to consult them and by offering excellent investment advice. Brad Reifler is a director at Sino Mercury Company. He is also a Trustee of the Millbrook School and Chairman of their Finance Committee.

Brad also served as a Director of Wins Finance Holdings Inc. from October 26, 2015 until March 20, 2016. Brad holds numerous regulatory licenses including Series 3, 7, 24, and 63. Mr. Reifler received his bachelor’s degree from Bowdoin College.

Discover The Secret Of Full Sultry Lips With EOS

Your full soft lips are yearning for all natural ingredients that will continue to leave them feeling luxurious and silky. Are you tired of dry cracked lips? There are thousands of women around the world that are looking for organic products that don’t have harsh by products that are bad on your skin. Amazingly, EOS lip balm products are chosen 10 to 1, over chapstick. They are 95% organic with eleven essential amino acids. Their popular brand of lip balms are sold wherever your favorite beauty products are located. Discover why EOS lip balm products are popular among your favorite celebrities.

Evolution Of Smooth Products

Evolution of Smooth products are based with shea butter and jojoba oil. They work extra hard to go on moist and give you silky smooth lips. Your lips will feel sensational and provide a wonderful scent. Nourish your lips with a popular lip care product that is trusted by thousands of women around the world. They also offer a wide variety of shaving creams, hand, and body lotions. Pamper your lips with delectable flavors that will have your lips feeling their best in all types of weather conditions including protection from UV rays.

Types Of Evolution Of Smooth Products

– Berry blossom

– Mint kisser

– Coconut milk

– Vanilla mint

– Blackberry nectar

and much more…

Vanilla bean extracts protects your lips 100% against the affects of drying. Bring delight to your beauty regimen with the benefits of EOS products. Their products are cruelty and gluten-free. EOS lip balm products provide a rich conditioning for the skin. You can purchase their products from around the world from your favorite retailers including Walmart, eBay and CVS. You’re invited to visit the exclusive EOS website ( for more details, products, and promotional offers.

Read the full EOS history on


Dick DeVos Continues To Search For Business Success

In 2004, the Grand Rapids, Michigan based business leader Dick DeVos shocked myself, and the majority of the business world by retiring from his position as the President of the AmWay group, which had by then become Alticor.

The Northwood University graduate had spent the majority of his business career working in the AmWay family and I feared he would decide to focus on his philanthropic work at this point in his career, however, I have been pleasantly surprised by the impact Dick and Betsy DeVos have made as investors for various companies looking for successful futures.

It is little wonder Dick DeVos has been such a major success after entering the business world in 1974 as a part of his father’s AmWay business; I have looked back at the career of Dick DeVos and discovered his career path has not been a simple one or been created with a simple path because of his family name. In fact, I was shocked to discover Dick had joined AmWay in 1974 with little fanfare and far below the executive level he did not reach until 1986.

At this point I was pleased to see the career of this well known education reformer had hit the heights as head of an international business division that played an important part for AmWay for the first time under his leadership. Read more: How and why the DeVos Family Gives Away Billions

It was only after proving himself an excellent businessperson outside AmWay that Dick DeVos, who now holds an estimated fortune of around $5 billion, was promoted to the position of President of AmWay after a short period in the same position with the Orlando Magic NBA franchise.

As the leader of AmWay I was pleased to see Dick did not stand still and simply continue on the same path carved out for the company by his father, Richard; instead, Dick and his brother, Doug, oversaw a major restructuring of the company to prepare it for the demands of the 21st century.

After retiring from AmWay in 2004 I worried Dick would not play a major role in business, but he has looked to develop The Windquest Group investment company in a bid to create new business opportunities. Dick DeVos has looked to develop investments in the areas that interest him in his current life, such as a number of businesses in the Michigan areas and clean energy choices.

Learn more about Dick DeVos: