Martin Lustgarten, an Expert in Investment Advisory

An investment bank is a financial institution that works in high-finance by helping governments, corporations, and individual investors access capital markets and raise money for business expansion. If a clients want to sell their bonds, investment bank acts as their agent and handles the paperwork along with accountants and lawyers.

Functions of an investment bank:

Raise Capital

Investment banks act as middlemen in the issuance of bonds. It helps launch an IPO or create preferred stock placed with investors such as banks or insurance companies.

Mergers and Acquisition

Investment banks provide advisory services on pricing, valuation as well as the procedure and execution of a transaction.

Securities trade

Investment banks link buyers with the sellers as well as selling securities on behalf of their clients.

Commercial and retail banking services

Upon the repeal of Glass-Steagall Act in 1999, investment banking sector can now provide deposit services like commercial banking.

Front and back office services

Investment banks offer front office services like financial advisory services. Conversely, its back office functions involve corporate strategy, risk management, and financial control.

Martin Lustgarten

As the American economy recovers from the Great Recession, millions of people now focus in the future. Initially, having a successful retirement plan seemed like a dream; however, with investment tips, retirees make that dream a reality. Therefore, people wishing to retire comfortably should start planning their retirement now. Americans need investment experts like Martin Lustgarten on their side to plan a successful retirement plan. Lustgarten is among the brightest minds in investment banking with a significant contribution towards the success of his clients.

As a citizen of Austria and Venezuela, Martin Lustgarten capitalizes his dual citizenship to provide financial advisory services. He has extensive knowledge in observing emerging economic trends. As such, he can predict oncoming market trends and acts quickly before the market fluctuates. Furthermore, Lustgarten encourages investors to keep a diverse global portfolio, as it reduces the expected risk while benefiting from the local economy. Therefore, investors wishing to realize their retirement dream should consistently follow Martin’s investment tips. Martin’s moves inform the productive investments that an investor should take in the future.

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Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner for Smooth and Soft Hair

If you find yourself in a position where you really want to take good care of your hair, you will find an array of different options available. Wen hair care products have received huge attention of late. Could these products offer the right requirements for your hair? What you have to keep in mind is that your hair is very individual. There are many things that could form the choice of picking one product and leaving the other. However, the basis of choosing a hair product should be something that is good for the long-term growth and performance of your hair and makes your hair feel good. The Wen hair care system tries to achieve both.


People that have used the product have noted several benefits to their hair. One of the key benefit is the addition of moisture back to the hair. This is what has made the Wen hair care system extremely popular. It evades the need of using shampoo that strip the moisture of your hair. Whether you live in a very cold place, dry air can get the moister right from your hair. This leaves your hair feeling dry and not brittle. The Wen cleansing conditioner products have been made to avert these negative effects. You will find yourself in a great place and really enjoying your hair with the use of this product.

More and more people have realized the benefits of cleansing conditioners. People have turned away from the negative effects of harmful shampoos. You too should not miss out in this. The product offers an all-natural ingredient that improves the health of your hair. What you will mostly like about the product is the resultant non-greasy feel. It will additionally be lightweight and maintain a smooth and soft feel. Anyone that feels they want a product different from the ordinary shampoos should give Wen by Chaz a try.

How Does ClassDojo Help?


Classdojo is an app that was designed for classrooms. It is intended for the success of teachers as well as students and so that parents can have an inside look at what goes on in the classroom. It also opens up a new level of communication between teachers and parents. This app is one of the first of its kind and it is already changing the way that things are being done in classrooms. It has been successful and the classrooms that use it have seen more success since they have started to use it to help their students and the parents.


The Classdojo app was designed so that students can get rewards for when they do something good in the classroom. Teachers can set the application up to do different things depending on what they want to see in their classroom. For example, a teacher can give extra points to students for being kind, having manners or listening at a time when it is important to listen. Students can build up points in the app and can then trade the points in at the end of the month for a special reward in the classroom.


When it comes to the classroom environment, students can also look at the app from their own point of view. They can see the amount of points that they have accumulated and they can see what they are able to do if they continue to do well in the classroom. This is something that has given students a lot of encouragement and has allowed them to be as successful as possible in their classroom. It is a great option for anyone who wants to be able to get what they need from the different environments. Students love the way that the Class dojo app works.


Parents are also included in the Classdojo fun. They are able to see their child’s progress on a daily, monthly and weekly basis. There are also charts where they can see how their child stacks up against the other students in the classroom so they know what they need to work on when their child is at home. If parents have concerns about the classroom environment or anything else, they can use the convenient integrated messaging app to talk to the teacher. This new level of communication means that parents do not need to worry about calling or emailing their child’s teacher.

Mike Baur Achievements in the Finance Industry

The business world is very complicated. It is not easy for an individual to get an opening and gain traction. Investors want to start businesses, but they do not know where they can start. Even when they have a good idea, it is very hard to make it succeed. Finding enough capital to turn these dreams into a reality is also not a walk in the park. Finding employees and getting everything in order is also a complicated process. If you find yourself in this situation, it is advisable to look for companies such as Swiss Startup Factory, founded by Mike Baur.


Mike Baur has a lot of experience in the finance industry. He ventured into the industry when he was very young, and since then, he has never looked back. Mike Baur has a lot of skills in the banking sector, and he helps companies grow to greater heights. With his help, many people in business have been able to make their dreams come true and their ideas transformed into functional institutions. For the Mike Baur, making the ideas of other people come true is what gives him satisfaction. He has helped many officials in different companies in Switzerland and other parts of the globe. Helping other people motivates the hedge fund manager.


Several years ago, Mike Baur decided to start his own startup company to help entrepreneurs. Before starting the company, he had worked in the same industry for over twenty years, acquiring enough experience. With several other partners, Mike Baur has built the company to one of the most successful startups in the globe.


The startup factory offers people in business advanced help. With this goal in mind, the company has helped individuals to access skills that they need when starting a new business or managing companies. The institution has a unique program that takes three months. During the three months, businessmen are taught about necessary skills, and they are given good office spaces in Zurich town. The company also offers these entrepreneurs good networks so that they can succeed in their businesses.


Just recently, Swiss Startup Factory announced that it was going to partner with CTI Invest to develop the Swiss Startup Ecosystem. According to Mike Baur, the new partnership will be very beneficial to both institutions. In the partnership, Mike Baur will serve as the Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest. The CEO of CTI Invest is expected to retire soon, and Mike Baur will take his position.

The Secret behind Raj Fernando’s Success

Raj Fernando is an American Businessman, philanthropist, donor and also a political fundraiser. He is the current CEO and chairman of Scoutahead and was the former chief executive officer of Chopper Trading. Raj Fernando was born to CK and Laura Fernando on July 1971 while they were living in Denmark, immediately after CK completed a Fulbright Scholarship at New York University and Laura had completed her course on classical piano under a Juilliard School professor. Raj Fernando was born the youngest of his two sisters.

Raj Fernando went to Beloit College where he graduated with a degree in economics and history which have always been his interest. He later went to advance his studies in the University College London. While still in college, Fernando started his career as a volunteer at the Chicago Mercantile. While in Chicago Mercantile as an intern, Fernando worked in several positions including trading position which gave him more knowledge about the trading activities. Fernando founded Chopper Trading in the year 2002 which is a Chicago-based trading firm and concentrated in the areas of equities, fixed income among other products. He later became the company’s CEO. As the CEO he started developing the company through designing, managing, implementing several things in the business including communication, security systems and also came up with risk management tools.

Raj Fernando made sure that he assisted the company to be the major contributor on the world’s largest global exchanges with approximately 250 employees all over the world. Raj Fernando later launched which is an internet start-up, and he serves as the chairman and the CEO. He has also been a greater political contributor where he contributes cash to the Democratic candidates in the USA. For instance, in the year 2008, he funded Hillary Clinton for her presidential campaign and did so to Barrack Obama. Raj Fernando also donated some cash to women count which is a political action committee, and its mission is to empower Democratic women who run for office. He has also supported wounded warriors, Big Brothers and Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago and also made contributions to Illinois Holocaust Museum.


ClassDojo App Is Improving Classroom Management

ClassDojo is a classroom management app that seeks to improve communication between teachers, parents and students as well as monitor students’ performance. This app, which is now used in 90% of United States Districts and over 180 nations globally, offers the three parties a platform to share messages, photos and videos during a school day. ClassDojo app is flexible in that teachers are able to customize it to fit their specific classroom activities. In addition, they can input the skills required for students to undertake different tasks and attach the number of points.

Positive points are rewarded in different ways. Through pie charts, teachers can access reports for every student. If required, they can be printed out for the parent. In addition, students can access the app in order to follow up on their performance. To make it more exciting, each student has the freedom of customizing the look of his or her app avatar. This app encourages teachers, parents and students to engage in different spheres in order to create a favorable classroom environment.

According to testimonials from parents and teachers, the app has improved classroom management. Jill Smith, a Warren County parent said that the app makes it easier to communicate with teachers about her son’s performance throughout the day. Linsley, a teacher, said that ClassDojo app is a powerful tool that enhances excellent decision-making and positive behavior by students. She added that the app not only makes parents aware of their children’s weaknesses but also their strength, which gives them an insight on how to guide them.

Nicole Brown, a teacher at Dennis Elementary School, pointed out that there has been a positive transformation in her classroom since the app was implemented. Other schools that have enjoyed the benefits of Class Dojo are Springboro and Schneck Elementary School, as explained by the school principal, Debbie Kienle

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo app was established in 2011 in San Francisco by a talented team of engineers, educators and designers. ClassDojo has emerged as one of the fastest developing technological companies in history. Its team members have an extensive experience both in public and charter schools, Facebook, Google, Dropbox and Amazon.

ClassDojo app incorporates insights and opinions from millions of teachers to ensure that it is built to suit the specific needs of each classroom/school. The company serves approximately 15 million students and has 8,000 moments shared by teachers each minute. Two in three schools in the U.S. use the app at least daily.

Richard Blair Makes the Retirement Process a Lot Less Painless

Retirement is something that everyone wants to do, but no one wants to plan for it. That is a problem that has plagued Americans for many years. That is why there is a very strong need for some type planning advice. With Richard Blair and his Wealth Solutions organization people get the chance to see exactly what is a priority when it comes to building wealth.

The average person may have their minds on quick returns for investments, but this is no way to build wealth if people are just looking for quick returns.

Richard Blair has experience – more than 2 decades of working in financial planning – that has made him a leader inside of the investment world. With Richard Blair Wealth Solutions lots of people get the chance to totally rearrange their funds to get the best portfolio for the money that they have. There is a good chance that people will discover things with Richard Blair that they did not know about before.

The portfolio is a big deal. Richard Blair helps people see the benefits of diversifying their portfolio. There are a lot of different stocks and mutual funds that can totally change the returns on investment that people are able to see. With Wealth Solutions people will get the chance to see the benefits of having someone with experience in the driver’s seat. There are many do-it-yourself guides to investing.

Everyone isn’t going to have the same level of success though. There is a lot more success when someone that knows the ins and outs of investing. These are the type of people that can help you get beyond the basics of investing and put you into the much more advanced investment stages. That is what propels a portfolio to the next level.

According to DataFox, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has managed to create this company and run things successfully because he has stayed in tune with all of the changes in the investing world. People that want to build wealth can follow him because he knows how to help people spread their money out over a plethora of investment opportunities even if they don’t have a lot of money to invest.

This is the true beauty of having a retirement planner. These are the people that give you access to so many things that they may never have known about without the assistance of a planner like Richard Blair.

Benefits of Using Hair Care Products

As a woman, it is very important to constantly maintain your hair by ensuring you use the best hair care products. Chaz Dean has ensured you get the best reliable hair care products by bringing you Wen products. It is a hair product that is designed to protect, revitalize and strengthen your hair using the best blend of natural ingredients and herbs. Women with any kind of hair can highly benefit from this product since it improves you vast in case you have damaged hair by using it regularly.

This product also helps you save money on other hair products such as shampoo, conditioner and many more since WEN by Chaz has all of these products combined to give you a great experience. You will be in a position to improve your hair manageability using Wen since it makes it easier to brush and even style your hair. You will also be able to increase the retention of your hair color in case it has been dyed before. Maintaining dyed hair may be a headache at times and you can therefore use Wen products to restore health to your hair in case it has grown lusterless or it’s brittle. WEN products are Sephora available and can also be bought online thru Guthy-Renker‘s website.


There are numerous benefits of using hair shampoo as well as conditioner. Your hair needs constant care so it can always be free from dandruff and other dirt particles. Shampoo ensures your hair remains clean and also fights with hair dryness and gives you the best soft strands. Sometimes itchy hair can be disturbing, using hair shampoo will ensure the itch fades away. Using hair conditioner also ensures your hair remains soft, less tangling and color fading, protects your hair from breakages and gives your hair better retention of moisture. It is important to use shampoo and conditioner so as to ensure your hair remains strong, clean and soft.

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Billy McFarland: The Magnises Black Card Founder

Billy McFarland is an American tech entrepreneur born in 1991 in New York City. He started his entrepreneurial venture at the age of 13 when he founded his first company which focused on business outsourcing. He developed an app that matched clients and designers. Billy McFarland is the founder and CEO of Spling and Magnises companies.


According to a Video from Fortune,  McFarland briefly attended Bucknell University in Lewisburg where he studied computer engineering before dropping out to focus on business. He founded Spling; an online ad platform which allows users to improve the visual appearance of URLs by converting them from text links to graphical images arranged as virtual bulletin boards or mosaics. Some of his clients are Universal and Discovery.


Magnises was founded by McFarland in August 2013, and the card officially launched on March 1, 2014. The Magnises black card is a technology based community-oriented platform offering cachet, sparks, and guidance that aims to improve the everyday lives of members drawn mainly from the millennial generation.

The card is however not a credit card, and it’s not connected to any financial institution but transfers data from the existing debit or credit card. You can then use the Magnises card in place of your debit or credit card as the original cards continue to function normally.

 The Magic of Magnises Black Card

The black card charges $250 annual membership fee, with no spending requirements or initiation fees. So far, it’s available in Washington DC and New York City, but plans are underway to expand to Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, London, and Chicago. Magnises has subscribed over 10,000 members and collected $3 million in venture capital.

The black card enables you to get discounts at clubs, restaurants, and bars whenever you flash it out in addition to enjoying reservation experiences in luxurious gateways and private concerts.

McFarland affirms that the platform will connect the millennial with new business both online and offline. That can best be linked to what people carry around all the time; debit cards and credit cards.

A mobile app connected to Magnises membership cards highlights ongoing activities and enables you to get instant access to those deals.

Future Expansion Plans

The startup recently relocated its home base from an outgrown West Village townhouse to a more spacious penthouse at the Rivington Hotel, Lower East Side. Magnises are now able to host lots of their activities there. Additionally, members can hold meetings during the day, or even work from there.

The plan is to launch it in 10 more cities within the next 12 months, beginning with Washington, DC, partnering with Embassy Row Hotel.

IAP Worldwide: Logic In Times Of Crises

Logistics means different things in different contexts. In the event of a natural disaster logistics on would involve coordinating relief efforts and rescuing civilians. On battlegrounds logistics is what allows the military to install its temporary bases in crucial territory. Accomplishing these tasks is far from simple or easily done. To accomplish these tasks expertise and experience is needed. IAP Worldwide provides both of these things whenever the logistics firm is needed. Operating in countries across the world IAP Worldwide provides logistics and engineering services in everything from traffic systems for airports to remote research laboratories used by militaries. Few companies manage to ever pull off the feats IAP does on a regular basis.

The services IAP Worldwide offers its clients cover an array of important dimensions of public needs. When a hurricane devastates the eastern coast of America, IAP is there to provide the water bottles and emergency power supply desperately needed. If an ongoing battle has depleted allied forces of vital supplies, IAP steps in and delivers those supplies when they are needed. Without IAP the capacity for many governments to step in and perform basic duties for their citizens becomes impossible on IAP Worldwide plays its role better than any other logistics firm will ever dream.

The success of IAP Worldwide has allowed the firm to acquire other companies in order to expand the variety of services it offers and provide superior logistics services. IAP recently purchased two subsidiaries from engineering firm DRS technologies. The two companies purchased give IAP Worldwide access to engineers with knowledge in key areas of logistics, such as civil engineers that may design structures. By incorporating the engineers into the comapny’s existing roster it becomes possible to offer more specialized services to its clientele. A client may need a research laboratory built in a remote location. With the help of engineers this becomes a possibility.

IAP Worldwide has proven itself time and time again through decades as the most reliable logistics firm on From its beginnings in the 1960s with missile launches to its current efforts at disaster relief, IAP remains an important mover and shaker worldwide. That importance will only increase as it expands its roster and services.