Duda Melzers RBS Group Has Launched Several Campaigns Over The Last Ten Years

Brazil has one of the best media industries on the planet in terms of social response. Brazilians are heavily influenced by media campaigns, and no one knows that better than the Duda Melzer, the CEO of the RBS media group based in Porto Allegra. Melzer is one of the top marketing executives in the country. He knows how to stimulate awareness, and RBS does that on an ongoing basis. Institutional campaigns are one of the RBS Group’s most powerful as well as traditional actions. RBS is invested in Brazil social traditions, and all of the television, radio, newspapers, magazines and other RBS holdings participate in various campaigns.



Duda Melzer, the Harvard-educated marketing wiz, is not afraid to get his company involved in issues like road safety, drug abuse, child protection and other important social issues. The RBS campaigns have produced excellent results, and they constantly put RBS and Duda Melzer in the public’s thoughts.



The RBS campaign “Love is the Best Inheritance, Take Care of the Kids” was launched in 2003, right before Duda returned from the United States. RBS calls that campaign, “O Amor é a Melhor Herança, Cuide das Crianças,” and it highlights the importance of caring for children and teenagers. The marketing team at RBS originally developed and featured five lovable monsters called the Bogeyman, the Witch, the Headless Mule, The Devil and the Black Face Ox. A sixth monster was introduced at the end of 2003 called the Bad Wolf. That campaign shows how the RBS Group uses fairy tales, and vintage children’s stories to get their point across. Melzer believes the response from the people shows how important the RBS campaigns are for his giant conglomerate and for society.




Brian Bonar recognized as the best Executive in Trade and Commerce

Brian Bonar is among the highly reputed executive financial and investment leaders. He has served many companies with excellence demonstrating the best leadership strategies. His leadership accomplishments can be confirmed by the achievements that the companies attained during his tenure.

What sets Mr. Brian Bonar aside from other executives is that he is driven by a passion to create and manage highly effective teams. Some of the teams that he has managed have designed some of the most efficient customer care approaches.

Mr. Bonar’s leadership achievements were eventually recognized globally after he received one of the most prestigious awards from the Cambridge Who’s Who honorary awards. The honorary awards are granted to persons who exhibit exemplary leadership qualities and academic achievements relevant to their career path.

According to LinkedIn, Brian Bonar is a highly accomplished academician. He holds a postgraduate degree in Mechanical engineering, an undergraduate degree in Technical Engineering from James Wyatt Technical College, and a Ph.D. He is also an affiliate member of American Finance Association.

Bonar has a career experience of more than 30 years over which, he has served as an executive official in numerous companies. Some of his remarkable career achievements occurred in his tenure as CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation.

Imaging Technologies Corporation used to manufacture imaging products but upon Bonar’s entry, it began offering additional services in marketing imaging goods and services. It also excelled in provision of business support ideas to customers who faced market challenges.

Bonar identified various business gaps that existed in the industry and used them as opportunities to grow and expand Imaging Technologies Corporation services. As a result, the company recorded a remarkable growth in market domination as well as in revenues posted for the period.

Brian later joined Dalrada Financial Corporation as its CEO and chairperson. His primary responsibility was to design employee and employer benefits and aftermarket products. Here, he redesigned and improved employee benefits such as risk management insurance and financial management that led to improved employee satisfaction hence increasing business efficiency.

Brian has worked in numerous other companies as a top executive officer. The companies include IBM, QMS, Adaptec, Bezier systems, and Smart-Tek.

Besides being a business leader, Brian is also an investor. He opened a restaurant in North County known as Bellamy’s. The restaurant is ranked highly among hotel ratings for providing healthy meals, a homely environment, and guaranteed comfort. Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=185634&privcapId=29770

Brian Bonar has over the years acquired skills that enable him to deliver good results in every task he undertakes across a broad range of industries.

He is known to identify market gaps and solutions, which act as opportunities for firms to grow. He is also an integration expert who develops responsive approaches that enable firms to give satisfactory services to clients.  Read more: Brian Bonar / People / MG2

Given the diverse educational background, the wealth of experience, and a passion for managing teams, Brian deservedly won the Finance Executive of the year award.

The Midas Legacy: The Touch of Gold

When you have worked so hard for so long in your life, you look forward to retirement. You look forward to the day where you can rest, kick back, and enjoy all that you have worked so hard for in your life. Let’s face it: you have earned that right. The Midas Legacy talks about protecting people’s lifelong goals. As of this writing, they are located in Winter Garden, Florida. They look out for people that are looking forward to retirement, as a lot of people, quite frankly, are not prepared for it. It is not their fault. They just had no one teach them or show them the way.

Sadly, they sometimes run out of money and find themselves in tough situations. However, with The Midas Legacy, they can rest easy, knowing that everything will be taken care of for them and they will be guided by experts. This is what they do and what they excel at. The Midas Legacy do everything within their power to get it right for people in retirement, so they can have the life they have always dreamed of and then some. They help entrepreneurs, as they know they need to do things a little differently and they go out of the way to make sure that their investments and their business is protected.

Read more: Midas Legacy – About Us

A lot of people lose sleep over this and it causes them a great deal of anxiety. As you know, anxiety is usually caused by worries about the future. Because of their worries about the future, they can’t relax, take it easy, and enjoy what they are doing. However, The Midas Legacy likes to make things as worry-free as possible for entrepreneurs on themidaslegacy.com, so they can focus on their business and making it bigger and better than ever before. That is all their focus should be, as The Midas Legacy takes care of the rest.

They talk about what people want to do with their money and how they want to use it. This is a vital component. A lot of people are savers but there are also a great number of people that are buyers. They love to buy, buy, buy without any regard for how it will affect their future. While it is great to enjoy everything you have worked for, as it is your money, you have to be wise about it. The Midas Legacy has that approach in helping and guiding people.

Learn more about The Midas Legacy: http://themidaslegacy.com/want-real-wealth-trick-your-brain/

Student Stories: Yet Another Innovative Feature From ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a communication platform that has revolutionized learning in schools. Through its School Story and Class Story, schools and teachers have been able to share information as well as visuals to parents for them to know what goes on in schools where their kids learn.

Although the innovation was good and overly helpful, there were some concerns, the major one being that information shared touched on general class happenings only. Students can share their homework, but the parents do not get to know exactly how their kids are doing. Students do great things such as projects and poems, but parents don’t have a chance to see all these achievements. Most exciting things that happen in class rarely leave the classroom.

Using its laudable innovation, ClassDojo has moved to address the concerns. They have announced that they are adding Student Stories to their app. Students will use this feature to upload photos and videos of whatever they do in class to their digital platform from where their parents will be able to view them.

With parents more informed, more meaningful conversations concerning student progress in school will increase. Conversations will become more intimate and this will help create a stronger community. Students will also be more proud of their achievements the result being a positive culture in classrooms and schools.

Many teachers who have been using ClassDojo are excited about the new feature and can’t wait to start using it. Teachers will be able to use devices such as an iPad to allow their students to take photos and videos of their work. The students will be able to use a QR code to access ClassDojo without the need of a password to post their photos and videos. Later in the day, teachers will go through the posts, approve and send them to parents. Parents will only get to see the work of their kids in addition to what has been shared through School Story and Class Story.

ClassDojo was co-founded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don in 2011. Chaudhary is the Chief Executive while Don is the Chief Technology Officer of the company. It has its headquarters in San Francisco. The company was launched with the aim of helping teachers, parents and students connect better and also empower them to bring ground-up changes to the education system.

Since its inception, the company has experienced great success, and it leads as the fastest growing educational technology company in the world. It is used in two in three schools in the entire United States. It has also expanded its operations to other 180 countries.
Find out more about ClassDOjo:



The Search Fixers Protect Your Online Reputation


In this modern era of digital technology the simple and often frustrating truth is that the first page of a companies Google search results can have more affect on public perception than even the most expensive ad campaign. This level of information freedom can be a bad thing for companies who need to fix bad online reputation. The key is knowing how to protect against sudden bursts of negative attention and fix bad search results.

If a modern business expect to maintain a strong online presence then they need a basic understanding of Online Reputation Management. The key to online reputation management is being active. The internet is a constant torrent of new information pushing in. Sometimes this digital wave recycles old information and sometimes it pushes it down to the depths where nobody can see it. If you simply create a website for your business and let it sit then you are not using it to it’s fullest potential.

Whether the source is known or anonymous, the accusations true or false, once negative information is out there in public eyes it can be very damaging to a company that has nothing to counteract it. Even if it is just a bad review or a former employee venting steam online, if a company offers nothing in return then the attack simply sits there like a dark stain on the front of the search page. It may even begin to grow and spread, blotting out your companies carefully crafted image as the bad press attracts attention and gets linked and reposted over and over again.

Internet reputation repair gets its name because it is an active process. This can be a time consuming process however. If you feel your business does not allow for the time to do this kind of work properly then it may be worthwhile to seek out a third party. The Search Fixers are an online reputation management group who specializes in counteracting negative information with positive information in order to fix negative search results. This way if your reputation comes under attack you have the ability to create your own message and the means to put that front and center. Once you have your message, The Search Fixers’ reputation management consultants have the connections and knowledge to ensure that it finds its way to as many eyes as possible. This reputation management service lets your company guide online discussion in the direction that you want and buffers your search results from bad press.

While it can be frustrating, investing time and energy into good online reputation can yield major positive results and protect you from negative backlash.

Dallas Bank Continues Rapid Growth

Quarterly reporting of numbers are a crucial indicator of the overall health of any company, and if a company is publicly traded, there are forecasts as to what their numbers should be, and if they miss, the results are normally a sell-off of their stock. That sell-off is normally temporary, but it is a reminder of how important these earnings numbers can be.

NexBank Reports Strong Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Results

NexBank, a financial services firm in Dallas, Texas, has closed the books on another very successful quarter. They reported increases in deposits, loans as well as overall assets. Though not publicly traded yet, the most recent 5 years indicate such strength, an IPO might not be far-off. This regional outfit is involved with mortgages, investment banking and commercial banking. Their growth efforts are obviously paying off in a big way, and with a strong capital position and lots of liquidity, even more growth is likely the only result for a bank showing such promise.

Return-on-average equity increased to 43%, which is a staggeringly high number by any means. With total asset increase just over $2 billion, and with deposits increasing over $1.6 billion, the strength of this southern powerhouse cannot be over-stated. They are on a path to continued success, likely for the foreseeable future.

The leadership at NexBank is completely committed to delivering value in every transaction with its customers. In addition, part of their value-added mission includes offering access to varied solutions to their financial needs, as well as access to great minds to help them achieve their goals. They have a dedicated team of advisors available to help all customers. This team is composed of seasoned professionals who have been garnering successful results for clients with specialized needs. This is how NexBank separates itself from the competition, and keeps their customers satisfied, which of course is a key to the type of explosive growth as they are now experiencing.


The Career of Brian Bonar

About Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a very successful and popular finance executive. He is the leader of receipt Incorporated and has an extensive leadership background. He served as the leader in companies like Dalrada Financial Corporation. Bonar really understands how to build a successful business structure.

He specializes in mergers and acquisitions. It is his creative and personable approach to life, with a combination of the technical genius of engineer that makes him as special and successful as he is.

Brian Bonar went to James Watt Technical College and obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering there. Afterward, he went to Stafford University and obtained his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

After college, he went started working for IBM as a procurement manager and afterward, went on to become the Director of Engineering for QMS. It was at QMS where he learned to manage over 100 people. He soon went on to manage as a Sales Manager for Adaptec.

He then, after gaining years worth of experience and knowledge, he started his own company called Bezier Systems. Afterward, he went on to work for a few other companies and found substantial success with Dalrada Financial Services.

As stated on XRepublic, the chairmen, and CEO of Dalranda Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar was made Cambridge’s 2010/2011 Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance. There are only lucky men and two lucky women who get the right to be named the Who’s Who executive of the year.

It is a very big honor to be named. The committee chooses their honorees by their professional accomplishments and academic achievements, along with their leadership skills. Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=185634&privcapId=29770

More About Dalrada Financial Services

Dalrada Financial Services PEO business. It offers benefits and aftermarket products for a selection of employee and employers. They supply their clients a broad variety of employee programs that are said to improve a businesses efficiency. These programs include:

• Employee Benefits

• Risk Management Insurance

• Financial Management

• Promotional and Business Management Services

The Benefits of the Securus Technology

Prison life can be difficult for everyone who is involved. Not only does this involve the person who is actually in prison, but it is also awful for the family members and children who might be involved. I personally found it difficult when a relative of my own was put into prison for over a year. It felt like I could never see them and had a lot of issues when it came to communicating. This is why and when I found the Securus system and why I began to make use of it for my own needs.

The reason I love the Securus technology as much as I do is because it enables safe and secure video chatting from the comfort of your own home. What this meant for me was that I did not have to make those long and grueling trips to the prison that was over two hours away from me just to see my relative. It allowed my relative to also get a feel for home and know that we were all still there and waiting for them to get home themselves. I will never go back to using other systems anymore now that I know about Securus.

There are so many different people out there who are struggling with prison life and the overall communication with those who are put away. Whether you have a loved one who is gone for years or just a couple of months, the communication can be totally frustrating for you. I will continue to tell people about my own experience using Securus and why I love the system for all that it is worth. It has saved me a lot of gas and trips just to see my loved one who happens to be in the prison system.


Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.