The Open Society Operations And The Effects Of The Current Economic Crisis As Covered By George Soros

George Soros came to the U.S from a Britain where he had undertaken his business studies. On arrival to the U.S, George Soros threw himself into the business industry where he started Soros Fund Management on As an entrepreneur and business person, George Soros has been able to achieve great goals. Starting from zero with his Soros Fund Management, he has made great fortunes along his business career including $1 billion in 1992 on the British pound devaluation to a $27 billion worth. George Soros was born in Hungary and came to Britain as an asylum seeker. During his time in Hungary, the government was in the hands of pro-Nazi leaders who did not care about anything to do with human rights or democracy. At this time, most Hungarians were starving and could not get any social services like health care from the government. This led to widespread misery among the citizens of the country.

After he had arrived in America, George Soros started human rights campaigns against minor issues he could change. As his success in business grew so did his influence on human rights and democracy issues. George Soros’ breakthrough in the democracy and human rights activism came during the cold war. At this time, he dedicated his efforts to bringing down the communist rule in Germany on He worked with activists in Germany to invent Xeron machines which were used to infiltrate the communist rule. George Soros efforts led to the collapse of communism in this country marked by the fall of the Berlin wall. George Soros later founded an international humanitarian and democratic umbrella charity, Open Society. This charity has played a major role in bringing democracy to countries such as South Africa. This charity has grown and expand its activities into over 100 nations worldwide.

As a business person, his time in this industry has given him a lot of experience in economic issues. Georges Soros is currently rated among the most credible economic analyst in the world. He was one of the first economic analysts to foresee the 2008 economic crisis and protected his investments. George Soros has of late expressed his doubts about the economic crisis that is currently before the world. Speaking at an economic forum in Sri Lanka, George Soros said that the current crisis comes from China.

China, the world’s largest economy has been in a production and manufacturing economic model. The new government in the country has promised its citizens better economic times by 2022, and its seeks to achieve this by changing its economic approach. The country is phasing into a consumption and services-driven economy. This economic phase change according to George Soros is bringing to the world a 2008 like crisis. George Soros adds that this 2008 like crisis may have similar harsh outcomes.


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