George Soros Likens China’s Banks to Those of USA in 2007

As one of the thirty richest men in the world, financier-philanthropist George Soros is a person whose words deserve to be listened to when it comes to predictions about the economy. Since 1970 the Soros Fund Management has been one of the world’s most successful hedge funds. Soros’ Open Society Foundation on has given away some $11 billion dollars in philanthropic grants over the past 23 years. George Soros knows the global market.

Hence it is all the more disturbing that Soros has been drawing parallels between the Asian market’s current situation and the state that the US economy was in just before the 2008 recession. Back in September 2015, George Soros drew attention to the European Union’s problems with Greek debt, likening it to the run-up to 2008. In January of this year, reported that George Soros was warning of similar trends visible in Asia, with China devaluing its currency in the face of the falling value of the yuan and having to intervene in market trading to prevent a catastrophe. In a recent article, Bloomberg reports that Soros has repeated his warnings, this time targeting the issue of China’s current debt.
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Soros’ warnings about China’ situation follow news that the Chinese government had created $362 billion (2.34 trillion yuan) in new credit during March, far more than the predicted 1.4 trillion yuan. Clearly the Chinese government is eager to spur on economic growth by funding new enterprises rather than dealing with existing debt. But is this really what’s happening? Soros says that, in fact, the new money is just helping bad debt stay afloat and shoring up existing businesses that are already running at a loss. It is precisely this state that is reminiscent of the situation in the United States in the months prior the financial crisis of 2008: loads of bad debt and little hope of legitimate recovery and genuine growth.

Chinese state media haven’t been slow to reject Soros’ warnings. They point to the surge in the price of new homes in China, with such growth spurred on by the new available credit. But this is precisely what makes Soros nervous: the banking system in China has more loans than deposits, forcing banks to loan to each other. With the Chinese financial quarter itself feeling unstable, others have begun to grow insecure. Standard and Poor’s and Moody’s, for example, have both cut China’s credit rating since March. Soros also points to capital outflows from China. As the government’s anti-corruption campaign shows no sign of slowing down, wealthy Chinese individuals have sought to diversify their holdings and to get their money out of the country to some safer haven.

As the Chinese government props up its own economy by increasing state involvement, the global economic forecasters are not wildly confident in the situation. It may not be a bad idea to listen in this case to George Soros’ predictions.

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How the Venezuelan Economic Boom Fueled the Current Energy Crisis.

From economic boom to rolling black-outs this is precisely the problem confronting Venezuela today.Extended drought conditions have crippled the country’s hydroelectric systems. While some place the blame on this as the cause of the nation’s power outage woes, the economic growth during the early part of the millennium might be playing just as large a role according to expert Jose Manuel Gozalez.
While current poverty levels in Venezuela are estimated to be near 80% it was not that long ago that the country was in the midst of an economic boom. Fueled by record high oil prices between 1998 and 2013 Venezuela reduced their poverty by 20%, and sported one of the fastest reduction rates in the world. Riding this oil boom the nation’s economy expanded at an amazing speed.

This economic surge predicted by Manuel Gonzalez allowed people to purchase on a level that they never had before. From homes to hair dryers, to washing machines Venezuelans embraced their new found purchasing power, and the nation’s electrical needs exploded.Unfortunately a drought and a crash in oil prices were right around the corner.

Low export prices have limited the amount that the government can do to mitigate the damage. The drought has now reduced water levels in the nation’s largest hydroelectric plant to nearly critical levels. This, coupled with the increased demand from its previous economic success, has left the Venezuelan power grid in a perilous position.

Investor Kyle Bass Bet Against The Euro and Now He Is Betting Against The Chinese Yuan

Kyle Bass is one of those hedge fund investors that Bernie Sanders would like to stop. It’s not that Bass is a despicable guy, but his method of making money has been the topic of conversation for several years. Bass was a small-time hedge fund manager back in 2006. His company, Hayman Capital, didn’t have very many assets under management back then, but Bass still had his Wall Street connections from his years of being a Bear Stearns executive. In 2006, Bass predicted that Bear Stearns subprime mortgage bonds were worthless, and he leaked that information to a CNN reporter. Bass also bet that those subprime mortgage bonds that were commonplace on Wall Street at that time were going to implode. Bass was right. He made millions on that bet, and he became an overnight rock star investor.

Hayman Capital has grown over the last seven years. Hayman Capital has billions of assets under management, and Bass is constantly interviewed by investment publications that want to get the inside scoop on the next best investment. In 2015, Bass predicted that the euro was going to depreciate against the dollar, and he made a ton of money on that bet. In 2016, Bass decided that China’s currency, the yuan, is overvalued, and Bass has moved most of Hayman Capital’s to a short position against the yuan. If he’s right, he will make billions on that risky wager. The Chinese government has told Bass and other hedge fund investors not to bet against them because the investors will lose.

But Bass believes China is in trouble. Mr. Bass thinks the Chinese banks are carrying too much debt, and the government cannot keeping spending capital reserves to keep the banks and the Chinese stock market solvent. Chinese capital reserves are dwindling, and Bass believes all economic hell is going to break loose over the next 18 months in China. Bass told a Fox Business reporter the U.S. could fall into a recession because of China in 2016.

Bass has been wrong before. He tried to bet against the Japanese banks and lost. Bass also tried to keep the price of General Motors stock from falling when the airbag and power steering issues were discovered. Bass blames the victims rather than GM for the deadly debacle. Bass also didn’t make friends when he sided with the former president of Argentina when that country defaulted on billions of dollars in bonds. Bass has also been in the news for a deal he made with the wife of the slain marine that Hollywood called the “American Sniper.”  Read more on Kyle Bass through UsefulStooges’ brillian expose on his shady past:

Article Shows Beneful Premium Brand To Be Most Trustworthy

The type of dog food that you are buying for your dog is what determines the type of dog that you have at your side. There is a huge benefit to going the extra mile by purchasing the dog foods that you can trust to satisfy your dog’s hunger, to satisfy your dog’s taste for food, and to give your dog the nutrients that are required on a daily basis. Premium dog food has many benefits when compared to the cheaper brands. I would never waste my money on the cheaper brands of dog foods when these premium brands are available to us. There was a great article that I read on the Daily Herald’s website about premium dog food companies, and I would like to share my views on this topic as well as giving a quick recap of the article.
The Daily Herald’s Article On Premium Dog Foods

The article from the Daily Herald gives valuable insight into the types of things that manufacturing facilities of premium dog food brands consider when they are making their foods. There is a scene in the article where the manufacturing chief shows that the food tastes good by trying it. Premium brands, like Purinastore’s Beneful, actually have people in their manufacturing facilities that have the job of tasting the food. This ensures that Beneful and other premium brands are up to par with what tastes great.

Premium Dog Food Company To Trust

The premium dog food company that I trust is the one I just mentioned, Beneful. I have learned to trust this brand over the others because I like that they are using real meat and real vegetables in their ingredients that are used to make their dog foods. They use high quality ingredients, so you can be sure that your dog is getting everything that the dog needs out of the food you are putting in their bowl. Beneful is available on Walmart too!

Taking a look at for your dog could be enough to add years onto his or her life. Here’s the article I mentioned from the Daily Herald.

Sanjay Shah Contribution Towards the Rise of Autism Rock

For so long Sanjay Shah has been on the platform of the most successful entrepreneurs the world over. The question of how he escalated from his humble homage to that silver standing would linger in the minds of many considering the success his very many organizations have achieved. According to a report that was released by PR Newswire not so long ago, Autism Rock being is a form of a concert that aids in raising funds to further the research that has been begun on autism.
Sanjay Shah is its mastermind, and he hitherto is the CEO of the organization. This is a combination of his love for music and his love for the family catapulted his urge to kick-start his charity organization. The main role of this organization is to raise funds to drive the mentioned organization but as well to create awareness and instill the knowledge of the facts behind autism like its symptoms and how to detect it at an earlier stage. It as well gives them the idea of how their contribution is of much help to those who have been culprits. This concert is already capturing a lot of fans around the world.
Important factors about Sanjay Shah
We would seek to get to know the factors about Sanjay that could have given him the urge to come up with such an organization. He is known to be quite an active individual even during his time in the university and, however, much this could be a continuation of his norm. The fact that his youngest son got autism in 2014 could have been an immense pushing force behind the successful project.
Someone could confuse and believe that this is the only organization that Sanjay has ever come up with. It is thus important to point out that he as well came up with an organization called solo capital. This was an international boutique that deals with international professional sports and financial consultation. Its success justifies the kind of person Sanjay Shah is as far as entrepreneurship is concerned. Sanjay is thus an icon of success the world over.

A Champion of Truth and Fair Play in Modern

When a person thinks about the business world, the first words that come to their minds are usually not integrity or ethical. In fact, the business world and individuals who operate within that sphere are usually thought of as devious, cutthroat, and always looking for a competitive edge. In the world of business, honestly and integrity are not always seen in a positive light. For this reason, anyone who has the determination and the courage to follow the rules and play the game the way that it is supposed to be played is deserving of commendation. It takes a new individual with a strong sense of character to not be pulled into unethical practices. It takes an even stronger individual to have the courage to stand up to police and others who have allowed themselves to become enticed into committing the wrong business practices.

Helane Morrison has proven time and time again that she is that type of person. The integrity that she is integrity that she learned when she studied to become a journalist. It is the same integrity that served her well in her years of government service. Day after day, month after month, year after year, Helane Morrison has clearly proven that she has what it takes to stand up to corruption and protect the institutions and the people that are negatively affected by corruption.

Helane Morrison is neither enticed by power, nor is she afraid to tell truth to power. Over the years, she has bravely stood up to corrupt brokers and those who would misuse national and international financial institutions for their own gain. She is a determined woman who has shattered the glass ceiling. Her influence and power have left a positive mark on financial institutions for more than three decades. And there is no sign that she is slowing down.

For me and many others, the financial collapse that started in late 2007 and early 2008 came as a surprise. It pulled back the curtain on some of the corrupt practices that allowed a small group to get rich while putting the investments and life savings of the masses at risk. Helen Morrison has been a champion in seeing to it that the individuals involved in this financial meltdown and others are brought to justice and held accountable for their actions.


Every dog owner wants their puppy to be happy, healthy, and active. They also want them to grow up strong. That’s the reason more dog owners feed their pups Beneful’s Healthy Puppy. This dry dog food blend has everything that they need to grow up strong as well as added DHA that healps with healthy brain and vision development. Your pup will love the taste of real chicken and fresh vegetables like peas and carrots. All of this is combines with 100% of the nutrients your pup needs to grow up the best they can.

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Walmart sells Beneful’s Incredibities with real chicken. This food is packed with protein rich chicken for taste and great fresh vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, and spinach. You and your dog will love it because it tastes great and gives them all of the healthy vitamins and minerals they need to have a long, strong, and happy life. They also make dog treats:


Keith Mann Helping College Students

There are a lot of people who claim to care about young people. However, few people show this care like Keith Mann. As a businessman, worked in the executive search industry for more than fifteen years. Mann is an expert in hiring strategy and hedge fund compensation There are many people who say that Keith Mann is one of the best business owners in the state of New York. He recently announced that he is starting up a scholarship fund for students. This is important for many reasons,  but it also shows a commitment by him to continue helping those in need. see full article

Cost of College

The cost of college in New York is a huge burden on new students. Often times, students go to college in order to get a job after graduating. With massive amounts of student loan debt, many of these students struggle to make ends meet for many years after graduation. Keith Mann wants to help students with the cost of college by offering scholarships to students. This allows students to save money on the cost of college if they put the work in on the front end.

Keith Mann

For a person with as much career success as Keith Mann, there are few things that he can do to make himself look better in the eyes of the public. By announcing the professional scholarship, he has made it to where his work will impact the next generation. A lot of people who achieve high levels of success and wealth want to leave a legacy to the next generation. Keith Mann is certainly doing just that with the scholarship opportunities that he is giving the next generation of workers. see for full article

Avi Weisfogel’s Role in the Eradication of Facial Deformities Amongst Children

Cleft palates, cleft lips and other forms of facial distortions continue to affect many people globally. Correcting such deformities via surgical means is an expensive procedure, which puts it out or reach for many people. Avi Weisfogel has thrown his weight behind a noble initiative whose purpose is pooling funds to enable children suffering from the conditions undergo corrective surgeries.

Avi’s GoFundMe campaign will be to the tune of 2,000 dollars and will go to the Operation Smile, a charitable organization with a global outreach. It mainly focuses on medical charity and provides free surgical treatment to children and young adults affected by facial malformations. The procedures help them feel normal therefore, giving them hope for a healthy and bright future. Mr. Weisfogel chose to support for Operation Smile because the organization has firm belief that children must have access to the best health services available.

Operational Smile has formed extensive partnerships with medical practitioners, health facilities, governments and other like-minded organizations to ensure excellent surgical care for children. The partnerships formed pioneer groundbreaking treatment procedures. They also share ideas about the most cost-effective method to reach as many patients as possible. Started almost 4 decades ago, the initiative was meant to assist children in the Philippines access surgical services. It has however grown rapidly and now caters a global network encompassing volunteers from over 80 countries. To date, it has covered the cost of over 220,000 operations.

He is a New Jersey-based physician who is widely experienced in the treatment of sleep disorders. He runs the Dental Sleep Masters, which provides extensive treatment for those with sleeping disorders. The career dentist also previously founded and managed Old Bridge Dental Care for over 15 years. This won him many honors including being named Dentist of The Year numerous times.

Dr. Weisfogel graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in biology and psychology. Later on, he attended the New York University College of Dentistry where he graduated with a DDS. He has had a long and successful career in oral medicine. During his free time, he loves banqueting at sushi restaurants and bonding with his family.

Video Chats Made Even Better By Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is the world leading firm providing video marketing solutions to businesses of all kinds. This firm’s services are aimed to promote the growth of businesses and expansion of customer services across the world. Talk Fusion offers services that revolve around top notch video technology. This firm has a number of innovative products in the market. This firm’s products are sold on a person-to-person basis by the firm’s independent Associates operating in over 140 countries. Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 Bob Reina, who is also the firm’s Chief Executive Officer.

Among Talk Fusion’s top innovative products was the Instant Pay Compensation Plan, which the first of its kind in the world. This firm is also a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and works towards offering its clients the best quality services. Based on its founder’s principle of great responsibility comes alongside great success, Talk Fusion also participates in various philanthropic community projects. This firm also funds various animal charities.

A few weeks ago, Talk Fusion officially launched it is Talk Fusion Video Chat platform. Since its launch this video chat platform is gaining popularity globally very fast. Many people are already adopting this platform as their top video communication program. In Indonesia, the Video Chat is the #1 communication app, in Japan its #5 and in Switzerland, it is #20. These statistics were released by AppBrain, a discovery tool for the Android Market. Most of its users worldwide shared their compliments over the Video Chat’s compatibility and flexibility to various devices. They also said that the application facilitates faster and smart communication. The Video Chat program is available for Android, Apple, Windows, PC, Mac and tablet devices.

The Talk Fusion Video Chat platform offers HD-quality video communication. Talk Fusion promised its market greater innovations on this platform as they launched a 30 day Free Trial for the product. Talk Fusion says that it hopes this free trial will offer a better and bigger chance to attract more new clients. Talk Fusion also said that it is planning to reduce the purchasing prices for the Video Chat program. This will make the services more affordable to more people.