White Shark Media Complaint Remediation

White Shark Media takes very seriously any communication that may be a criticism because they are a customer oriented online advertising agency.

Communications include compliments as well as complaints. They read and heed complaints as seriously as compliments. They appreciate all review posts on exceptional service and results, as constructing a thoughtful and generous review takes time.

Communication is of paramount concern–not only for the client–but for the company as well. White Shark Media has begun a concentrated, targeted effort at correcting and reversing all complaints as they are received. Their agents are under-going strict retraining programs to ensure they can understand and provide better assistance in all aspects of Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns.

Communications previously began with a receptionist, but not any more! They implemented an online tool they now call “GoToMeeting.” This scheduled monthly conference call utilizes a shared window allowing both the client and the company to view the same screen. Additionally, the phone system has been altered to allow an extension number or direct link to the client’s contact person. If the client cannot reach his contact person, he also has the link and access to the supervisor.

There were comments from small business owners who were having problems reviewing the AdWords campaigns created by White Shark Media. They were finding interpretations of results difficult to follow or understand. A new system was installed insuring each client receive a more thorough clarification of all campaigns, including the record of successes and the elimination of slower performing tactics.

An additional issue was the apparent success of the old campaign versus the new campaign. All points of a current successful campaign are taken into consideration with the creation of any new project. The project is followed and supervised by the client’s consultant. Time is an important element in the creation of a growth strategy.

Another complaint was handled by setting up accounts that are registered in the name of the account holders. This gives the account holder greater direct control over their AdWords campaign as well as better tracking of the campaign performance. The company added the capability of conversion tracking as well as call tracking. Many customers are acquired through phone calls and these can now be included in the tracking as well.

In the past, some clients felt that after they signed up, the new contact person had not been brought up to speed. Senior consultants continue to guide and supervise from sign-up to ultimate campaign. While they may no longer be the primary point of contact, they always remain available for questions.

One of the hallmarks of a successful, aggressive online AdWords management team is the immediate handling of complaints as they arise. They are.

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Handy Continues Growth in 2016

A constant struggle that many people deal with is having to deal with the daily handyman repairs and cleaning responsibilities at home. Due to more demanding schedules than ever before, it can be nearly impossible to find the time to get everything done that you need to. For those that need help at home, a new online company, Handy, could be very helpful.

Handy is an on demand handyman and home cleaning service. When using the website, you will be able to request a certain job that you need taken care of at home. The website will then be able to match you up with other people in your area that will be able to handle it for you. You will be able to choose the best fit based on price, consumer reviews, and other pieces of information available to you.

While the company is just a few years old, the founder of the company, Oisin Hanrahan, is quickly growing the company into an international powerhouse. Despite being only a few years old, many investors see the need for the service and recently invested a round of over $50 million in private equity into the company. Handy now has a total estimated worth of over $500 million.

While the company has grown quickly, it did start with humble beginnings. The founder of the company started it with just an initial $50,000 seed investment, which helped to finalize the website. The company then began various viral marketing campaigns and quickly caught on with consumers due to its ease and reputation for providing a quality service. Handy has also been able to differentiate itself from the competition as many people enjoy the higher level of options and diversification of services that they can expect, compared to other similar websites.

Children Everywhere Deserve Access to the Best Healthcare

When most individuals hear about a cause that benefits others, they would like to support it. They will either volunteer with the organization to help them or they will donate money. Avi Weisfogel has found a cause that he is interested in helping. For this reason, he has launched a Go Fund Me campaign in order to benefit the organization Operation Smile.

Operation Smile began in the early 1980’s. It was established by a doctor and his wife who was a nurse. The two of them began helping children and young adults in the Philippines who experienced different facial deformities. Throughout the years, this organization has grown. Now, children in more than 50 countries are able to get access to free medical procedures that help them to deal with cleft lips and other facial deformities. This organization has staff members who live in more than 80 countries. Medical missions are planned each year. Staff volunteer their time and resources in order to help young people have a brighter smile and a brighter future.

Avi Weisfogel is originally from New Jersey. In fact, his parents are from New Jersey and currently his entire family, including his wife and six children, all live in the state. Avi set up a dental practice in Old Bridge where he works as a dental professional. Besides helping his patients have a better smile and better oral health, he is interested in educating others about the importance of good oral health. He is constantly interested in furthering his own education of all things dental. Avi even gives seminars that help medical professionals and average individuals to learn about the link that exists between sleep disorders and dental problems. He has set up several seminars that help to educate people.

Avi Weisfogel would like to raise at least $2,000 that can be donated to Operation Smile. He feels very strongly that children should receive access to healthcare no matter where they are from or what economic situation they are in. He believes in the ideas that Operation Smile promotes. One of these ideas is that no matter what kind of situation children find themselves in, they will always have hope. This organization has provided more than 2 1/2 million children with free surgical procedures that have improved their lives and given them hope. Individuals all over the world can donate to this fund and help raise the $2,000 to make a difference in the lives of children.

Yahoo Finance Reports On Slyce’s Last Quarter

Just recently, Yahoo Finance covered the 4th Quarter Reports and year end results around the company visual search company, Slyce. This is interesting information for anyone who might be concerned with new technology, new trends and companies to trust. I believe that Slyce is doing great things in the online shopping community. By making these reports public on Yahoo Finance, investors and other interested parties can see all of the actual details on the company and know why this company is growing so rapidly.

In the Business Highlights section of the report, several new relationships between Slyce and major retailers are revealed. These relationships help keep Slyce running as a valuable tool on their users’ mobile devices. People who use visual search for products using Slyce will have a high likelihood of finding what they want to purchase if Slyce continues to have these great relationships with retailers. Some of the relationships covered in this section of the report were between Slyce and Shoes.com, Neiman Marcus, Urban Outfitters and several other major retailers.

In the Technical Highlights section of the report, Yahoo Finance reports on a number of new developments to Slyce’s application that are making it easier for users to find what they are looking for in their online shopping experience. One of the main upgrades to Slyce in the past year is the Universal Scanner that the application now uses. It was unveiled on October 5th of 2015, and it is Slyce’s core product to offer. It is a newly integrated solution to help retailers relay product information to consumers when a consumer searches for a product. The Universal Scanner recognizes all different types of objects based on pictures, actual objects or all types of barcodes.

In the Financing Updates section, Yahoo Finance reports that Slyce has “terminated its short term prospectus offering.” Apparently, Slyce’s financial solutions to maintaining their business operations and growing as a company have changed in the recent past. As of mid to late February, a lead investor has stepped forward to purchase $3.5 million units of Slyce. Slyce is expected to finish off their investment planning and cover the remaining amount of financing in the near future.

This was made clear in a statement from the CEO of Slyce: “Recent private placement funding enables continued execution of Slyce’s strategies.”

Keith Mann Provides Morale Boosting Support to the NYPD

The NYPD has received support from Keith Mann, New York Company Dynamic Search Partners founder, after the recent wave of protests and violence directed towards the force. Mann and his wife Keely sent lunch to the 54th Street precinct to boost morale and avoid the negativity around the force.

Keith Mann’s personal connection with the force comes from Keely Mann’s uncle, a detective in Staten Island.

“The attacks on the police during the supposed peaceful protests fall close to home for me,” said Keith.

The action to send lunch was to the precinct in early January was Keith’s attempt to show support to the officers. Knowing that a solitary action may go unnoticed he also sent lunch to the Precinct again a month later.

Keith noted that police officers should receive better for their service and not get attacked while attempting to keep people safe. “The police are people just like us and have families too behind their uniform” Said Keith Mann.

Every officer reacts to a situation based on their training in situations unfamiliar to civilians. Keith said he did not want to see any other family hurt because violence towards police officers.

Keith Mann was concerned that citizens are standing in the way of police officers instead of helping them perform their duties.

A recent rally in support of the NYPD attracted about 150 people. Other rallies in support of the police have occurred countrywide despite an increase in violent actions towards people who defend the department. According to Mann, simple actions can make a big difference when supporting the protectors of everyday citizens

Keith Mann is currently the CEO in Dynamic Search Partners, a company he co-founded. Keith is an expert with 15 years’ experience in hedge fund compensation, hiring strategy and staffing. His company provides professionals in marketing, hiring investment and internal strategies for both their existing teams and new platforms. The company’s clients work in the alternative investment industry across Europe, Asia and the United States. The fill bout 200 mandates for clients annually. Before DSP, Keith worked as an MD for Dynamics Executive Search in charge of global services recruitment.

Keith Mann is a philanthropist working with uncommon schools. These schools provide students with tools necessary to find jobs in the United States after they complete their college education. He also supports the Hope for Heroes foundation through his donations.

Misconceptions about the Koch brothers

Bill Moyers, the former press secretary and notable journalist has on his website an article discuss Charles and David Koch (the Koch Brothers) and their network of political donations and apparatus. The article provides some insight into the Koch brothers, their belief system, and helps to shed some light into many of the misconceptions that surround the Koch brothers and their political donation machine.

One of the misconceptions surrounding Charles Koch is that he only started getting involved in politics in response to President Barrack Obama’s political ascent. The Koch brothers first became involved in politics in the 1970’’s and have had a large role in politics ever since. The Koch brothers even played a prominent role in the libertarian movement and have served in various roles.

Another misconception of the general population associated with the Koch Brothers is that they are only interested in protecting their business and the interests of their business. Since the business that Charles Koch owns and controls, Koch Industries, is the second largest private company in the United States and is diversified into many industries, the reach and expanse of the company is expansive. However, Koch Industries is rooted in the oil and chemicals business and many of their political opponents site this as the cause r their opposition to regulations being passed. The Koch Brothers do not just oppose regulations that impact their companies and have strong beliefs in regards to many different areas in society, mainly associated with reducing the role and scope of government. Programs such as Medicaid and Medicare, which they want reformed are good examples of this. As such, the Koch brothers are more concerned with the ideals of society rather than just their own personal benefit.

Another misconception clarified in the article is that the political apparatus funded by the Koch brothers is only associated with their own stances and beliefs. Instead, the political groups that Charles Koch supports have a wider range of donors above and beyond their own funding and involve many more donors than would be otherwise apparent from the news articles that underlie many of the news stories that follow the Koch brothers.

Further, the article discusses the various not-for-profit initiatives that the Koch brothers and their foundations have supported as well as the good that they are accomplishing around the world as a result of this funding.

Visit the Bill Moyers site and learn more about the Koch Brothers and the support that they provide.

Highland Capital Sets its Sights on Argentina

Highland Capital Management has expressed interest in buying up the Argentinean bonds the government plans to issue in April this year. Highland Capital already owns the 2033 bonds and will be one of the biggest profiteers when Argentina starts to pay its creditors. According to James Dondero, Highland Capital’s CEO, the firm has realized more than 15% in returns since they bought the bonds two years ago. The profits have helped Highland recover from investments that they made in energy a few months ago. With the recent turn of good fortune that Highland Capital has realized in Argentina, James Dondero has hinted that maybe they could open a fund in Argentina.

The move by Highland to reinvest in Argentina is similar to that of other investors who had previously invested in Argentina, going against what most speculators thought they would do.

James Dondero is the cofounder of Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital is an investment firm that specializes in credit funds and credit markets that are based in Dallas. At Highland Capital, he manages its private equity and business in addition to formulating strategies and overseeing operations. Jim attended the University of Virginia graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Commerce majoring in Accounts and Finance. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Public Accountant.

Jim Dondero has had a decorated career as an investor and an investment banker at various firms. He was a part of Morgan Guaranty’s training program immediately after leaving the school where he served as an analyst. He stayed there for a year before joining American Express first as a Bond Analyst before becoming the Portfolio Manager. At American Express, he handled more than a billion dollars in income funds for the company. He was then employed at GIC which is a subsidiary of Protective Life when it was just starting out. He grew its fund to around $2 billion in four years and has been one of his biggest achievements.

Jim Dondero is also considered to be one of the pioneers of Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs), a package that is the basis of most loans today but didn’t exist until 20 years ago. Mr. Dondero has been recognized with a number of awards for the stellar work that he has done over the years. Jim is the Chairman of the board at CCS Medical, Highland Financial Partners, Cornerstone Healthcare and NexBank. Additionally, Jim has served on the boards of a number of companies such as MGM Studios and American Banknote.

Essential technologies to aid in reduction of inmate recidivism

The days of simply scheduling a visitation to physically visit a loved one that is incarcerated are changing for the better. Yes, a visit in person is still something that an inmate would still very much appreciate, but with the new technologies being used by many corrections facilities around the country it is now possible to do video visitation. I find it fascinating how technology is changing everything we do and also helps us to become more socially advanced as a society. 

Securus Technologies is the company that is pioneering this industry and helping to improve our jails and prison systems by introducing communication technologies. The leadership team at Securus works closely with correction facility admin to implement devices that allow inmates to communicate via the internet with their loved ones. These devices also help inmates schedule visitation, purchase items from the commissary, and check calendar dates for hearings and court proceedings. 

Recently Securus announced that their new video visitation App designed for Android and Apple devices had received over 65,000 downloads since release. This is obviously great news for their company, but I think it’s great news for the safety and order of our corrections facilities. Having technology like this will help inmates and their families to be in better communication. It’s not always possible for people to travel to visit their loved ones who may be placed in a facility far away. 

Rehabilitating our inmates and returning them to society to be productive members that give back is what our goal should be. Inmate communication technology can only help to reduce recidivism and help our corrections environments to be more friendly and organized. I think my opinion is being backed by the overwhelming acceptance of these technologies by the inmates, their families, and the officers that run these facilities. 

This free mobile App for video visitation can be downloaded on Google play or from the App store. It is a technology that helps families connect and enjoy special occasions together such as birthday’s, holiday’s, anniversary’s, and other important occurrences. Sometimes a phone call just doesn’t suffice and this type of technology can help our inmates stay focused on the important things like family that will ultimately decide their goals for the future.

Securus Techonologies is a completely separate entity than the Securus supplement and the Securus America website.

The Contributions Of Helane Morrison To The Financial Investment World

It takes a super person to walk in the path of righteousness without diverting or falling to temptations in an environment that has done nothing else but tarnish its name. The business world has tarnished itself since the 2000s and is almost impossible to find a person who has played by the good old rules and regulated the profession. Helane Morrison is the superwoman who has done the impossible. She made it her business to defend the powerless from the vicious powers of impunity. She has evolved over the years to be an important player in the business world. After the financial crisis there were serious consequences and many people were affected. The stock exchange was the most affected and year’s later people have no confidence in Wall Street. Everything reeked of fraud and as investigations progressed people opted to store their money other than banking it. The 2016 American presidential elections may diversely affect the stock exchange. Many analysts tend to concur that presidential elections may trigger an economic response. With the impending elections people have their reservations since they do not know the outcome.

She has stood as a pillar of hope not backing down to pressure. Completing her studies she stood by her values and championed for women’s rights. She fought against what she thought as barbaric and backward laws. She moved to the San Francisco Securities and Exchange department as head compliance officer. Helane reached the peak of her career when she joined Hall Capital a financial investment fund which is ran by women. She is a philanthropist and cares deeply about the environment and animal rights and is a member of various Regional Parks boards. She was recognized and awarded the as the most influential woman in the bay area.

She did the impossible in the male dominated financial sector. Before she moved into the financial sector she worked as a journalist where she exposed the evil and corrupt. Helane Morrison worked various jobs until ultimately becoming the Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Hall Capitals LLC. As a compliance officer she vigorously pursued fraudsters protecting the weak and also corporations. 

She is an al mater of the Northwestern University where she received her journalism degree and the University of NorthWestern and later proceeded to the University of California at Berkley for an LLB degree. She has immense experience in the finance world and holds frequent lectures on the same. Her achievements have been retrieved from http://www.hallcapital.com/team/corporate/helane-I-morrison.php

2015 Hedge Fund Assessment From Madison Street Capital

A leading international investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital, recently released its hedge fund overview for the year 2015. The company reports that globally 42 hedge fund deals were executed in 2015, up from the 32 transactions in 2014. Transaction volume measure by AUM was up 27 percent over 2014. After a flurry of fourth quarter transactions, key drivers indicate that there will be a record year of transactions in 2016.
Despite only mediocre performance levels, hedge fund assets are at an all time high. Institutional investors are putting capital into alternative assets with the hope of achieving higher returns. However, smaller hedge fund managers are having a hard time attracting new capital, causing them to operate below desired capacity levels. In an overview, the company learned a good number of managers are facing higher operational costs, and a down turn in gaining adequate fee generation.
Madison Street Capital says the deal environment for hedge funds was healthy in 2015 and should be greater in 2016. Deal mechanisms have been put in place that will accommodate both sellers and buyers. Aside from traditional M&A deals, seed and incubator deals are being made. Predictions are that the fragmented hedge fund industry will consolidate more in the coming months.
Madison Street Capital is a firm that offers a full service approach to financial advisory and strategic investment on a global basis, They employ specialists to advise hedge fund and other asset managers on M&A deals.
Madison Street Capital has a particular interest in working with middle-market companies as they navigate their way through very complex transactions. The company’s expert team of professionals will be there to guide clients to a successful outcome.
Madison Street Capital has aided clients in hundreds of industry verticals achieve success in a short period of time. Being highly qualified in assessing corporate governance has put the company at the top of the heap in their industry. They have offices in North America, Asia, and Africa.
Source: PR.com

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