Marcio Alaor Started At The Bottom…Now He’s Here

When talking of rags to riches stories in Brazil, it is hard not to mention BMG executive Marcio Alaor. As the vice president of the bank, many may think that he has been living in the lap of luxury, but he actually come from less than perfect beginnings at the start of his career.

Starting out, Marcio Alaor was nothing more than a service individual. He serviced the executives of big banks and companies by shining their shoes. He wanted them to know that they were worth a good shoe shining job and made sure that he always did the best that he could while shining shoes. He also knew that working hard would allow him to get as far ahead as possible when it came to the career that he wanted to have. There were many things that he could do while he was working as a shoe shiner and one of them was to provide the best service to his clients.

One of his clients, an executive at BMG bank, liked the way that Marcio did his job. He knew that the job was something that was not easy and something that did not come with a lot of clout, but he always managed to do the job well. The executive began regularly seeing Marcio Alaor and eventually started a friendship with him. He learned that the young man was very driven and that he would do what it took to get where he wanted, even working unusual hours for long periods of time.

The executive asked Marcio Alaor to work at the bank with him. He did not think that the young many would be able to handle the rigors of an executive position, so he gave him an entry-level banking position. This was something that he thought anyone would be able to do and saw that Marcio Alaor was able to succeed in it. He knew that the man was driven and had a feeling that he would be able to make his way to the top and be one of the executives of the banking world.

He was right. Marcio Alaor eventually worked his way through the different positions of the bank. He was constantly being promoted and continued to deliver no matter the position that he was doing. Because of this, he became one of the fasted promoted individuals at the bank. He eventually became the vice president of the company. He proved his mentor right and showed him that he was able to be successful as the vice president. He also knew that he would be able to make the bank a better place for the employees as well as the bank’s clients.

Millionaire Hedge Fund Manager Raises Money for Autism Research

British born millionaire hedge fund manager Sanjay Shah has started a unique project to raise money for autism research around the globe. Autism Rocks was founded in 2014 by Shah, with the idea of incorporating Sanjay’s passion for music with an aim to better understand his four year old son Nikhil’s autism. To achieve this, live concerts are held in conjunction with the charity in order to raise money for research, and have featured many famous artists, including Lenny Kravitz, Drake, and Michael Bublè among others.

Shah’s main objective in raising money for research is not ultimately to find a cure he says, but instead to, “better understand the ‘condition’ so I can better understand Nikhil and how he may be thinking: the only way I can do that is via research”. So far Autism Rocks has fifteen ongoing long term research projects that are focusing all their resources on finding methods to identify as early as possible who will develop autism, and then in turn to evaluate specific interventions and support that will be effective in aiding them throughout the rest of their lives. All funds raised from the concerts go to the Autism Research Trust (ART), which in turn supports the Autism Research Centre (ARC) that is based at Cambridge University, which has been working tirelessly to better understand the cause and effects of autism.

Sanjay Shah is the founder of a company called Vistex, and currently serves as the CEO and Chief Architect of the company. Before founding Vistex, Mr. Shah worked for six years as a Platinum Consultant and Logistics Developer with SAP America and SAP AG, Germany. During his time as a consultant, he contributed to over 80 SAP projects, gaining him invaluable experience. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and an MBA in Finance.

George Soros is Fighting Back Against Trump’s Encouragement of Racial Tensions

Anyone who has listened to a speech given by Donald Trump can easily that see he loves attention, but his use of sarcasm and insults towards anyone who happens to be in his path has been the least of his mockery against the race for the presidential office. George Soros has begun to openly speak out against Trump’s newest ways of gaining votes, which is the encouragement of racial tension.

Donald Trump’s solution to terrorists is to ban all Muslims from entering or being in the country. He also believes that a wall should be built to keep illegal Mexican immigrants from entering without permission. Soros feels that the diverse population of the United States has been hit hard by Trump’s ridiculous use of fear-mongering in this way. He also thinks that by isolating Muslims, it could further drive them in to a mad dash for acceptance by anyone, including members of ISIS.

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The fear mongering tactics of Trump have been based on the belief that no one knows exactly who the ISIS members are. He says that ISIS terrorists could be making their way across the unprotected parts of the border of Mexico hiding as Mexicans because of the similarity of skin color between the races. There is no proof of this of course, but some unknowing American supporters of Trump have literally spit in the faces of Hispanics and Muslims due to his racially charged words at political events. The country has already been in an upheaval due to events taking place in the city of Ferguson. More racial tension could lead to an even further divide, which the country doesn’t need. This is why George Soros has been openly debating the professionalism of Trump and making known his unsuitability of being in such a high position of power.

Doe Deere’s Fashion Rules To Break

Doe Deere, a pioneer in makeup and cosmetics makes a very bold statement that she can and will change the perspectives of her fans about her favorite subjects – beauty and fashion. There is a proven set of videos published by her that have been successful for many makeup artists. Doe Deere also has many beauty tips that are meant to educate her clients and fans alike. She provides many solutions to the most of the makeup challenges some women face today. Furthermore, there are rules that she would like others to break when it comes to makeup and below is a list of them.

1. Wearing Bold Eye With A Bold Lip

For reasons that you will not discover, you will most likely won’t hear from anyone breaking this rule. But Doe Deere recommends to do so. She says bold colors are necessary to highlight the features of a face. She reveals the reasons why the vast majority of bold colors go well with any face shape through her videos. And she will show some surprisingly simple way to turn a dull looking face to a bright and shining one with bold colors.

2. Mixing Too Many Colors

Doe Deere’s videos and tutorials also reveal a little-known but time-tested way to look attractive and stand out in the crowd. She recommends mixing different colors when it comes to makeup, outfits and accessories. You don’t need advanced skills or specialized knowledge in doing this, just use the things that are readily available in your closet. Almost anyone can break this rule and look good instantly, says Doe Deere.

3. Mixing Too Many Patters

It is not magic, although the benefits of breaking this rule is magical. It does take some time, patience and choice to select the right combination of patterns. However, if you have those traits and don’t go overboard, the end results can be remarkable. Again, anyone can do this to reach his or her fashion and makeup goals.

4. Wearing Socks With Heels Or Open-toed Shoes

Why not? says Doe Deere. Her favorite rule to break is wearing socks with heels. She calls this rule that allows you to become all of this possible- a fashion icon, unique and someone with personality. It also frees you from relying on closed-toe shoes all the time and lets you showcase your socks collection to the world. It is hard for many people to imagine what it is like to be able to wear socks with sandals. But the comfort you feel, be is summer or winter, is indescribable.

Once Doe Deere knew from her experience that these rules were easy to break, she felt very strongly that her knowledge needed to be published to make a difference in the fashion and makeup world. It became her mission to educate her clients about these tips as well. Her tips blast apart myths and misinformation all the way. The new trend has already set in and whenever people feel bored of conventional ways, they can listen to Doe Deere’s suggestions.

Securus Technologies Gives Inmates Hope

I could not imagine a worse fate than being locked away in a cell for 23 hours a day. I know that there are tons of criminals that have committed heinous crimes, but these aren’t really the inmates that are getting visitation anyway. There are some people that have just made some bad mistakes. I think that these are the people that are looking for some glimpse of hope. They want to get visits from someone in the family, and Securus has made this possible.

Securus has created some great video visitation software that has made it a lot easier for people like myself to visit without actually go to the prison for a visitation. As a woman I got unwanted attention when I came to the prison. I hated all the uncomfortable feelings that I got when I went to visit my dad. It was just too much. I needed something like the software that Securus provides. Luckily, my dad was in a prison system that had implemented this great technology. That has made it so much easier for me to see my dad without the feeling of discomfort that I had with going to the prison. 

With Securus all that I have to do is sign up online. I get charged according to the amount of time that I use. This is so much better than spending a fortune to go see my dad. A lot of money can be spent on gas because the prisoner may not always be located in the same area. I know that my dad was moved around a couple of times due to overcrowding. The prison system is not a vacation home. There is no concern for the time that people that are visiting. At one time my dad was less than 30 minutes away. Just last month he was moved to another prison that is 3 hours away. He’s still in the same state, but that is a long way to drive. I don’t have to make that long drive though because I have a Securus Technologies account. 

Many people have become big time fans of Securus Technologies because it provides a lot of convenience. There are some other family members that I know that are locked up that I would not have gone to see in person, but I will connect with them through Securus because it is just easier this way.

Magic Mike XXL is Bringing Back The Hits

Magic Mike XXL is a movie that came out in theatres in the summer of July 2015. The move is about male stripper dancer who makes money by dancing for women. He is good at what he does and enjoys doing this profession. In the movie (Channing Tatum) had retired stripper dancing for three years,but decided to get back into the scene of dancing one last time. Him and his group of dancers go to Myrtle Beach for a exotic dance convention for one last chance at making magic on the stage. Along the journey to Myrtle Beach they run into several women and change their life’s during the trip to the beach.

In the movie Magic Mike XXL a daytime star had gotten her big hit role. Crystal Hunt was chosen to play in the movie and her character would be Lauren. Her featured role in the movie portrays a strong independent women. She enjoyed playing the character and being a part of the movie.

Crystal Hunt was born in Florida and started her acting career at the age of two in pageants. She had began acting on television in commercial during her early years of life. She then had progressed onto daytime soap opera television portraying many roles. IMDb shows that one of her characters she started playing was a troubled daughter named Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light. Her role on Guiding Light had lasted over three years, and she won an Emmy for Young Daytime Actress. She then began playing roles in a couple movies, and then landed a role on One Life to Live in February 2009. Her character on the hit soap opera show was Stacy Morasco. A recent project she had began working on a document series that will be on television, and most recently starting in the hit box office movie Magic Mike XXL.

Crystal Hunt has had an exciting career of acting positions, and has worked her way to the big screen. Her movie in Magic Mike XXL was one more milestone she has accomplished in her career, and has gave her a chance at different acting positions. Don’t miss the movie Magic Mike XXL and check out Crystal Hunt’s character and wonderful acting she portrayed in the movie. The movie has a great storyline, and many wonderful actors. The movie is a great girls night out atmosphere and makes the fans wanting more.

Status Labs, Guardian of Reputations

You and your company’s online reputation is crucial in this day and age when so much of society enters the internet every single day. Status Labs is the world’s number one source for reputation management, digital marketing, and public relations. Status Labs is basically an SEO team that utilizes that most up-to-date technology to work their craft. Partly in imputing positive SEO keywords, Status Labs is able to improve the way you appear before the public. However, that is only one of their many, many tried and true methods.

At the conclusion of 2015, the online reputation firm, status labs, revealed some startling company statistics. Just since 2014, its revenue is up 39 percent. And since its foundation in 2012, the company has risen a whopping 939 percent. The management gives all the credit to his vast host of digital experts. In the phenomenal four years of its existence, Darius Fisher, president of Status Labs, says 2015 is very probably their best. Among their many 2015 accomplishments, they signed more than 160 new clients to their company.

In addition, 2015 saw their workforce grow by more than 12 percent. Status Labs is extremely proud of being able to resolve any communications problem a client might encounter. They are also very pleased to be able to help absolutely everyone from individuals to corporations. And was shown, the demand for its services on the distinct rise. Its star continues to rise and looks to do so for the foreseeable future. It currently hosts more than 1,500 clients in 35 countries with offices in Austin, New York, and Sao Paulo. It offers customers a very transparent offering of services with the ability to check in on the progress every week.

Status Labs is also committed to giving education to future digital experts. It regularly has available paid internship positions for both present graduate students and recent graduate students. These interns will help write needed material, pitch media-related ideas, learn new skills, develop stories, study blogs, and interact with email communication. Through all of this, the interns with offer daily support, hands-on contributions, valuable education.

The Sociable Bomb Executive Marcio Alaor

The lands of San Antonio do Monte in Brazil have not produced many prominent persons in recent history. If anything, the poor neighborhood presents more challenges than it provides opportunities. One man, however, grew up with little in life except a big dream in the same area.


Marcio Alaor is the success story of Minas Gerais. He grew up with so many challenges but kept his dream alive. Legend has it he did all manner of jobs in his teenage years including shoe shining to keep afloat. Everyone who interacted with the young Marcio tells a story of passion and true identity.


Today, Marcio Alaor is one of the most respected executives in Brazil’s credit markets. His firm, Banco BMG rules the payroll loan category. Marcio Alaor assumes the tasking roles of its vice-president and, therefore, an indispensable asset to the organization. The firm growth mirrors that of its senior executives who have turned things around the company and created a culture of success and cooperation.


Marcio Alaor balances the demands of his career and his passion for social entrepreneurship. Even though his role requires him to maintain a public profile, Marcio ventures deeper into the welfare and empowerment of the people. He believes in acting on one’s dreams and fulfilling the potential, a topic the people of San Antonio listen to very often. Marcio never lacks the time to take a trip back home and refresh his memories and experiences with the people of his hometown.


The San Antonio do Monte community has been a sleeping giant, but Marcio’s prominence and allegiance to his roots put the town on the global map. About fifteen months ago, the township erected a sign of honor and friendship with Marci Alaor by opening up a food court named after the sociable executive. The food court Marcio Alaor de Araujo was launched during a long standing 33rd annual Expose Samonte festival. The restaurant serves as a reminder of Marcio’s commitment and pride to his roots.


Marcio Alaor continues to discharge his duties with due diligence. He provides brilliant insights into the performance of BMG as well as other firms in the industry. In his technical role, Marcio is an excellent researcher and analyst of trends. He writes and publishes journals and reports on online platforms including his official website and that of BMG. Marcio also represents BMG in media briefings and conferences.


This year, he has cast an eye on the performance of Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer in the booming Brazilian market. The company attracts celebrities with stylish watch designs as well as 150 years of experience and expertise. Marcio was keen to learn the ambitions of the internationally acclaimed and successful brand in Brazil.

The Dog Has a Seat at the Table

We have all heard the expression ‘my dog is my fur baby’. For many families, this statement is the truth. The family pet is truly family. Rover goes along on family road trips. He sleeps at the foot of the bed. He rides in the car in his own doggie seat belt. The dog food industry accrding to wikipedia has tapped into the deep feelings people have for their pets. They want to find foods that match the love families feel for their dogs and cats. There are hundreds of foods on the market today to help owners give their dogs good nutrition, mental acuity, and activity long into the golden years. Foods like lasagna and grilled burger allow the dog the same enjoyment at mealtime that we experience. Beneful understands what owners and dogs want in their food. It must be tasty. It must be nutritious. It absolutely must be made of the highest quality ingredients. Beneful delivers all of that and more in their dog food lines. Ingredients like real beef, eggs and chicken provide dogs with energy and vitality. Wet foods like Medleys and Chopped Blends are wonderful alone or mixed with dry food. Beef stew, chicken stew and simmered beef entree’s please the palette’s of even the pickiest of dogs. These wet foods are also perfect for older dogs with dental problems. They are easy to chew and digest. Dry dog foods from Beneful are developed for a range of ages and needs. Healthy Weight is designed to help dogs take off extra pounds that may cause joint pain and damage along with other diseases. Healthy Puppy adds the extra calories and nutrition that growing puppies need for their high energy levels. Playful Life will keep adult dogs healthy and happy. Beneful dog foods are tasty and healthy. Feed your dog the best. Feed them Beneful.

White Shark Media Allows For Surpassing Competition

There is an overabundance of services promising to exceed your expectations of having positive online marketing results, but White Shark Media actually lives up to their claims. Instead of promising the world, they are realistic in terms of what to expect, as well as how long it may take to begin seeing results. Not only that, the system they have implemented to be able to produce said positive results is constantly being fine-tuned in an effort to improve upon already successful methods. White Shark Media also stays on top of industry changes so that SEM and SEO practices are up-to-date.

As found on Shark Media begins the process of aiding online businesses by providing a free consultation before anything else. They focus on identifying a site’s strengths and weaknesses, so that they know which plans and methods would work best to provide optimal results and conversions for their customers. This is a great way of breaking free from the mindset of using the same strategies for all types of businesses. After the assessment, the representative goes over the different packages that are offered, as well as what they cost. As far as the monthly service fees, they are extremely competitive, considering what is provided and the success rate of their products. The TopSEOs website lists their primary services as Pay Per Click Management, Mobile Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Development, along with Pay Per Click Engines, Landing Page Optimization, Conversion Optimization as secondary services. Apart from the service listing, they classify their pricing to be at the mid-level tier compared to other competitors.

One of White Shark Media’s strengths is their devotion to keeping the paths of communication flowing at all times. On top of having the opportunity to contact them via telephone and email, customers are routed to representatives that have been assigned to the project. This is a far better idea than just sending you to random technicians. In fact, the evaluation representative that customers speak with before picking a service work together with the assigned representatives to make sure your needs and their understanding are on the same page. This keeps you from having to constantly explain your background needs and so on.

Another thing that White Shark Media does to ensure proper strategy implementation is a monthly virtual meeting with a technician. This allows customers to directly address their concerns while having a shared screen experience to navigate throughout the site and identify items of concern. This has proven to be a wonderful addition to how they interact already with their customers.

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