4 Reasons To Choose US Money Reserve


Over the years US Money Reserve has worked with and helped hundreds of thousands of clients secure their financial future by investing in gold. Due to their knowledge, experience and impeccable record, they are now one of the largest and most trust gold and silver distributors in the world.

Here are just 4 of the many reasons you should choose US Money Reserve when it comes to diversifying your portfolio and investing in precious metals.

Reason #1 – They Have A Team of Professional Gold Specialists

As a client of US Money Reserve you will be working with some of the best gold specialists in the industry. Combined they have decades of experience and know exactly how to break down all the important details when it comes to purchasing coins issued by the U.S. Government. If you need guidance on which precious metals to select, they can help with that as well.

Reason #2 – You Take Physical Possession Of Your Gold

When you purchase gold, or any other precious metals from US Money Reserve, you become the owner of that gold. It is a tangible asset you can hold in your hand. You can have it shipped to either your bank, office, or home.

Reason #3 – You Get Access To The Best Coins Available

Because of their reputation, US Money Reserve has a lot of buying power when it comes to purchasing precious metals issued by the U.S. Government. One thing you have to keep in mind is that not all coins are created equal. When you work with US Money Reserve you can be sure you are getting the highest grade coins available.

Reason #4 – 100% Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you aren’t happy with your order, you can return the certified coins within 30 days of purchase and receive a full refund. If you return the certified coins after 30 days you may be charged a 20% restocking fee. Please know US Money Reserve does not offer a money back guarantee on bars or bullion coins.

As a client you will be notified of new releases as soon as they are available. Like US Money Reserve on Facebook!

There Are High Quality Podiatry Services At Nobilis Health

Podiatry services are in high demand due to many different foot, ankle, and lower extremity issues. However, finding a good podiatrist isn’t always the easiest thing to do. There are many podiatrists out there, but finding a podiatrist that has the experience that one is looking for can be quite difficult. Some podiatrists have a number of patients waiting in mind, instead of focusing on the patient at hand. However, when one goes to Nobilis Health, their worries will start to diminish. The podiatrists at Nobilis Health locations actually care about each patient and their specific issue.

There are many reasons for a person to need a podiatrist. Some of these reasons include having bunions, ingrown toenails, heel pain, fractures, sprains, and many other reasons too. Even though there are general guidelines as to the treatment of each of these medical conditions, those who get podiatry services from a doctor over at Nobilis Health won’t feel like they are just another patient. The staff at Nobilis Health actually learn their patient’s name. They make sure that the patient’s experience with them is excellent too. The staff also make sure that they treat each condition individually, not just based on a medical textbook. The doctors want to hear about their patient’s concerns and to help diminish any worries they may have.

If a person has been having problems with their feet and had a fall and hurt their leg, ankle, or foot, then they are going to want to get to a Nobilis Health facility. Nobilis Health has many locations so that one can make sure they get the proper care that they need. The doctors at these locations will be sure to help their patients in any way they can. Doctors will take a look at the foot, ankle and/or leg and decide what course of action is needed. Many other healthcare locations will make a patient wait a while before getting any testing, but Nobilis Health quickly gets a patient taken care of.

One can be sure that at Nobilis Health they’re going to get the best podiatry services possible. Nobilis Health has many other healthcare services too, but the podiatry services have been highly rated in their previous customer reviews. The doctors want their patients to know that even though ankle, foot, and leg issues may not seem like anything major, they don’t want any patient to leave the problems unchecked.

Those who are having any ankle, foot, or leg issues can get high-quality podiatry services by going to any one of the Nobilis Health locations. One will not only feel comfortable with the services that Nobilis Health doctors provide, but the person will get taken care of by Nobilis Health staff in no time at all. The patient will be feeling brand new again, and the current medical issues will seem like just a thing in the past. Every person should go to Nobilis Health for all of their podiatry service needs.

Dan Newlin Uses His Law Skills to Help Injured People

Some people are worried about their own success in life. It seems like everything they do is designed to make sure that they will be successful at the endeavors that they pursue, regardless of how it affects other people. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are people that care so much about helping others that they dedicate their entire lives to doing so. One individual that has demonstrated a tremendous desire to help other people is Dan Newlin. In fact, he is an individual that has done everything in his power to help people from the time that he was just 18 years old. Today, he is a successful attorney that works tirelessly to help people that have been injured in accidents that were not their fault.

Upon graduating from high school, Newlin immediately knew that he wanted to help other people. Because of his strong desire, he became an emergency medical technician. He quickly found success in this line of work and worked hard to help people that were having what could potentially be the worst day of their entire lives. Eventually, he became a police officer in order to make his desire of protecting people a reality. It was then that here really started to get the idea of becoming a lawyer.

He quickly realized that he could help people the most by representing them when they essentially had nowhere else to turn. As a result, he found himself in a situation where he made a decision to go to law school and become an attorney. His desire was to help people that had been involved in some type of accident, whether on the job or elsewhere, who are now experiencing all types of hardships as a result of the accident itself. Most of these people found themselves in such a situation through no fault of their own, and they turned to Newlin for support.

Since he became an accident and injury attorney based in Florida, he has done everything in his power to make sure that he is there for those individuals who have no idea what tomorrow will bring. Insurance companies do not always play fair, and Newlin is well aware of that fact. He works to make sure that people get what is truly coming to them as opposed to watching them face financial ruin because of an accident that they had no control over to begin with. He is so successful at what he does because he truly cares about people and he works without stopping to ensure that they get a fair shot at living a normal life, even after an accident has turned everything upside down.

Without a doubt, the world could use more people like Newlin. He has dedicated his entire adult life to helping others and he will continue to do so in the future. That is one of the qualities that makes him stand out so much as an individual and as an accomplished attorney.

Brian Bonar is a Financial Expert

The world of finance is really taking off, as the market is starting to rebound, and people are extremely curious about the powerful and intelligent minds that make this world go round. One of the brightest minds in the world of finance today is Brian Bonar.

Brian Bonar started his career as a young child that was extremely interested in the world of technology. Brian excelled throughout grade school and he ended up getting into James Watt Technical College. After getting his bachelor’s degree, he went on to get his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University.

Brian’s techinical experience came in handy when he began to work for IBM. He started out as a procurement manager. He excelled at that job, and he quickly found himself moving into the leadership. Eventually, he ended up becoming the Director of Engineering for QMS. At QMS he lead a team of over a hundred people. This on the job leadership experience has helped him excel in the world of business.

While Brian excelled in the world of business, he ultimately had his eyes on the financial sector. He knew that the world of finance had great potential, and he ended up flocking to Dalrada Financial Services.

At Dalrada Financial Services, Brian has excelled. His colleagues raved about his work ethic and he was seen as one of the most helpful people at the financial firm. He built a specialty in the field of mergers and acquisitions. He has excelled in this role and he has guided many companies through a successful merger.

Brian credits several things for his incredible success. One of the most important things in his success is his ability to high quality work ethic. He approaches everyday with a fresh face and works hard everyday. He also credits his experience in the world of technology to give him an eye towards innovation.

Brian has become world renowned for his ability to do his job. In 2000, he was named to the Who’s Who list. This is an extremely prestigious list of people throughout the country.
While Brian does work hard everyday, he also finds time to get some leisure in. Brian likes to golf in his free time, and he has been known for his ability to beat his business associates on the golf course. Brian also likes to go on boating trips in his spare time. Both the golf trips and the boating trips offer a wonderful opportunity for Brian to connect with his coworkers and his business associates.

The world of finance is growing quickly, and people are looking for high quality financial leaders to give them insight. One of the leading financial leaders is Brian Bonar.

Handling Discreditors

For people that put themselves out there, there are always going to be those that try to discredit them for one reason or another. Often times it is because they see this person as a threat to them. One of the people that are being faced with discrediting accusations is Yeonmi Park. Yeonmi is a North Korean defector who has been raised under the oppressive and extremely dehumanizing country. She has seen and experienced horrors beyond what many people could imagine. Among the things that she has experienced is public executions and seeing people getting killed.

Following Yeonmi Park’s appearance that shocked the world about the horror’s of North Korea, the North Koreans have released a video aimed at denying the claims that she has made about the country. They have admitted that the people in the video are relative’s of Yeonmi’s. However, they have denied a lot of other claims that Yeonmi has made. Of course, it is to be expected. After all, when someone wants to keep his power, he is going to deny any accusations made against him, whether they are true or not. Since Yeonmi has made such an impact with her appearance, many people of the North Korean government are going to be aiming their weapons at her.

Yeonmi has admitted to certain issues with her story due to wanting to protect her mother from being seen as an odd or bad mother. However, Yeonmi has made it a point to be honest about everything from this point on so that she doesn’t ruin her testimony and the testimony of those that many come after her. She has recently released her book that not only deals with her life in North Korea and her escape from the country, but also what she has done during the stage of her life that she was being trafficked.

The video that was released included her aunt and uncle which was used to deny all of the claims made by Yeonmi Park. However, this isn’t the only time that North Korea tried to discredit a defector. Another defector has had a video released on him. This defector is Shin Dong-hyuk. In this video, his own father denied certain parts of the story in which Dong-hyuk himself has admitted were fabricated. He is now looking to revise certain parts of his story so that it could be a better reflection of the truth.

Yeonmi Park and other defectors are bringing to light the truth of North Korea, and the North Korean government is obviously faced with the fear that someone will start to act against them. As of right now, other defectors are slowly emerging and telling their stories on the Independent of the North Korean regime. Yeonmi Park has served as a beacon for those people to come out and share their stories. The step of revealing the truth has been fulfilled thanks to Yeonmi’s courage. The next step is yet to be determined. North Korea will still try to attempt its own damage control with videos discrediting each defector that comes forth.

Who You Can Trust

Banking Needs
Today in Latin America the need for a bank that you can trust is in high demand.The citizens of Brazil need to know hat when they give money to their bank it will still be there in full when they return.So where can these proud humans of the world find the bank that will give them what they want without cheating them later down the road may I ask?Well my friends the answer to your question is more simple then you think so lets begin.

Bank Of Pride
Since the early 1930s the bank of BMG has served its people through out various projects from small dealings to modern major size contracts that have help the local economies grown beyond their dreams.The roots of this proud bank were formed with the wholesale business for food supply to stores across it boarders.Over time the small bank began to grow into a more powerful positions among its area by expanding services to major industries to keep it areas healthy with constant flow of money.After laying the final touches to its growth the bank began to help the working class more by managing pay rolls that would give the work class ease at mind knowing their money was safe from fraud.Today the bank still continues to gain power by taking on the major tasks of the country with pride an skill that no one else can provide.

Leaders Behind Machine
The proud men of this team of experts bankers is led by no one else then the great BMG Vice President and Director Marcio Alaor.For most of his life this man has made it his goal to understand the needs of modern banking so the company he works for has the skills needed to maintain itself without delay or question.So now you know man like BMG Vice President and Director Marcio Alaor are behind the driving force of this great bank why would you not want to conduct business with these guys any chance you get?

When making the choice to find the right bank make the right one so you have no reason to regret later down the road my friends.After all this information has taught you take it for what it is worth an make the right choice for your future banking needs.To those that do I wish you good luck and remember to have faith friends.

Why Bernardo Chua is Passionate About OrganoGold

Bernardo Chua is the founder and CEO of the OrganoGold company according to Crunchbase. This company uses Ganoderma, which is a type of mushroom, in all of its products. A large part of the OrganoGold company is the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality coffee using Ganoderma. This particular ingredient is unlike the regular coffee bean and has a wide variety of health benefits that come along with it. Bernardo Chua founded the company in 2008 and is headquartered in British Columbia. The company has grown tremendously over the years and continues to be a prime choice for coffee lovers and coffee distributors all over the world.

OrganoGold is completely different from other coffee companies because of the primary ingredient that is used to brew every cup. There are a range of roasts available in both powdered and K-Cup form, allowing users to brew their coffee any way that they see fit. Ganoderma is also more readily available when compared to other types of coffees on the market. The mushroom can be found in many parts of Asia and is often found growing on trees, which is unlike many other types of fungi. In fact, Ganoderma has been used in Asian medicine for centuries and continues to be a large part of the culture even to this day.

When Bernardo Chua first discovered that this mushroom was being used as a form of medicine because of its natural and almost miraculous healing properties, he knew that he wanted to harness this power and make it readily available to the world. This is why he founded the OrganoGold company and continues to work in growing the corporation year after year. In fact, since its inception in 2008, the company has grown tremendously and is now a publicly-owned business with stock being held by investors all over the world.

Bernardo Chua puts most of his work into the coffee products being manufactured by OrganoGold, but he is also dabbling in the beauty industry as well with an array of teeth whitening and cleaning products all made using this miraculous mushroom. The mushroom is not commonly found in Asia, so it is often looked at as a prized ingredient being used in all OrganoGold products being made. The manufacturing process done by OrganoGold is very sustainable and uses this ingredient in a way that stretches the properties to many products at once.

Just take a look around the Internet and even Bernardo’s personal Vimeo and you will see a wide variety of OrganoGold products being sold at amazing prices. The quality of the coffee made using Ganoderma and manufactured by the company owned by Bernardo Chua makes it simple to see why this particular corporation is steadily growing and becoming incredibly popular all over the world.

U.S Money Reserve For Investments In Precious Metals

U.S Money Reserve is the nation’s largest distributor of gold, silver and platinum coins issued by the government. The company was started by gold market veterans who aimed at incorporating gold market knowledge with top-notch customer service. They help clients navigate through the process of selling or acquiring precious metals. Ownership of precious metals is meant to serve the purpose of safeguarding one’s wealth. However, the market for these precious metals is unregulated and associated with many risks. The prices of these precious metals are unstable, they can rise or fall rapidly and therefore those seeking to invest in the ownership of gold, silver and platinum coins are guided by the senior gold experts at U.S Money Reserve. A detailed explanation about purchasing the government issued coins is provided to the clients to enable them make informed decisions.
Purchasing or selling the government issued coins is associated with risks. It is not guaranteed that the value of the precious metals will remain the same or add value. At times the value of these precious metals declines. U.S Money reserves advices their clients that they must be willing and able to take risk associated with the value changes. The gold experts at U.S Money Reserve evaluate the markets to ensure the risk being taken by their clients is able to gain a reward in the long run. According to the U.S Money Reserve the factors that affect the value of the government issued coins include the stock market performance, supply and demand, inflation and the international monetary conditions. U.S Money Reserve, however, believes in the long term ability of these precious metals to add value and increase the reward for the investor. The precious metals are regarded as a long term way of preserving wealth.
The grading and description of gold, silver and platinum coins for the U.S Money Reserve depends on independent grading services such as that of Professional Coin Grading Services. These recognized grading services are able to certify their coins as well as guarantee them. However, the grades and descriptions of gold, silver and platinum coins are not facts but opinions which rely on standards and interpretations which may vary due to the changes that occur in the market over time. Therefore, U.S Money Reserve does not guarantee that in the future the coins will receive the same grades and descriptions from the independent grading service. With this kind of knowledge about the gold markets, clients have been able to trust them with the distribution of the precious metals.

The success of Dan Newlin, a Florida-based Injury Attorney

Dan Newlin is a Florida-based injury attorney and the head of Dan Newlin & Partners law firm. He started his career aged 20 years old serving as a law enforcement officer. He was employed by the New Chicago, Indiana Fire and Police Department but later moved to Orland Florida to work as the Orange County Sherriff’s office. He worked there for a decade and displayed exemplary performance. Due to his dedication, hard work, and integrity, he was promoted to become a Sherriff’s Detective. He received several awards while working as a detective and later recognized by the US Marshalls Office.
The journey for success started in 1997 when Dan Newlin joined Florida State College to study law. Upon his graduation in 2002 and having garnered experience in law enforcement, Mr. Newlin chose to specialize in tort law focusing on personal injury. He had a vision of helping injured individuals get the justice that they deserve, and wrongdoers held responsible for their actions.
His law firm, Dan Newlin & Partners, employs over 100 employees comprising of former state prosecutors, experienced attorneys, certified surgeons, support staff and other employees. The firm has been receiving several positive reviews from clients who it has served. Over the years that Dan Newlin has been in practice, he has won over $150 million worth of compensation to injury victims.
Dan Newlin is always passionate on the services that his law firm provides. He has utilized the social media to inform his past and future clients on the services that they provide. For example, he started a famous Twitter hashtag, #DAN that victims of accidents and injuries can call to get services. In fact, he has acquired several years of experience in representing thousands of clients. He has also managed to build a name for his law firm and himself as a respected and famous personal injury lawyer.
Dan Newlin’s success has also allowed him to give back to the society. Throughout his career, he has used a good portion of his wealth to help the communities. He has several community-based programs in his name that are designed to help individuals, especially children with medical problems. For example, his Miracle Project has helped many people. The project has received recognition from top-tier organizations and celebrities.
If you have injuries physical or psychological caused by a company, government or person, Dan Newlin is the law to conduct. He is all over the internet and can be contacted through Twitter, Facebook, or through email or phone number on his law firm’s official website.

How White Shark Media Has Dealt With Clients Complaints

Over the past years, we have received client feedback, both positive and negative. In White Shark Media, we take our clients as a part of the company. Thus, we always look into their complaints and /work on them to improve our performance.
Discussed below are some of the complaints, and how we have solved them.
• Insufficient Communication
We had cases where some clients felt that our communication was not good enough because they could not communicate with their customer directly. As a consultancy company, communication is key in conducting business. Therefore, we organized occasional status calls using the GoToMeeting tool. GoToMeeting is an online conference tool that lets us share a screen with the clients who can see the progress as we proceed together.
We also put up phone systems with direct extensions. This strategy enables our clients to call their contacts without the hustle of going through a receptionist.
• Losing Touch With The AdWord Campaigns
We realized that our reporting protocol was not adequate and our clients especially small business owners could not access their reports or even monitor the progress of their campaigns.
To solve this problem, we implemented a system where we explain to the clients details about their campaigns. That way they can monitor the performance of specific keywords in their campaigns.
• Preference to Older Campaigns as Opposed to New Optimized Ones
Some of our clients felt that their old campaigns were doing better that the newly implemented ones.
To solve this, we make sure that we do not do away with the existing campaign of a new client as long as it performs well. All the successful aspects are incorporated in the campaign to produce better results.
We also have supervisors at White Shark Media who monitor every campaign as well as giving reliable feedback to every client.
• SEO Services
Some clients wish that we could offer the SEO services too. We are yet to do that, but we can advise our clients on choosing the right SEO Company.
Another major complaint is signing up a contact person whose interests are not similar to those of the client. We solve this by having our SEM Consultant dig into the client’s interests to avoid such mistakes.
Other clients complained that the campaign is created on our account and not theirs. We started allowing new clients to maintain their existing campaigns as long as they were performing well. In addition, we have teamed up with Marchex to give call tracking for the clients because they receive many customers through the phone.
White Shark Media is a Digital Marketing Company. It deals with online marketing, benefitting mostly small and standard businesses.