Most Popular Publishers For Display Ads In Brazil

Noticias can tell you that advertisement in Brazil has transformed over the years. Despite the fact about 98% Brazilian households have TV sets and only 43% have internet connection, Brazilians have still been seen responding better to display advertisement as compared than traditional advertisement. The CEO of Heads Propaganda, Cláudio Loureiro, himself has invested in various national projects and companies, most of which were much more focussed on display advertising and for good reason too.

With the advent of the internet and talented entrepreneurs like Cláudio Loureiro, it is much more affordable for Brazilian companies to go the digital way for increasing ad revenue, creating brand awareness, improving brand image and generating buzz about the company. Here are some publishers of display ads in Brazil that seem to be the most popular –

Facebook – This social media website is the biggest player for display ads in Brazil. Among all the other social networks, Facebook accounts for 97.8% of Brazilians’ time spent online. The website displays over 583 million ads for users.

UOL – There are many portals in Brazil that are accessed by companies, consumers and clients. In all those portals, UOL is easily the most popular and renowned in Brazil. This portal displays close to 120 million ads which, in itself, is an achievement.
Globo – This is a multimedia corporation that has many portals and websites, and together, it displays close to 119 million ads.

Sites by Microsoft – In Brazil, Microsoft is a household name even when it comes to display advertising since it has over 94 million ads displayed across all its websites.
Terra – Telefonica is the owner of Terra, a portal that is as valuable to Brazilians as it is to foreign investors. More than 90 million ads are displayed here.

Google – With over 81 million ads, Google and its websites are extremely popular in Brazil for both companies and consumers of the nation.

In all the Latin American countries, it is the users of Brazil who spend most time on the internet. In fact, as compared to all the other mediums, internet wins by a margin in Brazil as the preferred form of entertainment. For instance, over 14 hours were spent by 35% Brazilians online. 27% showed a preference for TV while 7% chose to utilize their time reading newspapers, magazine and other print mediums. It is clear that display ads in Brazil are the future.

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