The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation Is Courting Small Businesses

New Jersey is experiencing quite a bit of redevelopment action as the city looks for new opportunities. The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, which is referred to commonly as Newark CEDC, was organized to help push development in Newark. Newark is the largest city in New Jersey but has fallen into decline. Newark CEDC hopes to change the fortunes of the city by stimulating economic development by bringing in new businesses and growing the ones that are already there.

As you can see from his CrunchBase profile, Kevin Seawright is spearheading the new initiative. He has over a decade of experience helping East Coast communities develop. He has worked for the city of Baltimore in multiple positions. He worked in diverse roles including Payroll Directory and Chief Financial Officer. These roles taught him the importance of strategic budgeting.

Seawright has relocated to Newark where he is using his project management and accounting expertise to its fullest advantage. He’s a big believer in being an active member in good standing of the local community. To that end, he has advised the Babe Ruth Museum and served as a youth coach for teams in the area. He’s bringing his expertise to bear on a new set of challenges that build on his career experience to date.

Newark CEDC has only one client and that’s the city of Newark. Newark has empowered the organization to spur development throughout the city’s diverse neighborhoods. There are 20 neighborhoods in general where real estate projects can be accomplished. Main themes include spurring minority business activities and helping secure employment opportunities for residents of the city. The city needs synergistic opportunities to be developed which can stimulate the right activities. That’s the reason that Seawright was brought in. His vast experience in Baltimore taught him the value of spending funds so that results were yielded.

Newark mayor Ras Baraka is a big believer that the development agency can serve the goals of creating more opportunities for small business owners. He feels that this segment is vital importance to a thriving city. He recently called on civic leaders and big business leaders to throw their support to small business owners as part of a cohesive strategy to develop a thriving economic structure in the city’s neighborhoods. That plan has worked in other older, industrial cities and should work in Newark. That’s the plan and Seawright is the right person at the right time to get it done.

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