Most Popular Publishers For Display Ads In Brazil

Noticias can tell you that advertisement in Brazil has transformed over the years. Despite the fact about 98% Brazilian households have TV sets and only 43% have internet connection, Brazilians have still been seen responding better to display advertisement as compared than traditional advertisement. The CEO of Heads Propaganda, Cláudio Loureiro, himself has invested in various national projects and companies, most of which were much more focussed on display advertising and for good reason too.

With the advent of the internet and talented entrepreneurs like Cláudio Loureiro, it is much more affordable for Brazilian companies to go the digital way for increasing ad revenue, creating brand awareness, improving brand image and generating buzz about the company. Here are some publishers of display ads in Brazil that seem to be the most popular –

Facebook – This social media website is the biggest player for display ads in Brazil. Among all the other social networks, Facebook accounts for 97.8% of Brazilians’ time spent online. The website displays over 583 million ads for users.

UOL – There are many portals in Brazil that are accessed by companies, consumers and clients. In all those portals, UOL is easily the most popular and renowned in Brazil. This portal displays close to 120 million ads which, in itself, is an achievement.
Globo – This is a multimedia corporation that has many portals and websites, and together, it displays close to 119 million ads.

Sites by Microsoft – In Brazil, Microsoft is a household name even when it comes to display advertising since it has over 94 million ads displayed across all its websites.
Terra – Telefonica is the owner of Terra, a portal that is as valuable to Brazilians as it is to foreign investors. More than 90 million ads are displayed here.

Google – With over 81 million ads, Google and its websites are extremely popular in Brazil for both companies and consumers of the nation.

In all the Latin American countries, it is the users of Brazil who spend most time on the internet. In fact, as compared to all the other mediums, internet wins by a margin in Brazil as the preferred form of entertainment. For instance, over 14 hours were spent by 35% Brazilians online. 27% showed a preference for TV while 7% chose to utilize their time reading newspapers, magazine and other print mediums. It is clear that display ads in Brazil are the future.

Economists Helping Investors with Their Decision-Making Process

The world is currently grappling with the realities of the challenges brought about by globalization process. Today the world’s economies are working in conjunction hence creating an interdependent situation and with this kind of interaction, the business front has become quite complex. This is why there is a global rise in demand for economists like Christian Broda. Broda is an economist whose expertise is globally acknowledged. He is a professor teaching Economics students at the University of Chicago. His knowledge and professional touch on issues to do with capital management has been one of his greatest strength and he has been a financial adviser consulted by many organizations, individuals, as well as governments.

The reason why Christian Broda has become quite a household name in the business world is because the world needs economist today more than it ever did in the past. Currently there are several issues that have heightened the necessity for economists. It is important to realize the world’s population is gradually escalating and the ratio of the population to the natural resources is actually dwindling. As such, we are headed closer to the doomsday if something is not done very fast. This is where the economist are coming in and offering solutions. The world is facing a great crisis and this will be very hard on everyone if caution is not taken at this early stages.

Economists are trained individuals who are equipped to identify and allocate scarce resource to satisfy human wants in the order of their necessity. This is a skill that needs to be harnessed with a lot of speed. The rising population of the world is putting too much pressure on the scarce resources that we have and without economist to help the world in allocating these resources in the order of necessity, we might end up a major crisis than anything ever seen before. The 2008/2009 tragedy is just one of the examples of the effects of ignoring economists.

Lastly, economists are good at research and studying the global and local trends of consumer’s behavior. This skill allows then to be able to tell the probability of an investment to make good returns or if it is a looming loss. This is very crucial for investor and that is why capital management services have been on the rise in terms of their demand. Investors have realized there is need for due diligence before committing one’s resources in any investment venture. For this, the best people to consult and find out the feasibility of a venture are the economists. They are able to tell judging from their research on the past and the present how the future is expected to look like in terms of business.

The Inside Scoop On Visual Search & Image Recognition

The traditional way to search for information online was to type information into the search box of a popular search engine online. The search engine would return a list of results and the searcher would click on the links to find the information desire. However, visual search is a new way to search. Visual search is designed for those that are visually oriented. For example, a searcher looking for product information might scan the object with a camera on their mobile. The software on the mobile performs the visual search and provides the customer with more product recognition.

Visual Search Technology
Major companies have designed a visual search engine platform that makes it possible for a consumer to perform a visual search by scanning the object with their mobile camera. It is a real time process that returns the images instantly. The consumer might take a picture of a electronic product that they see in a store, a piece of clothing, or even an automobile. The visual search application on their mobile returns information about the product with a link to purchase the product. Some applications allow the user to share their visual search with their friends on social media sites. Visual search technology actually uses image recognition to analyze the scan and search a database online that is loaded with millions of images.

Slyce is a top leader in visual search technology. Certainly, retailers across the country recognized that visual search improved product brand recognition and improved sales. Therefore, they were eager to connect with an organization like Slyce that provided advanced image recognition technology that was able to identify a product and quickly determine matches. Major retailers across the country are encouraging their customers to use visual search to purchase products that they see in a display, a magazine, or newspaper. Slyce provides a way for their client to integrate visual search into their current shopping applications. Slyce is revolutionizing the consumer market. They are definitely changing the way that people search.

Is The U.S. Headed to Another Economic Meltdown

August 24, 2015 will go down in the history books as another “Black Monday” as this date reflects one of the biggest crashes in United States stock market history. The losses were significant and no one should dismiss the numbers. The Dow dropped 588 points in a single day. This reflects an 18 month low and a lot of the drop-off is the result of massive global selloffs. The situation is serious. It could have been worse at the drop was once at the 1,000 point mark before bouncing back slightly.

The worries that exist on the part of numerous economists is that the stage is being set for a major financial meltdown. At one time, such assessments would be considered conspiracy theory rather than economic science. The Great Depression was almost 100 years and buried in the past. Such was an attitude many people had until the economic meltdown of 2008.

The sheer magnitude of the 2008 disaster was shocking and it caught scores of people by surprise. The entire United States banking industry was in jeopardy of falling apart. Whether or not such a nightmare scenario could play out again in the future remains to be seen. There is no reason why it could not happen again if global markets started to collapse. Currently, China is in an economic meltdown and no one knows if the damage is going to stop or will get worse.

Reading up on the subject of economics is definitely advisable. Doing so would help those trying to gain a better understanding of the economic system and why it is so prone to risk.

Christian Broda is an editor of several well-respected economic journals. He has also published numerous articles on economics that have been very well received. Reading his work could provide a way of learning about various factors that influence the market. Surely, improving one’s knowledge could prove helpful when the market is acting so strange and volatile.

A volatile market can be scary to those wondering if they can weather the proverbial storm and manage their finances after experience significant wealth loss. No easy answers could be provided. However, trying to educate oneself through reading economic journals and viewing news reports to stay on top of the situation helps with gaining a better understanding.

Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is more than an investment firm – it’s an investment partner that puts its “own skin in the game.” In their 20 years of experience, under the leadership of President and co-founder Jim Dondero, the firm has grown into a respected international player in the credit and equity markets. The independently owned investment firm has more than 180 financial professionals serving a wide diversity of clients from their headquarters in Dallas, with offices in Singapore, Seoul, São Paulo, and New York City. From high net worth investors to governments, and from pension plans to endowments, Highland is driven to provide investors unique products in the pursuit of new opportunities.

James Dondero, Chartered Financial Analyst and CMA Certified, has more than 30 years of experience affectively managing investments in the credit and equity markets. Before founding Highland in 1993, Dondero was Chief Investment Officer at Protective Life, a subsidiary of GIC. He played a strong role moving that firm from concept to a $2 billion company. For three years, finishing in 1989, he managed a near $1 billion fixed income fund portfolio at American Express. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce from the University of Virginia, with Accounting and Finance concentrations. Dondero now serves as Board Chairman for NexBank, CCS Medical, and Cornerstone Healthcare. He sits on the boards of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and American Banknote Corporation.

But, the Dondero success story really begins with Highland Capital Management.

Highland has today a $4.9 billion portfolio and manages assets approaching $20 billion. While primarily specializing in credit investment, the firm also invests in equities. With Dondero at the helm, in its first years, Highland entered into a joint venture with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. The firms worked in fixed income markets specializing in senior secured bank loans. By 1997, the firm had registered as an independent advisor with the SEC. The firm was then positioned to purchase a stake in Protective Life. Once established in the investment community, the firm took on its current name, Highland Capital Management. With continuing success, in 2000, Highland instituted its first commingled bank loan fund. From 2004 to date, the firm has expanded investment products, including mutual funds and the acquisition of two Columbia Asset Management floating rate funds.

That was just the beginning. Highland Capital Management continues as the leading alternative investment management firm. The firm invests in high yield bonds, global public equity, fixed income and hedging markets. The investment managers at Highland are expert professionals working with distressed investment funds, structured investment, hedge funds, and more. Their proven track record promises continued success for the firm and its investment partners.

Brian Bonar and Trucept, Inc.: applying technology to business management

Brian Bonar, Scottish-born business entrepreneur has developed a company that helps businesses manage their employee services efficiently and smoothly. Bonar’s experience in business management in many corporations has infused him with a love for making operations simpler so the business owners can concentrate on what they do best, managing their business. Trucept, Inc (formerly Smart-tek Solutions, Inc) is dedicated to providing management services for payroll, HR and benefit management that fit to the company’s needs and make efficient management simple to administer. Adding to these, risk management components help keep the company within budgets, expenditures and estimates and other essential operations that require tremendous amounts of work hour engagement.

His Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering, MBA and PhD in International Business Development Studies prepared him for work in numerous corporations in the UK and USA. Putting actual work experience together with seeing the need for efficient and adaptable management services for business that work as an element of the company. Professional Employer Organization services work with the company culture to maintain the unique nature of the business while keeping involved in changes to regulations, insurance requirements and other eternal factors that can affect business and financial operations.

Trucept also manages such unique elements as recruitment and hiring, developing best business practices tailored to the nature of the business, training, and performance management. These personal elements of a business are usually the most labor intensive and time dependent and using a PEO like Trucept saves time, money and makes for seamless integration of change. (Twitter)

As new businesses develop from startups and others redefine their mission and brand, Trucept is an excellent way to provide personnel related management and keep business expenses to a necessary minimum to maximize profit without adding an in-house department. Trucept is a definite cost savings step for any business.

How Vijay Eswaran Motivates

Vijay Eswaran is one of the most prolific leaders in all of Asia. He has become someone that I look up to because he has used his positive spirit to totally change the way that people think. This is what has allowed his company to sell so many products and services over the years.

I discovered Eswaran when I started reading books about self-improvement. I was just searching through Amazon and I got a recommendation for Vijay Eswaran. I suddenly found myself intrigued with the books that he has written.

I did some general research on him and I found that he was one of the most successful men in the business of direct selling. I also discovered that he was one of the people that made the prestigious Forbes list of the richest people in the world. That was one of the most interesting things about him. He seems like a gentle giant to me. I have been able to see him grow his company, and I really like his management skills. That may the reason that he has been able to become such a huge force in the direct selling industry.

There are a lot people in the industry today that have become fan of Eswaran because he gives back and he is gentle in his nature. I often wonder how he had been able to make it in the business work with such a gentle nature. I have always assumed that businessmen were stern and tough, but somehow Vijay has been able to make people follow his guidance with his calm spirit.

I think that more leaders should follow the guidance of Vijay Eswaran (LinkedIn)
. He has become someone that is bringing a new style to management, and he has become a really effective leader because of this. Many American leaders could take notes from this calm leader. He doesn’t have to push and plead with people to work, and there is a reason for that. He has become effective because he has made the workplace a place of peace. Everyone is going to be much more at ease with coming to work in an environment where there is a sense of harmony among employees. That has been the vision from Eswaran all along. He may not see every employee and shake hands with every member of his staff, but he influences the executives that have leadership roles. This sense of harmony that he brings to the company trickles from the top down. I love the way that he leads, and I wish that many bosses would follow his example. He does more than get employees to work. He motivates them to set establish goals and complete tasks.

Christian Broda Believes In Maintaing A Vast Network Of

Professional Connections Educating promising hedge funds continues to remain an integral component of Christian Broda’s career. Currently the director at Duquesne Capital Management, this prominent executive strives to spread the knowledge of extremely productive business development practices to inexperienced entrepreneurs across the world. Essentially, his wide range of distinguished professions including a published author, motivational speaker, prominent professor, and an expert economist and financial advisor have greatly contributed to the creation of his effective hedge fund enhancement protocols. Furthermore, as a seasoned businessman, he has assisted a diverse group of professionals who were all interested in propelling their company. Most importantly, Broda understands the imperativeness of establishing effective relationships with knowledgeable experts who will each contribute to the hedge fund’s unprecedented expansion.

Broda’s main objective is to encourage extremely meaningful collaborations among every member of the start-up hedge fund team. Therefore, his comprehensive training emphasizes the effectiveness of including experienced professionals in the consultation process in order to successfully streamline the company’s goals and expectations. This extremely constructive discussion facilitates trust and rapport between the diverse groups of professionals which ultimately enables team members to compose a list of tasks relevant to their job description. Moreover, Broda’s strategic hedge fund coaching has strongly urged investment firms to maintain an extensive database of resources that may include seed funders, lawyers, trader/broker, expert analyst, and financial consultants.

As a long standing advocate of hedge fund development, this renowned executive’s teachings have greatly influenced the profound growth of many leading investment firms. In addition to maintaining a network of professional connections, Broda also recommends renting an affordable office space. Essentially, this neat and organized atmosphere will attract the appropriate experts to assists in contributing to the hedge fund’s bottom line. More importantly, the professional room is a perfect gathering space for the initial consultation and every forthcoming business arrangement. Ultimately, the goal is to maintain an office with a worker vibe which will most certainly result in productive discussions and transactions.

Broda has effectively trained many leading hedge fund owners and, consequently, he is consistently selected by his peers as one of America’s best businessmen. Along with his company development endeavors, he is also skilled in editing many different educational journals and publications as well as presenting his academic researchfindings at leading colleges and banks worldwide. Notably, Brodaobtained his Bachelor of Arts from University of San Andres in Argentina and his Ph.D from Massachusetts of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge. Interestingly, he maintains an avid interest in international trade and macroeconomics as he is a distinguished memberof the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) and an experteditor with the Journal of Development Economics.

Gazing into the World of Art

For years now I have been trying to become an avid art collector. The only thing stopping me from this goal is my financial ability of being able to purchase art pieces. In order to boost my motivations some days, I visit Adam Sender’s Facebook page to see updates about new collective pieces he has bought or any inspirational status’s I can find. The fact the his office is filled with all his favorite art collections gives me a boost of motivation to start putting more money away to bring home all the art in the world that brings light into my life. A lot of people do not understand how anyone can find true happiness in art, but I am here to say that by even talking to people such as myself and Adam Sender you see just how much happiness one person can have for a simple piece of art.

There a few specific paintings in my house that bring a smile to my face every time I look them. The funny thing is that I never was able to hold that smile until I read an article by Adam describing the way he looks at a painting and what exactly it was that he saw when he gazed deep into the art work. Once I read the article, I went home and stared over my collections in a completely different way than I have ever stared at them before. I took in every color, shape and design until I had a full understanding of what the painting was trying to say. The easiest pieces of my collections to read and by far the more exciting, are my photography collections. It is almost fun to look into a photograph and try to figure out what it was the photographer was trying to capture in that exact moment. If it wasn’t for Adam and his knowledge in art, I don’t think I would have ever taken the time to look so deeply into my at home collections.Adam Sender’s Whitepages profile is linked.

What McGalla Can Teach Business People

In a world where so many fail to live up to their potential, it is refreshing to see people break away from the pack and develop their unique place on the planet. While some people like to consider what others look like, their gender, skin-tone, or whatever, the truly wise consider the person inside the body and the message the person is competent to deliver. Fortunately for Susan McGalla, a Pittsburgh-based consultant and brand strategist, she was never taught to focus on the wrong things. She was merely taught to believe in her ideas and to confidently share them without diluting her message based on the audience’s opinion.

Business women the world over would do well to heed her perspective. Rather than listening to the inane comments of those who can’t do what they can but who trash talk anyway, the resolve to trust the gifts one has must come from mental strength and personal action. When business women consider themselves, it should not be on the basis of what others think about women in business but about what they have to give, provide, say, share. Value is provided through confidence in one’s position and one’s ideas, and business women should not give away their power to naysayers.

For McGalla, her ability to stay her course has led to success in the retail and shopping realms as well as in the professional consulting arena with her own company. Branding, merchandising, and talent management are just some of the things McGalla brings to the professional table. Her past employers include the Joseph Horne Company, American Eagle, and Wet Seal, but even now, her message in business strategy and brand promotion is helping the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is fitting, because it was her family with a football coach father and two brothers who taught her to value what she has to say without regard to her gender. She now has a husband and two children, and one might consider it a sure bet that they will raise these children to be confident in who they are and what they are here to contribute to humanity both inside of the business world and out.

Being a woman in business is no different than being a person in business. We each bring special gifts and talents to the sectors we serve, and we should never forget our value or discount our worth. Our contributions are worth considering, and the first place to value them is within our own heads.

What is limiting you? Don’t listen to it. No matter who or what tells you that you can’t, you need to be honest with yourself. The success in business starts with your mental battle. Will you rise to the top of the pack, knowing that you have worth and value regardless of your gender, appearance, or whatever silly lie might appear in cloudy moments? Or, will you choose to see yourself for the value you bring and believe in your message?