Mikal Watts Is Encouraging Farmers To Get Their Money Back!

The farmers are a big part of the economic stance in America. They provide crops for the American people, but they also ship many of their products to foreign countries too. One product they export is corn. However, during the year of 2013-2014, more than 30% of their shipments were denied due to growth hormone that was modified into the seeds that were sold by the Swiss Company, Syngenta. The farmers lost massive income and collectively it amounted into the billions. They needed help and Mikal Watts stepped in ready to fight.

Watts is a well-seasoned attorney that works in San Antonio in the Watts Guerra law firm. This firm specializes in handle agricultural cases and they are no stranger to winning big for their clients. A win could mean amazing things for the farmers who are still trying to recuperate from their massive losses.

There are more than 25 states recognized at this point in the suit. It is anticipated that more farmers will come forward as news of the pending lawsuit becomes common knowledge. Watts has 29 lawyers working under him, and with a staff of 100 employees, he is the right man for the job. As reported by The Street Watts is highly competent for the job. He is highly experienced in agricultural mass torts, and is one of the few attorneys in this country who is.

Watts and his team won a $750 million dollar case against Bayer Crop Sciences. This brought great success to his clients and recognition to him as a competent attorney. Armed with proof and angry farmers, Watts is encouraging the farmers to have their day in court and get back a portion of the money that they were cheated out of by a company who messed with their seeds and didn’t tell them.

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