The Name of the Game

The country is completely at odds over the idea of the Confederate flag being flown on government grounds. The flag was originally flown by Southern states that were looking to fight for the right to own slaves. After the South lost the war the flag was taken down and was rarely seen for 150 years. Around 1964 the flag was flown again as Southerners revolted and showed their disapproval for the Civil Rights Act. Since then the flag has flown on many Southern government buildings as well as higher education buildings. There are numerous African American studies who go to these schools that give honor to those who fought diligently to keep their ancestors enslaved. The flag isn’t the only problem as individuals have looked for the government to change the names of public buildings that pay homage to Confederate Army leaders as well. Many school boards and superintendents are calling for their school districts to change the name of their school if it pays homage to Confederate generals.


For example, an assemblywoman in San Diego is asking her local school board to change the name of their local elementary school that is dubbed the Robert E. Lee Elementary School. Numerous petitions are being drawn up around the country to make sure that no student, regardless of first or secondary education, will have to remember America’s racist past while they are trying to get an education. Mikal thinks this is a step in the right direction.

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