Use Image Recognition To Increase The Sales Of Products Online

At the inset of this technology, programs were limited to the amount of objects that were able to be detected by the system. This new and developing programming integrates millions of images from such sources as Twitter, Imagenet, and other sources. This has given the programmers of this type of visual recognition software the ability to expand their database and enlist a more stringent list of matching criteria. This results in a more accurate visual search result for the correct image. There are services which have already taken the steps to integrate and stay on top of this technology.

Professional companies can help businesses bring their products to life and to the attention of the online audience. One of these innovative companies is Slyce. At Slyce, they are devoted to creating an integrated image recognition technology, which a qualified programmer can introduce directly to your business app. This leading technology company uses a series of streamed images to create a strong base profile of items. These images then go through a series of filters to deliver only the most relevant and exact search results. Huge names in the retail business world such as Neiman Marcus and Tillys are implementing the cutting edge technology of Slyce as one of their online marketing strategies.

Beyond this incredible advancement in the visual aspect of this technology, the developers of the newest programming of this sort are creating computers that are able to detect multiple images and activities. These applications are a tremendous advancement for the future of such platforms as gaming, factory robotics, medical diagnosis, and vehicle safety systems.

Many of these new technologies are already being utilized in products available to the public. One example of this technology at work are the camera systems that are installed on vehicles which can detect whether an object in its path is a pedestrian or a bicyclist. When these dangers are detected, the system is enacted to stop the vehicle without the driver’s initiation. The possibilities for this new technology are endless and expanding every day.

The face of the internet is going through another technological lift and improvement. New technology in the field of image recognition will give the users and businesses on the internet a new and creative way to enjoy their time on the web. This new and developing technology will enhance the user experience on the internet as computers become more adaptable to the human experience.

Federal Reserve Signals Rate Hike On Track For September

The Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, announced for the first time that the Federal Reserve is definitely on a schedule to raise rates at it September 2015 meeting. Federal Reserve Confirm That Rate Hike Is Set For September

The news of the rate hike had been expected for some time with the only question being will the rate hike go into effect at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year. members of the Federal Reserve have noted that while the U.S. Economy is still sputtering, Christian Broda says that it is at least sputtering in the right direction and key indicators such as housing construction increases as well as lower unemployment have set the stage for the Federal reserve to initiate the rate hike. The actual Federal Reserve policy designers anticipate that the federal rate for funds to increase from 0.125% to 0.625% by Christmas. This is consistent with projections based on the performance of the U.S. economy earlier in the year. Economist familiar with how the Federal Reserve operates believe that the jump from 0.125% to 0.625% will be done with two rate hikes. The first hike they see will come in the announced September rate hike.

The rate increase are seen as inevitable ever since the Federal reserve cut the rate on the lending of money to almost 0% after the 2008 economic meltdown, which many people are just beginning to realize was worse than originally thought.

Judge Reports the Federal Reserve Broke the Law

Former AIG Chairman Hank Greenberg can now be vindicated that his argument that the Federal Reserve was taking advantage of AIG during the 2008 financial crisis was true. A federal judge seated in Washington has recently ruled that the United States Federal Reserve did in fact break the law when during the 2008 financial crisis, it seized close to 80% of AIG’s stock and assets and then charged the company almost usury rate fees for a bailout plan worth $85 billion. many consider the actions by the Federal Reserve to extremely reprehensible because several other large financial firms, such as Goldman Sachs, Citigroup Bank of America, and Morgan Stanley received tens of billions of dollars in emergency loans on much better financial terms. Federal Judge Rules Federal Reserve Broke The Law

Federal Judge Thomas C. Wheeler stated in his 75 page ruling, that these companies were engaged in much more riskier financial activities than AIG but received more favorable treatment by the Federal Reserve. According to the Observer, Judge Wheeler decision was a pyrrhic victory in that no monetary damages were awarded to AIG. If the Federal Reserve had not stepped in AIG would not have received any type of bailout and ultimately would have failed. The ruling will have very little punitive effect, if any at all on the operations of the Federal Reserve, which has a history of operating outside of the official purview of the Federal government. The likelihood and AIG receiving any monetary damages in the future are nil, according to economist and legal experts.

Nasty Gal Sued for Discriminating Against Pregnant Women

Online retailer, Nasty Gal, has been in the news in recent weeks for a series of layoffs and abysmal sales numbers, but the news just got worse for the retailer. According to online magazine, Jezebel, the company is also fighting lawsuits in California courts alleging the company discriminates against pregnant women.

According to legal documents filed in California in March, Nasty Gal is accused of firing no less than three women when they became pregnant, including an expectant mother that was just weeks away from her planned maternity leave. Christian Broda has learned that the lawsuit also alleges the company fired a man who was set to take paternity leave, as well.

California law requires companies to offer pregnant employees four months of maternity leave. Nasty Gal replied to the complaint claiming that the lawsuit is frivolous and defamatory. The company alleges the firings were part of a series of layoffs, and did not target pregnant employees, however, former and current employees seem to disagree. Many argue the company has taken the concept of a “female-driven” start-up and cannibalized it by preying on its most important employees.

Those named in the lawsuits could not immediately be reached for comment.

Starbucks Unveils 6 Exciting New Frappuccino Flavors

It’s hard to believe that it has been 20 years since Starbucks first introduced the world to its now infamous Frappuccino. In commemoration, Alexei Beltyukov says Starbucks has just announced that they are rolling out six exciting and unique new flavors:

• Caramel Cocoa Cluster – A mix of toffee, mocha & dark caramel flavors
• Cinnamon Roll –cinnamon dolce, white chocolate mocha & vanilla bean
• Cotton Candy – vanilla bean & raspberry
• Cupcake – vanilla bean & hazelnut
• Lemon Bar – lemonade, vanilla & a dash of caramel sugar
• Red Velvet Cake – mocha, raspberry & vanilla

The new Frappuccino options, which Starbucks is calling “Fan Flavors,” are inspired by the thousands of different combinations requested by the creative customers of Starbucks. With so many deliciously possible combinations and Starbucks’s ongoing willingness to try new things, keep an eye out for more far-out flavors to come.

The new Frappuccinos are available at all Starbucks in the US and Canada beginning on June 8. You can vote for your favorite at

Forgiveness is a Gift

One wouldn’t have to go too far to find an American who is struggling to pay student loans. In previous generations, men and women were able to pay off their college tuition with part time summer jobs and their savings. Now it’s taking full time working adults 25 years or more to pay back hundreds of thousands of dollars and money spent on education. A US Secretary of Education official has released a statement saying that students deserve a college education without all of the rip off scams stated Beneful. Duncan displayed an outline for a huge student loan debt forgiveness plan. While this sounds like an amazing opportunity for struggling students, this could cost billions of dollars for honest taxpayers. A press secretary for the Department of Education released a statement on the loan forgiveness subject. Doreen Nolt said that the department is limited on how much they can discuss some of the more specific loan forgiveness programs. Allegations brought on by a bankrupt school is troubling to the department and they are finding a way to give students what they deserve. Nolt wanted to make it clear however, that it was also her job to have the interest and the safety of taxpayers at the forefront of this fight. The department has been trying for a number of years to fix the oversight of loan forgiveness programs and for profit educational institutes. Duncan stated that Congress has been very combative, but hopefully will wake up and see what needs to be done

Some People Have More Money Than Sense

We all aspire to be rich because it gives us the ability to enjoy anything that money can buy. This being said, I would probably purchase some high priced items including a fancy car and maybe a house with a pool located in a sunny climate. I would also secure the futures of my children with bank accounts and savings bonds. After all that was complete, I am sure my practical side would kick in and investments would begin.

Anybody on the internet knows the Kardashians have more money than sense, and Kim proved it when she decided to celebrate her husband Kanye West’s 38th birthday. She rented the Staples center to have a basketball party for her adult husband. The cost of this party, which was only one night of entertainment, was $110,000. It seems unbelievable and sickening to spend so much money on one night, and not even for North’s birthday, but for the birthday of an adult man. I wonder if the Kardashians want to adopt my family and me.

Bernardo Chua: Humanitarian, Pioneer and Ganoderma Extraordinaire

Bernardo Chua is the Chief CEO and founder of the company Organo Gold. Founded in 2008, the companies goal is to introduce the Chinese herb Ganoderma to the world. Products like coffee and tea are sold by over one million distributors worldwide. Bernardo is a successful businessman who has revolutionized the direct sales industry. He has brought an obscure Asian product to popularity in the Western world.

Bernardo founded Organo Gold in Canada, a country that enforces strict product regulations. Chua spent some time with the company Gano Excel, which also has a passion for the Ganoderma product. Through this relationship with the company, Bernardo knew that he could bring a revolution of Ganoderma products to the western part of the globe. It is because of his influence that the popularity of Ganoderma is steadily growing.

Asian countries are very familiar with Ganoderma, as it has been a mainstay in traditional Chinese medicine for 4,000 years. The valuable herb is known to increase a person’s well-being and quality of life. A sample of this mushroom plant was given to Bernardo by a friend, and this started a business idea. Bernardo knew intuitively that the best and fastest way to grow his business was by taking a direct sales approach. This vision has proved to be successful, as Organo Gold has been in DSN’s (Direct Selling News) Global 100 of top direct sales companies for 5 consecutive years.

The direct sales approach is one component of Organo Gold’s success. Bernardo had a vision for a great product and a great sales plan. But how would he make it marketable to a western audience? Bernardo designed a product line of beverages and personal care products that contain the powdered form of Ganoderma. Toothpaste, hot chocolate and coffee are just a few of the products available. Because of the vision of Bernardo Chua, people all over the world are in love with Ganoderma products.

The success of Organo Gold is present in three factors: revenue, countries that sell the product and the amount of distributors or employees. In 2010, the business revenue was at $35 million. The next year, profits had more than tripled. This year, profits are expected to reach $800 million. The number of worldwide distributors has likewise grown from 60,000 in 2010 to 1 million active members today. The company has expanded to 35 countries, with Turkey as its newest addition in April 2015.

Bernardo is a well-known and prominent businessman who has been called a pioneer in his field. He is also a caring humanitarian whose heart is for the health of his customers. He proves his passion for his Ganoderma products by funding Ganoderma research and by maintaining close ties with the best organic Ganoderma growers.


The top plastic surgeons in Dallas include Dr. Rod Rohrich

Deciding who to trust in Dallas, Texas with a plastic surgery procedure has been made a little easier with the publication of a list detailing the top surgeons in the city. D Magazine published the annual list of top surgeons in Dallas and once again Dr. Rod Rohrich was named by his peers in the medical community as one of the top surgeons available to those seeking cosmetic and medically required surgery. Rohrich has been a major advocate over recent years for patient safety and the reduction of problems for many by using a sophisticated algorithm produced for patient safety and individual procedures created for the individual patient.

Rohrich has been a major force in the field of plastic surgery with the introduction of a large number of research papers and his skills, which include taking over the care of patients who are unhappy with their original surgery. As a leader in plastic surgery at UT Southeastern Medical Center Rohrich has recently been attempting to reduce the number of problems seen with patients suffering from side effects and unhappiness with their first procedure. Amongst the procedures Dr. Rohrich has become famous for completing are secondary rhinoplasty surgeries that correct the mistakes of an initial procedure that did not provide the realistic appearance Dr. Rod Rohrich is concerned with developing for each patient.

The award of the prestigious D Magazine Award comes at a time when Rod Rohrich has been active in the media and at plastic surgery seminars calling for a change in how the majority of the plastic surgery industry operates. Rohrich has been looking for a greater understanding of how the skin ages as humans grow older and recently published a paper he hopes will help other surgeons understand how the skin changes with age and use this to develop techniques for each patient to receive with even basic surgeries. Despite being awarded the honor from D Magazine Rohrich was at pains to explain how each and every patient should seek out the surgeon they feel comfortable with and one with a high quality reputation.