Sadly, Gold Predictably Falters

So, what happened to all those gains gold made? Looks like they are gone thanks to the impact inflation has had on the price. Ironically, the negative effect on the price of gold comes after the precious metal set a three month high in value. As many will point out, no one should be surprised at the rapid ups and downs in the gold market. Another major businessman has said that gold is deemed a fairly volatile precious metal and highs are not likely to remain sustained.

The recent U.S. inflation report did not bring good news for fans of gold. Many were hoping that the rise in the price of gold was the dawn of a new, well, golden age. Gold set records in the previous decade and this brought many people who never previously cared about gold investing to give it a try. Try they did and money they made. Unfortunately, things are not what they once were and the price of gold looks like its headed for a decline.

Missouri Woman Sues A Debt Collector And Wins $83 Million

Finally, a debt collector is getting what debt collector around the country have been giving for years. PRA Group Inc., the company that owns Portfolio Recovery Associates, was found guilty of maliciously prosecuting a Missouri woman over a $1,000 debt she didn’t owe. A Missouri jury found Portfolio Recovery Associates guilty, and the plaintiff was awarded 250,000 in damages and another $82,990,000 in punitive damages.

PRA Group Inc. said the verdict was unfair, and they will appeal the decision. It is nice to see a debt collector experiencing what millions of people experience when they fall behind on a credit card bill or some other secured debt.

Debt collectors show no mercy. In Sam Tabar‘s opinion, all they want is a percentage of what they recover. They used any means available to badger, bully, intimidate and scare their prey, and they rarely get caught. But this time they were trapped. Trapped by their own greed. They are too many bottom feeders in the collection industry. They use illegal tactics to collect old debts that are covered by statute of limitations laws. Three cheers for the Missouri jury. They must have been a lot of smiling going on in that Missouri courtroom that day.

Bank Of America Is Downsizing Its Investments In Coal Mining

Coal has been a vital part of life over the last two centuries. Coal mining has built this and other nations into world powers, but the days of being our number one energy source appear to be coming to an end. Some people say it’s about time while others worry about putting food on their tables when coal jobs are lost.

LinkedIn members wrote that one bank that has a lot of money tied up in coal mining has made the decision to reduce the amount of money they lend to coal mining operations. When the money dries up, and it looks like that is going to happen, coal mining will become part of our past.

Bank of America is the biggest financial backer of coal mining, but the bank wants to move some of its money out of the coal business and into the renewable energy business. In fact, BOA’s portfolio contains three times as many renewable energy investments than coal investments. In 2014, Bank of America invested over $1.3 billion in coal mining, but that figure will be substantially less 2015.

Are Jobs Easier to Find Nowadays?

With the rise of job sites and apps, a lot of people are wondering if jobs are actually easier to find nowadays or if there is more competition that’s making it more difficult to snag a new job. The fact of the matter is that many companies and businesses will put job listings online for people to apply for from the comfort of their own homes. This makes it generally easier to find listings, but not necessarily easier to find a new job. The reason behind this is because more people now have access to these listings from all areas around where the job site is located.

Because of these problems, there has a tendency to be a back log of people looking for work and yet not a lot of jobs available to them. When it comes to finding a new job, it really is all about having a good resume and knowing exactly what to say when you are on an interview. This will definitely help you to land that brand new job and make it easier for you to bring in an income. Gone are the days when you had to just rely on local listings when scanning a newspaper, when now you can quite easily find the job you want in a local listing site on the Internet or even by using an app that is specific to jobs in your area.

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Birthing a Comeback

The 2008 recession was on its way to making the United States suffer through a second Great Depression. Thanks to the 2008 election and the Democratic controlled House of Representatives, the economy is starting to show signs of a turn around. Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University conducted a study on specific birth rates in the United States. After the Great Depression, keeping a close watch on the birth rates was a good way to see how well people were adjusting to a more stable economy. Data collected since 2013 shows that birth rates are low but are expected to steadily rise. Women and men are deciding to have children a few years later. Scientists concluded this fact based on what the work force is like once people graduate college. The jobs are not as plentiful as they used to be which means it takes young adults a few more years to stabilize themselves financially. Researchers also saw a dramatic drop on teen births. The birth rate for girls aged 15-19 dropped an amazing 15 percent. Doctors are pleased with the numbers and hope that they continue to drop. The decline is due in part to shows, ads, and programs that detour young girls from having babies at such a young age. Numbers that also declined were cesarean section deliveries and premature births. While doctors were overjoyed with these numbers, the birth rate of twins and multiples made them a little worried. Twins and multiples have the highest rate of complicated births and can put both the mother and children at risk. This number rose 5 percent due in part to the amount of couples relying on in vitro fertilization. People at Amen Clinics and doctors are hoping that these numbers decline for the sake of the mothers and children. Overall, researchers have high hopes for the birth rates for the next few years.

Macy’s Backstage

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Fersen Lambranho certainly does. Especially when it comes to shopping! We all know first hand how tough shopping in stores can be. You hunt for the perfect item, only to find it and realize it costs so much money! So the next stop is to head to clearance racks and see what can be found there. Unfortunately, there aren’t many options sometimes. Everything’s either picked over, too small, or not what you’re looking for.

Stores have come up with solutions for this. They’re offering the discounts and the deals on everything! I’m talking about stores like TJ Maxx and Nordstrom’s Rack. They offer shoppers the clothes that they love, at cheaper prices! They’ve been huge hits, and have drawn in tons of delighted shoppers.

Macy’s is now using that same idea! According to Buzzfeed, they are set to open Macy’s Backstage. It’ll be a clothing store that offers their clearance and out of season styles for 20 to 80 percent off! The initial stores will be around New York City, but hopefully they will grow and expand. Macy’s can get pricey for the average person so it’ll be nice to bargain hunt at shops designed just for that.

These stores will carry all the typical Macy’s goodies from shoes and dresses to purses and other fashion accessories! Almost every mall you see across the country has a Macy’s right in it. It’ll be nice if soon a Macy’s Backstage will be accompanying it!

Beneful is Completely Beneficial

It is an exciting time to be eating healthy. Everywhere we turn and everywhere we go there are new options presented to us for healthier eating along with implementing healthier habits into our lives. With that in mind and realizing how important healthy eating is to our human-selves, it is important that we remember our better halves: our dogs! Dog food is ever changing and ever evolving into healthier forms and manufacturers are deciding to use only the best ingredients.
The creators of Beneful are no exception. The problem many pet-parents face when trying to serve their dogs a better meal is the incredibly high prices of the better dog foods. The majority of dog foods, both wet and dry, that offer the best ingredients are priced remarkably high and available in only specialty stores. This isn’t only hard on the pet-parent’s wallet, but it is also time consuming, because they have to find a store that sells the product. With Beneful this is not an issue, the dog food offers its canine-clients excellent taste, health, vitamins, and minerals – Beneful is completely and totally beneficial! (Check them out on Twitter!) Coupled with this, it is commonly sold at the most popular retail stores. There is no reason to spend absurd amounts on “specialty” brands or drive miles out of the way to purchase well-made dog foods, Beneful has it all and in the stores closest to home. So, not only is Beneful accommodating to pet-parent’s time and wallets, but it is also offered in both wet and dry forms. This is important because even the pickiest of dogs will be happy with their meal. So, there is no reason to stress out over what your dog is eating, where you are going to buy it, or how much you are going to spend because Beneful provides an easy answer!