Soon You’ll Be Able To Use Your Discover Card With Apple Pay

Soon you’ll be able to use any credit card with Apple Pay according to Amen Clinics. (Check them out at Discover card has reportedly decided to sign on to supporting Apple Pay. It’s the last of the major US bank holdout. WIth the partnership you’ll be able to add your Discover card to your Apple Pay wallet and use it to make mobile payments using your iPhone 6 or Apple Watch.

Apple Pay requires the support of the banks in part because of how it processes transactions Rather than use your traditional credit card number, Apple Pay assigns a new number for you to use just for mobile payments. Called a “token” the card number will only work when it’s part of a mobile transaction. That mean if for some reason someone was able to steal your mobile card’s number they wouldn’t be able to use it without your smartphone as well.

Apple also takes a small percentage of each transaction completed with Apple Pay, something that banks were none to excited about at first. The cut it’s taking is out of the money the bank would have made for the same transaction, so it’s in effect losing money when you decide to pay with your phone rather than your plastic card.

Etsy Hits The NASDAQ

The popular online crafting marketplace, Etsy just became ridiculously prevalent. Etsy has nearly doubled in IPO, now valued at $3.4 billion. This puts this e-commerce website in the ranks with competitors Amazon and eBay.

The Brooklyn-based company opened their first day of trading on the NASDAQ at $31 per share. Etsy priced its offering that evening, raising $267 million. Approximately $213 million of that money will be returned directly to Etsy. This will leave an open playing field for the company, with great opportunities for expansion. The rest of the money will be returned to the early investors of the craft marketplace.

Etsy made a statement noting that $300,000 of the proceeds will go directly to, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating women and other under-represented populations. Facebook said the company is rooted in helping others succeed while encouraging entrepreneurs and creativity.

Etsy hosts a number of self-started companies and entrepreneurs selling various homemade and other craft-type items. The website is diverse in the products available, ranging from furniture to jewelry to soap. They are focus entrepreneurs selling handmade, vintage and supplies within their global marketplace.

During the NASDAQ celebration, Etsy invited sellers from around the world to represent the Etsy Market in New York City’s Time Square. They wanted the world to get a sample of the diversity offered within their marketplace. Each seller represents a different story, making their organization unique.

Haidar Barbouti, a Realtor with a Love for Animals

In 1990, Haidar Barbouti, a realtor in Houston, Texas, acquired a historic shopping center called Highland Village. Fifty years before, it was home to a cafeteria, a supermarket, a pharmacy, and a gas station. Today, Highland Village’s fifteen acres are among the most coveted high-end retail space in Houston. Its success is due to its owner, Haidar Barbouti.

As Chief Executive Officer, Haidar is particular in who he leases space to in his 150 million dollar shopping center. With commercial property stretching close to 500,000 square feet, he seeks only state-of-the-art retailers.


Surprisingly, in the middle of this deluxe venue is a center for abandoned, abused, or unwanted animals. Highland Village Adoption Center occupies almost 7,000 square feet of prime real estate property at the value of $40,000 per month. They rent it for free.

Barbouti saw the need of unwanted pets and animals in the Houston area. He donated this prime retail space at Highland Village on a "no contract, no lease" basis – indefinitely. Barbouti has helped many in need with his generous donations of time and resources. His charitable acts are well-known within the Houston area. His heart for animals is only one of many.


Location is critical for the success factor in finding permanent homes for these innocent animals. Showcased in a storefront front window, weekend window shoppers often cannot resist taking one of the cute faces home with them. Barbouti claims other shop owners are supportive and give positive feedback. Shoppers come to see the animals and bring business too.

Haidar has helped get abandoned animals off the streets into loving adoptive homes. Ninety-nine percent of the animals come from the Houston Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care (BARC). Some have been abused, others neglected. Some pets are found wandering the streets and are pulled from the brink of death. Other pets are simply surrendered to the center by owners who can no longer care for them. They know someone will adopt them from the Highland Village Adoption Center.

The center operates on cash donations and contributions of food and supplies, and is staffed by volunteers. Buster’s Friends, ( a non-profit agency in Houston, manages adoptions and animal care for Highland Village Adoption Center.

When Shopping For New York City Real Estate, Choose Town Real Estate

Anyone looking to move to New York City, may have a hard time doing so, especially since it’s a very popular place to live. Finding an apartment, or any type of property in the city, can be very difficult, as well as costly. Since New York City is the place to live, it can end up being very difficult to find a nice place to stay, and many may get frustrated and quit looking. Some take the wrong approach, if they are searching for a place to stay, and because of this, they may end up fruitless.

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Find What You’re Looking For with Fast & Simple Product Recognition Search

Finding a product after you see it out in the streets or with someone can be next to impossible. You might see a pair of shoes that is simply to die for or an outfit that you wish you could find out where it is, but you just have no idea where to start looking. No matter where it is or what product it might be, if you have a smart phone, you have the power to search the Internet and pinpoint the object, the brand, how much it costs and where you can buy it. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to start typing away a product description into your search engine and hope the description is close enough to the product in order to receive a hit on the item. Instead, what you need to take advantage of is product recognition. Product recognition is a great way to locate the perfect items for your searching needs, and best of all, all you need to do is snap a picture of it and you are good to go.

With a product recognition search, the search field is able to scan over the image and directly compare it with the tens of thousands of other items it has stored in its databanks. Naturally, this databank is growing by the day, so there are more and more items coming to this earth field all the time. The product recognition search offering is able to instantly compare the elements of the object and identify a wide range of features in order to identify exactly what the item is. Once all the different variables are cross-referenced and the item is properly identified, it shows you everything you might want to know about the product. This includes the manufacturer, the cost, where you can buy it, and also potential alternatives. This way, if you see something you like but do not like the price tag or it is not available in your area, you have the chance to check out other, similar items that you may actually like better. It really just comes down to what you are looking for and what kind of product you would like to pick up.

Now, there are a few different tech services that have been experimenting with product recognition, but possibly one of the top services is Slyce. Slyce is one of the largest service providers of this kind product recognition services. In fact, it works with many of the top brand providers out there and large outlets, which gives it access to more products inside of its databanks than just about anyone else. With its connection with these companies, it is also drawing in smaller designers and shops as well, so if someone picks up a product from a boutique or smaller designer, it is more likely to be found through the productive recognition service provided by Slyce than just about any other search service out there. So, the next time you want to find the right product, turn to Slyce.