Get Superior Banking Features With A Managed Network

Get a superior banking feature that allows you to invest in your retirement during a tough economic crisis with NexBank. You have the advantage of three traditional online banking features that are centered around commercialized, industrialized, and investment accounts. CEO and President, John Holt, is adamant about their personalized customers accounts and extending their leadership professionals. Their $40 billion dollars in assets protects their customers money with the advantage of FDIC insurance. You have access to your account at any time from many devices that include your tablet, pc, and smartphone. They ensure that their customers will save more money with their financial institute than with their competitors.


You can even save money on many college savings programs that will give you less government student loan debt. The goal is to help students and their parents save on tuition and other college expenses. NexBank has partnered with New Jersey, based College Savings Bank. The merger was a smooth transition for everyone that is involved. You can also take part in their first-time homeowner program for local area low income residents. They have proudly partnered with the Dallas based Habitat For Humanity with the benefits of lower interests and monthly mortgage payments.


Nexbank Customer Features


– Free online bill pay

– Free direct deposit

– Free checks

– View your account balance

– IRA accounts

– Investment accounts

and more…


You’re invited to speak to a friendly customer service representative about NexBank services and features. They provide live assistance for their customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The anytime access to your money is a very popular feature with NexBank. They would like to encourage you to visit their easy to read and navigate website for more details on their products and services. Maximize your hard earned money with NexBank today.


Goettl Air Conditioning: Giving Back At Every Turn

It is truly out of this world what Ken Goodrich has done with Goettl Air Conditioning in only four short years since he purchased the company. It has been a complete makeover in every sense of the word. When he bought them, they were about as low as a company can get in terms of money and employees. They were losing money and they had employees that did not care. That is a bad formula and it leads to a world of problems for the company. They were on the brink of being out of business until Ken Goodrich came along and saved the day.


Not only has he saved the company, he has also saved a lot of people that are in rough and tough situations, which is more important in the long run. Ken Goodrich loves to give back, as that is one of his favorite things to do. He realizes he is in a position to do so and because of this, he wants to make the most of it. A lot of people have had issues with their home and gone a long time without air and he has sent his men out there to fix the job and do it properly.


He does not want anyone to go without. He believes that everyone deserves a shot and everyone deserves to live a good life. He is a very positive person and a very giving person. He is doing all of this out of the goodness of his heart and because he wants to do it. No one is forcing him to do this and this is not some kind of PR stunt on his part. He knows that if the shoe were on the other foot, he would want people to do it for him as well, and he knows they would. He believes in the good in people.


Wonderfully Soft Lips With EOS Lip Balm

Soft lips are something everyone can appreciate. Achieving them can be tricky as not all products work the same. Natural products are becoming higher in demand and the EOS products are no exception.

Evolution of smooth or EOS provides many different types and flavors of lip balm. Sold in a easy to hold and sleek looking design, the spheres stand out from other lip products. The original organic smooth spheres come in 8 different flavors so you can always enjoy applying your lip balm without getting bored. Some of the flavors include, vanilla bean, passion fruit, sweet mint, and summer fruit.

If you need a little shine with your lip balm, you may like the shimmer smooth spheres. These add some shine while keeping your lips feeling soft and smooth! These are currently offered in only two types of shine, pearl and sheer pink.

For those who like the feel of a classic stick of lip balm in their hands, EOS lip balm also offers these while providing their naturally smooth product, check this on These are only available in three flavors that include pomegranate raspberry, vanilla bean, and sweet mint.  More of this on

These wonderful products are made gluten, paraben, petrolatum, and phthalate free! It’s even 100% natural and 95% organic so you can feel good about using it. EOS can be purchased at many retailers such as Walmart and other drug stores. Prices of EOS lip balm are comparable to other lip balm products.

EOS is a fun alternative to traditional lip balm products. They are fashionable, have fun flavors, and many options for everyone, check on for this. These hypoallergenic lip balms are sure to catch anybody’s attention and keep your lips soft and comfortable all year round!  Useful link here.

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Restoring our Beauty with Jennifer Walden

As we get advanced in age, the exposure to the sun and the everyday stress may take a toll on our beautiful faces and necks. With time creases beside our mouths form and our necks get folds and fat deposits. It is, however, possible to counteract these signs of aging. A facelift is ideal since it helps to tighten the muscles, remove the excess fat and also trim the extra skin. The face, therefore, gets a younger and fresher look. Once the surgery is complete, some of the patients look 10 years younger. Facelifts rejuvenate the mid to lower face and neck. The operation is most useful for people who are interested in correcting the creases under their eyes, creases between the nose and the mouth, as well as the loose skin under the chin.


Another procedure is rhinoplasty. The procedure is for reshaping or even reducing a person’s nose. Through the procedure, the removal of the hump is possible. It also is possible to change the angle between the nose and the mouth. The best thing about the procedure is that it is an outpatient procedure. It lasts for about one or two hours.

It is important for a patient to have a surgeon that has a broad understanding of the procedures. Jennifer Walden is a certified plastic surgeon with training in Cosmetic Surgery. The cosmetic surgery of the face can reduce the wrinkles as well as sun damage. Dr. Walden is committed to delivering the best patient care and satisfaction. She approaches her work with sheer artistry, which suits her patients’ needs.


Jennifer Walden was recognized in the Harper’s Bazaar magazine as one among the 24 best beauty surgeons. While on her job, Dr. Walden is warm and friendly. She has the charm of making her patients calm and relaxed. Dr. Walden is a mother of two adorable children.

How Did EOS Out Shine Chapstick?

EOS sells more lip balms each week than Chapstick, and is now the second-top selling product of its kind. Evolution of Smooth managed to beat Chapstick in weekly sales volume in just seven short years, leaving many wondering their secrets. EOS didn’t perform any magic tricks. Instead, they simply listened to consumers, and created a product the customer couldn’t have constructed better themselves.  Click on for details.

EOS lip balms are all-natural, made with organic ingredients that nourish and soften the lips so they’re kissable and soft whenever you want to pucker up. There’s no harmful toxins or ingredients in the lip balms, so users can apply them to their lips as often as they wish without worry. And, with fun fruit flavors like Strawberry Sorbet and Pomegranate Raspberry, customers can’t get enough of the EOS lip balms.  Useful link here on

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Chapstick led the lip balm industry for more than 100 years, but it was a lack of competition rather than a desire for the boring cylinder-shaped lip balms that kept the brand on top. Customers wanted variety, and a product they could use confidently without worry of toxins. EOS lip balms ignite the senses, and provide users with a beauty product that blows their mind away, leaving them confident in what they’ve just experienced. And so, that is how EOS made it to the top, now holding the spot above Chapstick.  Follow EOS on

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How Securus Technologies Is Benefiting Both Its Users and Communities

Securus Technologies is a program of communications that one should not take for granted. It is offering a tremendous amount of opportunities for the parties who use it, which are inmates and their visitors. If you’re not quite sure about exactly what this wonderfully designed and engineered program is offering visitors, please don’t hesitate to visit the website, as it’s been designed to navigate within easily.


Securus Technologies offers visitors a form of communication in which they’re not required to physically visit the correctional facility where an inmate is confined in. Instead, they can simply communicate with them via methods of video conferencing from the comfort of their own living room, if that is where they prefer. This eliminates their needs of physically traveling to a correctional facility, as they can simply engage in a visitation session from the comfort of their own home.


If you are an inmate and would like to have your visitor visit you via methods of videoconferencing, then please feel free to refer them to the Securus Technologies website. The customer service representative are available to assist with any questions that you may have pertaining to both the visitor’s and your needs of utilizing the program.


If you’d like to learn more about Securus Technologies, there is a vast array of information which pertains to the program on its website. Be sure to see the menu in which correctional facilities that are currently offering the utilization of the program is listed. You may be happy to learn that the program is currently being offered at the correctional facility that you inmate is confined in today. It’s a program that has been engineered and created to serve both its users and the community, as it has also had a tremendous role of solving crimes due to law enforcement agencies having access to the conversations that take place within its communicative lines.


A Close Look at Clay Siegall’s Life.

Different scenarios inspire people to start up their businesses. Clay Siegall who is the chief executive officer and the founder of Seattle Genetic was inspired to initiate the company by his undying interest in medicine. He was always intrigued by the power of technology and always had the burden of overcoming diseases and restoring health to the sick. His interest in cancer treatment beckoned while he was a student of zoology at the University of Maryland. One of his family members fell ill. The treatment that he was under was quite brutal since the patient developed anemia as a result of chemotherapy. The situation became an eye opener. Clay Siegall realized there are other ways of treating cancer which are better. That is how his journey began.


Clay Siegall established Seattle Genetic in the year 1998. For the nearly two decades the company has existed, Dr. Siegall has brought it to the top of the targeted therapy industry. Seattle Genetic has developed its first ever FDA-approved antibody-drug conjugate which at present has many approved indications. It has also developed a robust pipeline of over 20 drugs. The firm prides itself in having a range of strategic partnerships with drug manufacturers such as Bayer, Pfizer, and Genentech among others.

Clay Siegall firmly believes that the old-guard of cancer treatment such as systemic chemotherapy is close enough to be forgotten. The reason is that as time flies, the efficacy and value of therapies on target become clearer. He also is of the sentiments that the old treatments will be overridden by the tolerable and much more efficient targeted drugs.


Before he came up with Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall worked at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute for six years. From 1988 to 1991, he was working at the National Cancer Institute that is under the National Institute of Health. Clay Siegall serves as a member of the board at the Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical as well as Washington Roundtable.


Dr. Siegall has received awards such as the 2013 University of Maryland Alumnus of the Year for Computer and the coveted Pacific Northwest Ernst $ Young Entrepreneur of the year 2012.


Sheldon Lavin Has Led OSI Group To Incredible Success

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of the OSI company based out of Illinois. OSI Group LLC is a food manufacturing and distribution company that serves businesses all over the country. Sheldon Lavin has worked in the food industry of over 43 years. Previous to working in the food industry, he was actually a successful executive in the banking world and even owned a financial consulting firm. The company has seen substantial growth from the time that it has been under Lavin’s leadership. They grew from being a simple burger supplier to fast food companies to becoming a worldwide food distributor. OSI is owned by its parent company OSI International Foods LLC and OSI Internation Inc. Learn More.

The company currently boasts an excess of 20,000 employees all over the world. They attribute much of their success as a company to the ethics that the company is centered around. The employees and their leadership create a family style atmosphere that makes working or the company an enjoyable experience. For that reason, most employees decide to stay there for an extended amount of time. The company knows that the employees are what make a company great so they aim to make them as happy to work for them as possible. Contact With Sheldon .

Sheldon Lavin found his way into the meat distribution market many years ago when he was assisting with financial transactions for Otto & Sons which was the name of the company before they later became OSI. The bank that Lavin was working for stated that Lavin had to have an owner role in the company in order for them to provide financial assistance to the company. He has been able to help the company grow to become the largest meat supplier for McDonald’s in the world. Sheldon Lavin is also involved with many charities and is currently a trustee for the Ronald McDonald Charities as well as having won many awards for his non-profit service over his lifetime. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin Receives Global Visionary Award . for more.

White Shark Media Understands Online Marketing

The Internet has changed the way many people handle daily tasks. Before the Internet became popular, most people handled daily tasks by going wherever they had to go to complete the tasks. However, the introduction of the Internet changed this for many people. With the Internet, many people go to the Internet to handle many tasks that use to require them to go to particular locations.


Some of the tasks that people go to the Internet to handle on a regular basis include paying bills, shopping, watching the news, attention classes, conducting research, and many other tasks. For companies that have company websites, the Internet has become a place that provides tremendous business opportunities.


Millions of dollars are spent on the Internet every year regarding the purchase of products and services. All types of products and services are purchased on the Internet. The size of the companies does not matter. In actuality, it does not have to be a company selling items on the Internet. Individuals sell items on the Internet everyday.


While companies and individuals can have great success on the Internet selling a wide range of products and services, there are still several important things that must be done before anything can be sold on the Internet.


One of these things is that there must be a sufficient amount of website traffic generated to the desired website. There are many ways that traffic can be generated for websites. One of the best ways is by using online marketing such as PPC and SEM.


The use of these online marketing methods takes a level of experience and understanding that most individuals and companies do not have related to the methods. As a result, many companies and individuals use a digital marketing agency to provide the necessary expertise regarding online marketing such as PPC and SEM.


A digital marketing agency that has an outstanding reputation in the online marketing arena is White Shark Media. It is a full service digital marketing agency that can deliver amazing results for any online marketing campaign.


 White Shark Media primarily provides digital marketing services for small to medium size companies, but any size company can benefit from the expertise of White Shark Media.



Warren Buffett’s Wager Against Hedge Fund Managers

In a recent article that was posted to CNBC’s website, Warren Buffett wagered a large sum of money to prove a point regarding his investment insight. He aimed to donate $1 million to a charity if his investment strategy proved to be more profitable than that of several seasoned hedge fund managers. The wager outlined that the investments would occur withing the S&P 500 passive index for Warren Buffett, while the hedge fund managers would invest as they usually would. Mr. Buffett won the wager, but the commentator of the article, Timothy Armour stated that he disagreed with Warren Buffett that investing through the passive index is a good idea for the average American that is not wealthy and may be about to, or have already retired. He says that there is no protection from the market fluctuations that might prove to be costly and not practical for certain people.

Timothy Armour is the CEO and Chairman of Capital Group which is a team of investment professionals that are dedicated to helping individuals realize their financial potential. He served as an Equity Investment Analyst at Capital Group earlier on in his professional career. In that capacity, he handled U.S Service Companies and Telecommunications transactions for the company.

He is currently an equity portfolio manager and helps both individuals and companies make financial investment decisions that will give them excellent returns and secure their financial future. His entire 34-year professional career was spent at Capital Group. He was named the CEO of Capital Group after his predecessor passed unexpectedly in 2015. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Middlebury College and began working for Capital Group through their Associate’s Program.