White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency, that assists small to medium sized businesses by formulating marketing strategies, specifically for the individual needs of each company, to increase their business profits. Of course, businesses who are in the marketing/service industry are going to get many compliments from their clients, but at the same time, they will receive complaints, as well. White Shark Media has chosen to use the complaints they receive from their clients, to their advantage and learn from their mistakes, to improve upon their services for their clients.

Some of the things that clients complained about were that they weren’t able to keep track of their campaign’s progress after signing on with White Shark. Clients felt that communications between them and White Shark Media were lacking and inadequate. Another problem was that old campaigns that the clients had, functioned better then the new campaign programs that White Shark had created, and the clients wanted to go back to having their camapaigns function the old way. The clients would have also liked it if White Shark had SEO services because they felt that in their business, SEO programs would have been sufficient as a marketing tool.

White Shark listened to their clients’ concerns, they addressed them, and then they implemented new strategies that would improve the marketing functions of White Shark Media so they would satisfy all of their clients’ needs. They did that by opening up the lines of communications with their clients, especially the new ones. They learned about the types of businesses their clients had; what the clients’ business goals were, and they discovered what the clients expected from them as a marketing agency, in the way of fulfilling their marketing needs. White Shark then went to work tailoring specific programs and campaigns to fit every individual business.

White Shark Media implemented frequent phone and online meetings with clients, to get updates of progress, or what needed to be done to make their campaigns function more efficiently. The reviews of marketing results were conducted to make sure their campaigns were working for the clients, and if not, they would strive to figure out how they could improve the effectiveness of the marketing strategies, to achieve the results that their clients wanted.

White Shark Media listened to their clients’ concerns about their marketing strategies, and if there was room for improvement, they took action to fix the things that were wrong with how they set up campaigns for their clients. White Shark Media has become a better marketing company and they’ve grown because they decided to learn from their clients complaints, instead of being in denial about their existing problems, doing nothing about them, and losing business because their customers were unsatisfied with their service.

Choosing a Great Food for Your Dog

It’s unfortunate to think that dog owners may not consider what their dogs are eating. But you can’t help but wonder why they would. There are so many options and what’s the difference, as long as they eat it, right? And how do you decide in the first place?

What’s a dog lover to do?

We need to pay attention. Just because the dog is eating what you feed them doesn’t mean they like it. They’re just hungry. Let’s start feeding our dogs the way we feed ourselves, sorting foods so that we’re selecting not just for satisfaction, but for quality of life and longevity.

We love foods that we think the dog’s going to like because it looks good to us, don’t we? Hmmmm, chunks of meat and vegetables. Gotta be good, right? Not necessarily. Talk with a vet or nutritionist that works with animals, or someone at the local animal shelter. As they tend to care for animals on an individual basis, they’re excellent resources.

Let’s talk about BARFing, shall we?

Some people live by BARF. That’s biologically available raw food. The idea is to provide pets with foods from Beneful they would encounter in the wild, such as raw meat with bones, and uncooked fruit and vegetables. Unfortunately, dogs are, in general, domesticated animals. They will eat what they have to to survive. But since they have a roof over their head and a family to care for them, what’s the point?

If you choose to give BARF a shot, find organic foods that meet your pet’s micro-nutritional needs found in Beneful. And be careful if changing your dog’s diet in this manner. Adult dogs who aren’t given sufficient time to adjust to BARF are known to develop pancreatitis.

Why can’t I just go with the best commercial dog food, for corn’s sake?

Most of us try to. But which is the best? According to advertisements, they all are.

Seek out foods that use natural ingredients and preservatives. Give foods formulated by nutritionists that aid in pet health a shot. This may be a little more expensive, but it does mean eliminating chemicals and meat byproducts. Stick with brands supplemented with fish oils and fatty acids. There are also prescription foods that aren’t noticeably more expensive than foods at the supermarket.

If your dog has health problems, keep that in mind. Also, take note if your dog is constantly itching. It isn’t necessarily fleas or tics. Allergies connected with food is a common problem. That includes raw and cooked foods, commercial brands and common ingredients. Again, it’s time to see the vet.

Enough with the suggestions. What should I do?

Talk with a professional. Pay attention to the foods your dog seems to enjoy most. Take as close a look at what you put into them as you put into your family. And, personally, we lean against BARF. The risk of raw food is as dangerous to your pet as it is to you.

Brad Reifler: An Entrepreneur for the New Frontier

As today’s business world experiences one change after another, it’s imperative that entrepreneurs know how to adapt to changes in ways that produce positive results. And when people in the know are asked about some of today’s leading business professionals, one name that emerges time and time again is Brad Reifler. As an entrepreneur and investor for more than 30 years, Brad has shown an unbelievable ability to adapt his business practices to achieve extraordinary results.

Whether it was his tenure as founder and CEO of Reifler Trading Company, Pali Capital, or his current position with Forefront Capital Management, Brad has always shown that hard work and a desire to be the best is the path to success. Using his talents in research and decision-making, Brad has always been a businessman on the cutting-edge of new and innovative ideas. With his reputation for excellence, Brad has been able to work with some of the most well-known and intelligent business leaders around the world. Whether it is a top executive from a Fortune 500 company, an investment banker from Wall Street, or an economist from China or other nations, Brad knows some of the greatest ideas come from talking with others. In fact, it was after talking with other successful business leaders that he performed perhaps his most incredible feat yet. During his 13-year tenure as founder and CEO of Pali Capital, Brad used a combination of research and strategic planning to create sales strategies that left the competition far behind. In fact, after his tenure was completed at Pali, his sales team had accumulated more than $1 billion in commission income. Considered virtually impossible to do at the time, it was a clear demonstration of Brad’s talents. As he continues at Forefront, chances are good he will achieve similar results.

Marc Sparks, a One of a Kind Venture Capitalist.

Whenever you ask about Marc Sparks, there are several responses you are bound to get. Some describe him by the companies he owns while others with the successes he has made in life. Scholars and book enthusiasts describe the man through the books he has authored while yet others use his charity works to describe the man. Well, all of these descriptions talk about the man. In all the above descriptions, you are bound to find his name.
Marc Sparks indeed fulfills all these descriptions. Not only is he the founder but also the chief executive of Timber Creek LP. This is a private equity firm that is widely known for converting dreams into reality. Ideas of brilliant and passionate entrepreneurs have been nurtured and transformed into sought-after, income generating businesses. Products, as well as, services, are delivered born out of ideas. To be honest, most start-ups fail due to the lack of resources. Most major companies today at some point in the past hit that point where the gap between failure and success could only be filled by external funding. This funding is not easy to come by, and that is where venture capitalists like Marc Sparks come in.
Quite a number of companies would not have made it to where they have were it not for Marc Sparks’ intervention. Through his Dallas, Texas-based company, Timber Creek Capital LP, Marc supports innovative ideas and ensures they become a reality. However, the company to be invested in must be appropriate or have unique products or services. These products must be difficult to replicate. The company seeking an investment must also have a defined strategy for the use of the money and how it will turn around the enterprise. This section must be logical enough and convincing to the venture capitalist.
Upon fulfilling these requirements, Marc and his group provide you with the necessary capital. If need be, Timber Creek Capital, LP will also avail you with office space, equipment, as well as support services such as legal and accounting assistance, graphics and web development. This is beside impacting customer service expertise, as well as marketing and networking prowess. These extra services besides the capital are what has made Marc Sparks stand out from the rest. These services ensure the success of the venture thus a return on investment for his company.
Besides being a venture capitalist and a serial entrepreneur, Marc Sparks is also an author. His book They Can’t Eat You provides insight to upcoming entrepreneurs on what they need to do and the path they need to follow to be successful.
Marc is also a generous giver. His philanthropic deeds have had a positive impact on many lives. He is involved in housing the homeless through Samaritan Inn. This Inn is known to offer shelter to at least 160 homeless individuals every night. Together with Habitat for Humanity, Marc has built homes for people as part of his corporate social responsibility. Marc Sparks has also donated a thousand laptops with Sparkeys Kids to American Can! Academy. Indeed, Marc is like no other. He cares for more than just money.

Source: Marc Sparks Blog

Why Adam Sender is an All-Star Hedge Fund Manager

It is often those who are not afraid of losing money that have the greatest ability to make money. See, what people don’t understand is that making money is just a side effect of making a series of wise investments. A lot of times, it is necessary for one to experiment greatly in order for them to make the maximum amount of money from any given investment. This is something that a lot of investors like to bypass when in all actuality, these detours and lessons are absolutely essential for the growth and prosperity of your business. It is better to make the difficult investments that you believe in now as opposed to later.

When Adam Sender made his first investment in the world of art, he had no idea if it would eventually pay off or if he would fail. Being that his first investment was a photograph that cost over $100,000, a lot of people were blown away by his ability to put such an enormous value on beauty and originality.

It is not the easiest thing in the world to follow your passion and your heart, yet, when you are able to follow your heart and make lots of money as well, it not only lead to lots of money, it can lead to a natural admiration of you by others in your world.

Over the years, Adam Sender has invested in hundreds of businesses and most of them have done extremely well. It is his desire to invest in businesses that are extremely volatile that has given him his success. Most people see volatile businesses as something that should be strayed away from, when nothing could be farther from the truth. When a business is volatile, it ultimately points to the fact that it is a business that not only has a potential to lose a lot of money, it also has the potential to gain a lot as well. The real problem comes in businesses with very little volatility at all. Those businesses are more along the lines of a bank, with a bank, you put your money in and you pretty much get out of it what you put in. With a volatile business, you pretty much get either really rich or you lose your investment, there really isn’t any way around it. Adam Sender has collected more than 400 pieces of contemporary art, and he has been selling works from this collection for the last nine years.

While making himself nearly a billionaire with his hedge fund, he has opted to pour money into art, not because he needs to but because he wants to. It is almost as if he invests in businesses for the sole reason of making money and invests in arts as a way for personal freedom and expression because frankly, he doesn’t make very much money selling his art, although he has sold a few of his pieces for in excess of $20 million. Sender feels that one day his multi-million dollar hobby may find a home in a museum, but for now he is continuing to discover new artists and find new artwork to add to his collection.

The Career Ladder of Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is a renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is a native of Malaysia. Vijay was born on 7th October 1960 in the town of Penang. His father, Vijayaratnam Saravanamuthu was a Malaysian worker attached under the Ministry of labor. His mother, Pushpavathy Chinnaiah was a schoolteacher.

Upon graduating from high school, he enrolled at the esteemed London School of Economics where he undertook his socioeconomic degree. After graduation, he stayed in Europe for a while as he took up manual jobs for purposes of sustaining himself. Vijay worked as a taxi driver, construction worker and even picked grapes. He took interest in binary system marketing and owing to his passion; he enrolled at CIMA for professional training before going to the Southern Illinois University where he completed his postgraduate degree. Upon completion of his studies, Vijay started dabbling in the world of multilevel marketing while working at Synaptics. Forbes Asia name him number 25 for Malaysia’s 50 Richest.

Armed with education, skills and experience, Vijay moved back to Malaysia and the COSWAY Group soon approached him. The firm was looking to open an office in the Philippines and they wanted Vijay to head its operations. Vijay took multilevel marketing seriously and in 1998, he partnered with his friend, Joseph Bismark to form the QI Group. The QI Company focuses on nutrition, energy, cosmetics, home care, health, telecommunications, media, corporate investments, as well as travel and luxury products. His vision has seen the corporation engage in the manufacture of innovative products and services to the consumers. The firm has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong with additional subsidiaries in about 10 countries. He is a best-selling author, having written “In the Sphere of Silence”, about life management.

Vijay is a public speaker who has shared his ideas on different platforms. His ability to deliver explosive speeches has seen him being recognized and invited to make presentations in different forums around the globe. Additionally, he is an author who has four books to his name. In the Sphere of Silence, which is his first book, Vijay talks about his everyday one-hour of meditation, his personal life and his management philosophy. In his second book, In the Thinking Zone, Vijay focuses on life reflections and thoughts.18 Stepping Stones is his third book and On the Wings of Though is his fourth book, which is a collection of his photography.
He has an interactive program called Thought of the Day, which he uses to reach out and inspire people. Additionally, he founded a corporate social responsibility arm of the QI group called RYTHM Foundation. Vijay has a number of charitable organizations that he uses to develop community projects like mentor ship .In 2011, Forbes Asia recognized him as one of the Heroes of Philanthropy in the region. Currently, Vijay serves as the Qi Group’s Executive Chairman and he is based in Hong Kong.

Handy Can Do Most of Your Household Chores

Handy is a professional home cleaning and home repairing service company. The company was started by Harvard Business School students Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua in 2012. Handy has created a platform that allows customers to apply for home services by using electronic devices. Handy is located in 25 cities and is booking more than $1 million per week.

Simply put, you can hire a housekeeper or a handyman by pressing a button on a smart phone. Handy is based in New York and employs 50 employees and has thousands of contractors and freelance workers. This small business complete more than 10,000 jobs every month. Customers are using a website or a mobile app to apply for repair and home cleaning services.

Handy can help you do your chores at home. The customers are using cell phones, IPads, IPhone, tablets, the Internet, and other devices to order cleaning services. Handy’s platform is similar to the Uber platform that is used for transportation.

First, the customers will enter their zip code and the number of room(s) that need to be cleaned. Next, the customers will select the time they want the room(s) to be cleaned. Then, Handy will send the customer a price quote. The price quote will also include a tip and taxes. You can accept the quote and pay with a debit or credit card. Handy processes the payments and does the scheduling and billing for the services.

Moreover, this service is also good for the thousands of contractors and freelancers that make between $15 an hour and $22 an hour. The average pay is about $18 an hour and Handy has 5,000 members and has received 200,000 applications on its website. The freelancers can set their own hours and use a flexible work schedule. The freelancers can also set their own pay rates and decide where they want to work before accepting a job. They also have to file a form 1099 so that they can report their income and file taxes.

Also, customers receive a valuable service and Handy performs background checks on all contractors and freelancers. There are times when customers might need to clean a room in their home but they do not have the time. This is when the customer can use Handy services. For example, you have to work late and are not able to clean the house for guests you have invited to your home. Pick up your electronic device and contact Handy for a quote.

Finally, customers can get their money back if they do not like the service they received from Handy will also cover damage to property in some cases. Handy is definitely ready to provide cleaning and repairing services to your home.

QNet is Going to Make Some Big Moves

QNet is making waves all across the globe. The e-commerce company has established itself in 100 countries promoting direct selling. With direct selling, products and services are offered through an affiliate seller who is not located at a retail store. Entrepreneurs thrive in countries all over the world and QNet is riding the wave of success these affiliate members have contributed to.

If there was one region in the world where QNet sees a great deal of future success, it would be India. QNet has captured a lot of attention in the Indian press thanks to its intention to move 100% of its manufacturing and production to India. The move was somewhat surprising. No, the fact that QNet would choose to start moving production to India is not all that surprising. India has a thriving economy and is a major location for those interesting in outsourcing. What is surprising is QNet is moving 100% of its production so quickly. QNet is protecting its business reputation from other companies and individuals and will remain an integral part of the Indian retail sector for many years to come.

QNet is most definitely not abandoning other markets. The company recently signed a marketing and branding agreement with the Manchester City Football Club. Surely, QNet is not looking to diminish its presence anywhere in the world. By moving production to India, QNet primes itself for success in scores of other areas in the world. Switching the location of manufacturing to India is likely to cut down the costs of production by upwards of 10%.
Qnet truly wants to empower individuals to not only succeed in the business, but they want to help others succeed as individuals and families.

By cutting down on the high costs of producing items for sale, the profit margin on the sales increase. This is not only good for QNet’s bottom line, but also for the pockets of those affiliate entrepreneurs working with the company. High-quality merchandise that comes with a reasonable price is going to be attractive in the market. Cutting production costs helps get a price that all-desirable reasonable level.

This is not to suggest that QNet is only interested in using India as a manufacturing hub. QNet has plans to expand its sales force in India and launch a niche marketing strategy designed to capitalize on consumers very interested in wellness products. Maximizing buyers and sellers in India could prove to be a major benefit to QNet’s revenue figures.

QNet is also pressuring the Indian government to increase regulation and oversight over direct selling and network marketing (multi-level marketing) in order to make the landscape more honest. Taking this approach helps the reputation of the direct selling industry and makes people more comfortable to patronize it.

Anastasia Date Proves Long Distance Love Can Happen

Online dating has now become the norm in our society. It’s easy to see why. Online dating offers a more practical approach to dating than what was considered the norm in the past. Dating used to be a lot of luck. People would hope to stumble upon someone they found was attractive or be set up on a blind date. Online dating takes all of the scariness and guess work out of dating. It allows users to chat with other users who are actually looking for love! Online dating has one other main benefit. It allows users to meet people long distantly.

There are some apps that only focus on those who are close by. Sometimes, people crave a little excitement and adventure. They want to talk to people who live in other parts of the world because they are sick of the same stuff. Some people have types. Perhaps, a man is only interested in dark skinned and dark haired women. Perhaps a woman wants a blonde haired, blue eyed guy. Whatever the preference, there is an online dating app out there that is helping people who have pickier tastes. I’m talking about Anastasia Date.

Anastasia Date allows users to connect from all over the world! It is the leading international dating site available. The app is super easy to use and is available to download on mobile devices. Users also have the option to video chat! Video chat is especially important in long distance dating because users might not be able to chat face to face because of how far away they are from one another. Anastasia Date also has found ways to keep the chat features fresh and exciting. They allow users to send smiley faces to put a little life into their conversations. It’s brand new and is sure to be a big hit among users.

Overall, Anastasia Date is great for those looking for a little bit of international love. It’s a great way for someone to step outside their comfort zone and take part in a new lifestyle, culture, and experience. If long distance loves proves to difficult for some, this app is still a great way to meet lifelong friends.

Creating A Barrier For Failure

Stocks, bonds, real-estate and businesses-anything you can think of-are several channels of investments. As a newcomer, it would be wise to consider the following ideas before deciding to invest in anything.

Short Term and Long Term Goals

Having a clear purpose established when deciding to make investments is very important. To demonstrate this idea, picture yourself saving up money earned from your paychecks. It can be used for anything such as clothes, vacation trips out of the country or for food. However, there are several priorities that you may have and they require a large amount of cash to afford. Therefore you have to save money for that purpose (creating a fund for college, saving to pay medical bills in case of a medical emergency, etc.) in order to prevent excessive spending on items that aren’t necessary.

Collect as Much Information as You Can

Regardless of your age, information is accessible for everyone to ensure that they’re up to date with business terms, and instructions on how to secure your investments.

There are several companies that aid investors, particularly those who own small business, such as Madison Street Capital. Altogether, the company provides several clients with sufficient skills to survive in the Marketplace. This includes financial advisory, valuation and corporate financial advisory services. The primary goal of the company is to merge with major corporations to “navigate complex transactions and achieve the best outcome.”

Madison Street Capital is located worldwide; North America, Asia and Africa are the main corporate centers. For individuals who show exceptional skills in the quantitative, analytical and communication skills can possibly be eligible for careers, provided that they contact the company via email.


Realistically speaking, do you actually have a reasonable amount of time to dedicate towards developing your investment? As Albert Brenner, director of asset allocation at People’s United Bank, stated, “being honest about yourself will prevent any disappointment from coming in terms with what’s actually true.”

Avoiding Unnecessary Fees

Extra charges occur everywhere; from service fees (for the use of a service) or transactions, it can incur more costs on your balance sheet. By the same token, you can remain broke for a long period of time if you aren’t getting fast returns from your investments. It is within your best interests to evaluate the risks of choosing a particular option, and ensure that you’re able to have a back-up plan. It’s highly likely for an investment for move in a wrong path, especially if you’re beginning to make them.

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