FreedomPop Hits Investment Jackpot, Aims to Grow Service

For CEO Stephen Stokols and the rest of the FreedomPop company the past three years have been both challenging and rewarding. The L.A. based start up hit the market running with investment money coming straight from the founder of Skype. Since then the mobile carrier has been trying to use that money in order to leverage a name for themselves and they’ve mostly succeeded. That success, along with the shark like attempts to eat up mobile carriers by telemarketers, has caused FreedomPop to become one hot commodity on the marketplace.

For the better part of the past few weeks, as reported by, FreedomPop has been rumored in M&A talks with various companies. Those rumors are finally put to bed now thanks to a statement by CEO Stephen Stokols. Freedmpop has decided to go on their own and push forward as an independent mobile carrier. A recent investment during the Series B round by Partech Ventures has made this decision much easier.

Partech Ventures, led by Mark Menell, partnered with Mangrove Capital and DCM Capital in order to allot almost $30 in investment capital for FreedomPop. This move has given the freemium company both the confidence and the capital in order to start spearheading a push into the hyper competitive European marketplace. In fact, they have already started their push with a basic product on offer and the Jetsetter international package.

FreedomPop already has one million subscribers to their service and the focus is on wholesale growth going forward. The reason that they can grow their business and afford offering free services is that they package their data after buying it from Sprint at wholesale company rates. Google has a similar arrangement with T-Mobile. FreedomPop chooses to eat much of the cost in order to allure new customers to their service.

New San Jacinto Mall Owners Target To Tap Into Baytown Momentum Through Revamping

Baytown is developing quickly, and the latest owners of San Jacinto Mall that has for some time been in debility and presently is 70% occupied, propose to take advantage of the potential in the area.

The procurement was in operation for one year, stated Carson Wilson, principal as well as vice president of trade marketing plus leasing for Houston-based Fidelis Realty Partners that stirred the mall on 15th of July.

“We’ve always loved the real estate-it’s the best retail real estate in east Houston,” Wilson announced. “Baytown is a very strong market, and the mall has just gone into disrepair.”

The 1.2 million Sq. feet mall is constructed on a 107-acre piece of land located on the southwest curve of Interstate 10 as well as Garth Road.

Fidelis schedules to wholly revamp the mall, every part or a big part of which is going to be demolished, and construct a 1 million Sq. feet open-air plaza on the space. The company anticipates it is going to take 3 years to organize the building for demolition as well as additional 2 years to restore the property. Fidelis is dealing with Houston-based Boucher Design Group for architectural designs.

Baytown is thriving, as petrochemical developments bring employees to the locality plus housing developers haste to meet the ever-growing demand for residential houses as well as apartments nearby those developments. Wilson also said that retail does steadily well in this area.

“Retailers in Baytown do well,” Wilson stated. “There are a lot of retailers that aren’t existing in the market that would be candidates for the mall’s redevelopment.”

Fidelis furthermore is constructing 650,000 Square feet of retail complex, affixed by Kroger, among the 5 latest shops the grocer is going to add in Houston this year.

Haidar Barbouti also walks in the same footsteps since he owns the multi-purpose retail center called, Highland Village Shopping Center located on Westheimer Road in Houston.

All About Entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran, founder of the QI Group, is a Malaysian entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author. Eswaran is well known for his honor and grace as a businessman: he believes in practicing honorable Gandhian principles. This is quite refreshing to see in an often seemingly ruthless business world. A man of many talents, Vijay Eswaran is also a well regarded speaker. He often gives motivating lectures to people of all nationalities.

Eswaran is certainly not afraid to travel far and wide. He went to school in London where he stayed for a short while. He then earned his MBA at Southern Illinois University. He now does business all around the world.

The QUI Group
Eswaran’s entrepreneurial prowess is reflected in the vast services that the QI Group offers. The group specializes in retail, hospitality, internet commerce, and financial services. QI Group invests in education, luxury, and lifestyle. They follow Eswaran’s guiding values and are considered to be the best company to work for in Asia.

It isn’t surprising that a man who speaks so eloquently can also write. He is an avid writer, authoring the book, “The Sphere of Silence.” This book touches on the importance of observing and listening to the world around you. His three other books are titled, “In the Thinking Zone,” “18 Stepping Stones,” and “On the Wings of Thought.” Eswaran’s writing can also be found in Malaysian and Sri Lankan newspapers.

Awards and Recognition:
Eswaran has won several awards in different countries. These awards include the MBA CEO of the Year Award, the award in Regional Philanthropy, and the New Global Indian Award. Eswaran has been featured in Forbes Asia. He is also the International Leader in Global Business Strategies.

Vijay Eswaran’s humanistic and caring values extend into his philanthropic work, as he believes in businesses everywhere having social responsibility. He is the founder of two organizations that help with education and other youth related pursuits. His organizations also aid in empowering women, again, showing his limitless talents for reaching across a vast pool of places and situations.

Vijay Eswaran truly embodies what it means to be an ethical, genuine, conscientious, and resourceful businessman. His entrepreneurial, speaking, writing, and overall business aptitudes hold excellent truths and examples for people of varying interests and talents. People all around the world can learn something important from Eswaran. He is a hero to women and youth, as well as an excellent role model. Eswaran proves that one does not have to be cold or unethical to succeed in the business world.

It will certainly be dazzling to see his future accomplishments how he touches the world next.

FreedomPop Plans to Expand Internationally

Leading mobile carrier, FreedomPop is on a mission to spread their affordable telephone services with Europeans. Their interest in international expansion requires the use of Three’s mobile and virtual network that facilitates the creation of a sim-only package. This basic plan offers telephone services which includes 200 minutes, 200 texts, and 200MB of data. Currently, this prominent company presents a similar deal to over one million consumers in the United States with about half paying for usage beyond the inclusive offerings. As the premier reasonably priced mobile provider, FreedomPop’s business model is clearly lucrative even though most users are not paying for their outstanding service. Essentially, the company strongly believes in offering exceptional and inexpensive telephone packages to individuals worldwide.

FreedomPop’s packages are attracting a diverse group of consumers in both the United States and Europe.
Although the European market is oversaturated with mobile providers, the company’s basic plan is quickly growing in popularity which has encouraged the production of the Jetsetter. Remarkably, this revolutionized product is gear toward frequent travelers who will enjoy 100MB of free high-speed data per
month. In the beginning, the Jetsetter is only activated in the United Kingdom, Spain, and France, but soon the coverage will expand to over twenty countries. Undeniably, FreedomPop understands the needs
of a variety of customers and strives to support the marketplace with tangible product offerings.

In addition to ensuring viable mobile services, FreedomPop’s success is the result of their business plan.
Currently, the company’s model revolves around the free telephone offerings, which offers users the anonymous browsing to protect their privacy and mitigate third-party hackers. This inexpensive service is
utilized by approximately 50 percent of their consumers. The remaining 50 percent choose to purchase additional services such as extra data, voicemail, or texts. According to FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols the company needs about 30% of paying customers to remain profitable. Today, FreedomPop remains the most affordable mobile carrier in the United States and is often regarded as America’s trusted telephone
service provider. Unlike traditional phone plans, the company’s uniqueness lies in an app which facilitates text messaging and calls. Soon, these services will launch abroad as the company has already partnered with many European operators including KPN and Deutsche Telekam’s. Ultimately, the company’s goal is to outsmart the prevalent mobile services that maintain costly contracts or mediocre  pay-as-you-go installments and replace those packages with exceptional plans at a reasonable price. Moreover, just recently, FreedomPop has introduced an affordable and unlimited internet service for $5 a month. This auto-connection service has over 10 million hotspots in the United States and will soon expand overseas.

Sam Tabar, Illustrates the Diversity of Finance Law

In 2001, Sam Tabar earned undergraduate degree in law from the University of Oxford. He continued his education in law studies at the graduate level, earning a Master’s Degree from Columbia University. Following graduation Tabar joined Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom, LLP, as an Associate.

His specialty areas are finance law and capital strategies. For over a decade, Tabar has assisted various business organizations with understanding and navigating the complexities of banking compliance, also advising and assisting with legal matters such as regulatory issues, antitrust, corporate litigation and bankruptcy, capital markets and hedge fund investing.

Finance law is considered one of the most lucrative careers in the legal profession. Attorneys in this field must have diverse knowledge of commodities and securities laws, capital market strategies, and the laws related to financial institution compliance.

Sam Tabar successfully parlayed his knowledge and interest in these areas into an elite career. Attorneys in finance law possess extraordinary insights about limited investor partnership. A large portion of finance law is dedicated to identifying developing market opportunities.

As a practice legal area, finance law is considered specialized because the relative interest is on managing, diverse hedge funds. Finance law has a primary focus of banking and investing. There’s more emphasis on the continuum of business development, because attorneys in this field perform legal advising as it relates to their firm’s financial transactions. This field of finance law involves ongoing negotiating with banking institutions, on behalf of various clients for borrowing and lending for investment funds.

The typical beginning levels of finance law are entry-level associate (trainee), junior level associate (mid-level) and finally senior level associate or partner. Attorney in this profession are often referred to as banking lawyers. Typically, attorneys are involved in multiple deals at once, and with larger more established firms, travel is often required. Because firms will usually be headquartered in multiple high profiled financial districts such as New York and London.

The areas within finance law that involve actual litigation are most often related to contract disputes, trusts and tax issues and banking and regulatory compliance.

Brian Bonar: Running a Successful Company Through Strong Employees


There are many examples of companies that have treated employees poorly and attempted to pay them as little as possible. However, there are other CEO’s that have taken a different approach to employee compensation stating that it is a vital part of the long term profitability of a company. Brian Bonar is an example of a CEO that has decided that it is better for a company over the long term to compensate employees fairly and treat them good while they are at work. At the end of the day, Brian Bonar is a successful business owner and leader that has managed a wide variety of successful businesses. 

Employee Compensation

In many companies one of the first areas that many companies cut in time of economic weakness is salaries and benefits. Although it will reduce expenses in the short term, over the long term it can actually cost a company more money by operating this way. There are many studies that show companies that compensate their employees better in relation to the market actually have lower overall costs relating to employees due to lower turnover. At the end of the day, a business must decide what is best for it in the long run. However, many CEO’s and other business leaders agree with Brian Bonar that higher employee compensation saves more money in the long run.

Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is an American entrepreneur and business owner that has a huge array of experiences managing various different companies. There are few industries in the economy that Brian Bonar has not worked in. Throughout his career, he has always attempted to run his companies differently than others in the industry that he is currently in. Although he does not have the same tactics as other leaders in business, his results over time speak for themselves.

In The Future

Many thought leaders in business believe that in the future employee treatment and compensation is something that other companies will start taking notice of. In the information economy that we find ourselves in, a good employee can make a huge difference in the profitability of the company. There are many great employees that find themselves looking for jobs simply because they can get so much better compensation when they look for other jobs. In the long run, it is much less expensive for a company to pay its employees better and have lower turnover. Turnover is expensive in both hiring employees and the productivity that is lost while they are gone. Only time will tell what happens in the business industry, but Brian Bonar has made it clear where he stands on the treatment of his employees.

Mikal Watts Is Encouraging Farmers To Get Their Money Back!

The farmers are a big part of the economic stance in America. They provide crops for the American people, but they also ship many of their products to foreign countries too. One product they export is corn. However, during the year of 2013-2014, more than 30% of their shipments were denied due to growth hormone that was modified into the seeds that were sold by the Swiss Company, Syngenta. The farmers lost massive income and collectively it amounted into the billions. They needed help and Mikal Watts stepped in ready to fight.

Watts is a well-seasoned attorney that works in San Antonio in the Watts Guerra law firm. This firm specializes in handle agricultural cases and they are no stranger to winning big for their clients. A win could mean amazing things for the farmers who are still trying to recuperate from their massive losses.

There are more than 25 states recognized at this point in the suit. It is anticipated that more farmers will come forward as news of the pending lawsuit becomes common knowledge. Watts has 29 lawyers working under him, and with a staff of 100 employees, he is the right man for the job. As reported by The Street Watts is highly competent for the job. He is highly experienced in agricultural mass torts, and is one of the few attorneys in this country who is.

Watts and his team won a $750 million dollar case against Bayer Crop Sciences. This brought great success to his clients and recognition to him as a competent attorney. Armed with proof and angry farmers, Watts is encouraging the farmers to have their day in court and get back a portion of the money that they were cheated out of by a company who messed with their seeds and didn’t tell them.

BAC beats estimates

Charlotte based Bank of America announced earnings today that were far in excess of expectations and the stock has soared almost three percent on the news.

The bank reported $5.32 billion of profit which equates to $0.45 per share which is double the profit that the bank earned in the prior year. Darius Fisher has found that the major reason for the increased profit is the reduction in legal expenses due to large settlements that the bank made with the Federal Government and a number of different states who were suing the bank for fallout from the bank’s acquisition of Countrywide financial, one the major perpetrators of the 2008 to 2009 fiscal crisis.

Analysts were expecting the bank to earn $0.36 cents per share and the beat was identified as being significant. The ban had $22.3 billion in revenues during the quarter which was $375 million higher than the prior year as well. The improvement in Bank of America’s fortunes bodes well for the United States economy as the bank, which holds over 10% of cash deposits in the United States, is seen as a too big to fail institution whose woes can significantly disrupt the US economy.

The major challenge remaining for the bank that investors seemed to be glued into is whether the CEO, Brian Moynihan, can shift the company away from cutting expenses to generating additional revenues, while steering the financial institution through the regulatory and economic headwinds that it is likely to continue to face.

How To Save Money The Right Way

Most of us are looking to save some money, here and there. Some of us are quite good at it, while others are not. This article is speaking to those who have a hard time saving money. Below are some special tips to help you out.

1) Take your loose change and put it aside. Don’t have a piggy bank? Not a problem. Just put the change in some type of jar or cup. I do this. Put aside about 50 cents each day. In one year you can create a small emergency fund, just one the loose change alone. You’d be surprised at how much money you can save when you are not thinking about it.

2) Keep track on the who, what and where you spend your money on. About once a month, go through your accounts. Ask yourself one thing: “Did I really need to make this purchase or that purchase?” If the answer is no, then correct that mistake. The next time the money comes in, put that money to your savings.

3) Try to limit or avoid impulse spending. This is a big one for many of us. I have even had issues with this one years ago. If you really want to buy something, think about it for the next 24-48 hours. If you still want to have it, get it. Give yourself those 1-2 days to clear your head. Don’t get in the habit of confusing your wants with your needs.

This could save you some major regrets later. The best part is you will still have the money in your account.

4) Don’t get in the habit of using credit cards. I used to do this. I overspent, thinking I could pay it off on time. I was wrong. I had to go to one of those credit counseling services for help. I am still making payments. It was a painful and expensive lesson. Learn from my mistakes.

Only spend what you can afford to pay off at the end of the month. If you can pay it off before, do so. When it comes to the debit cards, avoid the overdraft fee at all costs. I had this happen to me too. Learn from my mistakes.

Get a receipt for everything. See where your money is going. Take a good long look at your spending habits. Is there something you can cut out? Cutting something out now, will only help you out later down the road.

I recently spent some time reading about Brazilian financial guru, Igor Cornelsen, that has helped me to get invested in what’s going on in our stock market. Whether you like the stock market or not, everyone wants to save money. If you want some more money saving tips, be sure to read more about Cornelsen.

The Name of the Game

The country is completely at odds over the idea of the Confederate flag being flown on government grounds. The flag was originally flown by Southern states that were looking to fight for the right to own slaves. After the South lost the war the flag was taken down and was rarely seen for 150 years. Around 1964 the flag was flown again as Southerners revolted and showed their disapproval for the Civil Rights Act. Since then the flag has flown on many Southern government buildings as well as higher education buildings. There are numerous African American studies who go to these schools that give honor to those who fought diligently to keep their ancestors enslaved. The flag isn’t the only problem as individuals have looked for the government to change the names of public buildings that pay homage to Confederate Army leaders as well. Many school boards and superintendents are calling for their school districts to change the name of their school if it pays homage to Confederate generals.


For example, an assemblywoman in San Diego is asking her local school board to change the name of their local elementary school that is dubbed the Robert E. Lee Elementary School. Numerous petitions are being drawn up around the country to make sure that no student, regardless of first or secondary education, will have to remember America’s racist past while they are trying to get an education. Mikal thinks this is a step in the right direction.

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