Anheuser-Bush Is Using A Questionable Plan To Gain Market Share According To Brazilian Banker Ricardo Guimarães

Beer drinkers around the world consider their brew a necessity, especially during sports events. Ricardo Guimarães, the well-known Brazilian banker, has been involved with Brazil’s famous soccer association for years. Guimarães has a major investment in soccer and interest in the beer market. Brazilian beer is considered one of best in the world, just ask any Brazilian, but Anheuser-Bush is the largest and the most recognizable brewery in the world. When Guimarães discovered that AB InBev initiated a new incentive plan for American distributors, he immediately had concerned for smaller breweries as well as for beer consumers.

Ricardo Guimarães is an entrepreneur and investor that cares about the people that support his products. Guimarães has turned his family owned bank, the BMG Bank, into one of the most profitable small banks in the country. BMG Bank offers consumers a product called payroll loans, and the bank advertises that product by sponsoring soccer clubs and tennis players. Mr. Guimarães believes in fair competition, and he is strongly opposed to any business practice that resembles a payoff.

The AB InBev incentive plan does resemble a payoff scheme, according to the small craft breweries that are beginning to feel the impact of the plan. The United States Department of Justice was notified by a few craft breweries, and agents are in the process of examining the plan. What AB InBev is offering is a retail display and marketing reimbursement to distributors that push AB InBev craft brands.

Anheuser-Bush has acquired several craft brands over the last six years, and the company wants distributors to promote them instead of independent craft brands. Distributors that accept the plan can receive more than $200,000 a year from Anheuser-Bush.

One reason for the plan, according to Ricardo Guimarães and other industry experts, is Anheuser-Bush is losing market share to craft beers that are brewed in states around the country. Another reason is foreign breweries are buying small craft breweries and injecting money into those brands.

The result is Anheuser-Bush has lost almost 4.9 percent of its market share over the last two years. That doesn’t sound like much, but in terms of dollars, it is. Guimarães thinks young beer drinkers don’t want to drink Budweiser or Bud-Lite anymore. Bud was their parents’ beer. They want a beer they can call their own. Even though AB InBev offers several craft beers in their product line-up, young consumers associate them with big business, and millenniums are sick of big business bullying.

The AB InBev incentive plan may sound like a smart business move to AB investors, but it could be a decision that haunts them if the DOJ rules against the plan. Beer lovers want to drink a beer from a brewery that plays fair, and Anheuser-Bush may not fit that description.

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From North Korea to South Korea: The Long Journey of Yeonmi Park

There those out there that doubt the story of Yeonmi Park, in part and in whole. Other North Korean defectors question why it took Park so long to tell others of the violence and abuse she faced. The North Korean Regime claims the whole story is false and she is just an agent for the United States. But Yeonmi says that they are wrong, everything she has stated, whether written or spoken, is absolutely true.

In Yeonmi’s recently released autobiography, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”, Park tells on NY Times the story of her life and her journey. Growing up in North Korea, life was tough. There was never enough food. They were always in fear. So her family decided that it was time to leave. When she was 13, Yeonmi and her mother escaped from North Korea in the middle of the night. They had a guide take them across the frozen river that divides North Koreans from China. When they arrived in China, Yeonmi and her mother were not given the freedom that they had been promised.

Daughter and mother were sold to separate buyers and they each suffered two years of abuse, both sexually and physically. Eventually, the two were reunited and escaped from China. They had to trek across the country and through the Gobi Desert. During their journey, they carried knives on them so that they could kill themselves if they were caught by the Chinese authorities. The Chinese government is known for sending North Korean defectors back to North Korea, where they are tortured and killed.

Yeonmi and her mother reached Mongolia and were sent to South Korea to be reunited with Yeonmi’s older sister and to be integrated into society. Yeonmi is now an activist for human rights on Casey&Yeonmi. She wants the world to know her story and both the stories of others who have escaped from North Korea and who are still trapped there.

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What Do Some YouTubers Do To Gain More Subscribers?

YouTubers are always changing up their strategy to gain mor subscribers and grow their fan base. The truth about subscribers and getting more fans is that your video quality needs to stand out, and you need to be somebody who knows all about the world of creativity and showing what others can’t. Find out exactly what you can do right now in order to grow your fan base, make some good money, and accomplish more as a YouTuber. There are so many amazing opportunities for those wanting to gain more subscribers.

What Do Some YouTubers Do To Gain More Subscribers?

– Effective Collaborations

It is vital that you get out there and meet with other people to do some collaborations. It is through being in a collab with other YouTubers where you finally get a chance to be in front of a few of their followers. Subscribers are out there and can be attained if you work at it. The key is to work hard towards providing your YouTuber friends with the chance to also make videos on your channel while you make some with them on their channels. YouTube is a growing website where the only way to finally be seen is to post videos with other big people on the site. Social media is an ever-growing industry, and the key is to start off and really connect with other people.

– Post Videos That Are Current and Trendy

Post videos that are current, trendy, and really up to date in what’s going on right now. People love opinionated YouTubers who have thoughts and opinions to share, and if you cater towards the majority,mother you’ll definitely hit a string and get people’s attention. YouTubers are ultimately some of the most talented people on the web, and they have this ability to take apart the news and other topics and bring them to the world via videos.

Wengie is a great example of a hardworking YouTuber who truly knows all about creating videos in her niche that are current. Wengie is known for her well made makeup videos that provide great free information. Follow her style and approach on crafting YouTube videos.

How one man is making Autism research his top priority

In today’s world, autism is often over-looked and misunderstood. The word autism is at times also called, Autism spectrum disorder. What is autism? Autism is a mental condition usually first diagnosed in children. Children with autism often find it difficult to communicate and also form relationships, either with parents, other relatives, and in making friends. The founder, Mr. Sanjay Shah, at an outstanding and focus driven charity called, “Autism Rocks”, collects charitable donations towards autism research from around the world and from the likes of, Snoop Dog, Prince, and Lenny Kravits, just to name a few.
The charity was started by the British Millionaire, Mr. Sanjay Shah after his son was diagnosed with autism. He donated money to many autism causes and hence, the charity was born. Mr. Sanjay Shah named his charity, Autism Rocks Solo Capitol with the help of investment management. All donations go to autism Research Center (ARC) which is located at Cambridge University. The ARC is lead by Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, a top in his field of autism research.
Mr. Sanjay Shah started donating money monthly to autism research charities, but always felt like he needed to do more, but how? He decided to start his own business, rented a small office space and a few employees, and that is how Solo Capital became what it is today, a highly respected charity organization. Mr. Shah prefers to take a back seat to the running of the company, and considers himself retired. Mr. Shah spends about 1 to 2 hours on the phone each day and most of his time is spent with his family, and caring for his son. Mr. Shah continues to book famous artists to raise money for the cause. One person he’d like to see play for the charity, is Eric Clapton, which he is a big fan of. In recent days, Mr. Shah has begun work on a compilation album of all the stars who do concerts to donate to the charity, which is always his first priority.
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How Darius Fisher Is Changing Reputation Management?

In the world of the Internet, there are countless people who tend to overlook the power behind the web and how it can affect how businesses and people are seen. There are countless people who truly struggle with their reputation, and this is exactly why people and companies like Status Labs exist. There are so many people who find it tough to maintain their brand because of not knowing how to protect their reputation. With the Internet always growing, it’s all about knowing how to save your brand despite the easy ways people can ruin your company.

When a crisis happens for a company or executive online, the right people most of hyphen approach is Status Labs. This online marketing company brands themselves as an online reputation management firm, along with a professional public relations and digital marketing agency. They can basically do it all for anybody wanting to gain that extra power and marketing. They started around four years ago, and they definitely have grown over the years by coming up with efficient and powerful techniques.

Darius Fisher started this business in hopes of helping businesses and executives save their reputations when their brands are dealing with immense stress. There are countless people who just don’t know how to save their brands. Darius knows that business is easy to lose and your presence can disappear if you aren’t careful. Known for helping even the most high-profile people in many industries, they have worked with thousands of people over the years with their ability to save businesses in all aspects of markets and industries.

How Darius Fisher Is Changing Reputation Management?

He changed this industry simply because of his approach to business marketing and public relations strategy. Darius works very closely with his team and the clients to help ensure they get their reputation to grow once again. He provides strategy with his team by constantly looking for new tricks and techniques that will further the development of countless brands. Darius Fisher is definitely one of the few men in the world right now who understands the ever-changing needs in reputation management online.

Marcio Alaor Started At The Bottom…Now He’s Here

When talking of rags to riches stories in Brazil, it is hard not to mention BMG executive Marcio Alaor. As the vice president of the bank, many may think that he has been living in the lap of luxury, but he actually come from less than perfect beginnings at the start of his career.

Starting out, Marcio Alaor was nothing more than a service individual. He serviced the executives of big banks and companies by shining their shoes. He wanted them to know that they were worth a good shoe shining job and made sure that he always did the best that he could while shining shoes. He also knew that working hard would allow him to get as far ahead as possible when it came to the career that he wanted to have. There were many things that he could do while he was working as a shoe shiner and one of them was to provide the best service to his clients.

One of his clients, an executive at BMG bank, liked the way that Marcio did his job. He knew that the job was something that was not easy and something that did not come with a lot of clout, but he always managed to do the job well. The executive began regularly seeing Marcio Alaor and eventually started a friendship with him. He learned that the young man was very driven and that he would do what it took to get where he wanted, even working unusual hours for long periods of time.

The executive asked Marcio Alaor to work at the bank with him. He did not think that the young many would be able to handle the rigors of an executive position, so he gave him an entry-level banking position. This was something that he thought anyone would be able to do and saw that Marcio Alaor was able to succeed in it. He knew that the man was driven and had a feeling that he would be able to make his way to the top and be one of the executives of the banking world.

He was right. Marcio Alaor eventually worked his way through the different positions of the bank. He was constantly being promoted and continued to deliver no matter the position that he was doing. Because of this, he became one of the fasted promoted individuals at the bank. He eventually became the vice president of the company. He proved his mentor right and showed him that he was able to be successful as the vice president. He also knew that he would be able to make the bank a better place for the employees as well as the bank’s clients.

Millionaire Hedge Fund Manager Raises Money for Autism Research

British born millionaire hedge fund manager Sanjay Shah has started a unique project to raise money for autism research around the globe. Autism Rocks was founded in 2014 by Shah, with the idea of incorporating Sanjay’s passion for music with an aim to better understand his four year old son Nikhil’s autism. To achieve this, live concerts are held in conjunction with the charity in order to raise money for research, and have featured many famous artists, including Lenny Kravitz, Drake, and Michael Bublè among others.

Shah’s main objective in raising money for research is not ultimately to find a cure he says, but instead to, “better understand the ‘condition’ so I can better understand Nikhil and how he may be thinking: the only way I can do that is via research”. So far Autism Rocks has fifteen ongoing long term research projects that are focusing all their resources on finding methods to identify as early as possible who will develop autism, and then in turn to evaluate specific interventions and support that will be effective in aiding them throughout the rest of their lives. All funds raised from the concerts go to the Autism Research Trust (ART), which in turn supports the Autism Research Centre (ARC) that is based at Cambridge University, which has been working tirelessly to better understand the cause and effects of autism.

Sanjay Shah is the founder of a company called Vistex, and currently serves as the CEO and Chief Architect of the company. Before founding Vistex, Mr. Shah worked for six years as a Platinum Consultant and Logistics Developer with SAP America and SAP AG, Germany. During his time as a consultant, he contributed to over 80 SAP projects, gaining him invaluable experience. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and an MBA in Finance.

George Soros is Fighting Back Against Trump’s Encouragement of Racial Tensions

Anyone who has listened to a speech given by Donald Trump can easily that see he loves attention, but his use of sarcasm and insults towards anyone who happens to be in his path has been the least of his mockery against the race for the presidential office. George Soros has begun to openly speak out against Trump’s newest ways of gaining votes, which is the encouragement of racial tension.

Donald Trump’s solution to terrorists is to ban all Muslims from entering or being in the country. He also believes that a wall should be built to keep illegal Mexican immigrants from entering without permission. Soros feels that the diverse population of the United States has been hit hard by Trump’s ridiculous use of fear-mongering in this way. He also thinks that by isolating Muslims, it could further drive them in to a mad dash for acceptance by anyone, including members of ISIS.

The fear mongering tactics of Trump have been based on the belief that no one knows exactly who the ISIS members are. He says that ISIS terrorists could be making their way across the unprotected parts of the border of Mexico hiding as Mexicans because of the similarity of skin color between the races. There is no proof of this of course, but some unknowing American supporters of Trump have literally spit in the faces of Hispanics and Muslims due to his racially charged words at political events. The country has already been in an upheaval due to events taking place in the city of Ferguson. More racial tension could lead to an even further divide, which the country doesn’t need. This is why George Soros has been openly debating the professionalism of Trump and making known his unsuitability of being in such a high position of power.

Doe Deere’s Fashion Rules To Break

Doe Deere, a pioneer in makeup and cosmetics makes a very bold statement that she can and will change the perspectives of her fans about her favorite subjects – beauty and fashion. There is a proven set of videos published by her that have been successful for many makeup artists. Doe Deere also has many beauty tips that are meant to educate her clients and fans alike. She provides many solutions to the most of the makeup challenges some women face today. Furthermore, there are rules that she would like others to break when it comes to makeup and below is a list of them.

1. Wearing Bold Eye With A Bold Lip

For reasons that you will not discover, you will most likely won’t hear from anyone breaking this rule. But Doe Deere recommends to do so. She says bold colors are necessary to highlight the features of a face. She reveals the reasons why the vast majority of bold colors go well with any face shape through her videos. And she will show some surprisingly simple way to turn a dull looking face to a bright and shining one with bold colors.

2. Mixing Too Many Colors

Doe Deere’s videos and tutorials also reveal a little-known but time-tested way to look attractive and stand out in the crowd. She recommends mixing different colors when it comes to makeup, outfits and accessories. You don’t need advanced skills or specialized knowledge in doing this, just use the things that are readily available in your closet. Almost anyone can break this rule and look good instantly, says Doe Deere.

3. Mixing Too Many Patters

It is not magic, although the benefits of breaking this rule is magical. It does take some time, patience and choice to select the right combination of patterns. However, if you have those traits and don’t go overboard, the end results can be remarkable. Again, anyone can do this to reach his or her fashion and makeup goals.

4. Wearing Socks With Heels Or Open-toed Shoes

Why not? says Doe Deere. Her favorite rule to break is wearing socks with heels. She calls this rule that allows you to become all of this possible- a fashion icon, unique and someone with personality. It also frees you from relying on closed-toe shoes all the time and lets you showcase your socks collection to the world. It is hard for many people to imagine what it is like to be able to wear socks with sandals. But the comfort you feel, be is summer or winter, is indescribable.

Once Doe Deere knew from her experience that these rules were easy to break, she felt very strongly that her knowledge needed to be published to make a difference in the fashion and makeup world. It became her mission to educate her clients about these tips as well. Her tips blast apart myths and misinformation all the way. The new trend has already set in and whenever people feel bored of conventional ways, they can listen to Doe Deere’s suggestions.

Securus Technologies Gives Inmates Hope

I could not imagine a worse fate than being locked away in a cell for 23 hours a day. I know that there are tons of criminals that have committed heinous crimes, but these aren’t really the inmates that are getting visitation anyway. There are some people that have just made some bad mistakes. I think that these are the people that are looking for some glimpse of hope. They want to get visits from someone in the family, and Securus has made this possible.

Securus has created some great video visitation software that has made it a lot easier for people like myself to visit without actually go to the prison for a visitation. As a woman I got unwanted attention when I came to the prison. I hated all the uncomfortable feelings that I got when I went to visit my dad. It was just too much. I needed something like the software that Securus provides. Luckily, my dad was in a prison system that had implemented this great technology. That has made it so much easier for me to see my dad without the feeling of discomfort that I had with going to the prison. 

With Securus all that I have to do is sign up online. I get charged according to the amount of time that I use. This is so much better than spending a fortune to go see my dad. A lot of money can be spent on gas because the prisoner may not always be located in the same area. I know that my dad was moved around a couple of times due to overcrowding. The prison system is not a vacation home. There is no concern for the time that people that are visiting. At one time my dad was less than 30 minutes away. Just last month he was moved to another prison that is 3 hours away. He’s still in the same state, but that is a long way to drive. I don’t have to make that long drive though because I have a Securus Technologies account. 

Many people have become big time fans of Securus Technologies because it provides a lot of convenience. There are some other family members that I know that are locked up that I would not have gone to see in person, but I will connect with them through Securus because it is just easier this way.

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