Skout Has The Ability To Let Me Travel

I never liked sitting at my computer all day, that’s why I was never big on the Skout network. I only started using Skout more often, after I decided to download the application to my phone, as well as to my tablet. I got more and more into the Skout network, and I met many friends as well. For some reason, I had never heard about Skout Travel, but when I found out about it, I decided to try it for myself. Skout Travel is a feature that’s on the Skout network, and it allows me to travel virtually, anywhere in the world that I choose.

There is a big list of places that I can visit on the Skout network, and it’s unbelievable all the things that I can learn. I decided to take my first virtual trip, and it only cost me 25 Skout points. After paying the points, I decided I wanted to go somewhere in the UK. I chose to change my mind last minute and instead, I ended up visiting Paris. I’m absolutely amazed at the things that I saw, as well as the things that I learned, after visiting Paris. I also took time to speak with someone from the country, and I’m amazed at what I learned.

I decided that I wanted to take a virtual visit again, so that I could learn even more. Altogether, I visited Paris three times through the Skout Travel feature. The friend that I met in Paris, has talked to me every day, since the first time I visited. We also talk on the phone now, and it’s no guessing where I will be spending my summer vacation. As a graduation present, I was offered a trip to anywhere in the world, and that’s the reason I decided to start virtually traveling.

It didn’t take very long before I fell in love with Paris, and I know of certain street names, sites, as well as the food that they eat there. Since I know so much about Paris, and I even know someone from there, I’m going to make it a point to visit this summer. I’m going to get to spend a month and a half in Paris, learning new things, eating new foods, and having a great time. I absolutely can’t wait to visit Paris for real, but I’m thankful that Skout helped me to virtually experience Paris.


Payday Lenders to Be under the Watchful Eye of the Consumer Protection Agency

Payday lenders are just loan sharks made legal. While these egregious payday lenders of today aren’t going to break your legs to recover a loan as the gangster loan sharks would have back in the day, they will however, break your bank account. The $50 billion industry has gained the attention of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, as it sends mostly low-income borrowers into a money pit.

The CFPB plans to analyze and review payday lenders and come up with a plan to regulate their out of control lending practices. Borrowers who find themselves in need of a quick $100 – $1,000 for rent, car payment, or whatever the immediate need may be, often end up caught in escalating loans with annual interest rates reaching over 1,000 percent. This outrageous amount is the result of recurring loans being taken out to repay the initial loan and interest.

One strategy the CFPB proposes to initiate, is to require lenders to examine the ability of the borrower to repay the initial loan without having to fall into the abyss of repeatedly taking out loan after loan. Consumer advocates however, want to see more boundaries put in place to protect borrowers. One approach suggested was to provide an “off-ramp,” where borrower’s fees would stop accruing after the 3rd loan, giving them a better opportunity to repay.

With a personal check in hand, you can pick up a quick grand at a storefront location, or online, but, it’s best to stay far, far away from the legalized loan sharking of payday loans stated Jason Halpern. Once caught in their maze of financial slavery, they have a hold on your bank account and your means to survive. You’d do better to pay the late fee on your rent, mortgage or car loan than to succumb to payday loans.

There Are More Ubers in NYC than Regular Cabs

Uber officially outnumbers yellow cabs in the Big Apple. According to the Taxi and Limousine Commission there are now a whopping 14,088 black and luxury Ubers on the streets on New York, versus just 13,587 taxis. It’s not a huge discrepancy in numbers, but it’s a notable one. NYC has long fought the growth of Uber in the city. City taxis are heavily regulated and require the use of taxi medallion, something that is in short demand and require a significant investment.

Sergio Cortes ( knows that Uber doesn’t require any of that, making it great for drivers, but not great for the city. After quite a bit of negotiations, Uber has worked with New York to start growing in the city, primarily through the use of “luxury” cars instead of Uber X, its low-cost alternative to taxis.

Still, Uber has started to lure some long time taxi drivers. The service allows drivers to set their own schedule, drive when they want, and in theory have unlimited earning potential since they’re setting their own hours and working whenever they want. The luxury car fares are also slightly higher than that of taxis, further improving a driver’s earnings.

Meet Bruce Levenson, Business Magnate and Philanthropist

Bruce Levenson is best known as the co-founder and partner of United Communications Group (UCG) a Business to Business (B2B) provider of guidance, analysis, data, and solutions to customers in energy, government contracting, health care, information, software, banking, technology, telecom, and defense industries. Additionally, in 2004 Levenson lived out his childhood dream to own a major professional sports franchise. He accomplished not one but two franchises, the Atlanta Thrashers and Atlanta Hawks along with operating rights to Philips Arena from Time Warner.
As his first entrepreneur venture,in 1977, Levenson embarked upon his B2B information services in the storage room above his father’s liquor store in Washington, DC. It was just the beginning of his business endeavors designed to assist other businesses prosper and grow.
Headed by Levenson, in 1987, UCG won its first journalism award for editorial excellence. UCG has since won over 125 such awards, and is rated by far the most recognized business information company in America. These are early accomplishments displaying Levenson’s competitive nature.
Today, Levenson is seen as an eclectic entrepreneur noted in the worlds of journalism and global endeavors which span from interest in business intelligence to professional sports, cooking technology, and philanthropy.
Levenson has been in philanthropy for over 40 years. Within that initiative, during the early 1980s, together Levenson and wife, Karen, stepped into the philanthropy arena. The Levensons have funded numerous education initiatives targeting disadvantaged youth.
While their first endeavors have flourished and remain active, more recently the Levensons developed and founded the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management at the University of Maryland.
The Center has two goals: to educate and empower the next generation of non-profit leaders; and to ensure every student graduates informed and motivated.
One way these goals are accomplished is through participation of each class in giving away $10,000 to a non-profit based on assessment of the non-profit grant proposal, site visits, and a class vote. Since the inception of this class incentive, about $40,000 in grants each year has been awarded.
As this program continues to expand, a philanthropist-in-resident program is in the works for the University of Maryland.
It’s fair to say Bruce Levenson and his UCG companies continue to flourish when practical solutions are tough to come by in a volatile market with complex regulations. Additionally, his spirit for philanthropy continues educating and empowering students with their philanthropic goals.

Wal-Mart To Raise Their Minimum Wages

Big retail stores like Wal-Mart have recently announced that they will be raising their minimum wages due to a significant increase in employees quitting their jobs lately. This is the largest quit rate since 2007.

When the economy was at one of the worst places it has been in during 2010, it was hard for anyone to turn away a decent job. However, because things have been picking up quite a bit people are becoming more dedicated to finding work elsewhere. According to an article written on Buzzfeed News, Wal-Mart is going to give all their employees raises just to keep them from quitting and going elsewhere. One of their likely options will be to make their minimum pay at $10 an hour, which seems to be the standard for even fast food chains and other retail stores.

Bernardo Chua agrees that it will be interesting to see how many people will choose to stay with the company, because with this economy boom there is likely to be many more jobs created and ready to join the market. More on Chua can be found at This is good news for those people who have decided to stay with the company because they are unable to get anything better. Hopefully, this will be a good solution for both current employees and potential ones that might be joining the business in the near future as the economy continues to stabilize.

Empty Stomach Leads To Empty Wallet

It is quite intuitive to believe that hunger increases our desire to purchase and acquire food in order to ease the symptoms, but there is new evidence that this feeling of hunger not only creates a desire for food, but also for non-food items as well. University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management has released their findings which interestingly show that the aspiration to acquire items that cannot satisfy hunger is increased as well. Here is the study on the woes of an empty stomach.

The study was not conclusive on why it may be that the purchase of non-food items is increased as well during a period of hunger. However, Ricardo Guimarães reminds us that the statistics do not lie coming from Camara Municipal. An empty stomach was obtained by not eating for 4 hours prior to a survey regarding binder clips. The hungry subgroup wanted 70% more product than their non-hungry counterparts. The second part of the study took place at a mall where the actual real-life purchases were examined and compared with the shoppers current hunger status. The findings show that 64% more money was spent by the hungry subgroup which once again confirmed that it is better to head to the stores after taking care of the appetite first. A full meal or even a small snack can be a great way to insure that the purchases are made with a clear head and extraneous items are not bagged for no reason.

Christopher Cowdray

Born in Zimbabwe, Christopher Cowdray has grown into becoming one of the most important individuals in the luxury hotel industry. He has paid his respects and worked his way up throughout the industry and has worked in almost every continent and in a wide variety of different hotels. It is his experience and passion for the job that has made him such a desirable individual to have on the job and it is exactly why he not only has received his current job title, but he has also received the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award, presented to him by the European Hospitality Awards for his work with the Dorchester collection.

Christopher Cowdray originally earned his initial degree in hotel management in Zimbabwe and then traveled to attend the school of Columbia University. Once he obtained his master’s degree from the Columbia Business School and worked in the Executive Program at the school, he later went on to work and manage a wide assortment of different hotels, including those found in the United Kingdom, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Australia. In fact, he did this for over 30 years, moving from different hotels and managing a variety of hotel chains.

He eventually become the managing director of London’s Claridge, although he moved on in 2004 to become the general manager of The Dorchester Hotel and, by 2007, he had been appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer for the entire Dorchester Collection. Now, the Dorchester Collection is owned by the Dorchester Group Ltd, although he continued on to manager a larger spectrum of hotels. The following year after becoming the CEO of the business, he looked to expand the outreach of hotels inside of The Dorchester Collection. To so this, he first added the Hotel Bel-Air and New York Palace Hotel. The company would eventually sell off the New York Palace Hotel, but by doing so he drastically increased the value of the company and used the money to purchase the Le Richmond hotel located in Geneva, the Hotel Eden located in Rome and the Conworth Park and 45 Park Lane hotels in England. This has drastically expanded the number of hotels the Dorchester Collection owns and manages and it has drastically improved upon the overall value of the company and he continues to head the Dorchester collection and take it into the future with his work as the CEO.

See what BRL Trust can do for you?

BRL Trust values putting the customer before the anything else, no matter your ethnic background or financial background, you can rest assure BRL will help in any way possible. BFL prides themselves on Determination and Discipline in every day work to help better serve the customers, creating lasting internal and external relationships that will bond the customer with great integrity. BRL Trust Investment was founded in 2005 by Mauricio Ribeiro and has been providing trust services to their members in private loans.


Some of the founding fathers for BRL trust include Rodrigo Cavalcante and Mauricio Ribeiro. Both men have a great back story and education base to back up the BRL Trust Company, when dealing with the Law side of things, BRL Trust turn to their trusted partner Rodrigo Cavalcante. Rodrigo is an Accountant and lawyer with his MBA in business management. As of 2011 he was granted permission to be the prime Fund investment administrator for BFL as well. Then we have one of the original founders as well as current Director of BRL Trust investment itself, Mauricio Ribeiro. Mauricio Ribeiro is a huge part of the company’s success. Being in charge of the Custody Fund and International investments, Mauricio leads the way for further development around the world. Ribeiro was a former shareholder with Pentagono S.A. DTVM; his duties included developing the trustee services and help fund the Admin department during the expansion stage. In 2005 he took his skills and knowledge to create the BFL Trust Investments, which in turn lead him to participate in the project of the Trustee Subcommittee on ANBIMA two years later.
No matter what situation you are in or maybe you just need some expert advice, BRL Trust is the number one company to turn to. Offering Fiduciary services, Fund administration, Custody of fund, Asset Management as well as Asset underwriting. BRL Trust is the name you can trust to help you invest your money in the right spots at the right time.

The Antique Wine Company

For anyone looking for the finest wine in the world, it is necessary to turn to a company that knows a thing or two about the wine industry. The Antique Wine Company is a leading company in quality wine sales. In fact, the company only specializes in the finest wine in the world, so now only is this wine the best of the best, yet with much of the wine costing a rather hefty amount, it really is only for those serious about the best wine and who can afford it.

For starters, The Antique Wine Company, which was founded in 1982, now has a total of over 20,000 different clients. These clients live in over 70 countries, so there is a wide demographic of individuals who are represented by the company. It just shows it is the end all, be all company in regards to quality wine. It has a larger selection of wine in its vintage cellars, as over 10,000 different bottles of wine are available here. Beyond this, the majority of the wines are high sticker prices, as these wines are rare and difficult to come by. This is why The Antique Wine Company is so important to a wine collector or fan. If there is a hard to find wine, The Antique Wine Company has it.

The Antique Wine Company offers different kinds of wine series. There is one known as the Grand Chateau Series, which offers 18 bottles from a corresponding state, bottled and produced during both the 20th and 21st century. Each 18 bottle series comes in a beautiful case. Some of the series also span a total of 141 years, with the earliest bottle produced in 1868. The highest price of one of these series comes at around one million pounds. Now, for individuals who are looking to spend a bit less on their packaging, they can purchase a series that costs around 150,000 pounds instead.

The Antique Wine Company is also a company to turn to when buying individual vintage bottles. In fact, the most expensive bottle ever sold came from The Antique Wine Company and cost an astounding 75,000 pounds. The individual who purchased it placed the bottle on display in his restaurant in Bali, but he had no interest in just sitting on the bottle. He eventually consumed the bottle, which has a vintage year of 1811. Check out the company on Linkedin.

Jonathan Veitch Brings A New Future To Occidental College

Jonathan Veitch, born in 1959, went to high school in southern California at Loyola High. He then attended college at Stanford University where he received his bachelor’s degree. From Stanford, Jonathan went on to Harvard University to obtain his doctoral degree in History of American Civilizations.

Jonathan served as a professor at the University of Wisconsin in the English department. He was also Dean of The New School’s Eugene Lang College before he succeeded Robert Skotheim as President of Occidental (Oxy) College in 2009. Jonathan is the first president to be a native Angeleno at Oxy.

Oxy had some tough years before Jonathan took over as president, having gone through 4 presidents since 2005. Once there he launched a new strategic planning process. This plan brought faculty, staff, trustees, alumni and senior administrators together to look at the future of the college. Some of the ideas their combined thoughts brought about were:
* Civic Engagement
* Teaching
* Undergraduate Research
* Diversity-Equity and Excellence
* The Arts
* Global Citizenship
* The Residential College and Developing the Whole Student
Committees were brought together as a result of this planning and would focus on these shared commitments to gain better financial sustainability, and focus on the landscape of higher education. Each of the groups met at town hall meetings to share its results with the community.

Veitch made a lot of progress within his first couple years at Oxy, and has a plan for its future marked with destinations. His mission, the mission of Occidental College, is to provide a gifted and diverse group of students with the highest educational experience. Jonathan Veitch sees this liberal college as being recognized; the most distinctive urban liberal college in the country.

With Jonathan’s leadership they have completed the construction of the new Samuelson Alumni Center and have renovated the 98 year old Swan Hall. Also being repaired and updated is the interior of the historic Johnson Hall as well the new McKinnon Family Center for Politics and Global Affairs being created.

This Los Angels native has brought a new and promising future to Occidental College.

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