National Steel Car Rises To The Top Under The Leadership Of Gregory James Aziz

In 1994, the freight railroad industry in Canada was struggling for survival with the historic National Steel Car manufacturing brand reduced to between 500 and 600 employees and an annual freight car production level of just over 3,000 cars. Times changed for the National Steel Car in the same year when Gregory James Aziz stepped out from the U.S. financial markets and took control of the company after engineering a buyout from owner Dofasco; by 1996, National Steel Car had earned the TTX SECO award for quality, an award held by the company each year since the initial 1996 decision. Not only has Greg James Aziz seen his leadership lead to National Steel Car rewarded with an annual quality award but the brand has also seen its reputation enhanced when the ISO 9001:2008 award was given to the company at a time when no other North American freight railroad manufacturer had achieved such success.


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Established in 1912 as the Imperial Steel Car company and later returned to the National Steel Car trademark, this historic brand has seen its success increase over the years before a declining railroad manufacturing market hampered its ability to grow. The arrival of Greg Aziz led to a major change in the way the company goes about its business, including a greater level of focus on the quality and development of new products developed with an eye on moving the freight railroad sector into a sustained era of success; for James Aziz the growth of National Steel Car has become a cause for personal pride that has sustained his career as a dominant force in the freight railroad markets.


Born in London, Ontario in 1947, Gregory James Aziz has always looked to have a positive impact on the financial world of Canada and to play a role in the advancement of the local community in the Hamilton area of Ontario. One of the main areas of interest for Gregory J Aziz is the continuation of the largest agricultural fair in Canada, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Greg Aziz sponsors to ensure it remains an important part of the calendar in North America.




Talos Energy Leads the Way in New Mexican Oil Well

Talos Energy has been making waves in the United States for their work advancing the energy field. Talos Energy is based out of Houston, TX and they recently acquired a subsidiary of the company Helix Energy Solutions — Energy Resource Technology (ERT). Now, Talos is once again hitting the headlines as they make their way to Mexican waters in order to break ground on the first privately invested offshore oil well in the last 80 years. To say that this is a big deal would be an understatement.

Mexico has essentially been operating with a nationalized oil industry over the past 80 years. Since the 1930s Mexico has shied away from allowing foreign countries come in to privately invest in their offshore oil drilling. This has essentially put the entire industry into the hands of Petroleos Mexicanos, the only real oil company in the nation and thus the de-facto Monopoly. Well, there is change in the air and things are happening quickly now. Talos Energy will be joining a pair of other companies as they head to Mexican waters to operate on the Zama-1 well.

The Zama-1 well is supposedly going to be quite the game changer for this years drilling statistics. The Zama-1 reportedly has up to 500 million barrels of crude oil within its body and there are reports that positive geographical conditions will lead to more than likely success in extracting it all. The Zama-1 well is located in Mexican waters off of the state of Tabasco inside of the Sureste Basin.

Talos Energy won’t be the only company working on the well but they will be leading the operation. Talos Energy will be joined by both London’s Premier Oil and Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas. This trio of companies came together after they united in 2015 in a round of voting in order to win the rights to the well. The reason for the open bidding was to bring a boon of energy and financial investment into Mexico’s struggling oil industry. Talos Energy will be taking a 35% stake in the project for their work as head operator.

David Giertz Discusses the Importance of Social Security

Putting money aside for retirement is one of the most important things that you should do when working. However, it is not only about saving under a retirement plan but also you need to know about the benefits you are entitled to and the cost associated with it. In a recent interview with David Giertz, a financial retirement expert, he specifically addressed the importance of financial advisors talking to clients about social security, which most consultants avoid doing.


Research carried out by the Nationwide Retirement Institute showed that most retirees or those nearing retirement do not completely understand the basics of social security, and this results in less than the expected benefits due to the hidden taxes. Giertz attributes this failure to the complexity of the Social Security Handbook, which consists of 2,700 rules that not all financial advisors are knowledgeable about.


About David Giertz


With more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, David Giertz has adept in sales and distribution, where he has constantly leveraged strategy, processes, and innovation to build profitable growth. Specifically, he delivered strong results as a President at Nationwide Financial heading their sales and distribution department, growing the revenue to $17.8 billion from $11 billion since he took over in 2004.


Prior to his time at Nationwide, Giertz, a certified FINRA broker, worked with Citicorp from 1991 to 1999 and Financial Horizons Group from 1989 to 1993. He is also involved in giving back to the society and has served in several positions in different organizations such as Millikin University, FINRA, Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce, and Girl Scouts of Broward County.


In addition to graduating from the University of Miami with an Executive Master of Business Administration, David Giertz is also a graduate of Millikin University where he earned his Bachelor of Science.

Savor EOS Lip Bomb Flavors

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Not only does EOS lip balms give you a variety of delicious flavors, but Evolution of Smooth ensures you a high quality balm for your lips. These balms are filled with rich vitamins and oils to give you soft and smooth lips. They are filled with antioxidant vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil. To give you the most natural balm, EOS has also made sure that their balms are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, paraben, and petrolatum free. Evolution of Smooth is unlike all balms because of the organic and raw ingredients it contains. EOS has provided you with a variety of product lines and flavors for anytime of the year. Visit EOS’ for more updates.

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Eric Pulier Entrepreneurial Life

Eric Pulier is recognized throughout the world as one of the foremost entrepreneurs in government and enterprise technology. He is known for being such a great businessman, that some of the wealthiest, most prestigious financers in the world have immediately partnered with him on projects he has either founded or co-founded. Among his most successful ventures are the likes of MediaPlatform, Desktone, and SOA Software. He is an enormously in demand speaker for his expertise in technology. This is true of both throughout the U.S. and throughout the rest of the world.

He is so knowledgeable of technology, in fact, that he has been used by past presidents on technological initiatives. He first entered such a position in 1997 when the Presidential Inaugural Committee appointed the creator and director of the Presidential Technology Exhibition. The presiding Vice President, Al Gore, was so impressed with him that he made Pulier and one of his advisors on National Health Care for the Family Reunion Conference. He also earned a seat on the president’s initiative, the Center for Telecommunications Management.

Pulier began his impressive career by earning a B.A. from Harvard University in 1988. He has since gained extensive experience in top leadership of various business. In 1998, he founded Video Technology. During that same year, he founded SOA Software, Inc., with who he carried on in various leadership positions until 1999. It was also during 1998 that he began serving as Director of the U.S. interactive Corp. He would hold this position until 2001. For more info about us: click here.

He has sat as the Secretary of Santa Monica Media Corporation. In the recent past, he has served as the Vice President and General Manager of Cloud at Computer Sciences Corporation. He was the Director of AppSense Limited for a brief time. He co-founded ServicMesh and currently serves as its chairman and CEO. He also currently sits as the Director of Santa Monica Media Corp., and has done so since 2005. His entrepreneurial leadership has been so legendary and inspirational that he was named one of just 30 e-Visionaries by VAR Business. International business experts are certain that Pulier’s entrepreneurial star will continue to rise high.

Success Comes Quickly For Coach Yanni Hufnagel

Yanni Hufnagel has built a strong reputation over the years as one of the most professional and respected assistant coaches on the college basketball circuit with a reputation as one of the top recruiters in the nation. After leaving his most recent role as Assistant Coach for the University of Nevada Wolf Pack, Hufnagel was widely praised by the players as one of the most energetic and skills coaches they had worked with; Yanni Hufnagel was also praised by his fellow coaches for the tireless work he completed in recruiting one of the best classes in the history of the program.

To those who know the career of Yanni Hufnagel there is little surprise in the fact he has become such a well-respected figure in the college basketball community; Hufnagel remains one of the leading assistant coaches in the nation who was given the award of the assistant most likely to go on to great things because of their recruiting skills in 2011 by CBS Sports. Recruiting has been one of the keys to the many roles Yanni Hufnagel has undertaken and enjoyed over the course of a young career that has already taken him from New Jersey as far west as the University of California, Berkeley.

During the career of Yanni Hufnagel the Scarsdale, New York native can claim to have played an important role in developing the careers of some of the players who have gone on to become established figures in the NBA. It was during his first paid job in basketball, as an Assistant Coach with Oklahoma University that Yanni Hufnagel became known as one of the coaches who assisted Blake Griffin in making his college basketball breakthrough. As his skills and notoriety have grown the number of players and schools looking for the name Yanni Hufnagel has only grown as he reaches for greater success in the future.

Shaking Up Your Lip Balm With EOS

Most people use a lip balm product, especially in a dry winter or hot summer. Lips need attention too! Previously, the lip balm products have been outdated cylinders that aren’t trendy and have added things you just don’t want to use in them.

The Evolution Of Smooth has really become a hit. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift have been seen using these cute little spheres. You will notice advertisements for them in your favorite magazines and see adds pop up for them online. Get your favorite EOS lip balm here on!

What makes the Evolution Of Smooth lip balm so great? They are all natural with vitamin E to nourish your lips. They also contain shea butter and jojoba oil to keep them soft and smooth. These lip balms are hypoallergenic and you won’t see paraben and petrolatum in the ingredients list.

To make them interesting and fun, this lip balm comes in spheres that are soft and easy to hold. Each sphere is a fun color to make them nice to look at and you can match them with your outfit. They also come in many tasty flavors to engage your taste buds when you apply it. EOS spheres really engage the senses and make using a lip balm more fun and exciting!

When you visit the website, you will be able to see all of the tasty flavors such as sweet mint, passion fruit, and summer fruit, buy it here on You can also look at the active protection spheres that contain an SPF to keep your lips soft and safe from the sun or check out the shimmer spheres that will add shine to your smile.

You can find these and other EOS products such as body lotion and shaving creams at many stores, shop here! These are also natural products that you will find only contain good ingredients to keep your skin healthy!

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Jim Tananbaum: The Face of Foresite Capital

Jim is the Chief Executive Officer of Foresite Capital. He has gained recognition in this year’s Midas List. Jim was ranked position 52 in the list of the 100 Top Ventures. Forbes initiated the Midas list, and they are interested in capitalists who multiply the value of their investors’ cash and also those who can identify the next big projects in the technology market. In partnership with the TrueBridge Capital Partners, Forbes can collect readily available data from public sources. Initially, Tananbaum worked with Therevance as the Chief Executive officer. He also was a co-founder of the Prospect Venture Partners. Tananbaum worked with the Sierra Ventures while he was still young in his career. While in Sierra Ventures, he helped to create a stable investment practice in the healthcare sector. Bloomberg has also revealed that Mr. Tananbaum has been a member of the healthcare entrepreneurial business for over two decades. His time in this market has helped him acquire an unmatched experience level that is handy for the management of his firm.

According to Business Wire, he is the mastermind behind the booming Foresite Capital’s investment strategy and organization. As if not enough, Mr. Jim has been involved in the setting up of franchises in the healthcare economy across the globe. Jim Tananbaum had already shown he was a genius at a tender age even during his higher education. He was among the partners that initiated GelTex. Geltex landed into the healthcare business with a bang. It presented two drugs in the healthcare economy that cost $1.6billion. Jim Tananbaum is also a renowned advisor in matters concerning business. He has previously served on the advisory boards of both Harvard and Yale’s President Advisory Council.

Recently, a startup healthcare firm named Mindstrong publicly announced on Twitter that it had secured $14 million in the form of donated funding from a group of firms that included Foresite Capital, Optum Ventures, and much more. Mindstrong aims at improving the treatment outcomes for mental disorders by use of similar objective measures that have been initially employed in the management of chronic diseases such as tuberculosis. Their way of countering these health problems is primarily via digital methods e.g. the use of a patient’s typing and scrolling patterns on smartphones to test for brain function.

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Omar Yunes: The World’s Best Franchisee

Last December 5 in Florence, Italy Omar Yunes became the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) for his contributions to the Japanese food chain, Sushi Itto. Yunes owes roughly 10% of the franchise. He started his association with Sushi Itto when he was twenty-one years old. Growing his business from one to thirteen stores in Mexico City, Puebla and Veracruz.

The BFW represents franchises from around the world. “I feel very proud. I am only the representative, the reality is that this is a prize of the 400 employees of the 13 units that manage and the brand that has allowed us to innovate,” Yunes said, in response to being selected.

In essence, the event evaluates franchisees based on their network, not brand, and their contributions in terms of training, motivation, frugality and overall improvements they have made to their respected franchise.

According to BFW officials Yunes was chosen for his superior management and innovative approach to implementing diagnostic measures which help determine the strengths and weaknesses of each franchise.

Benjamin Cancelmo, CEO of Sushi Itto , commented that “we consider these awards as a manifestation of the joint effort to offer our customers excellent service, a remarkable flavor and unique hospitality.”

Omar Yunes represents Mexico’s emergence as an international player in the world of franchising. This was the first version of the Best Franchise of the World Award for Mexico. The jury was composed from representatives of the Universidad Anahuac, the Mexican Association of Franchises, and entrepreneurs of the sector.

Omar Yunes has been able to control his corner of the food industry by aggressively marketing his products and brand throughout Mexico. He has created hundreds of jobs while providing the motivation and leadership the BFW looks for in its finalists, along with a strong network to implement and improve the business strategies of his brand.

The award was shared with Ivan Tamer from Prendamex. There were eight other finalists recognized. Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) is a global enterprise casting light on the franchise/franchisee relationship, and the impact this relationship has on their various brands.

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