Jed McCaleb – Leader in blockchain industry

Jed McCaleb is the co-founder of Stellar and the creator of the Mt. Gox. As the head of Stellar and one of the greatest innovators in the blockchain industry. Stellar is coming up with a single payment system that will utilize the blockchain technology. The stellar payment system will be using digital tokens. According to Jed, the possibility of this dream being realized in the next few years are very high. Jed McCaleb adds that the system could even go hybrid and result in a payment system that will allow payment using fiat currency in the blockchain systems. McCaleb is optimistic that Stellar will facilitate a “Universal Payment Network” that will process even transactions in traditional assets such as shares and stocks.

Jed McCaleb has been in the cryptocurrencies industry since 2010. His contribution in the industry is known to anyone who been following the trends in the industry closely. MT. Gox was the first centralized exchange in 2011. At the height of its glory, it was handling over 80% of all the transactions that were going on. McCaleb has said that Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) which is currently beings used does not address the needs of the market. To solve the whole issue, we need a financial system that will serve the people better.

Jed McCaleb was motivated to join the industry in 2010 after he read an article about the emergence of bitcoin. He was interested in the topic and after that went looking for more information about the industry. McCaleb is a leader in the blockchain technology, his position at Stellar has given him an opportunity to innovate without being limited by anyone. Previously, he has worked with different companies where he felt that his ideas were being ignored. At Stellar, there is no one to hold him back. He wants to make the main goal of the blockchain industry which is to create a universal payments system possible. McCaleb believes that the time for digital currencies is now and there is no turning back. The industry will keep growing and even become better it is integrated with the traditional assets and fiat currency.

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Jed McCaleb’s Desire To Revolutionize The Block Chain Industry Through Stellar

For Jed McCaleb, the co-founder of Stellar, the blockchain industry has been a long and winding road as he attempts to take his invention to the next level. Although Stellar is still in its early stages of implementation, Jed McCaleb is known for coming up with similar projects in the past and is tirelessly working to make sure Stellar is crafted to suit the required blockchain standards. This he achieves this by using his previous projects as learning points so as to shape up Stellar to ensure it can facilitate cross-border payments and remittances.

Jed McCaleb had the first insight on blockchain where he read an online article that was posted on the Slashdot website in 2010. According to McCaleb, stumbling upon bitcoin was a pretty memorable thing as it really changed him. He was extremely amazed by the fact that there was a type of money that was not centrally-controlled. This then made Jed McCaleb build Mt.Gox, a centralized exchange for trading bitcoins. In 2011, he sold Mt.Gox to Mark Karpeles, also a top-notch software developer, but retained 12 percent stake in the firm.

The enthusiasm to change the blockchain industry always pushed Jed McCaleb to come up with new inventions all the time. Since he had gathered enough experience and expertise throughout the years, in 2014, Jed McCaleb started Stellar. Jed McCaleb’s goal through Stellar is to connect all financial institutions and payment methods so that money is able to move easily from one point to another just like e-mails.

Stellar uses a unique form of transfer known as federated Byzantine agreement. This is a method where a node selects another node it trusts, and as a result, a web-like structure of consensus in the network is created. As of now, Jed McCaleb’s main focus is on growing Stellar’s business. One method he uses is partnering with major financial institutions like IBM to take his company to the next level and it seems to be working in his favor.

As posted at Coin Telegraph, he was born in Arkansas in 1975. He is a renowned programmer and businessman. He is the founder of the stellar organization and serves as the company’s Chief Technology Officer. He attended the University of California but dropped out after a short while. He moved to New York to chase his dream as a software programmer and blockchain entrepreneur. He founded several companies like MetaMachine and Mt.Gox before coming up with Stellar which is currently his primary focus. Find out his other ventures by following Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn.

McCaleb’s take on the rise of the alt coin:

Fortress Investment Group to Operate Under SoftBank

Fortress Investment Group has been functional for the last one decade, and it has managed to transform the lives of many people who need to start successful investments. The company has enjoyed an excellent global presence for a while now, and this is why it has been landing so many niches in the market. Currently, the organization says that it has an asset-based of over 3.6 billion. The financial reports released from the company in the recent times shows that the institution has only been growing and covering a large client base. Despite the tight market challenges that most of the investors have to endure so that they can end up with a profitable venture, the organization has been doing exceptionally well. Most of the customers coming for the services from Fortress Investment Group are in the private and public departments.

The company started off just like all the other companies that are in the market. According to close sources in the company, the global firm came just as a result of an investment idea from one of its founders, Wes Edens. The businessman started the company while targeting a special group of investors who seemed to be neglected by most financial institutions in the market. The founders of the company were scared just like all the newbies in the market, but they chose to deal with the fear and forge ahead with their brilliant plan. One decade later, the group has all the reasons to be proud. Apart from its reputation, the company has grown and even opened new branches in many parts of the world.

This year, the organization made a new move that is expected to make things better for the international customers who depend on the services of the company. Reports released from the organization show that Fortress Investment Group will now be operating while under the management of a company called Softbank. Softbank is very popular in the international platform, and it is famed for being a leader in the provision of best quality financial services. Softbank had to part with over 3.3 billion dollars so that it could complete the new deal. Fortress Seeks $2 Billion for Debut Direct Lending Pool

According to the report shown by the company, Softbank will be part of the institutions that own the shares in the global company. The executive team in Softbank has been forced to adhere to several legal requirements so that the acquisition procedure can be completed. The management says that most of the paper work has been completed, and the two companies are set to start working together very soon. Having a company such as Fortress Investment Group under its management is an added advantage to Softbank. The company will now have the ability to meet all the demands for customers in a larger area. Both leaders are believed to have decided to settle on the acquisition after numerous talks that lasted several years. The employees in this company have welcomed the new idea and are excited to forge ahead with bigger plans. Hidden Fortress: Behind SoftBank’s $3.3B buy of the asset manager

Upwork Giving People the Opportunity to Lead a Successful Life as a Freelancer

For people who want to use their skills professionally as a freelancer, many platforms facilitate it today. One of the platforms that are one of the biggest in this game is Upwork, which has helped the freelancers get a regular flow of work for many years now. Upwork was formed with the merger of Odesk and Elance, two of the biggest freelancer platforms in the world at once upon a time.

Today, Upwork has more than 140 million users, and the count is continually increasing with time. Upwork is helping the freelancers from across the globe connect to the clients from different corners of the world. The idea of gig community and market has become a real thing now, and it is here to stay in the days to come as it seems. As per some of the surveys, around forty percent of the workforce across the globe would be freelancers by the year 2020.

Upwork and Freelancers, which are two of the biggest freelancers platform on the planet today did the collective business of over $5 billion in the year 2016, and the revenue is continuously increasing. It is because of most of the clients, as well as the companies, are recognizing the strength of these freelancers platform to connect them with the skilled professionals who might be in different countries.

Rather than trying tirelessly to find the trained professional in the same city or region and pay them tons of money in a permanent job, it has become more comfortable for the companies to hire freelancers who get the same job done at a fraction of the cost. For the people who want to live the life on their terms and don’t want a boss, the life of a freelancer seems to be the complete fit. And, for the skilled professionals, there are plenty of jobs available at Upwork and other such freelancing platforms.

Upwork also helps the new skilled professionals who are joining their platform to get started with their tutorials and guides. The customer support at Upwork is also one of the best, and their dispute resolution center is always there to ensure that the issues are resolved at the earliest with an amicable and mutually beneficial solution.


RECAP: Style Craze’s EOS Lip Balm Review

Style Craze’s EOS Lip Balm review titled, “10 Best EOS Lip Balms to Use” speaks about the brand’s lip balms and the ones the author likes.

EOS stands for “Evolution of Smooth”. It is a socially conscious skincare and personal care brand that prides itself in being a dermatologist tested, vegan, all natural, chemical-free and paraben-free company. It started off with the only product being lip balm, and eventually expanded the business into making serums, moisturizers, shaving cream, and hand and body lotions. One of the company’s trademarks is the oval packaging of the lip balms.

The review rates EOS’s ten best lip balms. The brand has an extensive selection of lip balms divided into seven categories (organic, medicated, active, visibly soft, organic stick, crystal, and shimmer). The description of each lip balm was vague. The article didn’t go into much detail of the ingredients in each lip balm, and the function of that specific ingredient in that particular lip balm. Shea butter and jojoba oil were mentioned as ingredients, but those are generally very popular base ingredients in most all-natural lip balms.

The review depicts the packaging as an asset and a detriment. In the second paragraph, the article mentions the originality and attractiveness of the packaging. It sounds like a very positive description of the packaging. However, the fourth paragraph speaks to the packaging as an inconvenience. Is the packaging original and unique? Or, is it a difficult problem?

The review is honest, yet vague in areas where more specification would have been appreciated. Certain parts of the review (like the packaging description) can be read as contradictory if the views are not furtger explained.  For more review, click Ulta.


Wes Edens Branches Out into eSports

Wes Edens co-founded and is Co-CEO of New York-based Fortress Investment Group, LLC, which began in 1998. After graduating from Oregon State University in 1984 with a degree in Finance and Business, Wes started his career at Lehman Brothers as partner and managing director. After that he was partner/managing director of BlackRock Financial Management Inc., a private company offering equity funds until 1997.

Wes Edens, A True Entrepreneur:

Wes Edens, is one of five partners that founded Fortress Investments in 1998, in February of 2007, the firm became publicly traded; by 2009, the company sold 8% to the public for $600 million.Under Edens, direction, Fortress purchased sub-prime lender Springleaf Financial for $124 million, making them a majority stakeholder. In 2006, Fortress purchased Nationstar Mortgage for $575. Nationstar, formerly Centex Home Equity, a sub-prime mortgage lender, which previously operated in more than 25 states across the U.S. Edens became chairman of Nationstar following the purchase.

Wes Edens Puts on His “Game Face”:

In 2014, Edens along with his billionaire partner Marc Lasry purchased the Milwaukee Bucks. They purchased the Bucks for $500; today, the team is worth over $1 billion dollars. The partners promised to keep the team in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.The team is looking forward to their new arena which 84% complete and is expected to open within the next six months. The new arena will also play host to NHL games as well as entertainment like Disney on Ice. The new stadium will be adjacent to a new entertainment center connected by beer gardens, plaza and other businesses, which have not yet been selected. Also awaiting selection is the name of the new venue, many local businesses like BMO Harris Bank, Miller Brewing and Harley-Davidson have thought to be contenders for the $7-$10 million. 20-year naming honor.

New Venture for Fortress:

In early 2017, Fortress founded eSports, a professional video gaming team named FlyQuest. eSports is a multi-player video game, which pits professional players against each other. Previously, these games were played on computers and mobile devices. There is talk that one day the new Bucks arena may play host to e-sports competitions.Others involved in the venture include Memphis Grizzlies’ Stephen Kaplan, Golden State Warriors; Peter Guber, and retired player Rick Fox.Wes Edens is a true entrepreneur, he is open to investing in innovative businesses and cutting edge technology.

The Chainsmokers Show Who Their Inspiration Is

An American DJ and production duo, The Chainsmokers, are alive and hot. Alex Poll and Andrew Taggart are living their lives to the fullest. Recently the Chainsmokers and Halsey did a tribute to Avicii at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. They mentioned Avaicii was a Swedish DJ that inspired everyone in the EDM community.

The Chainsmokers received an award at the Billboard awards for the Top Dance /Electronic act. When they came up to accept their award, they dedicated that award to Avicii. He was a huge inspiration for them and they wanted everyone to know. Avicii influenced everything they did as well as everyone else in the pop music industry.

Poll and Taggert, the Chainsmokers, were the first dance artist to be recognized for their talents when they were put at the top of the billboard charts for their new category, Billboard’s New Dance 100 List. They also put on an epic performance at the 2018 Ultra Music Festival in Miami Florida. At the I-Heart Radio Awards they walked away with Best Collaboration Dance Artists of the Year and Dance Album of the Year.

They music keeps coming and new songs keep coming together out of the Chainsmokers. These guys are amazing. Drew Taggert is the main vocalist of the group. In January of 2018, they released the song “Sick Boy”. The song is so catchy and intoxicating. In February of 2018, the song “You Owe Me” was released. The song made the number four spot on the Billboards hot singles chart. The video is dark and mysterious with a shocking ending. They really know how to keep their fans on their feet. “Somebody” is their newest release.

As 2018 progresses, the Chainsmokers are going to continue to show their fans the best music and the most epic videos. Their inspiration is going to keep them going strong. Poll and Taggert want to show their fans what they can do.

Saygus Smartphone NewsWatch TV Review

The Saygus smartphone campaign was a success for the Saygus company. They used Newswatch to help them get their campaign out to the public. They were impressed by the NewsWatch TV for the promotional advertisements for the Saygus smartphone campaign.

Getting the right campaign out there to the right people is essential. It is also crucial to have the campaign be there at the right time and in the correct media format. Many people believe that the Saygus smartphone campaign was handled very well by the NewsWatch TV campaign personnel.

Some people worked on the Sega smartphone campaign and would recommend NewsWatch TV for anybody thinking to put a battle out there to the public. When people think of a new campaign, they usually think of drives that are newsworthy. They do not believe in campaigns for smartphones. Newswatch TV thinks up many battles to help get the word out.

Newswatch TV is a 30-minute program that first aired in 1989. There have been more than 1,000 episode since 1989. The company was founded in 1989. It is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. There are between 11 and 50 employees for this company. It is a privately held company.

There are many guest speakers on the NewsWatch TV. Some of these guests have included Dale Earnhardt Jr, Carrie Underwood, Dr. Oz, and Diane Lane. They also serve as many companies helping them promote their businesses throughout the United States. Some of these companies include NASCAR, Suave, the American Heart Association, Bounty, and Kelley Blue Books.

Newswatch TV is a 30-minute program that has helped many people and companies promote their business or their show. The company is a privately owned company that has fewer than 50 people employed. They have a website and a LinkedIn. Their specialties are national television, entertainment, media tours, broadcast media, and satellite media tours.


Dr. Saad is a reputable doctor who has grown to thrive and achieve a lot through his pediatric and thoracic surgery as a career. Coming from a poor background and a family of several siblings, he was challenged to work hard and achieve his dreams. He graduated from medical school with great performance and got a chance to do a test that changed his career life forever. The desire to work in the conditioned environment was achieved and surpassed as he did his practice abroad.

Through experience, he has gained more skills and has grown to be well reputable. Having done over thousands of surgeries, Dr. Saad has had the opportunity to work with several medical centers and taken several roles in his tenure. Many people have had their lives changed through the great medication given which makes him fulfill his purpose to change the medical sector.

His skills and knowledge paved the way for his opportunity to work for the royal family. The opportunity made him relocate to Saudi Arabia together with his family. The opportunity made him has the chance to meet many great personalities as well as treat some of them. The conducive environment he encountered in the region made him do his work as expected for the benefit of others.

Moreover, he treated other people in the region regardless of their origin. Therefore, both the poor and the rich were considered since his aim is to ensure a better society with good health. These people came to the same hospital that serves the royal family at a given time to acquire treatment. Having come from a poor background, Dr. Saad understood the need to cater for the poor as well and also did some surgeries in the process.

To do much more in his medical career, Dr. Saad created a program which would allow the Saudi Arabia students to get their certification without having to go to other countries. Therefore, the lives of many students desiring to be doctors get to study without a lot of strain. They study locally and at the same time get their surgical training in their medical schools reducing the cost of traveling.

In his stay in Saudi Arabia, he was always busy and when he got the chance to be free, he maximized it. For instance, he used his free time to make new adventures together with his family by traveling hence visiting many countries. Therefore, Dr. Saad is a doctor to admire and emulate. Learn more:

The Freindship And Business Between Hussain Sajwani And Donald Trump

Hussain Sajwani is looking forward to more successful deals between the real estate firm of Donald Trump and Damac Properties. President Trump is refraining from any new deals during his time in office but their relationship extends beyond business. Their children and wives have also become friends. The Damac owner believes their business relationship is important for these relationships. The wives correspond through emails, have entertained one another in their homes and meet in New York for lunch or dinner whenever possible.

Donald Trump’s children have all become linked to powerful politicians because they represent the company’s brand to wealthy foreigners. Ivanka has attended business meetings in thirteen separate countries since 2010. Hussain Sajwani has commented that Ivanka was so immersed in a project during her pregnancy she continued working until just a few days prior to delivery. When Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump met prior to his winning the election they both knew their business with Damac Properties and Trump Enterprises would need to be handled by the new generation.

There have been red flags waved regarding this friendship. Hussain Sajwani has brushed off any possible concern. He has stated he is not involved with anything political through Damac Properties. He is simply carrying on with an important friendship between the families. Hussain Sajwani has a close relationship with the emir of Dubai. Donald Trump has numerous business holding considered unusual for a President. Donald Trump has also refused to liquidate his company. Despite this, the transition team for Donald Trump has been working to eliminate any conflicts arising from his association with Hussain Sajwani and Damac Properties.

As mentioned on NBC News, the business relationship between the two men will be carried out by the executives and the next generation. Ivanka has plans to donate any proceeds from her novel to charity. The Trump Organization and the Trump administration are being laminated seamlessly. This has become a high priority goal to ensure the business is in compliance with all current regulations and rules. The bottom line is the friendship between Donald Trump and Hussain Sajwani is expected to continue just as it has during the past.

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